number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,24 Mar 80,"Homecoming",""
2,1,2,31 Mar 80,"Showdown at the Yellow Rose",""
3,1,3,07 Apr 80,"Happy Birthday, Mama",""
4,1,4,14 Apr 80,"Take My Sister, Please",""
5,1,5,21 Apr 80,"The Hero of Flo's Yellow Rose (a.k.a.) The Hero of the Yellow Rose",""
6,1,6,28 Apr 80,"The Reunion",""
7,2,1,27 Oct 80,"The Enemy Below",""
8,2,2,03 Nov 80,"Farley, the People's Choice",""
9,2,3,17 Nov 80,"Bull is Back in Town",""
10,2,4,24 Nov 80,"A Castleberry Thanksgiving (1)",""
11,2,5,24 Nov 80,"A Castleberry Thanksgiving (2)",""
12,2,6,03 Dec 80,"So Long, Shorty",""
13,2,7,01 Dec 80,"Willoughby Versus Willoughby",""
14,2,8,15 Dec 80,"Deserted Islands",""
15,2,9,22 Dec 80,"The Miracle of Casa de Huevos",""
16,2,10,05 Jan 81,"Grey Escape",""
17,2,11,12 Jan 81,"Pretty Baby",""
18,2,12,26 Jan 81,"Not with My Sister, You Don't",""
19,2,13,07 Feb 81,"The Price of Avocados (1)",""
20,2,14,14 Feb 81,"The Price of Avocados (2)",""
21,2,15,21 Feb 81,"Welcome to the Club",""
22,2,16,28 Feb 81,"Gunsmoke at the Yellow Rose",""
23,2,17,14 Mar 81,"What Are Friends For?",""
24,2,18,21 Mar 81,"Just What the Doctor Ordered",""
25,2,19,04 Apr 81,"Footsie",""
26,2,20,11 Apr 81,"You Gotta Have Hoyt",""
27,2,21,18 Apr 81,"Flo's Encounter of the Third Kind",""
28,2,22,23 Apr 81,"No Men's Land",""
29,2,23,30 Apr 81,"The Daynce",""