number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,29 Sep 69,"Love and a Couple of Couples",""
2,1,2,29 Sep 69,"Love and the Hustler",""
3,1,3,29 Sep 69,"Love and the Pill",""
4,1,4,06 Oct 69,"Love and the Living Doll",""
5,1,5,06 Oct 69,"Love and the Letter",""
6,1,6,06 Oct 69,"Love and the Joker",""
7,1,7,06 Oct 69,"Love and the Unlikely Couple",""
8,1,8,13 Oct 69,"Love and the Phone Booth",""
9,1,9,13 Oct 69,"Love and the Doorknob",""
10,1,10,20 Oct 69,"Love and the Legal Agreement",""
11,1,11,20 Oct 69,"Love and the Militant",""
12,1,12,20 Oct 69,"Love and Who?",""
13,1,13,27 Oct 69,"Love and the Modern Wife",""
14,1,14,27 Oct 69,"Love and the Phonies",""
15,1,15,27 Oct 69,"Love and the Single Couple",""
16,1,16,03 Nov 69,"Love and the Dating Computer",""
17,1,17,03 Nov 69,"Love and the Busy Husband",""
18,1,18,03 Nov 69,"Love and the Watchdog",""
19,1,19,10 Nov 69,"Love and Take Me Along",""
20,1,20,10 Nov 69,"Love and the Advice Givers",""
21,1,21,10 Nov 69,"Love and the Geisha",""
22,1,22,17 Nov 69,"Love and the Burglar",""
23,1,23,17 Nov 69,"Love and the Roommate",""
24,1,24,17 Nov 69,"Love and the Wild Party",""
25,1,25,24 Nov 69,"Love and the Big Leap",""
26,1,26,24 Nov 69,"Love and the Good Deal",""
27,1,27,24 Nov 69,"Love and the Former Marriage",""
28,1,28,01 Dec 69,"Love and Mother",""
29,1,29,01 Dec 69,"Love and the Dummies",""
30,1,30,01 Dec 69,"Love and the Athlete",""
31,1,31,01 Dec 69,"Love and the Shower",""
32,1,32,08 Dec 69,"Love and the Mountain Cabin",""
33,1,33,08 Dec 69,"Love and the Divorce Sale",""
34,1,34,08 Dec 69,"Love and the Comedy Team",""
35,1,35,22 Dec 69,"Love and the Positive Man",""
36,1,36,22 Dec 69,"Love and the Other Love",""
37,1,37,22 Dec 69,"Love and the Bachelor",""
38,1,38,29 Dec 69,"Love and the Medium",""
39,1,39,29 Dec 69,"Love and the Bed",""
40,1,40,29 Dec 69,"Love and the High School Flop-Out",""
41,1,41,05 Jan 70,"Love and the Pick-Up",""
42,1,42,05 Jan 70,"Love and the Proposal",""
43,1,43,05 Jan 70,"Love and the Fighting Couple",""
44,1,44,12 Jan 70,"Love and the Boss' Ex",""
45,1,45,12 Jan 70,"Love and Mr. Nice Guy",""
46,1,46,12 Jan 70,"Love and the Gangster",""
47,1,47,23 Jan 70,"Love and Those Poor Crusaders' Wives",""
48,1,48,23 Jan 70,"Love and the Big Night",""
49,1,49,23 Jan 70,"Love and the V.I.P. Restaurant",""
50,1,50,30 Jan 70,"Love and the Nervous Executive",""
51,1,51,30 Jan 70,"Love and the Hitchhiker",""
52,1,52,30 Jan 70,"Love and the Great Catch",""
53,1,53,06 Feb 70,"Love and the Banned Book",""
54,1,54,06 Feb 70,"Love and the First Nighters",""
55,1,55,06 Feb 70,"Love and the King",""
56,1,56,13 Feb 70,"Love and the Co-ed Dorm",""
57,1,57,13 Feb 70,"Love and the Optimist",""
58,1,58,13 Feb 70,"Love and the Teacher",""
59,1,59,20 Feb 70,"Love and the Safely Married Man",""
60,1,60,20 Feb 70,"Love and the Uncoupled Couple",""
61,1,61,20 Feb 70,"Love and the Many Married Couple",""
