number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Sep 87,"Evie's Thirteenth Birthday",""
2,1,2,24 Sep 87,"Playing With the Power",""
3,1,3,01 Oct 87,"The Nightmare",""
4,1,4,08 Oct 87,"Till Then",""
5,1,5,15 Oct 87,"Evie, Get Your Basketball",""
6,1,6,22 Oct 87,"Every Beano Has His Day",""
7,1,7,29 Oct 87,"Evie and the Young Astronauts",""
8,1,8,05 Nov 87,"Fifties Mom",""
9,1,9,12 Nov 87,"Dueling Mayors",""
10,1,10,19 Nov 87,"Baby Talk",""
11,1,11,26 Nov 87,"Beano's New Diet Clinic",""
12,1,12,03 Dec 87,"Uh, Oh... Here Comes Mother",""
13,1,13,21 Jan 88,"The Anniversary",""
14,1,14,28 Jan 88,"To Tell the Truth",""
15,1,15,04 Feb 88,"Pen Pals",""
16,1,16,11 Feb 88,"Broadway Danny Derek",""
17,1,17,18 Feb 88,"Mosquito Man: the Motion Picture",""
18,1,18,25 Feb 88,"The Russians Are Coming",""
19,1,19,21 Apr 88,"AKA: Dad",""
20,1,20,28 Apr 88,"The Illness",""
21,1,21,05 May 88,"The Box Is Missing",""
22,1,22,12 May 88,"Boy Crazy",""
23,1,23,19 May 88,"The Three Faces of Evie",""
24,1,24,26 May 88,"I've Got a Secret",""
25,2,1,09 Oct 88,"Evie's Birthday Wish",""
26,2,2,16 Oct 88,"Blast From the Past",""
27,2,3,23 Oct 88,"Career Crunch",""
28,2,4,30 Oct 88,"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?",""
29,2,5,06 Nov 88,"Evie's First Kiss",""
30,2,6,13 Nov 88,"Princess Evie",""
31,2,7,20 Nov 88,"Old Flame",""
32,2,8,27 Nov 88,"Guess Who's Coming to Earth",""
33,2,9,04 Dec 88,"Go West, Young Mayor",""
34,2,10,11 Dec 88,"Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind",""
35,2,11,18 Dec 88,"The Incredible Hunk",""
36,2,12,28 Jan 89,"Pupil's Court",""
37,2,13,04 Feb 89,"Evie's Two Dads",""
38,2,14,11 Feb 89,"The Secret of Evie's Success",""
39,2,15,18 Feb 89,"Honest Evie",""
40,2,16,25 Feb 89,"Evie Goes to Hollywood",""
41,2,17,04 Mar 89,"Two Many Evies",""
42,2,18,11 Mar 89,"Futile Attraction",""
43,2,19,29 Apr 89,"Beano the Kid",""
44,2,20,06 May 89,"Queens for a Day",""
45,2,21,13 May 89,"The Amazing Evie",""
46,2,22,20 May 89,"Whose House Is It, Anyway?",""
47,2,23,27 May 89,"Frisky Business",""
48,2,24,03 Jun 89,"Star Dog",""
49,3,1,07 Oct 89,"Evie's Sweet Sixteen",""
50,3,2,14 Oct 89,"Cinderella Evie",""
51,3,3,21 Oct 89,"Bring Me the Head of Donna Garland",""
52,3,4,28 Oct 89,"A Froggy Day In Marlowe Town",""
53,3,5,04 Nov 89,"Eviegeist",""
54,3,6,11 Nov 89,"Evie's Driver's License",""
55,3,7,18 Nov 89,"Evie Goes for the Gold",""
56,3,8,25 Nov 89,"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow",""
57,3,9,02 Dec 89,"Around the World in 80 Minutes",""
58,3,10,09 Dec 89,"It's A Cruel World",""
59,3,11,16 Dec 89,"Evie / Stevie",""
60,3,12,27 Jan 90,"The Rocks That Couldn't Roll",""
61,3,13,03 Feb 90,"One In a Million",""
62,3,14,10 Feb 90,"Four Men and a Baby",""
63,3,15,17 Feb 90,"Evie's Double Trouble",""
64,3,16,24 Feb 90,"The Garden of Evie",""
65,3,17,03 Mar 90,"Evie's Magic Touch",""
66,3,18,28 Apr 90,"Cowboy Kyle, Man of Granite",""
67,3,19,05 May 90,"Evie's Secret Admirer",""
68,3,20,12 May 90,"Evie's Yuppie Love",""
69,3,21,19 May 90,"Diamonds Are Evie's Best Friend",""
70,3,22,26 May 90,"A Kinder, Gentler Mayor",""
71,3,23,02 Jun 90,"My Mother the Con",""
72,3,24,09 Jun 90,"Goodbye, Mr. Chris",""
73,4,1,06 Oct 90,"New Kid on the Block",""
74,4,2,13 Oct 90,"My Little Evie",""
75,4,3,20 Oct 90,"Forget Your Troubles",""
76,4,4,27 Oct 90,"A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read",""
77,4,5,03 Nov 90,"Evie's Guardian Angel",""
78,4,6,10 Nov 90,"Best Friends",""
79,4,7,17 Nov 90,"I Want My Evie TV",""
80,4,8,24 Nov 90,"Come Fly With Evie",""
81,4,9,01 Dec 90,"Roomies",""
82,4,10,08 Dec 90,"Evie's High Anxiety",""
83,4,11,19 Jan 91,"Evie's False Alarm",""
84,4,12,26 Jan 91,"Marlowe Vice",""
85,4,13,02 Feb 91,"Evie's Latin Touch",""
86,4,14,09 Feb 91,"My Mom, and Why I Love Her",""
87,4,15,16 Feb 91,"Heck's Angels",""
88,4,16,23 Feb 91,"Would You Buy a Used Car From This Dude",""
89,4,17,02 Mar 91,"Evie Nightingale",""
90,4,18,09 Mar 91,"All About Evie",""
91,4,19,16 Mar 91,"Mayor Evie",""
92,4,20,27 Apr 91,"Stump Your Neighbor",""
93,4,21,04 May 91,"Evie's Three Promises",""
94,4,22,11 May 91,"Too Late for Evie",""
95,4,23,18 May 91,"Educating Kyle",""
96,4,24,25 May 91,"Evie's Eighteen",""