number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Jan 63,"The Birth of Astroboy",""
2,1,2,08 Jan 63,"Colosso",""
3,1,3,15 Jan 63,"Expedition to Mars",""
4,1,4,22 Jan 63,"Guernica",""
5,1,5,29 Jan 63,"Cross Island",""
6,1,6,05 Feb 63,"Grass Boy",""
7,1,7,12 Feb 63,"Zero, The Invisible Robot",""
8,1,8,19 Feb 63,"Silver Comet",""
9,1,9,26 Feb 63,"Hullabaloo Island",""
10,1,10,05 Mar 63,"The Spirit Machine",""
11,1,11,12 Mar 63,"Strange Voyage",""
12,1,12,19 Mar 63,"The Artifical Sun",""
13,1,13,26 Mar 63,"The Deep Freeze",""
14,1,14,02 Apr 63,"One Million Mammoth Snails",""
15,1,15,09 Apr 63,"Plant People",""
16,1,16,16 Apr 63,"The Vehicle, White Planet",""
17,1,17,23 Apr 63,"Robot Land",""
18,1,18,30 Apr 63,"Gadem",""
19,1,19,07 May 63,"Astro Boy vs. Garon",""
20,1,20,14 May 63,"Gaseous Beings",""
21,1,21,21 May 63,"Satellite R-45",""
22,1,22,28 May 63,"Sea Serpent Island",""
23,1,23,04 Jun 63,"The Mutant",""
24,1,24,11 Jun 63,"The Submarine Kingdom",""
25,1,25,18 Jun 63,"The Deep-Underground Tank",""
26,1,26,25 Jun 63,"Atlas",""
27,1,27,02 Jul 63,"Planet Pearl",""
28,1,28,09 Jul 63,"Mad Machine",""
29,1,29,16 Jul 63,"The Memorable Day",""
30,1,30,23 Jul 63,"Fuhrer ZZZ",""
31,1,31,30 Jul 63,"The Black Cosmic Ray",""
32,1,32,06 Aug 63,"Hot Dog Corps",""
33,1,33,13 Aug 63,"Two Magicians",""
34,1,34,20 Aug 63,"Midoro Marsh",""
35,1,35,27 Aug 63,"The Human Farm",""
36,1,36,03 Sep 63,"The Religion of Pui Pui",""
37,1,37,10 Sep 63,"Uran",""
38,1,38,17 Sep 63,"The Disturbed Small Planet",""
39,1,39,24 Sep 63,"Red Cat",""
40,1,40,01 Oct 63,"Neo Caesar",""
41,1,41,08 Oct 63,"X Bomb",""
42,1,42,15 Oct 63,"The Yellow Horse",""
43,1,43,22 Oct 63,"His Highness Dead Cross",""
44,1,44,29 Oct 63,"The Egyptian Conspirators",""
45,1,45,05 Nov 63,"Cleopatra's Necklace",""
46,1,46,12 Nov 63,"The Robot Spaceship",""
47,1,47,19 Nov 63,"The Cosmic Crab",""
48,1,48,26 Nov 63,"The Tenma Tribe",""
49,1,49,03 Dec 63,"Transparent Giant",""
50,1,50,10 Dec 63,"Astroboy Goes to the West",""
51,1,51,17 Dec 63,"The Little Elephant Pura",""
52,1,52,24 Dec 63,"The Snow Lion",""
53,1,53,31 Dec 63,"Goodbye 1963",""
54,1,54,04 Jan 64,"Duel on the Alps",""
55,1,55,18 Jan 64,"Rejuvenating Gas",""
56,1,56,25 Jan 64,"Earth Defense Army",""
57,1,57,01 Feb 64,"Robot School",""
58,1,58,08 Feb 64,"The Thirteen Mysterious Statues of God",""
59,1,59,15 Feb 64,"The Robot Buron X",""
60,1,60,22 Feb 64,"The Demon Bees",""
61,1,61,29 Feb 64,"Space Parasites",""
62,1,62,07 Mar 64,"The Phantom Ship",""
63,1,63,14 Mar 64,"The Artificial Iceberg",""
64,1,64,21 Mar 64,"Count Bat",""
65,1,65,28 Mar 64,"Brave Escapee",""
66,1,66,04 Apr 64,"The Space Viking",""
67,1,67,11 Apr 64,"Heroes of the Night",""
68,1,68,25 Apr 64,"Rebellion of the Dinosaur People",""
