number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,24 Sep 99,"Pilot (or The Douchebag Aspect)",""
2,1,2,08 Oct 99,"Kevin's Problem (or Porno for Pyro)",""
3,1,3,25 Jun 00,"Andy and Kevin Make a Friend (or One Bang for Two Brothers)",""
4,1,4,02 Jul 00,"Kevin vs. the SAT (or Nocturnal Admissions)",""
5,1,5,09 Jul 00,"Andy Gets a Promotion (or How to Get Head in Business Without Really Trying)",""
6,1,6,16 Jul 00,"Unemployment Part 1 (or Brother's Big Boner)",""
7,1,7,26 May 02,"Unemployment Part 2 (or Theory of the Leisure Ass)",""
8,1,8,09 Jun 02,"Andy Joins the PTA (or Great Sexpectations)",""
9,1,9,14 Jul 02,"Andy vs. The Real World (or The Big-Ass Viacom Lawsuit)",""
10,1,10,21 Jul 02,"Kevin Finds Love (or Hot for Weirdie)",""
11,1,11,28 Jul 02,"Stories of Hope and Forgiveness (or Day of the Jackass)",""
12,1,12,04 Aug 02,"Happy Birthday, Kevin (or Happy Birthday, Douchebag)",""
13,1,13,11 Aug 02,"Planet 9 from Mission Hill (or I Married a Gay Man from Outer Space)",""