number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 Oct 69,"Whither Canada?",""
2,1,2,12 Oct 69,"Sex and Violence",""
3,1,3,19 Oct 69,"How to Recognise Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away",""
4,1,4,26 Oct 69,"Owl-Stretching Time",""
5,1,5,16 Nov 69,"Man's Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century",""
6,1,6,23 Nov 69,"It's the Arts",""
7,1,7,30 Nov 69,"You're No Fun Anymore",""
8,1,8,07 Dec 69,"Full Frontal Nudity",""
9,1,9,14 Dec 69,"The Ant, an Introduction",""
10,1,10,21 Dec 69,"Untitled",""
11,1,11,28 Dec 69,"The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom",""
12,1,12,04 Jan 70,"The Naked Ant",""
13,1,13,11 Jan 70,"Intermission",""
14,2,1,15 Sep 70,"Dinsdale",""
15,2,2,22 Sep 70,"The Spanish Inquisition",""
16,2,3,29 Sep 70,"Déjà Vu",""
17,2,4,20 Oct 70,"The Buzz Aldrin Show",""
18,2,5,27 Oct 70,"Live from the Grill-o-mat",""
19,2,6,03 Nov 70,"It's a Living",""
20,2,7,11 Nov 70,"The Attila the Hun Show",""
21,2,8,17 Nov 70,"Archaeology Today",""
22,2,9,24 Nov 70,"How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body",""
23,2,10,01 Dec 70,"Scott of the Antarctic",""
24,2,11,08 Dec 70,"How Not to Be Seen",""
25,2,12,15 Dec 70,"Spam",""
26,2,13,22 Dec 70,"Royal Episode 13",""
27,3,1,19 Oct 72,"Whicker's World",""
28,3,2,26 Oct 72,"Mr. & Mrs. Brian Norris' Ford Popular",""
29,3,3,02 Nov 72,"The Money Programme",""
30,3,4,09 Nov 72,"Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror",""
31,3,5,16 Nov 72,"The All-England Summarize Proust Competition",""
32,3,6,23 Nov 72,"The War Against Pornography",""
33,3,7,30 Nov 72,"Salad Days",""
34,3,8,07 Dec 72,"The Cycling Tour",""
35,3,9,14 Dec 72,"The Nude Organist",""
36,3,10,21 Dec 72,"E. Henry Thripshaw's Disease",""
37,3,11,04 Jan 73,"Dennis Moore",""
38,3,12,11 Jan 73,"A Book at Bedtime",""
39,3,13,18 Jan 73,"Grandstand",""
40,4,1,31 Oct 74,"The Golden Age of Ballooning",""
41,4,2,07 Nov 74,"Michael Ellis",""
42,4,3,14 Nov 74,"Light Entertainment War",""
43,4,4,21 Nov 74,"Hamlet",""
44,4,5,28 Nov 74,"Mr. Neutron",""
45,4,6,05 Dec 74,"Party Political Broadcast",""