62,1,62,27 Feb 70,"Love and Las Vegas",""
63,1,63,27 Feb 70,"Love and the Good Samaritan",""
64,1,64,27 Feb 70,"Love and the Marriage Counselor",""
65,1,65,06 Mar 70,"Love and the Other Guy",""
66,1,66,06 Mar 70,"Love and Grandma",""
67,1,67,13 Mar 70,"Love and the Fly",""
68,1,68,13 Mar 70,"Love and the Millionaire",""
69,1,69,13 Mar 70,"Love and Double Trouble",""
70,1,70,27 Mar 70,"Love and the Minister",""
71,1,71,27 Mar 70,"Love and the Singles Apartment",""
72,2,1,25 Sep 70,"Love and the Father",""
73,2,2,25 Sep 70,"Love and the Motel",""
74,2,3,02 Oct 70,"Love and the Nurse",""
75,2,4,02 Oct 70,"Love and the Old Boyfriend",""
76,2,5,09 Oct 70,"Love and the Hypnotist",""
77,2,6,09 Oct 70,"Love and the Psychiatrist",""
78,2,7,16 Oct 70,"Love and the Blind Date",""
79,2,8,16 Oct 70,"Love and the Longest Night",""
80,2,9,23 Oct 70,"Love and the Visitor",""
81,2,10,23 Oct 70,"Love and the Elopement",""
82,2,11,30 Oct 70,"Love and the Eskimo",""
83,2,12,30 Oct 70,"Love and the Nuisance",""
84,2,13,06 Nov 70,"Love and the Decision",""
85,2,14,06 Nov 70,"Love and the Haunted House",""
86,2,15,13 Nov 70,"Love and the Fur Coat",""
87,2,16,13 Nov 70,"Love and the Trip",""
88,2,17,20 Nov 70,"Love and the Young Executive",""
89,2,18,27 Nov 70,"Love and the Champ",""
90,2,19,27 Nov 70,"Love and the Pen Pals",""
91,2,20,04 Dec 70,"Love and the Lost Dog",""
92,2,21,04 Dec 70,"Love and the Intruder",""
93,2,22,11 Dec 70,"Love and the Understanding",""
94,2,23,11 Dec 70,"Love and the Happy Couple",""
95,2,24,18 Dec 70,"Love and the Man Next Door",""
96,2,25,01 Jan 71,"Love and the Kidnapper",""
97,2,26,08 Jan 71,"Love and the Wig",""
98,2,27,08 Jan 71,"Love and the Only Child",""
99,2,28,15 Jan 71,"Love and Operation Model",""
100,2,29,15 Jan 71,"Love and the Sack",""
101,2,30,15 Jan 71,"Love and the Triangle",""
102,2,31,22 Jan 71,"Love and the Cake",""
103,2,32,22 Jan 71,"Love and the Neighbor",""
104,2,33,22 Jan 71,"Love and the Serious Wedding",""
105,2,34,22 Jan 71,"Love and Murphy's Bed",""
106,2,35,29 Jan 71,"Love and the Big Game",""
107,2,36,29 Jan 71,"Love and the Nutsy Girl",""
108,2,37,29 Jan 71,"Love and the Vampire",""
109,2,38,05 Feb 71,"Love and the Arctic Station",""
110,2,39,05 Feb 71,"Love and the Tattoo",""
111,2,40,05 Feb 71,"Love and the Pulitzer Prize",""
112,2,41,12 Feb 71,"Love and the Rug",""
113,2,42,12 Feb 71,"Love and the Second Time",""
114,2,43,12 Feb 71,"Love and the New Roommate",""
115,2,44,12 Feb 71,"Love and the Baker's Half Dozen",""
116,2,45,19 Feb 71,"Love and the Pregnancy",""
117,2,46,19 Feb 71,"Love and the Boss",""
118,2,47,19 Feb 71,"Love and the Logical Explanation",""
119,2,48,19 Feb 71,"Love and the Jury",""
120,2,49,26 Feb 71,"Love and the Teddy Bear",""
121,2,50,26 Feb 71,"Love and the Love Potion",""
122,2,51,26 Feb 71,"Love and the Heist",""
123,2,52,05 Mar 71,"Love and the Duel",""
124,2,53,05 Mar 71,"Love and the Young Unmarrieds",""
