number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1992,1,25 May 92,"Show #0001",""
2,1992,2,26 May 92,"Show #0002",""
3,1992,3,27 May 92,"Show #0003",""
4,1992,4,28 May 92,"Show #0004",""
5,1992,5,29 May 92,"Show #0005",""
6,1993,1,20 May 93,"930520",""
7,1993,2,25 Jun 93,"930625",""
8,1994,1,19 May 94,"Episode dated 19 May 1994",""
9,1994,2,28 Nov 94,"941128",""
10,1994,3,22 Aug 94,"Episode 3",""
11,1994,4,19 Jul 94,"940719",""
12,1995,1,08 Feb 95,"950208",""
13,1995,2,21 Mar 95,"960321",""
14,1995,3,07 Aug 95,"950807",""
15,1995,4,09 Nov 95,"951109",""
16,1995,5,14 Sep 95,"950914",""
17,1995,6,03 Aug 95,"950803",""
18,1996,1,07 Mar 96,"960307",""
19,1996,2,19 Feb 96,"960219",""
20,1996,3,16 Sep 96,"960916",""
21,1996,4,08 Nov 96,"961108",""
22,1996,5,27 Jun 96,"960627",""
23,1996,6,07 Nov 96,"961107",""
24,1996,7,08 Aug 96,"960808",""
25,1996,8,22 Nov 96,"961122",""
26,1996,9,20 Jun 96,"960620",""
27,1996,10,28 May 96,"960528",""
28,1996,11,18 Nov 96,"961118",""
29,1996,12,12 Nov 96,"961112",""
30,1996,13,13 Nov 96,"961113",""
31,1996,14,06 Nov 96,"961106",""
32,1996,15,14 Nov 96,"961114",""
33,1996,16,19 Nov 96,"961119",""
34,1996,17,15 Nov 96,"961115",""
35,1996,18,11 Nov 96,"961111",""
36,1996,19,26 Nov 96,"961126",""
37,1996,20,03 Dec 96,"961203",""
38,1997,1,10 Jan 97,"970110",""
39,1997,2,14 Feb 97,"970214",""
40,1997,3,31 Mar 97,"970331",""
41,1997,4,01 Apr 97,"970401",""
42,1997,5,09 May 97,"970509",""
43,1997,6,02 Apr 97,"970402",""
44,1997,7,04 Apr 97,"970404",""
45,1997,8,09 Jan 97,"970109",""
46,1997,9,06 May 97,"970506",""
47,1997,10,03 Apr 97,"970403",""
48,1997,11,21 Feb 97,"970221",""
49,1997,12,05 Dec 97,"971205",""
50,1997,13,10 Jul 97,"970710",""
51,1997,14,07 Jul 97,"970707",""
52,1997,15,08 Jul 97,"970708",""
53,1997,16,11 Jul 97,"970711",""
54,1997,17,09 Jul 97,"970709",""
55,1998,1,15 May 98,"980515",""
56,1998,2,14 May 98,"980514",""
57,1998,3,22 Jan 98,"980122",""
58,1998,4,26 Feb 98,"Episode dated 26 February 1998",""
59,1998,5,11 Mar 98,"Episode dated 11 March 1998",""
60,1998,6,23 Apr 98,"Episode dated 23 April 1998",""
61,1998,7,02 May 98,"Episode dated 2 May 1998",""
62,1998,8,09 Jun 98,"Episode dated 9 June 1998",""
63,1998,9,10 Jun 98,"Episode dated 10 June 1998",""
64,1998,10,25 Jul 98,"Episode dated 25 July 1998",""
65,1998,11,24 Aug 98,"Episode dated 24 August 1998",""
66,1998,12,25 Sep 98,"Episode dated 25 September 1998",""
67,1998,13,29 Sep 98,"Episode dated 29 September 1998",""
68,1998,14,12 Nov 98,"Episode dated 12 November 1998",""
69,1998,15,11 Dec 98,"Episode dated 11 December 1998",""
70,1998,16,14 Dec 98,"Episode dated 14 December 1998",""
71,1998,17,17 Dec 98,"Episode dated 17 December 1998",""
72,1998,18,06 Oct 98,"Sharon Stone, Joe Montana, Ed McMahon",""
73,1998,19,04 Jun 98,"Episode dated 3 June 1998",""
74,1999,1,02 Feb 99,"Ed McCaffrey, Bill Romanowski, Shannen Doherty, Hannah Davis",""
75,1999,2,30 Jul 99,"990730",""
76,1999,3,18 Nov 99,"991118",""
77,1999,4,16 Dec 99,"991216",""
78,1999,5,17 Sep 99,"990917",""
79,1999,6,22 Jun 99,"990622",""
80,1999,7,19 Oct 99,"991019",""
81,2000,1,22 Mar 00,"000322",""
82,2000,2,27 Jan 00,"000127",""
83,2000,3,28 Feb 00,"000228",""
84,2000,4,04 Feb 00,"000204",""
85,2000,5,01 Aug 00,"Show #1857",""
86,2000,6,18 Dec 00,"Show #1960",""
87,2000,7,19 Dec 00,"Show #1961",""
88,2000,8,20 Dec 00,"Show #1962",""
89,2000,9,21 Dec 00,"Show #1963",""
90,2000,10,22 Dec 00,"Show #1964",""
91,2000,11,26 Dec 00,"Show #1965",""
92,2000,12,27 Dec 00,"Show #1966",""
93,2000,13,28 Dec 00,"Show #1967",""
94,2000,14,29 Dec 00,"Show #1968",""
95,2001,1,02 Jan 01,"Show #1969",""
96,2001,2,03 Jan 01,"Show #1970",""
97,2001,3,04 Jan 01,"Show #1971",""
98,2001,4,05 Jan 01,"Show #1972",""
99,2001,5,08 Jan 01,"Show #1973",""
100,2001,6,09 Jan 01,"Show #1974",""
101,2001,7,10 Jan 01,"Show #1975",""
102,2001,8,11 Jan 01,"Show #1976",""
103,2001,9,12 Jan 01,"Show #1977",""
104,2001,10,15 Jan 01,"Show #1978",""
105,2001,11,16 Jan 01,"Show #1979",""
106,2001,12,17 Jan 01,"Show #1980",""
107,2001,13,18 Jan 01,"Show #1981",""
108,2001,14,19 Jan 01,"Show #1982",""
109,2001,15,22 Jan 01,"Show #1983",""
110,2001,16,23 Jan 01,"Show #1984",""
111,2001,17,24 Jan 01,"Show #1985",""
112,2001,18,25 Jan 01,"Show #1986",""
113,2001,19,26 Jan 01,"Show #1987",""
114,2001,20,29 Jan 01,"Show #1988",""
115,2001,21,30 Jan 01,"Show #1989",""
116,2001,22,31 Jan 01,"Show #1990",""
117,2001,23,01 Feb 01,"Show #1991",""
118,2001,24,02 Feb 01,"Show #1992",""
119,2001,25,05 Feb 01,"Show #1993",""
120,2001,26,06 Feb 01,"Show #1994",""
121,2001,27,07 Feb 01,"Show #1995",""
122,2001,28,08 Feb 01,"Show #1996",""
123,2001,29,09 Feb 01,"Show #1997",""
124,2001,30,12 Feb 01,"Show #1998",""
125,2001,31,13 Feb 01,"Show #1999",""
126,2001,32,14 Feb 01,"Show #2000",""
127,2001,33,15 Feb 01,"Show #2001",""
128,2001,34,16 Feb 01,"Show #2002",""
129,2001,35,19 Feb 01,"Show #2003",""
130,2001,36,20 Feb 01,"Show #2004",""
131,2001,37,21 Feb 01,"Show #2005",""
132,2001,38,22 Feb 01,"Show #2006",""
133,2001,39,23 Feb 01,"Show #2007",""
134,2001,40,26 Feb 01,"Show #2008",""
135,2001,41,27 Feb 01,"Show #2009",""
136,2001,42,28 Feb 01,"Show #2010",""
137,2001,43,01 Mar 01,"Haley Joel Osment, Chris Isaak",""
138,2001,44,02 Mar 01,"Ed Harris, Lauren Holly, Joe & Mistakal",""
139,2001,45,12 Mar 01,"Johnny Knoxville, Lorraine Bracco, Rodney Corwell",""
140,2001,46,13 Mar 01,"David Arquette, Howie Mandel, Los Super Seven",""
141,2001,47,14 Mar 01,"Heather Graham, "stone Cold" Steve Austin, Supersonic",""
142,2001,48,25 May 01,"David Duchovny, Kate Beckinsale, The Goo Goo Dolls",""
143,2001,49,15 Mar 01,"Rodney Dangerfield, Keith Urban",""
144,2001,50,03 Jun 01,"John Travolta, James King, Train",""
145,2001,51,16 Mar 01,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Backstreet Boys",""
146,2001,52,19 Mar 01,"Ashley Judd, Steven Weber, Merle Haggard",""
147,2001,53,20 Mar 01,"Sigourney Weaver, Colin Hanks, Richard Marx Alison Krauss",""
148,2001,54,21 Mar 01,"Steven Seagal, D.l. Hughley, The Corrs",""
149,2001,55,09 Jun 01,"Alicia Silverstone, Mick Foley, The Cult",""
150,2001,56,22 Mar 01,"Rob Schnedier, Evan Nagao",""
151,2001,57,10 Jun 01,"Angelina Jolie, Kevin Nealon, Brian Setzer",""
152,2001,58,23 Mar 01,"Pierce Brosnan, The Tantric",""
153,2001,59,26 Mar 01,"Sylvester Stallone, Lionel Richie",""
154,2001,60,27 Mar 01,"Paul Reubens, Phil Jackson, Shawn Colvin",""
155,2001,61,28 Mar 01,"Penélope Cruz, Bill O'Reilly, Lifehouse",""
156,2001,62,16 Jun 01,"Jude Law, Brooke Shields, Dido",""
157,2001,63,29 Mar 01,"Jamie Lee Curtis, David Copperfield",""
158,2001,64,17 Jun 01,"Haley Joel Osment, Chi Mcbride, Bee Gees",""
159,2001,65,30 Mar 01,"Renee Zellweger, Incubus",""
160,2001,66,02 Apr 01,"Joan Cusack, Mamma Mia",""
161,2001,67,03 Apr 01,"Martin Sheen, Trey Parker/matt Stone, Pete Yorn",""
162,2001,68,04 Apr 01,"Jada Pinkett Smith, Jason Seahorn, Tom Dreesen",""
163,2001,69,05 Apr 01,"Tara Reid, 112",""
164,2001,70,24 Jun 01,"Reese Witherspoon, Ebert & Roeper, Lifehouse",""
165,2001,71,06 Apr 01,"Marcia Gay Harden, Mel C.",""
166,2001,72,09 Apr 01,"Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Leigh Cook, Trick Daddy",""