69,1,69,02 May 64,"The Secret of the Clock Tower",""
70,1,70,09 May 64,"Rafflesia",""
71,1,71,16 May 64,"The Last Day of Earth",""
72,1,72,23 May 64,"7 Days of Drifting in Space",""
73,1,73,06 Jun 64,"Big Titan",""
74,1,74,13 Jun 64,"Earth Expedition",""
75,1,75,20 Jun 64,"Flying City",""
76,1,76,27 Jun 64,"The Monster Machine",""
77,1,77,04 Jul 64,"Cape Town Lullaby",""
78,1,78,11 Jul 64,"The World in Five Hundred Thousand Years",""
79,1,79,18 Jul 64,"Dr. Brain",""
80,1,80,25 Jul 64,"Humanoid Bill",""
81,1,81,01 Aug 64,"Dreaming Machine",""
82,1,82,15 Aug 64,"The Robot Olympics",""
83,1,83,22 Aug 64,"The Strange Bird, Garuda",""
84,1,84,29 Aug 64,"The Dolphin Civilization",""
85,1,85,05 Sep 64,"The Demented Beltway",""
86,1,86,12 Sep 64,"The Time Gun",""
87,1,87,19 Sep 64,"Princess Kaguya",""
88,1,88,26 Sep 64,"The Bacteria Corps",""
89,1,89,03 Oct 64,"Gomes' Ghost",""
90,1,90,10 Oct 64,"The Robot Fortress",""
91,1,91,24 Oct 64,"Garon's Counterattack",""
92,1,92,31 Oct 64,"Three Robot Knights",""
93,1,93,07 Nov 64,"Cobalt",""
94,1,94,14 Nov 64,"Angel in the Alps",""
95,1,95,21 Nov 64,"The Evil Punch Card",""
96,1,96,28 Oct 64,"Robot Future",""
97,1,97,05 Nov 64,"Confrontation in Space",""
98,1,98,12 Dec 64,"Zeo's Legacy",""
99,1,99,19 Dec 64,"Little Columbus",""
100,1,100,26 Dec 64,"The Robot House",""
101,1,101,02 Jan 65,"The Unmapped World",""
102,1,102,09 Jan 65,"Queen of the Devils' Place",""
103,1,103,16 Jan 65,"Stairs Leading Into Space",""
104,1,104,23 Jan 65,"The Devil's Balloon",""
105,1,105,30 Jan 65,"General Atom",""
106,1,106,06 Feb 65,"The Boy from Outer Space",""
107,1,107,13 Feb 65,"Release of the Earth",""
108,1,108,20 Feb 65,"Saturn Man",""
109,1,109,27 Feb 65,"Phoenix",""
110,1,110,06 Mar 65,"Expedition on Mercury",""
111,1,111,13 Mar 65,"Robot Polymer",""
112,1,112,27 Mar 65,"Samson's Hair",""
113,1,113,03 Apr 65,"Back, the Country Without Laughter",""
114,1,114,10 Apr 65,"Metro Monster",""
115,1,115,17 Apr 65,"The Big Runaway Safe",""
116,1,116,24 Apr 65,"The Biggest Robot on Earth (Part One)",""
117,1,117,01 May 65,"The Biggest Robot on Earth (Part Two)",""
118,1,118,08 May 65,"Robot Grabby",""
119,1,119,15 May 65,"The Flying Lens",""
120,1,120,22 May 65,"Time Hunter",""
121,1,121,29 May 65,"Ganimate",""
122,1,122,05 Jun 65,"The Monster Mantler",""
123,1,123,19 Jun 65,"Captain Dog",""
124,1,124,03 Jul 65,"Parting Gift",""
125,1,125,10 Jul 65,"Find the Bacteria",""
126,1,126,17 Jul 65,"Roboids",""
127,1,127,24 Jul 65,"The Experimental Robot",""
128,1,128,31 Jul 65,"Treasures of the Inca Empire",""
129,1,129,14 Aug 65,"Atom vs. Atom",""
130,1,130,21 Aug 65,"The Storm on Mars",""
131,1,131,28 Aug 65,"The Moon Champion",""
132,1,132,04 Sep 65,"Prince Louis",""