125,2,54,05 Mar 71,"Love and the Note",""
126,2,55,12 Mar 71,"Love and Women's Lib",""
127,2,56,12 Mar 71,"Love and the Fuzz",""
128,2,57,12 Mar 71,"Love and the Housekeeper",""
129,2,58,12 Mar 71,"Love and the Groupie",""
130,3,1,17 Sep 71,"Love and the Loud Mouth",""
131,3,2,17 Sep 71,"Love and the Penal Code",""
132,3,3,17 Sep 71,"Love and Formula 26B",""
133,3,4,24 Sep 71,"Love and the Dream Burglar",""
134,3,5,24 Sep 71,"Love and the Monsters",""
135,3,6,24 Sep 71,"Love and the Conjugal Visit",""
136,3,7,24 Sep 71,"Love and the Anniversary Crisis",""
137,3,8,24 Sep 71,"Love and the Hotel Caper",""
138,3,9,01 Oct 71,"Love and the Neglected Wife",""
139,3,10,01 Oct 71,"Love and the Artful Dodger",""
140,3,11,01 Oct 71,"Love and the Traveling Salesman",""
141,3,12,08 Oct 71,"Love and the Television Weekend",""
142,3,13,08 Oct 71,"Love and the See-Through Man",""
143,3,14,08 Oct 71,"Love and the Waterbed",""
144,3,15,08 Oct 71,"Love and the Ledge",""
145,3,16,15 Oct 71,"Love and the Guilty Conscience",""
146,3,17,15 Oct 71,"Love and the Mixed Marriage",""
147,3,18,15 Oct 71,"Love and the Wake-Up Girl",""
148,3,19,15 Oct 71,"Love and the Detective",""
149,3,20,22 Oct 71,"Love and the Naked Stranger",""
150,3,21,22 Oct 71,"Love and the Four-Sided Triangle",""
151,3,22,22 Oct 71,"Love and the Awakening",""
152,3,23,22 Oct 71,"Love and the Bashful Groom",""
153,3,24,29 Oct 71,"Love and the Lovesick Sailor",""
154,3,25,29 Oct 71,"Love and the Sex Survey",""
155,3,26,29 Oct 71,"Love and the Mistress",""
156,3,27,29 Oct 71,"Love and the Reincarnation",""
157,3,28,05 Nov 71,"Love and the Sweet Sixteen",""
158,3,29,05 Nov 71,"Love and the Married Bachelor",""
159,3,30,05 Nov 71,"Love and the Well-Groomed Bride",""
160,3,31,05 Nov 71,"Love and the Vacation",""
161,3,32,12 Nov 71,"Love and the Jealous Husband",""
162,3,33,12 Nov 71,"Love and the Old Cowboy",""
163,3,34,12 Nov 71,"Love and the Baby",""
164,3,35,12 Nov 71,"Love and the Big Mother",""
165,3,36,12 Nov 71,"Love and the Free Weekend",""
166,3,37,19 Nov 71,"Love and the Plumber",""
167,3,38,19 Nov 71,"Love and the Lady Barber",""
168,3,39,19 Nov 71,"Love and the College Professor",""
169,3,40,19 Nov 71,"Love and the Eyewitness",""
170,3,41,03 Dec 71,"Love and the Eskimo's Wife",""
171,3,42,03 Dec 71,"Love and the Accidental Passion",""
172,3,43,03 Dec 71,"Love and the Black Limousine",""
173,3,44,03 Dec 71,"Love and the Tuba",""
174,3,45,10 Dec 71,"Love and the Liberated Lady Boss",""
175,3,46,10 Dec 71,"Love and the Hiccups",""
176,3,47,10 Dec 71,"Love and the Check",""
177,3,48,10 Dec 71,"Love and the Bowling Ball",""
178,3,49,17 Dec 71,"Love and the House Bachelor",""
179,3,50,17 Dec 71,"Love and the Particular Girl",""
180,3,51,17 Dec 71,"Love and the Fountain of Youth",""
181,3,52,17 Dec 71,"Love and the Waitress",""
182,3,53,31 Dec 71,"Love and the Intruder",""