167,2001,73,10 Apr 01,"Leanne Womack",""
168,2001,74,11 Apr 01,"Shaquille O'neal, Anne Robinson",""
169,2001,75,12 Apr 01,"Troy Aikman, Kim Delaney, Kirk Franklin And Mary Mary",""
170,2001,76,15 Jul 01,"Billy Crystal, Mark Mcgrath, Sugar Ray",""
171,2001,77,13 Apr 01,"David Spade, World Record Holders, Buckcherry",""
172,2001,78,16 Apr 01,"Paul Hogan, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Sunshine Anderson",""
173,2001,79,17 Apr 01,"Camryn Manheim, Mark Cuban, Steve Tyrell",""
174,2001,80,18 Apr 01,"Darrell Hammond, Rosario Dawson, Uncle Kracker",""
175,2001,81,19 Apr 01,"Neve Campbell, Jim Shekhdar",""
176,2001,82,22 Jul 01,"N'sync",""
177,2001,83,20 Apr 01,"Darrell Hammond",""
178,2001,84,23 Apr 01,"Paul Reiser, Melissa Joan Hart, Vonda Shephard",""
179,2001,85,24 Apr 01,"Charlie Sheen, Tom Cotter, Aaron Carter",""
180,2001,86,25 Apr 01,"Bill Maher, Lovita Davidovitch, American Hi-fi",""
181,2001,87,26 Apr 01,"Janet Jackson, Dog Diving, Robbie Williams",""
182,2001,88,29 Jul 01,"Chris Tucker, Tara Reid, Buddy Guy",""
183,2001,89,27 Apr 01,"George Carlin",""
184,2001,90,30 Apr 01,"Brendan Fraser",""
185,2001,91,01 May 01,"The Rock, Eden's Crush",""
186,2001,92,02 May 01,"Cuba Gooding Jr., Straid",""
187,2001,93,03 May 01,"Heidi Klum, Prince",""
188,2001,94,05 Aug 01,"Charlize Theron, Venus & Serena Williams, Lonestar",""
189,2001,95,04 May 01,"Kathie Lee Gifford",""
190,2001,96,07 May 01,"Heather Locklear, Frankie Munez, The Go-go'",""
191,2001,97,08 May 01,"Dylon Mcdermott, Charles Barkley, T.mcgraw",""
192,2001,98,09 May 01,"Melanie Griffith, Fuel",""
193,2001,99,10 May 01,"Calista Flockhart, Rodeo Monkeys, The Black Crows",""
194,2001,100,12 Aug 01,"Penelope Cruz, Christopher Lowell, Usher",""
195,2001,101,11 May 01,"Run Dmc, Everlast",""
196,2001,102,14 May 01,"Show #2058",""
197,2001,103,15 May 01,"Show #2059",""
198,2001,104,16 May 01,"Nicole Kidman, Dwight Yoakum",""
199,2001,105,17 May 01,"Jennifer Lopez, Steve Irwin, David Gray",""
200,2001,106,19 Aug 01,"Josh Hartnett, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crowe",""
201,2001,107,18 May 01,"Giselle",""
202,2001,108,21 May 01,"Rob Schneider, Dennis Tito, Dave Matthews",""
203,2001,109,22 May 01,"Martin Lawrence, Colleen Haskel, Brian Wilson",""
204,2001,110,23 May 01,"Ben Affleck, Dame Edna, Poe",""
205,2001,111,24 May 01,"Josh Hartnett, Harold Stilson, City High",""
206,2001,112,03 Sep 01,"Mark Wahlberg, Dane Cook, Snoop Dogg",""
207,2001,113,09 Sep 01,"Keanu Reeves, Aisha Tyler, Babyface",""
208,2001,114,17 Sep 01,"Senator John Mccain, Crosby Stills & Nash",""
209,2001,115,04 Jun 01,"John Travolta, James King, Train",""
210,2001,116,05 Jun 01,"Hugh Jackman, Blues Travelers",""
211,2001,117,06 Jun 01,"Show #2070",""
212,2001,118,07 Jun 01,"Will Ferrell, Brady Barr, Jessica Simpson",""
213,2001,119,08 Jun 01,"Show #2072",""
214,2001,120,11 Jun 01,"Angelina Jolie, Kevin Nealon, Brian Setzer",""
215,2001,121,12 Jun 01,"Jenna Elfman, Chef Poon, Seven Mary Three",""
216,2001,122,13 Jun 01,"Show #2075",""
217,2001,123,14 Jun 01,"Martin Short, Missy Elliott, Nelly Furtado",""
218,2001,124,15 Jun 01,"Show #2077",""
219,2001,125,18 Jun 01,"Haley Joel Osment, Chi Mcbride, Bee Gees",""
220,2001,126,19 Jun 01,"Michelle Rodriquez, Dave Navarro",""
221,2001,127,20 Jun 01,"Erik Weihenmayer, Luther Vandross",""
222,2001,128,21 Jun 01,"Unplugged!",""
223,2001,129,22 Jun 01,"Vin Diesel, Alicia Keyes",""
224,2001,130,25 Jun 01,"Reese Witherspoon, Ebert & Roeper, Lifehouse",""
225,2001,131,26 Jun 01,"Jet Li, Maria Bamford, Tyrese",""
226,2001,132,27 Jun 01,"2085 -james Woods",""
227,2001,133,28 Jun 01,"Koby Bryant, William H. Macy, Sisqo",""
228,2001,134,29 Jun 01,"Keenan Ivory Wayans, John McCain",""
229,2001,135,16 Jul 01,"Billy Crystal, Mark Mcgrath, Sugar Ray",""
230,2001,136,17 Jul 01,"Sean Combs, Henry Kissinger, Uncle Cracker",""
231,2001,137,18 Jul 01,"Thomas Cavanagh, Melissa Etheridge",""
232,2001,138,19 Jul 01,"Catherine Zeta-jones, Henry Rollins, Lyle Lovett",""
233,2001,139,20 Jul 01,"Darrell Hammond, Craig David",""
234,2001,140,23 Jul 01,"N'sync",""
235,2001,141,24 Jul 01,"Michael Clarke Duncan, Mary Chapin Carpente",""
236,2001,142,25 Jul 01,"Bill Maher, Roy Jones Jr., Allyah",""
237,2001,143,26 Jul 01,"Jackie Chan, Estella Warren, Alan Jackson",""
238,2001,144,27 Jul 01,"Antonio Banderas, Wanda Sykes, Weezer",""
239,2001,145,30 Jul 01,"Chris Tucker, Tara Reid, Buddy Guy",""
240,2001,146,31 Jul 01,"Arsinio Hall, Blu Cantrel",""
241,2001,147,01 Aug 01,"Laurence Fishburne, Gary Gulman, Lucinda Williams",""
242,2001,148,02 Aug 01,"Andie Macdowell, Breckin Meyer, Nelly Furtado",""
243,2001,149,03 Aug 01,"Tim Roth, Nicole Sullivan, Bilal",""
244,2001,150,06 Aug 01,"Charlize Theron, Venus & Serena Williams, Lonestar",""
245,2001,151,07 Aug 01,"Sean William Scott, Caroline Rhea, Depeshe Mode",""
246,2001,152,08 Aug 01,"Jason Biggs",""
247,2001,153,09 Aug 01,"Molly Shannon, Bradley Whitford, Mandy Moore",""
248,2001,154,10 Aug 01,"Cuba Gooding Jr., Anne Hathaway, Lil' Mo",""
249,2001,155,13 Aug 01,"Penélope Cruz, Christopher Lowell, Usher",""
250,2001,156,14 Aug 01,"Jesse Ventura, Wayne Brady, K.d. Lang",""
251,2001,157,15 Aug 01,"Nicole Kidman, Terry Bradshaw,shaggy",""
252,2001,158,16 Aug 01,"Nicolas Cage, Russell Crowe",""
253,2001,159,17 Aug 01,"Rodney Dangerfield, Jagged Edge",""
254,2001,160,20 Aug 01,"Josh Hartnett, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crowe",""
255,2001,161,21 Aug 01,"The Monkees",""
256,2001,162,22 Aug 01,"Freddie Prinze Jr., Mary J. Blige",""
257,2001,163,23 Aug 01,"Whoopi Goldberg, Shannon Elizabeth, Willa Ford",""
258,2001,164,24 Aug 01,"Jarod Miller, Chris Klein, Five For Fighting",""
259,2001,165,04 Sep 01,"Mark Wahlberg, Dane Cook, Snoop Dogg",""
260,2001,166,05 Sep 01,"Jennifer Aniston, Anthony Anderson, Isley Brothers",""
261,2001,167,06 Sep 01,"Kelsey Grammer, Lisa Leslie, Trisha Yearwood And Don Henley",""
262,2001,168,07 Sep 01,"Tom Hanks, Allison Krauss, Union Station",""
263,2001,169,10 Sep 01,"Keanu Reeves, Aisha Tyler, Babyface",""
264,2001,170,18 Sep 01,"Senator John Mccain, Crosby Stills & Nash (2123)",""
265,2001,171,19 Sep 01,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, P.j. Harvey",""
266,2001,172,20 Sep 01,"Show #2125",""
267,2001,173,21 Sep 01,"Pamela Anderson",""
268,2001,174,24 Sep 01,"Alyssa Milano, Emeril Lagasse, Diana Krall",""
269,2001,175,25 Sep 01,"David Spade",""
270,2001,176,26 Sep 01,"Megan Mullally, Train",""
271,2001,177,27 Sep 01,"Cuba Gooding Jr., David Willey, Live",""
272,2001,178,28 Sep 01,"John Travolta, Aaron Neville",""
273,2001,179,01 Oct 01,"Denzel Washington",""
274,2001,180,02 Oct 01,"Drew Carey, Maria Bartiromo, Lion King",""
275,2001,181,03 Oct 01,"Eagle Eye Cherry",""
276,2001,182,04 Oct 01,"Tim Allen, Charlotte Churh",""
277,2001,183,05 Oct 01,"Michael Douglas, Jessica Alba, P.o.d.",""
278,2001,184,08 Oct 01,"Jenna Elfman, Breckin Meyer, Nickleback",""
279,2001,185,09 Oct 01,"Billy Bob Thorton, Doug Flutie, James Taylor",""
280,2001,186,10 Oct 01,"Madeleine Albright, Lit",""
281,2001,187,11 Oct 01,"Britney Spears, Terry Bradshaw",""
282,2001,188,12 Oct 01,"James Woods, Jennifer Garner, Ozzy Osbourne",""
