number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,19 Mar 84,"Allie's First Date",""
2,1,2,26 Mar 84,"The Very Loud Family",""
3,1,3,16 Apr 84,"Odd Boy Out",""
4,1,4,23 Apr 84,"The Family Business",""
5,1,5,30 Apr 84,"Dear Diary",""
6,1,6,07 May 84,"A Weekend to Remember",""
7,2,1,08 Oct 84,"Baby",""
8,2,2,15 Oct 84,"Landlady",""
9,2,3,22 Oct 84,"Diner",""
10,2,4,29 Oct 84,"Lottsa Luck",""
11,2,5,05 Nov 84,"Candidate",""
12,2,6,12 Nov 84,"Kate and the Plumber",""
13,2,7,19 Nov 84,"The Safe Caper",""
14,2,8,26 Nov 84,"Pirates",""
15,2,9,03 Dec 84,"Country Dog",""
16,2,10,10 Dec 84,"Piano Lesson",""
17,2,11,31 Dec 84,"New Year's Eve",""
18,2,12,07 Jan 85,"Back to School",""
19,2,13,14 Jan 85,"Charles Marries Claire",""
20,2,14,04 Feb 85,"If She Goes, I Go",""
21,2,15,11 Feb 85,"Rear Window",""
22,2,16,18 Feb 85,"Lovely Rita",""
23,2,17,25 Feb 85,"Sons and Lovers",""
24,2,18,04 Mar 85,"Author, Author",""
25,2,19,11 Mar 85,"Dead Cat",""
26,2,20,18 Mar 85,"The Bad Seed",""
27,2,21,08 Apr 85,"Goodbye, Plumber",""
28,2,22,06 May 85,"My Dinner With Kate and Allie",""
29,3,1,30 Sep 85,"The Reunion",""
30,3,2,07 Oct 85,"Make Mine Mink",""
31,3,3,14 Oct 85,"Whatever Happened to Romance?",""
32,3,4,21 Oct 85,"Evening in Paris",""
33,3,5,28 Oct 85,"Picture of An Affair",""
34,3,6,04 Nov 85,"The Maltese Chotchke",""
35,3,7,11 Nov 85,"Allie's Affair",""
36,3,8,25 Nov 85,"Thanksgiving",""
37,3,9,02 Dec 85,"Max's New Girlfriend",""
38,3,10,16 Dec 85,"Kate's Friend",""
39,3,11,23 Dec 85,"Dress to Kill",""
40,3,12,06 Jan 86,"Dark Victory",""
41,3,13,13 Jan 86,"Grand Central Station",""
42,3,14,20 Jan 86,"Chip's Divorce",""
43,3,15,27 Jan 86,"Too Late The Rebel",""
44,3,16,03 Feb 86,"The Croissant Jungle",""
45,3,17,10 Feb 86,"Privacy",""
46,3,18,17 Feb 86,"High Anxiety",""
47,3,19,24 Feb 86,"Thank You, Shirley",""
48,3,20,03 Mar 86,"Ted's Back",""
49,3,21,17 Mar 86,"Chip's New Friend",""
50,3,22,07 Apr 86,"Winning",""
51,3,23,12 May 86,"Late Bloomer",""
52,4,1,22 Sep 86,"The Trouble With Jason",""
53,4,2,29 Sep 86,"Found Money",""
54,4,3,06 Oct 86,"The Bully",""
55,4,4,13 Oct 86,"General Hospital",""
56,4,5,20 Oct 86,"Rx for Love",""
57,4,6,27 Oct 86,"Halloween II",""
58,4,7,03 Nov 86,"Jennie and Jason",""
59,4,8,10 Nov 86,"Bringing Up Charles",""
60,4,9,24 Nov 86,"Emma's Coming Out Party",""
61,4,10,01 Dec 86,"Stage Mother",""
62,4,11,08 Dec 86,"The Goodbye Girl",""
63,4,12,15 Dec 86,"Dates of Future Past",""
64,4,13,05 Jan 87,"Gift of the Magi",""
65,4,14,26 Jan 87,"Allie's Graduation",""