133,1,133,11 Sep 65,"Revenge After Ten Years",""
134,1,134,18 Sep 65,"Operation Escape",""
135,1,135,25 Sep 65,"The Robot-Dog Backy",""
136,1,136,02 Oct 65,"Inspector Jaguar",""
137,1,137,09 Oct 65,"Little Cooley",""
138,1,138,16 Oct 65,"A Long Day",""
139,1,139,23 Oct 65,"Astro Boy Stolen",""
140,1,140,30 Sep 65,"The King and Atom",""
141,1,141,06 Nov 65,"The Locomotive March",""
142,1,142,13 Nov 65,"Minya's Star",""
143,1,143,20 Nov 65,"Bird Street Story",""
144,1,144,27 Nov 65,"Lost Friendship",""
145,1,145,04 Dec 65,"Atom in the Deep Sea",""
146,1,146,11 Dec 65,"Report from the Future",""
147,1,147,18 Dec 65,"Mid-air Screen",""
148,1,148,25 Dec 65,"Robio and Robiet",""
149,1,149,01 Jan 66,"The Can Capriccio",""
150,1,150,08 Jan 66,"Miss Magnet",""
151,1,151,15 Jan 66,"Lonely Atom",""
152,1,152,22 Jan 66,"The Robot Bombs",""
153,1,153,29 Jan 66,"The Red Merry-Go-Round",""
154,1,154,05 Feb 66,"Blue Bird Story",""
155,1,155,12 Feb 66,"The Crazed Boundary",""
156,1,156,19 Feb 66,"Robot Mayor",""
157,1,157,26 Feb 66,"Gypsy's Star",""
158,1,158,05 Mar 66,"Funny Companion",""
159,1,159,19 Mar 66,"Devil and Angel",""
160,1,160,26 Mar 66,"The Golden Flute",""
161,1,161,02 Apr 66,"Dream-selling Aliens",""
162,1,162,09 Apr 66,"Operation Candy",""
163,1,163,16 Apr 66,"Road to Another World",""
164,1,164,23 Apr 66,"The Space Spider",""
165,1,165,30 Apr 66,"A Great Fuss over Babies",""
166,1,166,07 May 66,"The Jewel-Eating Monster",""
167,1,167,14 May 66,"Plenty of Balloons",""
168,1,168,21 May 66,"The Island That Jumped Up",""
169,1,169,28 May 66,"Gift from the Future",""
170,1,170,04 Jun 66,"Two Princesses",""
171,1,171,11 Jun 66,"Kutcher Forever",""
172,1,172,25 Jun 66,"The Herald Brothers",""
173,1,173,02 Jul 66,"Robotty",""
174,1,174,09 Jul 66,"The Great Submarine Canal",""
175,1,175,23 Jul 66,"Robot Wars (Part One)",""
176,1,176,30 Jul 66,"Robot Wars (Part Two)",""
177,1,177,06 Aug 66,"The Gigantic Robot",""
178,1,178,20 Aug 66,"Chi-tan's Nighttime Adventure",""
179,1,179,27 Aug 66,"Blue Horseman (Part One)",""
180,1,180,03 Sep 66,"Blue Horseman (Part Two)",""
181,1,181,10 Sep 66,"Ghost Manufacturing Machine",""
182,1,182,24 Sep 66,"Demented Cobalt",""
183,1,183,01 Oct 66,"Japanese People from Space",""
184,1,184,08 Oct 66,"Time War",""
185,1,185,22 Oct 66,"Star of Africa",""
186,1,186,29 Oct 66,"Monsters Come Out at Night",""
187,1,187,05 Nov 66,"Baily's Legend",""
188,1,188,19 Nov 66,"Tengu of Kurama",""
189,1,189,26 Nov 66,"Confusion at the Shooting Studio",""
190,1,190,26 Nov 66,"Confusion at the Shooting Studio",""
191,1,191,17 Nov 66,"Wandering Roppi",""
192,1,192,24 Dec 66,"Medussa's Mansion",""
193,1,193,31 Dec 66,"The Greatest Adventure on Earth",""
194,2,1,01 Oct 80,"The Birth of Astro Boy",""