283,2001,189,15 Oct 01,"Heather Locklear, Corey Holcomb, Joe Henry",""
284,2001,190,16 Oct 01,"Jet Li, Jill Hennessy, Craig David",""
285,2001,191,17 Oct 01,"Salma Hayek, Hayden Christensen",""
286,2001,192,18 Oct 01,"Heather Graham, Daryl Hannah, Bush",""
287,2001,193,19 Oct 01,"Kevin Spacey, Bill O'reily, Bjork",""
288,2001,194,29 Oct 01,"John Travolta, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.",""
289,2001,195,30 Oct 01,"Gwyneth Paltrow, William H. Macy, Lenny Kravitz",""
290,2001,196,31 Oct 01,"Hank Azaria, David Lynch",""
291,2001,197,01 Nov 01,"2150- Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher, Sugar Ray",""
292,2001,198,02 Nov 01,"Rob Schneider, Shannon Elizabeth, Enrique Iglesias",""
293,2001,199,05 Nov 01,"Sarah Michelle Gellar, Spiritualized",""
294,2001,200,06 Nov 01,"Dennis Miller, Enya",""
295,2001,201,07 Nov 01,"Kevin Kline, P.diddy",""
296,2001,202,08 Nov 01,"Julie Scardina, Rob Schneider",""
297,2001,203,09 Nov 01,"Kathie Lee Gifford, Louis C.k.",""
298,2001,204,12 Nov 01,"Kiefer Sutherland, Garth Brooks",""
299,2001,205,13 Nov 01,"Rosie Perez, Chris Matthews, Jewel",""
300,2001,206,14 Nov 01,"Jack Welch, Giselle, Tori Amos",""
301,2001,207,15 Nov 01,"Shakira",""
302,2001,208,16 Nov 01,"Courteney Thorne-smith, Bob Middleton, Maxwell",""
303,2001,209,19 Nov 01,"Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corola, Green Day",""
304,2001,210,20 Nov 01,"John Stamos, Lauren Graham, Mark Anthony",""
305,2001,211,21 Nov 01,"Rodney Dangerfield, Brittany Murphy",""
306,2001,212,22 Nov 01,"Happy Thanksgiving, Alyssa Milano, U2, D.l. Hughley",""
307,2001,213,23 Nov 01,"Hilary Swank, Greg Norman, Smashmouth",""
308,2001,214,26 Nov 01,"Joe Rogan, Jill Scott",""
309,2001,215,27 Nov 01,"Eric Mccormack, Jeri Ryan, Ryan Adams",""
310,2001,216,28 Nov 01,"Ewan Mcgregor, Natalie Merchant",""
311,2001,217,29 Nov 01,"Cindy Crawford, Casey Affleck, Incubus",""
312,2001,218,30 Nov 01,"Arsenio Hall, Mary J. Blidge",""
313,2001,219,03 Dec 01,"Benjamin Bratt, Creed",""
314,2001,220,04 Dec 01,"Matt Damon, Busta Rhymes",""
315,2001,221,05 Dec 01,"George Clooney, Kenny Hodgkins, R. Kelly",""
316,2001,222,06 Dec 01,"General Norman Schwarzkoff, Jennifer Connelly, Melisisa Etheridge",""
317,2001,223,07 Dec 01,"Penélope Cruz, Bernie Mac, Pink",""
318,2001,224,10 Dec 01,"Tom Cruise, Elton John",""
319,2001,225,11 Dec 01,"Hugh Jackman, Lennox Lewis, Alicia Keys",""
320,2001,226,12 Dec 01,"Meg Ryan, Bob Dole, Garbage",""
321,2001,227,13 Dec 01,"Russell Crowe, Sting, Roger Ebert & Richard Roeper",""
322,2001,228,14 Dec 01,"Cameron Diaz, Luke Wilson, Dane Cook",""
323,2001,229,17 Dec 01,"Will Smith, Neil Diamond",""
324,2001,230,18 Dec 01,"Charles Barkley, Cokie Roberts, Yolanda Adams",""
325,2001,231,19 Dec 01,"Julie Scardina, Shannon Doherty, Nutcracker",""
326,2001,232,20 Dec 01,"Tim Allen, Wolfgang Puck, Lit",""
327,2001,233,21 Dec 01,"Halle Berry, Bob Marley",""
328,2001,234,26 Dec 01,"Jamie Foxx, Maria Bamford, Alien Ant Farm",""
329,2001,235,27 Dec 01,"Billy Bob Thornton, Jules Sylvester W/reptiles",""
330,2001,236,28 Dec 01,"Elijah Wood, Tantric",""
331,2001,237,31 Dec 01,"Live",""
332,2002,1,01 Jan 02,"Kelly Rippa, Johnnie Morton, Adema",""
333,2002,2,02 Jan 02,"Kevin Spacey, Jamie O'neal",""
334,2002,3,03 Jan 02,"Ron Howard, Colin Hanks, Willie Barcena",""
335,2002,4,04 Jan 02,"Richard Gere, Ja Rule",""
336,2002,5,14 Jan 02,"Jennifer Garner, David Feldman, Usher",""
337,2002,6,15 Jan 02,"Calista Flockhart, Rufus Wainwright, Cedric the Entertainer",""
338,2002,7,16 Jan 02,"Rudy Giuliani, Angie Harmon",""
339,2002,8,17 Jan 02,"Megan Mullally",""
340,2002,9,18 Jan 02,"Nicole Kidman, Ryan Philippe, Michelle Branch",""
341,2002,10,21 Jan 02,"Sarah Jessica Parker, Tony Hawk, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn",""
342,2002,11,22 Jan 02,"Kate Winslet",""
343,2002,12,23 Jan 02,"Robin Williams, James Carville, Ludacris",""
344,2002,13,24 Jan 02,"Michelle Pfeiffer, Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Chuck Berry & Little Richard",""
345,2002,14,25 Jan 02,"Debra Messing, Jerry Rice, The Calling",""
346,2002,15,28 Jan 02,"Sissy Spacek, Jim Belushi, Josh Grobman",""
347,2002,16,29 Jan 02,"Drew Carey, Barry Manilow",""
348,2002,17,30 Jan 02,"Matt Leblanc, Dakota Fanning, Outkast",""
349,2002,18,31 Jan 02,"Ben Stiller, Roger Ebert & Richard Roeper, Lifehouse",""
350,2002,19,01 Feb 02,"Marisa Tomei, David Willey",""
351,2002,20,04 Feb 02,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kylie Minogue",""
352,2002,21,05 Feb 02,"Rebecca Romijn-stamos, Willie Nelson",""
353,2002,22,06 Feb 02,"2212 -david Spade, Jillian Barberie, Pete Yorn",""
354,2002,23,07 Feb 02,"Live Episode, Bernie Mac",""
355,2002,24,08 Feb 02,"Show #2214",""
356,2002,25,25 Feb 02,"Julia Louis-dreyfus, Jim Shea, Jr., Busta Rhymes, P Diddy",""
357,2002,26,26 Feb 02,"Jon Stewart, Ryan Adams, Apolo Anton Ohno",""
358,2002,27,27 Feb 02,"Heidi Klum, Nora Jones",""
359,2002,28,28 Feb 02,"Chris Tucker, Michelle Kwan, Train",""
360,2002,29,01 Mar 02,"Pamela Anderson, Soggy Bottom Boys, Allison Krauss",""
361,2002,30,04 Mar 02,"Heather Locklear, Guy Pierce, Chris Isaak",""
362,2002,31,05 Mar 02,"Denis Leary, Sarah Paulson",""
363,2002,32,06 Mar 02,"Ron Howard, Steve Irwin, Blind Boys Of Alabama",""
364,2002,33,25 May 02,"Neve Campbell, Willie Nelson, Lee Ann Womack",""
365,2002,34,07 Mar 02,"Rene Russo, Ben Curtis, Natalia Imbruglia",""
366,2002,35,08 Mar 02,"Will Smith, Ben Harper",""
367,2002,36,11 Mar 02,"Christopher Titus, Kim Delaney, Kirk Franklin",""
368,2002,37,12 Mar 02,"Show #2226",""
369,2002,38,13 Mar 02,"Jennifer Connelly, John Leguizamo, John Mayer",""
370,2002,39,08 Jun 02,"James Garner, Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, No Doubt",""
371,2002,40,14 Mar 02,"Tom Green, Jewel, Julie Scardina W/sea World Animals",""
372,2002,41,15 Mar 02,"Goldie Hawn, Jack Johnson",""
373,2002,42,25 Mar 02,"Arsenio Hall, Roger Ebert & Richard Roeper, Cirque De Soleil",""
374,2002,43,26 Mar 02,"Jodie Foster, Janet Reno",""
375,2002,44,27 Mar 02,"Dennis Quaid, Dwight Yoakum",""
376,2002,45,28 Mar 02,"Sally Field, Pete Jones, Brandy",""
377,2002,46,29 Mar 02,"Andy Richter, The Osborne Family, Cypress Hill, Roni Siz",""
378,2002,47,15 Jun 02,"Chris Isaak",""
379,2002,48,01 Apr 02,"Bill Paxton, Tara Reid, Nappy Roots",""
380,2002,49,02 Apr 02,"Tim Allen, Five For Fighting",""
381,2002,50,03 Apr 02,"Ashley Judd, Rays Ifans, Tweet",""
382,2002,51,04 Apr 02,"Julia Louis Dreyfus, Bobby Knight, Alanis Morrisette",""
383,2002,52,05 Apr 02,"Christina Applegate, Eddie Izzard, Goo Goo Dolls",""
384,2002,53,08 Apr 02,"Damon Wayans, Greta Van Susteren, Chris Botti & Shawn Colvin",""
385,2002,54,09 Apr 02,"Samuel L. Jackson, Louis C.k.",""
386,2002,55,10 Apr 02,"Mira Sorvino, Michael Essany, Drowning Pool",""
387,2002,56,11 Apr 02,"Ben Affleck, Shakira",""
388,2002,57,12 Apr 02,"Kirsten Dunst, John C. Mcginley",""
389,2002,58,15 Apr 02,"Ethan Hawke, Emeril Lagasse",""
390,2002,59,16 Apr 02,"The Rock, Chris Matthews, Glen Lewis",""
391,2002,60,17 Apr 02,"Michael Clarke Duncan, Dame Edna, Nick Cave And The Bad Seed",""
392,2002,61,18 Apr 02,"Richard Gere, Adam Ferrara, Enrique Iglesias",""