66,4,15,02 Feb 87,"Upstairs, Downstairs",""
67,4,16,09 Feb 87,"Emma Goes to College",""
68,4,17,16 Feb 87,"Allie and the Three Wolves",""
69,4,18,23 Feb 87,"Louis in Love",""
70,4,19,02 Mar 87,"Reruns",""
71,4,20,16 Mar 87,"Send Me No Flowers",""
72,4,21,23 Mar 87,"Dearly Beloved",""
73,4,22,06 Apr 87,"Allie on Strike",""
74,4,23,04 May 87,"Kate Quits",""
75,4,24,11 May 87,"Charles' Dinner",""
76,4,25,18 May 87,"Allie's Surprise Party",""
77,5,1,14 Sep 87,"Fathers and Sons",""
78,5,2,21 Sep 87,"The Dilemma with Emma",""
79,5,3,28 Sep 87,"Kate and the Cab Driver",""
80,5,4,05 Oct 87,"Mother's Day",""
81,5,5,12 Oct 87,"Return of Bob Barsky",""
82,5,6,19 Oct 87,"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?",""
83,5,7,26 Oct 87,"Ted's Fix-Up",""
84,5,8,09 Nov 87,"Jennie's New Deal",""
85,5,9,16 Nov 87,"Hired Wife",""
86,5,10,23 Nov 87,"The Marriage Counselor",""
87,5,11,07 Dec 87,"The Triangle Has Four Sides",""
88,5,12,14 Dec 87,"The Nightmare Before Christmas",""
89,5,13,04 Jan 88,"A Catered Affair",""
90,5,14,11 Jan 88,"The Band Singer",""
91,5,15,18 Jan 88,"Almost Married (a.k.a.) And Then There Were None",""
92,5,16,01 Feb 88,"My Day with Paul Newman",""
93,5,17,03 Feb 88,"The Namath of the Game",""
94,5,18,08 Feb 88,"The Mouse That Squeaked",""
95,5,19,15 Feb 88,"Inside Park Avenue",""
96,5,20,22 Feb 88,"Working Women",""
97,5,21,14 Mar 88,"I Don't, I Don't",""
98,5,22,21 Mar 88,"Bob Smells the Roses",""
99,5,23,28 Mar 88,"Allie Makes Up Her Mind",""
100,5,24,23 May 88,"The Clip Show",""
101,6,1,11 Dec 88,"Wedding Belle Blues",""
102,6,2,12 Dec 88,"Kate Gets Dumped",""
103,6,3,19 Dec 88,"Allie Doesn't Live Here Anymore",""
104,6,4,26 Dec 88,"The Odd Couples",""
105,6,5,09 Jan 89,"Anchor Away",""
106,6,6,16 Jan 89,"Better Never Than Late",""
107,6,7,23 Jan 89,"Moving On",""
108,6,8,30 Jan 89,"A Tree Grows on West 56th Street",""
109,6,9,06 Feb 89,"The Nearlyweds",""
110,6,10,13 Feb 89,"Wanted: One Husband",""
111,6,11,20 Feb 89,"What's Love Got to Do with It?",""
112,6,12,27 Feb 89,"I've Got a Secret",""
113,6,13,06 Mar 89,"Chip's Notes",""
114,6,14,13 Mar 89,"Love Thy Neighbor",""
115,6,15,20 Mar 89,"Trojan War",""
116,6,16,27 Mar 89,"Loan-some Bob",""
117,6,17,10 Apr 89,"The Review",""
118,6,18,24 Apr 89,"The Wedding",""
119,6,19,01 May 89,"The Last Temptation of Allie",""
120,6,20,08 May 89,"Hockey Team",""
121,6,21,15 May 89,"My Boyfriend's Back",""
122,6,22,22 May 89,"What a Wonderful Episode (a.k.a. It's a Wonderful Episode a.k.a. Kate and Allie Go to Hell)",""