183,3,54,31 Dec 71,"Love and the Contact Lens",""
184,3,55,31 Dec 71,"Love and the Motel Mixup",""
185,3,56,31 Dec 71,"Love and the Doctor's Honeymoon",""
186,3,57,07 Jan 72,"Love and the Lady Athlete",""
187,3,58,07 Jan 72,"Love and the Single Sister",""
188,3,59,07 Jan 72,"Love and the Lady Killers",""
189,3,60,07 Jan 72,"Love and the New Size 8",""
190,3,61,14 Jan 72,"Love and the Happy Unhappy Couple",""
191,3,62,14 Jan 72,"Love and the Topless Policy",""
192,3,63,14 Jan 72,"Love and the Ski Lodge",""
193,3,64,14 Jan 72,"Love and the Security Building",""
194,3,65,14 Jan 72,"Love and the Big Surprise",""
195,3,66,21 Jan 72,"Love and the Advice Column",""
196,3,67,21 Jan 72,"Love and the Bathtub",""
197,3,68,21 Jan 72,"Love and the Guru",""
198,3,69,21 Jan 72,"Love and the Physical",""
199,3,70,21 Jan 72,"Love and the Fullback",""
200,3,71,28 Jan 72,"Love and the Anxious Mama",""
201,3,72,28 Jan 72,"Love and the Boomerang",""
202,3,73,28 Jan 72,"Love and the Private Eye",""
203,3,74,04 Feb 72,"Love and the Plane Truth",""
204,3,75,04 Feb 72,"Love and the Scroungers",""
205,3,76,04 Feb 72,"Love and the Small Wedding",""
206,3,77,11 Feb 72,"Love and the Old-Fashioned Father",""
207,3,78,11 Feb 72,"Love and the Bachelor Party",""
208,3,79,11 Feb 72,"Love and the Latin Lover",""
209,3,80,11 Feb 72,"Love and the Test of Manhood",""
210,3,81,18 Feb 72,"Love and the Instant Father",""
211,3,82,18 Feb 72,"Love and the Lovely Evening",""
212,3,83,18 Feb 72,"Love and Lover's Lane",""
213,3,84,18 Feb 72,"Love and the Split-Up",""
214,3,85,18 Feb 72,"Love and the Alibi",""
215,3,86,25 Feb 72,"Love and the Newscasters",""
216,3,87,25 Feb 72,"Love and the Happy Days",""
217,4,1,15 Sep 72,"Love and the Sensuous Twin",""
218,4,2,15 Sep 72,"Love and the Know-It-All",""
219,4,3,15 Sep 72,"Love and the Perfect Wife",""
220,4,4,15 Sep 72,"Love and the Triple Threat",""
221,4,5,22 Sep 72,"Love and the Cheaters",""
222,4,6,22 Sep 72,"Love and the Love Nest",""
223,4,7,22 Sep 72,"Love and the Unbearable Fiancee",""
224,4,8,22 Sep 72,"Love and the Amateur Night",""
225,4,9,29 Sep 72,"Love and the Overnight Guests",""
226,4,10,29 Sep 72,"Love and the Lucky Couple",""
227,4,11,29 Sep 72,"Love and the Mail Room",""
228,4,12,29 Sep 72,"Love and the New Act",""
229,4,13,06 Oct 72,"Love and the Girlish Groom",""
230,4,14,06 Oct 72,"Love and the New You",""
231,4,15,06 Oct 72,"Love and the Oldlyweds",""
232,4,16,06 Oct 72,"Love and the Wishing Star",""
233,4,17,13 Oct 72,"Love and the Spaced Out Chick",""
234,4,18,13 Oct 72,"Love and the Country Girl",""
235,4,19,13 Oct 72,"Love and Dear Old Mom and Dad",""
236,4,20,13 Oct 72,"Love and the High School Sweetheart",""
237,4,21,20 Oct 72,"Love and the Confession",""
238,4,22,20 Oct 72,"Love and the Old Flames",""
239,4,23,20 Oct 72,"Love and the Disappearing Box",""
240,4,24,20 Oct 72,"Love and the Hip Arrangement",""
241,4,25,27 Oct 72,"Love and the Happy Medium",""