393,2002,62,19 Apr 02,"Katie Couric, D. J. Qualls, Hoobastank",""
394,2002,63,22 Apr 02,"Val Kilmer, Jennifer Tilly, Jimmy Eat World",""
395,2002,64,23 Apr 02,"Fran Drescher, Thoth, Shannon Mcnally",""
396,2002,65,24 Apr 02,"Eric Mccormack, Ahsanti",""
397,2002,66,25 Apr 02,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eugene Levy, Sheryl Crowe & Liz Phair",""
398,2002,67,26 Apr 02,"Christina Ricci, Bobby Lee, Sheryl Crowe Wth Stevie Nicks & Natalie Maines",""
399,2002,68,29 Apr 02,"Ari Fleischer, David Duchovny, Brooks & Dunn",""
400,2002,69,30 Apr 02,"Darrell Hammond, Michael Bolton",""
401,2002,70,01 May 02,"William Dafoe, Michele Branch",""
402,2002,71,02 May 02,"Edward Burns",""
403,2002,72,03 May 02,"Paul Mccartney",""
404,2002,73,06 May 02,"Toby Mcguire, P.diddy",""
405,2002,74,07 May 02,"Eliza Dushka, Carole King & Louise Goffin",""
406,2002,75,08 May 02,"Tom Green, David Willey",""
407,2002,76,09 May 02,"Kiefer Sutherland, Jamie Oliver, Neil Young",""
408,2002,77,10 May 02,"Hayden Christensen",""
409,2002,78,13 May 02,"Noah Wyle, Magic Johnson, Diana Krall",""
410,2002,79,14 May 02,"Dave Matthews Band",""
411,2002,80,15 May 02,"Reese Witherspoon, Jules Sylvester, The Calling",""
412,2002,81,16 May 02,"Ewan Mcgregor, Billy Bob Thornton, The Maloof Brothers",""
413,2002,82,17 May 02,"Dave Chappelle, Marc Anthony",""
414,2002,83,20 May 02,"Freddie Prinze Jr., Bill O'reily, Bryan Adams",""
415,2002,84,21 May 02,"Hugh Grant, Celine Dion",""
416,2002,85,22 May 02,"Robin Williams, Tommy Lee",""
417,2002,86,23 May 02,"Ben Affleck, Denise Richards, Jimmy Buffet",""
418,2002,87,24 May 02,"Show #2274",""
419,2002,88,03 Jun 02,"Bernie Mac, Garbage",""
420,2002,89,04 Jun 02,"Ashley Judd, Pablo Francisco, Meshell Ndegeocello",""
421,2002,90,05 Jun 02,"Adam Sandler",""
422,2002,91,06 Jun 02,"Matt Damon, Nia Vardalos, Avril Lavigne",""
423,2002,92,07 Jun 02,"Show #2279",""
424,2002,93,10 Jun 02,"Martin Short, Ralph Stanley",""
425,2002,94,11 Jun 02,"Nicolas Cage, The Olsen Twins, Paul Westerberg",""
426,2002,95,12 Jun 02,"Colin Farrell, D.L. Hughley",""
427,2002,96,13 Jun 02,"Julie Scardina, Matt Lablanc, The Strokes",""
428,2002,97,14 Jun 02,"Chris Isaak, Liev Schreiber",""
429,2002,98,17 Jun 02,"Edie Falco, Wyclef Jean",""
430,2002,99,18 Jun 02,"Dennis Miller, Ali Landry, Paylina Rubio",""
431,2002,100,19 Jun 02,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Greg Behrendt, Alanis Morissette",""
432,2002,101,20 Jun 02,"Tom Cruise, Natalie Merchant",""
433,2002,102,21 Jun 02,"Matthew Lillard, Bonnie Raitt",""
434,2002,103,24 Jun 02,"Johnny Knoxville, Anastasia",""
435,2002,104,25 Jun 02,"Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Smith, Rosey",""
436,2002,105,26 Jun 02,"Tom Green, Rosario Dawson, Trey Anatasio",""
437,2002,106,27 Jun 02,"Will Smith, Ebert & Roeper, Papa Roach",""
438,2002,107,28 Jun 02,"Lara Flynn Boyle, Steve Irwin, Nelly",""
439,2002,108,08 Jul 02,"Michelle Williams, Geralda Rivera, Bryan Ferry",""
440,2002,109,09 Jul 02,"Jeff Corwin, William H. Macy, New Found Glory",""
441,2002,110,10 Jul 02,"Tom Hanks, Barry Bonds, Lyle Lovett",""
442,2002,111,11 Jul 02,"Shaquille O'neal",""
443,2002,112,12 Jul 02,"Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Suli Mccullough, Kylie Minogue",""
444,2002,113,15 Jul 02,"Harrison Ford, Bruce Hornsby, Simon Cowell",""
445,2002,114,16 Jul 02,"David Arquette, Natasha Henstridge, Amy Grant, Vince Gill",""
446,2002,115,17 Jul 02,"Melanie Griffiths, George Stephanopoulus, Amy Grant, Vince Gill",""
447,2002,116,18 Jul 02,"Dana Carvey",""
448,2002,117,19 Jul 02,"Outkast",""
449,2002,118,22 Jul 02,"Michael Caine, Tina Fey",""
450,2002,119,23 Jul 02,"David Hyde Pierce, Beyonce Knowles",""
451,2002,120,24 Jul 02,"Christian Slater, Sarah Silverman, The John Pizzarelli Trio",""
452,2002,121,25 Jul 02,"Mike Myers, Jewel",""
453,2002,122,26 Jul 02,"Antonio Banderas, Goo Goo Dolls",""
454,2002,123,29 Jul 02,"Dennis Miller, Portia Derossi, Lamyia",""
455,2002,124,30 Jul 02,"Fred Savage, Norah Jones, Mark Schweiker",""
456,2002,125,31 Jul 02,"Mel Gibson, Jim Cramer, Duncan Sheik",""
457,2002,126,01 Aug 02,"Samuel L. Jackson, John Corbett, Emmy Lou Harris, Allison Krauss",""
458,2002,127,02 Aug 02,"Matt Leblanc, John Ashton, Counting Crows",""
459,2002,128,05 Aug 02,"Vin Diesel, Pete Correale, Tweet",""
460,2002,129,06 Aug 02,"Clint Eastwood, Gavin Rossdale",""
461,2002,130,07 Aug 02,"Jennifer Aniston, Justin Mckinney",""
462,2002,131,08 Aug 02,"Dolly Parton, John Heffron",""
463,2002,132,09 Aug 02,"Wesley Snipes, Brian Dunkelman, Marc Anthony",""
464,2002,133,12 Aug 02,"Sean William Scott, Moby, David Bowie",""
465,2002,134,13 Aug 02,"Denis Leary, Lauren Ambrose",""
466,2002,135,14 Aug 02,"Arsenio Hall",""
467,2002,136,15 Aug 02,"Matthew Perry",""
468,2002,137,16 Aug 02,"Martin Sheen, Anna Nicole Smith, Snoop Dogg",""
469,2002,138,03 Sep 02,"Dennis Miller, Sam & Emil Chiavetta, Boxcar Racer",""
470,2002,139,04 Sep 02,"Aimee Mann",""
471,2002,140,05 Sep 02,"Jimmy Fallon, Dixie Chicks, "american Idol" Kelly Clarkson",""
472,2002,141,06 Sep 02,"Drew Carey, Jillian Barberie",""
473,2002,142,09 Sep 02,"Tom Green, Eve",""
474,2002,143,10 Sep 02,"Dr. Phil Mcgraw, George Foreman, Robert Plant",""
475,2002,144,11 Sep 02,"Senator John McCain, James Woods, Goo Goo Dolls",""
476,2002,145,12 Sep 02,"Claire Danes, Robin Williams, Coldplay",""
477,2002,146,13 Sep 02,"Heath Ledger, Cedric the Entertainer, Le Ann Womack",""
478,2002,147,16 Sep 02,"Bernie Mac, Jill Hennessey, Our Lady Of Peace",""
479,2002,148,17 Sep 02,"Ellen Degeneres, Penn Badgely, Nicklecreek",""
480,2002,149,18 Sep 02,"Lucy Liu, Wayne Brady, Kenny G",""
481,2002,150,19 Sep 02,"Goldie Hawn, Carson Daly, Penn & Teller",""
482,2002,151,20 Sep 02,"Kate Hudson, Elon Gold, BBMak",""
483,2002,152,23 Sep 02,"Rosie O'Donnell, Kelly Clarkson",""
484,2002,153,24 Sep 02,"Pete Sampras, Maggie Gyllenhall, Uncle Kracker",""
485,2002,154,25 Sep 02,"Darrell Hammond, Brittany Snow, Beck",""
486,2002,155,26 Sep 02,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Donnie Wahlberg",""
487,2002,156,27 Sep 02,"Jennifer Garner, Jake Gyllenhall, Erykah Badu",""
488,2002,157,30 Sep 02,"Nia Vardalos, Elvis Costello",""
489,2002,158,01 Oct 02,"Damon Wayans, Zach Braff, Lifehouse",""
490,2002,159,02 Oct 02,"Jackie Chan, Oscar De La Hoya, Jackson Brown",""
491,2002,160,03 Oct 02,"Christina Applegate, Guy Ritchie, Michelle Branch",""
492,2002,161,04 Oct 02,"Ralph Fiennes, Brad Garrett, Leann Rimes",""
493,2002,162,07 Oct 02,"David Spade, James Van Der Beek, Queen Of The Stone Age",""
494,2002,163,08 Oct 02,"Terry Bradshaw, Rusty Haights, Mana",""
495,2002,164,09 Oct 02,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Puppetry Of The Penis, Avril Lavigne",""
496,2002,165,10 Oct 02,"Jerry Seinfeld, Alison Lohman, Beck",""
497,2002,166,11 Oct 02,"Jules Sylvester, William H. Macy, The Doves",""
498,2002,167,14 Oct 02,"Greg Kinnear, Zooey Deschanel, The Donnas",""
499,2002,168,15 Oct 02,"David Arquette, Tracy Chapman",""
500,2002,169,16 Oct 02,"Matt Leblanc, Ashley Williams, Keith Urban",""
501,2002,170,17 Oct 02,"Salma Hayek, Rod Stewart",""
