number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,18 Mar 81,"The Greatest American Hero (1)",""
2,1,2,18 Mar 81,"The Greatest American Hero (2)",""
3,1,3,25 Mar 81,"The Hit Car",""
4,1,4,01 Apr 81,"Here's Looking at You Kid",""
5,1,5,08 Apr 81,"Saturday on Sunset Boulevard",""
6,1,6,15 Apr 81,"Reseda Rose",""
7,1,7,29 Apr 81,"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys",""
8,1,8,06 May 81,"Fire Man",""
9,1,9,06 May 81,"The Best Desk Scenario",""
10,2,1,04 Nov 81,"The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fastball",""
11,2,2,11 Nov 81,"Operation Spoil Sport",""
12,2,3,18 Nov 81,"Don't Mess Around With Jim",""
13,2,4,25 Nov 81,"Hog Wild",""
14,2,5,02 Dec 81,"Classical Gas",""
15,2,6,09 Dec 81,"The Beast in Black",""
16,2,7,16 Dec 81,"The Lost Diablo",""
17,2,8,06 Jan 82,"Plague",""
18,2,9,13 Jan 82,"A Train of Thought",""
19,2,10,20 Jan 82,"Now You See It...",""
20,2,11,27 Jan 82,"The Hand-Painted Thai",""
21,2,12,03 Feb 82,"Just Another Three Ring Circus",""
22,2,13,10 Feb 82,"The Shock Will Kill You",""
23,2,14,17 Feb 82,"A Chicken In Every Plot",""
24,2,15,24 Feb 82,"The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea",""
25,2,16,03 Mar 82,"It's All Downhill From Here",""
26,2,17,17 Mar 82,"Dreams",""
27,2,18,24 Mar 82,"There's Just No Accounting...",""
28,2,19,31 Mar 82,"The Good Samaritan",""
29,2,20,07 Apr 82,"Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory",""
30,2,21,14 Apr 82,"Who's Woo in America",""
31,2,22,28 Apr 82,"Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell",""
32,3,1,29 Oct 82,"Divorce Venusian Style",""
33,3,2,05 Nov 82,"The Price is Right",""
34,3,3,12 Nov 82,"This is the One the Suit Was Meant For",""
35,3,4,19 Nov 82,"The Resurrection of Carlini",""
36,3,5,06 Jan 83,"The Newlywed Game",""
37,3,6,13 Jan 83,"Heaven is in Your Genes",""
38,3,7,20 Jan 83,"Live at Eleven",""
39,3,8,27 Jan 83,"Space Ranger",""
40,3,9,03 Feb 83,"Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo",""
41,3,10,10 Feb 83,"Wizards And Warlocks",""
42,3,11,17 Feb 83,"It's Only Rock and Roll",""
43,3,12,24 Feb 83,"Desperado",""
44,3,13,03 Mar 83,"Vanity, Says the Preacher",""
45,3,14,13 Feb 86,"The Greatest American Heroine",""