242,4,26,27 Oct 72,"Love and the Jinx",""
243,4,27,27 Oct 72,"Love and the Little Black Book",""
244,4,28,27 Oct 72,"Love and the Old Swingers",""
245,4,29,03 Nov 72,"Love and the President",""
246,4,30,03 Nov 72,"Love and the Clinic",""
247,4,31,03 Nov 72,"Love and the Return of Raymond",""
248,4,32,03 Nov 72,"Love and the Perfect Wedding",""
249,4,33,10 Nov 72,"Love and the Pick-Up Fantasy",""
250,4,34,10 Nov 72,"Love and the Hairy Excuse",""
251,4,35,10 Nov 72,"Love and Lady Luck",""
252,4,36,17 Nov 72,"Love and the Christmas Punch",""
253,4,37,17 Nov 72,"Love and the Mystic",""
254,4,38,17 Nov 72,"Love and the Tycoon",""
255,4,39,24 Nov 72,"Love and the Secret Life",""
256,4,40,24 Nov 72,"Love and the Swinging Philosophy",""
257,4,41,24 Nov 72,"Love and the Caller",""
258,4,42,24 Nov 72,"Love and the Woman in White",""
259,4,43,01 Dec 72,"Love and the Super Lover",""
260,4,44,01 Dec 72,"Love and the Impressionist",""
261,4,45,01 Dec 72,"Love and the First Kiss",""
262,4,46,08 Dec 72,"Love and the Ghost",""
263,4,47,08 Dec 72,"Love and the Out-of-Town Client",""
264,4,48,08 Dec 72,"Love and the Secret Habit",""
265,4,49,05 Jan 73,"Love and the Legend",""
266,4,50,05 Jan 73,"Love and the Cryptic Gift",""
267,4,51,05 Jan 73,"Love and the Family Hour",""
268,4,52,05 Jan 73,"Love and the Sexpert",""
269,4,53,12 Jan 73,"Love and the Impossible Gift",""
270,4,54,12 Jan 73,"Love and the Face Bow",""
271,4,55,12 Jan 73,"Love and the Love Kit",""
272,4,56,19 Jan 73,"Love and the Old Lover",""
273,4,57,19 Jan 73,"Love and the Missing Mister",""
274,4,58,19 Jan 73,"Love and the Twanger Tutor",""
275,4,59,26 Jan 73,"Love and the Unmarriage",""
276,4,60,26 Jan 73,"Love and the Singing Suitor",""
277,4,61,26 Jan 73,"Love and the Wee He",""
278,4,62,02 Feb 73,"Love and the Laughing Lover",""
279,4,63,02 Feb 73,"Love and the Hot Spell",""
280,4,64,02 Feb 73,"Love and the Hand Maiden",""
281,4,65,02 Feb 73,"Love and the Perfect Setup",""
282,4,66,09 Feb 73,"Love and the Playwright",""
283,4,67,09 Feb 73,"Love and the Trampled Passion",""
284,4,68,09 Feb 73,"Love and the Anniversary",""
285,4,69,16 Feb 73,"Love and the Baby Derby",""
286,4,70,16 Feb 73,"Love and the Burglar Joke",""
287,4,71,16 Feb 73,"Love and the Favorite Family",""
288,4,72,23 Feb 73,"Love and the Crisis Line",""
289,4,73,23 Feb 73,"Love and the Happy Family",""
290,4,74,23 Feb 73,"Love and the Vertical Romance",""
291,4,75,02 Mar 73,"Love and the Mind Reader",""
292,4,76,02 Mar 73,"Love and the Soap Opera",""
293,4,77,02 Mar 73,"Love and the Mr. and Mrs.",""
294,4,78,09 Mar 73,"Love and the Postal Meeter",""
295,4,79,09 Mar 73,"Love and the End of the Line",""
296,4,80,09 Mar 73,"Love and the Growing Romance",""
297,5,1,14 Sep 73,"Love and the Footlight Fiancee",""
298,5,2,14 Sep 73,"Love and the Teller's Tale",""
299,5,3,14 Sep 73,"Love and the Swinging Surgeon",""