502,2002,171,18 Oct 02,"Owen Wilson, Mary Ellen Hooper, Ok Go",""
503,2002,172,28 Oct 02,"Kiefer Sutherland, Ryan Adams, 2002 World Series Champions Anaheim Angles",""
504,2002,173,29 Oct 02,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Taylor",""
505,2002,174,30 Oct 02,"Bill Maher, Marilyn Manson, Shaggy",""
506,2002,175,31 Oct 02,"Tim Allen, Justin Timberlake",""
507,2002,176,01 Nov 02,"Megan Mullally, Jamie Kennedy, Pink",""
508,2002,177,04 Nov 02,"Rebecca Romijn-stamos, Jim Belushi, Tony Bennett, Kd Lang",""
509,2002,178,05 Nov 02,"Bob Newhart, Serena Williams, Melissa Etheridge",""
510,2002,179,06 Nov 02,"Dennis Miller, Nick Carter",""
511,2002,180,07 Nov 02,"Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Sixpence None The Richer, Jamie Maurice",""
512,2002,181,08 Nov 02,"Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Silverman, Stone Sour",""
513,2002,182,11 Nov 02,"Halle Berry, Tim Rusert, Kelly Rowland",""
514,2002,183,12 Nov 02,"Cedric the Entertainer,bonnie Raitt, Tommy Mattinson",""
515,2002,184,13 Nov 02,"Adam Sandler, Rupert Grint, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers",""
516,2002,185,14 Nov 02,"Tiger Woods, Emma Watson, 3 Doors Down",""
517,2002,186,15 Nov 02,"Heidi Klum, Tony Siragusa, Vanessa Carlton",""
518,2002,187,18 Nov 02,"Pamela Anderson, "the Bachelor", Busta Rhymes",""
519,2002,188,19 Nov 02,"Jarod Miller, Chris Matthews, David Copperfield",""
520,2002,189,20 Nov 02,"Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne, Mekhi Phifer",""
521,2002,190,21 Nov 02,"Sean Hayes, Tom Ridge, Norah Jones",""
522,2002,191,22 Nov 02,"Rodney Dangerfield, Ebert & Roeper, Dwight Yoakam",""
523,2002,192,25 Nov 02,"Naomi Watts, Benny Koske, Tim Mcgraw",""
524,2002,193,26 Nov 02,"Don Rickles, Eddie Izzard, Enrique Iglesias",""
525,2002,194,27 Nov 02,"Al Gore, Faith Hill",""
526,2002,195,28 Nov 02,"Thanksgiving Special, Rob Schneider",""
527,2002,196,29 Nov 02,"Martin Short, Mike Epps",""
528,2002,197,02 Dec 02,"Peter Jennings, Carrot Top, Lifehouse",""
529,2002,198,03 Dec 02,"Howie Mandel, Bon Jovi",""
530,2002,199,04 Dec 02,"Dennis Miller, Spencer Breslin, John Mayer",""
531,2002,200,05 Dec 02,"Billy Crystal, Steve Schrippipa, Alanis Morissette",""
532,2002,201,06 Dec 02,"Denise Richards, The Naked Chef, Peter Gabriel",""
533,2002,202,09 Dec 02,"George Clooney, Julianne Marguiles, The Vines",""
534,2002,203,10 Dec 02,"Rudy Giuliani, George Lopez, Counting Crows",""
535,2002,204,11 Dec 02,"Dennis Quaid, Johnny Resnick",""
536,2002,205,12 Dec 02,"The Wallflowers",""
537,2002,206,13 Dec 02,"Jennifer Garner, John C. Reily, Prince",""
538,2002,207,16 Dec 02,"Elijah Wood, Julie Scardina, Jamia Nash",""
539,2002,208,17 Dec 02,"Hugh Grant, The Fruitcake Lady, Leann Womack",""
540,2002,209,18 Dec 02,"Roberto Benigni, James Cramer, Phantom Planets",""
541,2002,210,19 Dec 02,"Sandra Bullock, Sean Astin, Brian Setzer Orchestra",""
542,2002,211,20 Dec 02,"Cameron Diaz, Harland Williams, Kylie Minogue",""
543,2002,212,23 Dec 02,"Terry Bradshaw, Charlie Stewart",""
544,2002,213,26 Dec 02,"Edward Norton, Tommy Davidson, Tyrese",""
545,2002,214,27 Dec 02,"Darrell Hammond, Nick Cannon, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band",""
546,2002,215,30 Dec 02,"Tom Selleck, Samantha Martin, Laura Pausini",""
547,2002,216,31 Dec 02,"Live New Year's Eve Episode Jay Mohr, Snoop Dog",""
548,2002,217,12 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/11)",""
549,2002,218,14 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/13)",""
550,2002,219,15 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/14)",""
551,2002,220,19 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/18)",""
552,2002,221,20 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/19)",""
553,2002,222,21 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/20)",""
554,2002,223,22 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/21)",""
555,2002,224,23 Feb 02,"The Olympic Tonight Show With Jay Leno (90-min 2/22)",""
556,2002,225,30 Apr 02,"10th Anniversary Show",""
557,2003,1,01 Jan 03,"Brendan Fraser, Wanda Sykes, Dane Cook",""
558,2003,2,02 Jan 03,"Brittany Murphy, Michael Chicklis, Heather Headley",""
559,2003,3,03 Jan 03,"Ashton Kutcher, Joan Osbourne",""
560,2003,4,13 Jan 03,"Salma Hayek, Derek Luke, Seether",""
561,2003,5,14 Jan 03,"Nicole Kidman, Dame Edna, Shania Twain",""
562,2003,6,15 Jan 03,"Denzel Washington, Elton John",""
563,2003,7,16 Jan 03,"Catherine Zeta-jones, Josh Brolin, The Doors",""
564,2003,8,17 Jan 03,"Robin Williams, Selma Blair, 30 Seconds To Mars",""
565,2003,9,20 Jan 03,"Richard Gere, Nia Vardalos, Solomon Burke",""
566,2003,10,21 Jan 03,"Julianne Moore, Ryan Seacrest, India.arie",""
567,2003,11,22 Jan 03,"Drew Barrymore, Adrien Brody, Nelly",""
568,2003,12,23 Jan 03,"George Clooney, Queen Latifah, Tonic",""
569,2003,13,24 Jan 03,"Renee Zellweger, Kevin Smith, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow",""
570,2003,14,27 Jan 03,"Heather Graham, Vivian Green, Superbowl Winners",""
571,2003,15,28 Jan 03,"Colin Ferrell, Jeff Goldblum, Santana And Musiq",""
572,2003,16,29 Jan 03,"Dennis Miller, Santana, Michelle Branch",""
573,2003,17,30 Jan 03,"Dana Carvey, Goo Goo Dolls",""
574,2003,18,31 Jan 03,"Oprah Winfrey, Scott Foley, Raphael Saadiq",""
575,2003,19,03 Feb 03,"Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson, American Fido, Blind Boys Of Alabama",""
576,2003,20,04 Feb 03,"Steve Irwin, Arsenio Hall, Floetry",""
577,2003,21,05 Feb 03,"Governor Jesse Ventura, Luke Wilson, Kasey Chambers",""
578,2003,22,06 Feb 03,"Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Molly Shannon, Dana Glover",""
579,2003,23,07 Feb 03,"Matthew Broderick, Joe Rogan, Suan Tedeschi",""
580,2003,24,10 Feb 03,"Michael Clarke Duncan, American Fido, Coldplay",""
581,2003,25,11 Feb 03,"Megan Mullally, Tim Russert, Michael Jr.",""
582,2003,26,12 Feb 03,"Ben Affleck, Dave Chappelle, Lionel Richie",""
583,2003,27,13 Feb 03,"Kevin Spacey, Will Ferrell, The Calling",""
584,2003,28,14 Feb 03,"Matthew Mcconaughey, Evan Marriott, David Gray",""
585,2003,29,17 Feb 03,"Bill Maher, American Fido, Kathleen Edwards",""
586,2003,30,18 Feb 03,"Trista, Ben Taylor",""
587,2003,31,19 Feb 03,"Al Sharpton, Petra Nemcova, Soundtrack Of Our Lives",""
588,2003,32,20 Feb 03,"John Travolta, Yarns' Quadruplets, Interpol",""
589,2003,33,21 Feb 03,"Pamela Anderson, Sommore, Aaron Neville",""
590,2003,34,24 Feb 03,"Rosie Perez, Good Charlotte, American Fido Finale",""
591,2003,35,25 Feb 03,"Dennis Miller, T.a.t.u.",""
592,2003,36,26 Feb 03,"Nicolas Cage, Horatio Sanz, Lyle Lovett",""
593,2003,37,27 Feb 03,"Ellen Degeneres, George Foreman, Dmx",""
594,2003,38,28 Feb 03,"Diane Lane, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Hanson",""
595,2003,39,03 Mar 03,"Martin Scorsese, Hootie And The Blowfish",""
596,2003,40,04 Mar 03,"Christopher Walken, The Roots",""
597,2003,41,05 Mar 03,"David Spade, Missy Elliott",""
598,2003,42,06 Mar 03,"Salma Hayek, Kevin Nealon, Evanesence",""
599,2003,43,07 Mar 03,"Jesse Malin",""
600,2003,44,10 Mar 03,"Benecio Del Toro, "american Idol" Judges, Everclear",""
601,2003,45,11 Mar 03,"Michael Caine, Gisele, Carol Leifer",""
