number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Sep 81,"Families At War",""
2,1,2,14 Sep 81,"Of Meissen Men",""
3,1,3,21 Sep 81,"A Night At The Opera",""
4,1,4,28 Sep 81,"A Matched Pair",""
5,1,5,05 Oct 81,"Nothing But The Truth",""
6,1,6,19 Oct 81,"Father Of The Groom",""
7,2,1,07 Sep 82,"Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?",""
8,2,2,14 Sep 82,"As Young As You Feel",""
9,2,3,21 Sep 82,"A Woman's Place ...",""
10,2,4,28 Sep 82,"Blood Brothers",""
11,2,5,05 Oct 82,"lf You Knew Susan",""
12,2,6,12 Oct 82,"The More We Are Together",""
13,3,1,10 Oct 83,"Taking Stock",""
14,3,2,17 Oct 83,"Partners",""
15,3,3,24 Oct 83,"A Nose For Quality",""
16,3,4,31 Oct 83,"The End Of The Line",""
17,3,5,07 Nov 83,"The Welsh Connection",""
18,3,6,14 Nov 83,"Not On The Same Wavelength",""
19,4,1,08 Nov 84,"A Home Of Your Own",""
20,4,2,15 Nov 84,"The Royal Connection",""
21,4,3,22 Nov 84,"Words And Music",""
22,4,4,29 Nov 84,"No Flame Like An Old Flame",""
23,4,5,06 Dec 84,"Love's Neighbours' Lost",""
24,4,6,13 Dec 84,"Come Fly With Me",""
25,5,1,08 Jan 86,"In Whom We Tryst",""
26,5,2,15 Jan 86,"Going, Going, Gone",""
27,5,3,22 Jan 86,"Thicker Than Water",""
28,5,4,29 Jan 86,"Kung Who",""
29,5,5,05 Feb 86,"Reading Between The Lines",""
30,5,6,12 Feb 86,"Definitely Not Cricket",""
31,6,1,15 Jan 87,"Feed A Cold",""
32,6,2,22 Jan 87,"Going To Pot",""
33,6,3,29 Jan 87,"Love ls A Many Splendoured Thing",""
34,6,4,05 Feb 87,"A Night To Remember",""
35,6,5,12 Feb 87,"The Battle Of Deveraux Dale",""
36,6,6,19 Feb 87,"Affair of the Heart",""
37,7,1,27 Jan 88,"Settled Out Of Court",""
38,7,2,03 Mar 88,"The Wagers Of Sin",""
39,7,3,10 Feb 88,"Betrothed, Bothered And Bewildered",""
40,7,4,17 Feb 88,"The Second Time Around",""
41,7,5,24 Feb 88,"Born To Blush Unseen",""
42,7,6,02 Mar 88,"Fasten Your Seat Belts",""
43,8,1,24 Oct 88,"Grandfathers-In-Law",""
44,8,2,31 Oct 88,"Nursery Times",""
45,8,3,07 Nov 88,"Whose Baby?",""
46,8,4,14 Nov 88,"Never Say Die",""
47,8,5,21 Nov 88,"Moving On",""
48,8,6,28 Nov 88,"It's A Long Way To Friern Barnet",""
49,9,1,06 Sep 89,"Just The Ticket",""
50,9,2,13 Sep 89,"A Point Of Honour",""
51,9,3,20 Sep 89,"A New Lease Of Life",""
52,9,4,27 Sep 89,"Aspects Of Love",""
53,9,5,04 Oct 89,"Neighbours",""
54,9,6,11 Oct 89,"Bonjour Paris",""
55,9,7,28 Dec 89,"A Winter's Tale",""
56,10,1,05 Sep 90,"X Marks The Spot",""
57,10,2,12 Sep 90,"S.W.A.L.K.",""
58,10,3,19 Sep 90,"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?",""
59,10,4,26 Sep 90,"Happy Holiday",""
60,10,5,03 Oct 90,"There But For The Grace Of God",""
61,10,6,10 Oct 90,"A Car By Any Other Name",""
62,11,1,04 Sep 91,"Viva Espana",""
63,11,2,11 Sep 91,"The Best Laid Plans",""
64,11,3,18 Sep 91,"Born Again",""
65,11,4,25 Sep 91,"There Goes The Bride",""
66,11,5,02 Oct 91,"Two Fools And Their Money",""
67,11,6,09 Oct 91,"The First Of The Queue",""