300,5,4,14 Sep 73,"Love and the Plane Fantasy",""
301,5,5,21 Sep 73,"Love and the Lifter",""
302,5,6,21 Sep 73,"Love and the Lie",""
303,5,7,21 Sep 73,"Love and the Suspicious Husband",""
304,5,8,21 Sep 73,"Love and the Comedienne",""
305,5,9,28 Sep 73,"Love and the Heavy Set",""
306,5,10,28 Sep 73,"Love and the Novel",""
307,5,11,28 Sep 73,"Love and the See-Through Mind",""
308,5,12,28 Sep 73,"Love and the Seven-Year Wait",""
309,5,13,28 Sep 73,"Love and the Golden Memory",""
310,5,14,05 Oct 73,"Love and the Stutter",""
311,5,15,05 Oct 73,"Love and the Memento",""
312,5,16,05 Oct 73,"Love and the Games People Play",""
313,5,17,05 Oct 73,"Love and the Single Husband",""
314,5,18,05 Oct 73,"Love and High Spirits",""
315,5,19,12 Oct 73,"Love and the Bonded Separation",""
316,5,20,12 Oct 73,"Love and the Fractured Fibula",""
317,5,21,12 Oct 73,"Love and the Pretty Secretary",""
318,5,22,19 Oct 73,"Love and the Hoodwinked Honey",""
319,5,23,19 Oct 73,"Love and the Secret Spouse",""
320,5,24,19 Oct 73,"Love and the Cozy Comrades",""
321,5,25,19 Oct 73,"Love and the Flunky",""
322,5,26,02 Nov 73,"Love and the Lady Prisoner",""
323,5,27,02 Nov 73,"Love and the Weighty Problem",""
324,5,28,02 Nov 73,"Love and the Fortune Cookie",""
325,5,29,02 Nov 73,"Love and the Opera Singer",""
326,5,30,09 Nov 73,"Love and the Unsteady Steady",""
327,5,31,09 Nov 73,"Love and the Persistent Assistant",""
328,5,32,09 Nov 73,"Love and the Last Joke",""
329,5,33,09 Nov 73,"Love and the Clinical Problem",""
330,5,34,09 Nov 73,"Love and the Eat's Cafe",""
331,5,35,16 Nov 73,"Love and the Unwedding",""
332,5,36,16 Nov 73,"Love and the Big Top",""
333,5,37,16 Nov 73,"Love and the Odd Couples",""
334,5,38,16 Nov 73,"Love and the Locksmith",""
335,5,39,23 Nov 73,"Love and the Time Machine",""
336,5,40,23 Nov 73,"Love and the Man of the Year",""
337,5,41,23 Nov 73,"Love and the Blue Plate Special",""
338,5,42,30 Nov 73,"Love and the Hidden Meaning",""
339,5,43,30 Nov 73,"Love and the Model Apartment",""
340,5,44,30 Nov 73,"Love and the Weirdo",""
341,5,45,30 Nov 73,"Love and the Parent's Sake",""
342,5,46,30 Nov 73,"Love and the Three-Timer",""
343,5,47,07 Dec 73,"Love and the Spendthrift",""
344,5,48,07 Dec 73,"Love and the Generation Gap",""
345,5,49,07 Dec 73,"Love and the Awkward Age",""
346,5,50,28 Dec 73,"Love and Carmen Lopez",""
347,5,51,28 Dec 73,"Love and the Cover",""
348,5,52,28 Dec 73,"Love and the Cryin' Cowboy",""
349,5,53,04 Jan 74,"Love and the Flying Finletters",""
350,5,54,04 Jan 74,"Love and the Extra Job",""
351,5,55,04 Jan 74,"Love and the Golden Worm",""
352,5,56,04 Jan 74,"Love and the Patrol Person",""
353,5,57,04 Jan 74,"Love and the Itchy Condition",""
354,5,58,11 Jan 74,"Love and the Competitors",""
355,5,59,11 Jan 74,"Love and the Forever Tree",""
356,5,60,11 Jan 74,"Love and the Image Makers",""
357,5,61,11 Jan 74,"Love and Mr. Bunny",""
358,5,62,11 Jan 74,"Love and the Phobia",""