number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Mar 81,"For Love or Mummy",""
2,1,2,19 Mar 81,"Buttons",""
3,1,3,26 Mar 81,"The Godfather",""
4,1,4,02 Apr 81,"Bachelor Seeks Anywhere",""
5,1,5,09 Apr 81,"Does Your Mother Know You're Out?",""
6,1,6,16 Apr 81,"Curse of the Mummy",""
7,2,1,22 Apr 82,"Cromer or Bust!",""
8,2,2,29 Apr 82,"Perchance to Dream",""
9,2,3,06 May 82,"Sons and Lovers",""
10,2,4,13 May 82,"Great Expectations",""
11,2,5,20 May 82,"The Next Best Man",""
12,2,6,27 May 82,"Could Do Better",""
13,3,1,28 Oct 82,"The Rabbit and the Pussycat",""
14,3,2,04 Nov 82,"You're Going Nowhere",""
15,3,3,11 Nov 82,"Bottom of the Class",""
16,3,4,18 Nov 82,"Spellbound",""
17,3,5,25 Nov 82,"It Never Rained in Those Days",""
18,3,6,02 Dec 82,"The Big Sleep",""
19,4,1,28 Apr 85,"My Huckleberry Friend",""
20,4,2,05 May 85,"Move Over, Mrs. Lumsden",""
21,4,3,12 May 85,"One of Our Naughty Bits is Missing",""
22,4,4,19 May 85,"Confessions of a Jobbing Gardener",""
23,4,5,26 May 85,"A Little Something Set Aside",""
24,4,6,02 Jun 85,"Collapse of a Small Party",""
25,5,1,10 May 86,"The Primal Scene, So to Speak",""
26,5,2,17 May 86,"Every Clown Wants to Play Hamlet",""
27,5,3,24 May 86,"Bells for Uncle Barstable",""
28,5,4,07 Jun 86,"Natural Wastage",""
29,5,5,14 Jun 86,"My Family and Other Monsters",""
30,5,6,21 Jun 86,"It's a Wonderful Life Basically",""
31,6,1,01 Jun 87,"A Chief Inspector Calls",""
32,6,2,08 Jun 87,"Dream Time",""
33,6,3,15 Jun 87,"Amaze Your Friends!",""
34,6,4,22 Jun 87,"Gone But Not Forgotten",""
35,6,5,29 Jun 87,"Little Foxes",""
36,6,6,06 Jul 87,"Do You Take This Man - and His Mother?",""
37,7,1,05 Sep 88,"Mothers and Brothers",""
38,7,2,12 Sep 88,"Every Day in Every Way",""
39,7,3,19 Sep 88,"A Fool and His Money",""
40,7,4,26 Sep 88,"Flying Lessions",""
41,7,5,03 Oct 88,"Winter's Tales",""
42,7,6,10 Oct 88,"Up, Up and Away?",""