number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Apr 98,"Smooth Sailing",""
2,1,2,20 Apr 98,"Remember?",""
3,1,3,27 Apr 98,"I Can't Get No Satisfaction",""
4,1,4,04 May 98,"How Long Has This Been Going On?",""
5,1,5,11 May 98,"True Course",""
6,1,6,18 May 98,"Getting to Know You",""
7,2,1,09 Oct 98,"All Aboard",""
8,2,2,16 Oct 98,"It Takes Two to Tango",""
9,2,3,23 Oct 98,"Captains Courageous",""
10,2,4,30 Oct 98,"Reunion",""
11,2,5,06 Nov 98,"All That Glitters",""
12,2,6,13 Nov 98,"Bermuda Triangle Episode",""
13,2,7,20 Nov 98,"Affairs to Remember",""
14,2,8,18 Dec 98,"Dust, Lust, Destiny",""
15,2,9,01 Jan 99,"Don't Judge a Book by Its Lover",""
16,2,10,22 Jan 99,"Blind Love",""
17,2,11,05 Feb 99,"Other People's Business",""
18,2,12,12 Feb 99,"Love Floats: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre",""
19,2,13,19 Feb 99,"Three Stages of Love",""
20,2,14,26 Feb 99,"Divorce, Downbeat and Distemper",""
21,2,15,19 Mar 99,"Such Sweet Dreams",""
22,2,16,30 Apr 99,"Trances of a Lifetime",""
23,2,17,07 May 99,"About Face",""
24,2,18,14 May 99,"Prom Queen",""
25,2,19,21 May 99,"Cuba",""