602,2003,46,12 Mar 03,"Cuba Gooding Jr., The Streets",""
603,2003,47,13 Mar 03,"Ringo, Bill O'reilly",""
604,2003,48,14 Mar 03,"Ashton Kutcher, Christina Applegate, Simple Plan",""
605,2003,49,24 Mar 03,"Wanda Sykes, Ebert & Roper, Deana Carter",""
606,2003,50,25 Mar 03,"Chris Rock, Hilary Swank, Sean Paul",""
607,2003,51,26 Mar 03,"Adrien Brody, Willie Barcena, Vince Gill",""
608,2003,52,27 Mar 03,"James Woods, Aisha Tyler, Brian Mcknight",""
609,2003,53,28 Mar 03,"The Great Regurgitator, Rachel Griffiths, Jaguares",""
610,2003,54,31 Mar 03,"Bill Paxton, Alex Rodriguez, Lucy Woodward",""
611,2003,55,01 Apr 03,"Marisa Tomei, Rob Zombie, Lionel Richie",""
612,2003,56,02 Apr 03,"Tom Arnold, Annika Sorenstam, The Wallflowers",""
613,2003,57,03 Apr 03,"Dennis Miller, Dave Cota, Ibrahim Ferrer",""
614,2003,58,04 Apr 03,"Simon Cowell, Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers",""
615,2003,59,07 Apr 03,"Freddie Prinze, Jr., Sarah Wynter, Lucinda Williams",""
616,2003,60,08 Apr 03,"Michael Douglas, Corey Holcomb, Godsmack",""
617,2003,61,09 Apr 03,"Seann William Scott, Foo Fighters",""
618,2003,62,10 Apr 03,"Regis Philben, Michael Essany, Theory Of Dead Man",""
619,2003,63,11 Apr 03,"Rosie O'donnell, Neal Mcdonough, Boomkat",""
620,2003,64,14 Apr 03,"Julia Louis Dreyfus, Bob Costas, Kelly Clarkson",""
621,2003,65,15 Apr 03,"Dustin Hoffman, Chris Matthews, Maria Mckee",""
622,2003,66,16 Apr 03,"Edward Burns, Tori Amos.",""
623,2003,67,17 Apr 03,"Charles Barkley, Christopher Titus, Matchbox 20",""
624,2003,68,18 Apr 03,"John Cusack, Ziggy Marley",""
625,2003,69,21 Apr 03,"Arsenio Hall, Shantal Kreviazuk",""
626,2003,70,22 Apr 03,"Matt Dillon, Wanda Sykes, Blue Man Group",""
627,2003,71,23 Apr 03,"Bill Maher, Steve Marmel, Fleetwood Mac",""
628,2003,72,24 Apr 03,"Special Military Show: Sandra Bullock, David Russ, Fleetwood Mac",""
629,2003,73,25 Apr 03,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Reed",""
630,2003,74,28 Apr 03,"Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Buffett",""
631,2003,75,29 Apr 03,"Rebecca Romijn-stamos, Niguel Lawson, Celine Dion",""
632,2003,76,30 Apr 03,"Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Zooey Deschannel",""
633,2003,77,01 May 03,"Show #2480",""
634,2003,78,02 May 03,"Reese Witherspoon, Steve Zahn, Ginuwine",""
635,2003,79,05 May 03,"Laurence Fishburne, Uncle Kraker With Dobie Gray",""
636,2003,80,06 May 03,"Dennis Miller, Famke Janssen, Fabolous Featuring Lil Mo",""
637,2003,81,07 May 03,"Dr. Phil, Shia Labeouf, India.arie",""
638,2003,82,08 May 03,"Keanu Reeves, Gisele, Isaac Hayes & Sam Moore",""
639,2003,83,09 May 03,"Ewan Mcgregor, Richard Belzer, Jessica Andrews",""
640,2003,84,12 May 03,"Katie Couric Hosts The Tonight Show Guests Include Mike Myers, Simon Cowell",""
641,2003,85,13 May 03,"Yoko Ono, Shepard Smith, Ben Harper",""
642,2003,86,14 May 03,"Jerry Seinfeld, Third Eye Blind",""
643,2003,87,15 May 03,"Jim Carrey, Amanda Bynes, Tim Mcgraw",""
644,2003,88,16 May 03,"David Spade, Andrew Firestone, Busta Rhymes",""
645,2003,89,19 May 03,"Michael Douglas, Jason Mraz",""
646,2003,90,20 May 03,"Albert Brooks, The Thorns",""
647,2003,91,21 May 03,"Renee Zellweger, Julie Scardina W/sea World Animals, Staind",""
648,2003,92,22 May 03,"Geraldo Rivera, "american Idol" Winner, Frankie J.",""
649,2003,93,23 May 03,"David Hyde Pierce, Jean-sebastian Giguere, Jim Belushi & Dan Aykroyd",""
650,2003,94,02 Jun 03,"William H. Macy, Steve Edwards, Dorothy Lucey, Jillian Barberie, Jewel",""
651,2003,95,03 Jun 03,"Miss Dog Beauty Pagent Finalists, Paul Walker, Jack Johnson",""
652,2003,96,04 Jun 03,"Harrison Ford, Jay Mohr, Terrance Trent Darby",""
653,2003,97,05 Jun 03,"Terry Bradshaw, Eva Mendes, The Eels",""
654,2003,98,06 Jun 03,"Charlize Theron , Chris Berman, Michelle Branch",""
655,2003,99,09 Jun 03,"John Corbett, Branford, Ellis & 2 Brothers Marsalis",""
656,2003,100,10 Jun 03,"Josh Hartnett, Jean-sebastian Giguere, Heart",""
657,2003,101,11 Jun 03,"Jesse Ventura, Guy Pierce, The All-american Rejects",""
658,2003,102,12 Jun 03,"Jennifer Aniston, Tyler Florence, Sugar Ray",""
659,2003,103,13 Jun 03,"Martin Short, Blue Man Group, Gavin Rossdale",""
660,2003,104,16 Jun 03,"Kate Hudson, Cedric the Entertainer, Cold",""
661,2003,105,17 Jun 03,"Drew Barrymore, Eric Bana, Justin Guarini",""
662,2003,106,18 Jun 03,"Teenage Wasteland, Bernie Mac, Dwight Yoakam",""
663,2003,107,19 Jun 03,"Lisa Kudrow, Mark Valley, Justin Timberlake",""
664,2003,108,20 Jun 03,"Matt Leblanc, Karolina Kurkova, Pink",""
665,2003,109,23 Jun 03,"Cameron Diaz, Jimmy Carr, Train",""
666,2003,110,24 Jun 03,"Ellen Degeneres, Keira Knightley, Liz Phair",""
667,2003,111,25 Jun 03,"Pamela Anderson, Ebert & Roeper, Nelly, P.diddy & Murphy Lee",""
668,2003,112,26 Jun 03,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Snoop Dogg, Blu Cantrell",""
669,2003,113,27 Jun 03,"Johnny Depp, Ricky Martin",""
670,2003,114,07 Jul 03,"Sally Field, Monica",""
671,2003,115,08 Jul 03,"James Woods, Kristanna Loken, Evanescence",""
672,2003,116,09 Jul 03,"Will Smith, Brian Williams, The Wallflowers",""
673,2003,117,10 Jul 03,"Colin Quinn, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy",""
674,2003,118,11 Jul 03,"Burt Reynolds, American Choppers, Sugar Ray",""
675,2003,119,14 Jul 03,"Martin Lawrence, Rowan Atkinson, Leann Rimes",""
676,2003,120,15 Jul 03,"Bill Maher, Serena Williams, Hanson",""
677,2003,121,16 Jul 03,"Toby Maguire, Tammy Pescatelli, Aimee Mann",""
678,2003,122,17 Jul 03,"Sean Connery, Gabrielle Union, Chingy",""
679,2003,123,18 Jul 03,"Dennis Rodman, John Leguizamo, Macy Gray",""
680,2003,124,21 Jul 03,"Angelina Jolie, Guster",""
681,2003,125,22 Jul 03,"Daryl Hannah, Rocco Dispirito, Buddy Guy",""
682,2003,126,23 Jul 03,"Dennis Miller, Natalie Imbruglia, Roseanne Cash",""
683,2003,127,24 Jul 03,"Luke Wilson, Paige Davis, Toby Keith",""
684,2003,128,25 Jul 03,""my Dog's Better Than Your Dog," Tom Green, John Kelley",""
685,2003,129,28 Jul 03,"Drew Carey, Erin Brodie, John Mellencamp",""
686,2003,130,29 Jul 03,"Julie Scardina, Jeff Bridges, Norah Jones",""
687,2003,131,30 Jul 03,"Roseanne Barr, Dakota Fanning, Ben Lee",""
688,2003,132,31 Jul 03,"Colin Farrell, Bb King, Jeff Beck",""
689,2003,133,01 Aug 03,"Samuel L. Jackson, Alison Krauss And Union Station",""
690,2003,134,04 Aug 03,"Senator Hilary Clinton, Jay Mohr, Black Eyed Peas",""
691,2003,135,05 Aug 03,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Carl Reiner",""
692,2003,136,06 Aug 03,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, "last Comic Standing" Winner, Jewel Jewel",""
693,2003,137,07 Aug 03,"Megan Mullally, Shia Lebeouf, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers",""
694,2003,138,08 Aug 03,"Bill Paxton, Tara Reid, Blue Man Group",""
695,2003,139,11 Aug 03,"Ben Affleck, Bob Sapp, Nappy Roots",""
696,2003,140,12 Aug 03,"Ashton Kutcher, Kelly Rowland, Lang Lang",""
697,2003,141,13 Aug 03,"Brittany Murphy, Wynonna",""
698,2003,142,14 Aug 03,"Kevin Costner, "queer Eye" Fab Five,",""
699,2003,143,15 Aug 03,"Jackie Chan, Sean Paul",""
700,2003,144,02 Sep 03,"Ellen Degeneres, Jamie Kennedy, The Allman Brothers",""
