number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 Mar 16,"Little Bruce Lee",""
2,1,2,13 Mar 16,"Little Boy Blue",""
3,1,3,20 Mar 16,"I'm Not a Princess",""
4,1,4,27 Mar 16,"A One, Two Punch",""
5,1,5,03 Apr 16,"Little Piece of Heavenly",""
6,1,6,10 Apr 16,"The Karate Kid",""
7,1,7,17 Apr 16,"Little Piano Man",""
8,1,8,01 May 16,"The Idiom of Love (61 min)",""
9,2,1,05 Mar 17,"We're Back",""
10,2,2,12 Mar 17,"Little Barber Shop",""
11,2,3,19 Mar 17,"New Sheriff in Town",""
12,2,4,26 Mar 17,"The Princess and the Hot Dog",""
13,2,5,02 Apr 17,"Tugging on the Harp Strings",""
14,2,6,09 Apr 17,"Tiny Dancer",""
15,2,7,23 Apr 17,"The Snail Whisperer",""
16,2,8,30 Apr 17,"Bend It Like Bella",""
17,2,9,07 May 17,"Little Big Steppers",""
18,2,10,14 May 17,"Memory Lane",""
19,2,11,31 May 17,"Little Big News",""
20,2,12,07 Jun 17,"The Magic Johnsons",""
21,2,13,14 Jun 17,"The Grande Finale",""
22,3,1,18 Mar 18,"Third Time's a Charm",""
23,3,2,18 Mar 18,"We're in La La Land",""
24,3,3,25 Mar 18,"Eggcellent Eggsperiment",""
25,3,4,08 Apr 18,"Little Miss Sunshine",""
26,3,5,15 Apr 18,"Beauty and the Steve",""
27,3,6,22 Apr 18,"Too Many Chefs",""
28,3,7,29 Apr 18,"Tour De Harvey",""
29,3,8,14 Jun 18,"Little Ninja Warrior",""
30,3,9,21 Jun 18,"Give Us S'mores",""
31,3,10,28 Jun 18,"Steveosaurus Rex",""
32,3,11,05 Jul 18,"Brotherly Love",""
33,3,12,12 Jul 18,"Double the Fun",""
S01,1,0,08 May 16,"Best of Little Big Shots (61 min)",""