195,2,2,08 Oct 80,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas",""
196,2,3,15 Oct 80,"The Robot Circus",""
197,2,4,22 Oct 80,"Saving Our Classmate",""
198,2,5,22 Oct 80,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas II: The Resurrection of Atlas",""
199,2,6,05 Nov 80,"Robot Land",""
200,2,7,12 Nov 80,"Frankenstein",""
201,2,8,19 Nov 80,"Red Cat",""
202,2,9,26 Nov 80,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas III: Crystal of the Desert",""
203,2,10,03 Dec 80,"The Vehicle, White Planet",""
204,2,11,10 Dec 80,"The Robot President",""
205,2,12,17 Dec 80,"Damdam's Neck",""
206,2,13,24 Dec 80,"Lightning Man",""
207,2,14,07 Jan 81,"Tomboy Uran",""
208,2,15,14 Jan 81,"Robio and Robiet",""
209,2,16,21 Jan 81,"Adventure on Mars",""
210,2,17,28 Jan 81,"SOS on the Space Shuttle",""
211,2,18,04 Feb 81,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas IV: The Menacing Comet",""
212,2,19,11 Feb 81,"The Devil's Balloon",""
213,2,20,18 Feb 81,"Pook in Cruciform Island",""
214,2,21,25 Feb 81,"The Fool Ivan",""
215,2,22,04 Mar 81,"The Robot Who Lied",""
216,2,23,11 Mar 81,"The Girl from Alsore",""
217,2,24,18 Mar 81,"The Biggest Robot on Earth (Part One)",""
218,2,25,25 Mar 81,"The Biggest Robot on Earth (Part Two)",""
219,2,26,01 Apr 81,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas V: The Violent Gang Gadem",""
220,2,27,08 Apr 81,"Major Operations by Black Jack",""
221,2,28,29 Apr 81,"The Great Adventure of Little Robot Sam",""
222,2,29,06 May 81,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas VI: The King of the Ice",""
223,2,30,13 May 81,"Uran and Uran",""
224,2,31,03 Jun 81,"Dash in a Storm",""
225,2,32,17 Jun 81,"Cleopatra's Mystery",""
226,2,33,01 Jul 81,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas VII: The Runaway Subway",""
227,2,34,08 Jul 81,"The Little Elephant Pura",""
228,2,35,15 Jul 81,"The Secret of Bee Island",""
229,2,36,22 Jul 81,"The Monster of Kuraken",""
230,2,37,05 Aug 81,"Rumy in Pochom-pochom Island",""
231,2,38,19 Aug 81,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas VIII: The Destruction of the Satellite & the Proton Gun",""
232,2,39,02 Sep 81,"The Stolen Sun",""
233,2,40,16 Sep 81,"Black Looks",""
234,2,41,23 Sep 81,"The Devil Garon",""
235,2,42,14 Oct 81,"Hurry, You Three Second-Rate Knights!",""
236,2,43,21 Oct 81,"Astro Boy vs. Atlas IX: Atlas Forever",""
237,2,44,28 Oct 81,"Space Leopard",""
238,2,45,04 Nov 81,"Uran's God",""
239,2,46,11 Nov 81,"Space Airport R45",""
240,2,47,18 Nov 81,"Spaceship in Imminent Danger",""
241,2,48,25 Nov 81,"Jinmen Iwa",""
242,2,49,02 Dec 81,"Uran Loves Hit Men",""
243,2,50,09 Dec 81,"The Devil's Place in Ordin",""
244,2,51,16 Dec 81,"Rage of the Sphinx",""
245,2,52,23 Dec 81,"Astro Boy's First Love",""