701,2003,145,03 Sep 03,"John Vincent, The Queens Of The Stone Age",""
702,2003,146,04 Sep 03,"Terry Bradshaw, Dave Attell, Amy Grant",""
703,2003,147,05 Sep 03,"Conan O'Brien, Alexandra Wentworth, Jane's Addiction",""
704,2003,148,08 Sep 03,"John Larroquette, Oscar De La Hoya, Nick Lachey",""
705,2003,149,09 Sep 03,"Dennis Miller, Shoshana Johnson, Wilco",""
706,2003,150,10 Sep 03,"Farrah Fawcett, George Wallace, Fountains Of Wayne",""
707,2003,151,11 Sep 03,"Adrien Brody, Karolina Kurova, Juanes",""
708,2003,152,12 Sep 03,"Pamela Anderson, Jerry Springer, Steve Miller Band",""
709,2003,153,15 Sep 03,"Sharon Osbourne",""
710,2003,154,16 Sep 03,"Drew Barrymore, Shelby Lynne",""
711,2003,155,17 Sep 03,"Eddie Izzard, Beyonce Knowles",""
712,2003,156,18 Sep 03,"Erykah Badu, Dana Carvey",""
713,2003,157,19 Sep 03,"The Bangles, Kate Bosworth, Seann William Scott",""
714,2003,158,22 Sep 03,"Robert Downey, Jr., Tess Drake, Blue Man Group",""
715,2003,159,23 Sep 03,"Lisa Kudrow, Graham Norton, Gloria Estefan",""
716,2003,160,24 Sep 03,"Rob Lowe, Michelle Branch",""
717,2003,161,25 Sep 03,"Alicia Silverstone, Nickleback",""
718,2003,162,26 Sep 03,"Rosie O'Donnell, Boy George, Jack Black",""
719,2003,163,29 Sep 03,"Kevin Bacon, Quentin Tarentino, Mavericks",""
720,2003,164,30 Sep 03,"Catherine Zeta-jones, Howard Dean, Lyle Lovett",""
721,2003,165,01 Oct 03,"George Clooney, Molly Sims, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers",""
722,2003,166,02 Oct 03,"Lucy Liu, Dame Edna, Bonnie Raitt",""
723,2003,167,03 Oct 03,"Elton John, Cedric the Entertainer",""
724,2003,168,06 Oct 03,"Katie Couric, Cirque De Soleil",""
725,2003,169,07 Oct 03,"Dennis Miller, Damien Rice",""
726,2003,170,08 Oct 03,"George Carlin, Chris Matthews, Dido",""
727,2003,171,09 Oct 03,"Cate Blanchett, Tom Papa, Dolly Parton",""
728,2003,172,10 Oct 03,"Lance Armstrong, Joe Henry",""
729,2003,173,13 Oct 03,"Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken",""
730,2003,174,14 Oct 03,"Martin Short, Heidi Klum, Bare Naked Ladies",""
731,2003,175,15 Oct 03,"Bill O'reilly, Edie Brickel",""
732,2003,176,16 Oct 03,"Courtney Cox, Joe Rogan, Luciano Pavorotti",""
733,2003,177,17 Oct 03,"Will Ferrell, Joe Rogan, Robert Rudolph & The Family Band",""
734,2003,178,27 Oct 03,"Norm Macdonald, Jillian Barberie, Annie Lennox",""
735,2003,179,28 Oct 03,"Jada Pinkett Smith, Emeril Lagasse, Rem",""
736,2003,180,29 Oct 03,"Michael Clarke Duncan, Josh Beckett, Dashboard Confession",""
737,2003,181,30 Oct 03,"Dr. Phil, Mandy Moore",""
738,2003,182,31 Oct 03,"Cuba Gooding Jr., Kathy Griffin, Seal",""
739,2003,183,03 Nov 03,"Dana Carvey, Snoop Dogg, Chingy W/ludacris",""
740,2003,184,04 Nov 03,"Barbara Bush, Matchbox 20",""
741,2003,185,05 Nov 03,"Teenage Wasteland, James Caan, Pod",""
742,2003,186,06 Nov 03,"Russell Crowe, Steve Irwin, Zztop",""
743,2003,187,07 Nov 03,"Jennifer Garner, Paul Bettany, Jason Mraz",""
744,2003,188,10 Nov 03,"Hugh Grant, Dakota Fanning, Jonny Lang",""
745,2003,189,11 Nov 03,"Senator John Kerry, Toby Keith, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog",""
746,2003,190,12 Nov 03,"Penélope Cruz, Sarah Mclaughlan",""
747,2003,191,13 Nov 03,"Halle Berry, Dave Mordal, Outkast",""
748,2003,192,14 Nov 03,"Dennis Rodman, Elvis Costello, Mitch Mullany",""
749,2003,193,17 Nov 03,"Britney Spears, Jim Belushi",""
750,2003,194,18 Nov 03,"Billy Bob Thornton, Kid Rock, Carrot Top",""
751,2003,195,19 Nov 03,"Ron Howard, Spencer Breslin, Outkast",""
752,2003,196,20 Nov 03,"Mike Meyers, American Choppers, Al Green",""
753,2003,197,21 Nov 03,"Missy Elliott, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Fab Five, Colin Quinn",""
754,2003,198,24 Nov 03,"Shaquille O'neal, Kelly Preston, Nelly With Ron Isley",""
755,2003,199,25 Nov 03,"Bette Midler, Julie Scardina",""
756,2003,200,26 Nov 03,"Madonna, Nelly Fertado, Jason Dahmer",""
757,2003,201,27 Nov 03,"Thanksgiving Show",""
758,2003,202,01 Dec 03,"Tom Cruise, Tori Amos",""
759,2003,203,02 Dec 03,"Naomi Watts, Dick Gephardt, Phil Collins",""
760,2003,204,03 Dec 03,"Elijah Woods, Jennifer Tilly, Counting Crows",""
761,2003,205,04 Dec 03,"Gwyneth Paltrow, Steve Marmel, Alicia Keyes",""
762,2003,206,05 Dec 03,"Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom, Alicia Keys And Andre 2000 (outkast)",""
763,2003,207,08 Dec 03,"Jude Law, Tracy Morgan, Pink",""
764,2003,208,09 Dec 03,"Former President Jimmy Carter, John Mayer",""
765,2003,209,10 Dec 03,"Diane Keaton, Jesse James, Tom Jones",""
766,2003,210,11 Dec 03,"Keanu Reeves, Sting, Mary J. Blige",""
767,2003,211,12 Dec 03,"Jennifer Connelly, Ruben Studdard",""
768,2003,212,15 Dec 03,"Ewan Mcgregor, Nicole Richie, Blind Boys Of Alabama",""
769,2003,213,16 Dec 03,"David Arquette, Train",""
770,2003,214,17 Dec 03,"Charles Barkley, Norm Macdonald, Enrique Iglesias",""
771,2003,215,18 Dec 03,"Uma Thurman, James Carville, Desert Sessions",""
772,2003,216,19 Dec 03,"Terry Bradshaw, Jim Brown, Howie Long, Jessica Simpson",""
773,2003,217,22 Dec 03,"Jessica Alba, Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Brian Setzer Orchestra",""
774,2003,218,23 Dec 03,"Billy Bob Thornton, Kirk Franklin And Family",""
775,2003,219,26 Dec 03,"William H. Macy, Wolfgang Puck, Tommy Davidson",""
776,2003,220,29 Dec 03,"Ben Affleck, Cheryl Hines, Ataris",""
777,2003,221,30 Dec 03,"Trista & Ryan Sutter, Westside Connection",""
778,2003,222,31 Dec 03,"Live New Years Eve Show",""
779,2004,1,02 Jan 04,"Bill Maher, Mandy Moore",""
780,2004,2,12 Jan 04,"Ben Stiller, Pete Rose, Leann Rimes",""
781,2004,3,13 Jan 04,"Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson, Dave Matthews",""
782,2004,4,14 Jan 04,"Debra Messing, Tim Russert, Joe Crocker",""
783,2004,5,15 Jan 04,"Hank Azaria, Reverend Al Sharpton, Rooney",""
784,2004,6,16 Jan 04,"Charlize Theron, Puddle Of Mudd",""
785,2004,7,19 Jan 04,"Kelly Ripa, Simon Cowell",""
786,2004,8,20 Jan 04,"Noah Wyle, Elon Gold, Toby Keith",""
787,2004,9,21 Jan 04,"Jennifer Aniston, Clay Aiken",""
788,2004,10,22 Jan 04,"Kim Cattrall, Jay Mohr, Sheryl Crowe",""
789,2004,11,23 Jan 04,"Dennis Miller, Avant",""
790,2004,12,26 Jan 04,"David Spade, Sam Solovey, Rod Stewart",""
791,2004,13,27 Jan 04,"Terry Bradshaw, Mia Kirshner, Alison Krauss",""
792,2004,14,28 Jan 04,"Ashton Kutcher, Fefe Dobson",""
793,2004,15,29 Jan 04,"Holly Hunter, Jeff Gordon, Keith Urban",""
794,2004,16,30 Jan 04,"Sofia Coppola, Arsenio Hall, Kelly Clarkson",""
795,2004,17,02 Feb 04,"Rob Schneider, Melissa Ethridge, Patricia Clarkson",""
796,2004,18,03 Feb 04,"Kurt Russell, Five For Fighting",""
797,2004,19,04 Feb 04,"Dr. Phil, Nick Lachey, Eamon",""
798,2004,20,05 Feb 04,"Queen Latifah, Jason Bateman, Lyle Lovett",""
799,2004,21,06 Feb 04,"Naomi Watts, Annie Lennox, Adam Vinatieri",""
800,2004,22,09 Feb 04,"Pamela Anderson, The Reptile Guy, Erykah Badu",""
801,2004,23,10 Feb 04,"Marcia Gay Harden, Zach Braff, Norah Jones",""
802,2004,24,11 Feb 04,"Meg Ryan, Phantom Planet",""
803,2004,25,12 Feb 04,"Clint Eastwood, Charles Barkley, Shelby Lynne",""
804,2004,26,13 Feb 04,"Diane Keaton, Senator John Edwards, Starsailor",""
805,2004,27,16 Feb 04,"Julie Scardina, Cirque De Soleil",""
806,2004,28,17 Feb 04,"Ladies From "the View", Jeff Garlin, Jc Chasez",""
807,2004,29,18 Feb 04,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bill O'reilly, Michael Mcdonald",""
808,2004,30,19 Feb 04,"Dana Carvey, Steve Bailey, John Mayer",""
809,2004,31,20 Feb 04,"Eric Mccormack, The Thrills",""
810,2004,32,23 Feb 04,"Owen Wilson, Simple Plan",""
811,2004,33,24 Feb 04,"Samuel L. Jackson, Barbara Walters, Joss Stone",""
812,2004,34,25 Feb 04,"Bill Paxton, Little J.j., 3 Days Grace",""
813,2004,35,26 Feb 04,"Mel Gibson, David Willey, Prince",""
814,2004,36,27 Feb 04,"James Caviezel, Larissa Meek, Los Lonely Boys",""
815,2004,37,01 Mar 04,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ebert & Roper",""
816,2004,38,02 Mar 04,"Liv Tyler, Brian Williams, Wyclef Jean",""
817,2004,39,03 Mar 04,"Carmen Electra, Yellowcard, Benny "boom Boom" Koske",""
818,2004,40,04 Mar 04,"Christina Ricci, Mya",""
819,2004,41,05 Mar 04,"Tom Arnold, Omarosa Stallworth, Godsmack",""
820,2004,42,08 Mar 04,"Vince Vaughn, Molly Shannon, Brides Of Destruction",""
821,2004,43,09 Mar 04,"Snoop Dogg, Ralphie May",""
822,2004,44,10 Mar 04,"2669 -elijah Wood, Hollis Gillespie, Maroon 5",""
823,2004,45,11 Mar 04,"The Rock, Gisele",""
824,2004,46,12 Mar 04,"Jennifer Tilly, Switchfoot",""
825,2004,47,15 Mar 04,"Ben Affleck, A Perfect Circle",""
826,2004,48,16 Mar 04,"Angelina Jolie, Kevin Smith",""
827,2004,49,17 Mar 04,"George Carlin, Jessica Simpson",""
828,2004,50,18 Mar 04,"Kirsten Dunst, Oliver Martinez, Live Featuring Shelby Lynne",""
829,2004,51,19 Mar 04,"Heath Ledger, Murphy Lee",""
830,2004,52,29 Mar 04,"Kiefer Sutherland, Raquel Castro, Gary Jewel",""
831,2004,53,30 Mar 04,"Amanda Peet, Adam Mesh, Kenny Chesney",""
832,2004,54,31 Mar 04,"David Arquette, Blue Man Group",""
833,2004,55,01 Apr 04,"Selma Blair, Xzibit, Puddle Of Mudd",""
834,2004,56,02 Apr 04,"Sylvester Stallone, Finger Eleven",""
835,2004,57,05 Apr 04,"David Duchovny, Jarod Miller, Karyne Miller",""
836,2004,58,06 Apr 04,"Cedric the Entertainer, Nia Vardolos, Nappy Roots",""
837,2004,59,07 Apr 04,"Donald Trump, Ben Harper",""
838,2004,60,08 Apr 04,"Matthew Perry, Paul Bettany, William Hung",""
839,2004,61,09 Apr 04,"Quentin Tarantino, Jet",""
840,2004,62,12 Apr 04,"John Travolta, Robie Rosa",""
841,2004,63,13 Apr 04,"Rebecca Romijn-stamos, Cypress Hill",""
842,2004,64,14 Apr 04,"Jennifer Garner, Emeril Lagasse, Tom Papa",""
843,2004,65,15 Apr 04,"Courtney Love, Tina Fey",""
844,2004,66,16 Apr 04,"Billy Bob Thornton, The Apprentice, Grant-lee Phillips",""
845,2004,67,19 Apr 04,"Joe Rogan, Dakota Fanning, The Darkness",""
846,2004,68,20 Apr 04,"Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Rodman, Polyphonic Spree",""
847,2004,69,21 Apr 04,"Bill Maher, Lacey Chabert, David Bowie",""
848,2004,70,22 Apr 04,"Denzel Washington, Jeaneane Garofalo, Mario Winans",""
849,2004,71,23 Apr 04,"Arsenio Hall, Rocco Dispirito, Daniel Tosh",""
850,2004,72,26 Apr 04,"Kelsey Grammer, Chris Matthews, Hanson",""
851,2004,73,27 Apr 04,"Rosie O'donnell, Lionel Richie",""
852,2004,74,28 Apr 04,"Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne, Kid Rock",""
853,2004,75,29 Apr 04,"Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan",""
854,2004,76,30 Apr 04,"Ellen Degeneres, Brian Herzlinge, The Cure",""
855,2004,77,03 May 04,"Hugh Jackman, Rosie Perez, Alicia Keys",""
856,2004,78,04 May 04,"Eric Bana, Bob Woodward, Leann Womack",""
857,2004,79,05 May 04,"Julie Scardina, Tom Selleck. Los Lobos With Cafe Tacuba",""
858,2004,80,06 May 04,"Friends Cast, Black Eyed Peas",""
859,2004,81,07 May 04,"Anna Nicole Smith",""
860,2004,82,10 May 04,""american Idol" Judges, Wanda Sykes, Usher",""
861,2004,83,11 May 04,"Pamela Anderson, Lance Burton, Clay Aiken From Las Vegas",""
862,2004,84,12 May 04,"Jerry Seinfeld, Amber & Rob, Wayne Newton, From Las Vegas",""
863,2004,85,13 May 04,"Billy Crystal, Roy Jones Jr., Cirque De Soleil From Las Vegas",""
864,2004,86,14 May 04,"Dana Carvey, Zumanity, Lenny Kravitz",""
865,2004,87,17 May 04,"Rodney Dangerfield, Omarosa, Slipknot",""
866,2004,88,18 May 04,"Tom Arnold, J-kwon",""
867,2004,89,19 May 04,"Laura Bush, Daniel Tosh, Everlast",""
868,2004,90,20 May 04,"Jake Gyllenhaal, Antonio Tarver, Nelly Furtado",""
869,2004,91,21 May 04,"Maria Shriver, Steve O And Chris Pontius, Montgomery Gentry",""
870,2004,92,24 May 04,"Snoop Dogg, Ashlee Simpson",""
871,2004,93,25 May 04,"Cameron Diaz, Morris Day",""
872,2004,94,26 May 04,"Charles Barkley, Teenage Wasteland, Allison Moorer",""
873,2004,95,27 May 04,"Kate Hudson, "american Idol" Winner, Dido",""
874,2004,96,28 May 04,"Spencer, Abigail Breslin, Tamyra Gray",""
875,2004,97,07 Jun 04,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tim Russert, The Calling",""
876,2004,98,08 Jun 04,"Lindsay Lohan, Tom Papa, Wilson Phillips",""
877,2004,99,09 Jun 04,"Catherine Zeta-jones, Steve Irwin, Sonic Youth",""
878,2004,100,10 Jun 04,"Vin Diesel, Nicole Richie, Julie Roberts",""
879,2004,101,11 Jun 04,"Tom Hanks, Jackie Chan, 311",""
880,2004,102,14 Jun 04,"Marlon Wayans, Jesse James, Hoobastank",""
881,2004,103,15 Jun 04,"Shawn Wayans, Diana Digarmo, N.e.r.d.",""
882,2004,104,16 Jun 04,"Jarod Miller, James Garner, Diana Krall",""
883,2004,105,17 Jun 04,"Terry Bradshaw, Trianna, Lit",""
884,2004,106,18 Jun 04,"Dennis Miller, Gretchen Wilson",""
885,2004,107,21 Jun 04,"Kiera Knightley, Dan Abrams, Avril Lavigne",""
886,2004,108,22 Jun 04,"Tobey Maguire, Mike Melvill, Burt Rutan, Maroon 5",""
887,2004,109,23 Jun 04,"Ben Stiller, Fantasia Barrino",""
888,2004,110,24 Jun 04,"Will Ferrell, Graham Norton, Uncle Kracker",""
889,2004,111,25 Jun 04,"Keenan Ivory Wayans, Marc Anthony",""
890,2004,112,06 Jul 04,"Julie Scardina, Shai Lebeauf, Melissa Auf Der Maur",""
891,2004,113,07 Jul 04,"Will Smith, Norah Jones",""
892,2004,114,08 Jul 04,"Hilary Duff, Roger Clemens, Los Lonely Boys",""
893,2004,115,09 Jul 04,"Tommy Chong, Brandi Chastain, Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Sugar Ray",""
894,2004,116,12 Jul 04,"Matt Damon, Jane Pauley, Gypsy Kings",""
895,2004,117,13 Jul 04,"Sharon Stone, Chris Matthews, Brandy",""
896,2004,118,14 Jul 04,"Halle Berry, Tony Shaloub, Josh Groban",""
897,2004,119,15 Jul 04,"Mark Wahlberg, Michael Phelps, Sarah Mclaughlan",""
898,2004,120,16 Jul 04,"Maria Sharapova, Velvet Revolver",""
899,2004,121,19 Jul 04,"Benjamin Bratt, John McCain, John Mayer",""
900,2004,122,20 Jul 04,"Bill Maher, The Dead",""
901,2004,123,21 Jul 04,"Drew Barrymore, Big And Rich",""
902,2004,124,22 Jul 04,"Julia Stiles, Ken Jennings",""
903,2004,125,23 Jul 04,"Drew Barrymore, Gary Hull, Jr., Five For Fighting",""
904,2004,126,26 Jul 04,"Tom Arnold, Morris Day",""
905,2004,127,27 Jul 04,"Ashley Judd, John Cho, Kal Penn, Ricky Fante",""
906,2004,128,28 Jul 04,"Adrien Brody, Rulon Gardner, Robbie Williams",""
907,2004,129,29 Jul 04,"Michael Moore, Richard Roeper, Roger Ebert, Alanis Morrisette",""
908,2004,130,30 Jul 04,"Jamie Foxx, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dwight Yoakam",""
909,2004,131,02 Aug 04,"Brittany Murphy, Ron Reagan, The Hives",""
910,2004,132,03 Aug 04,"Dennis Miller, Nicole Richie",""
911,2004,133,04 Aug 04,"Quentin Tarantino, Andre Tolme, Notorious Cherry Blooms",""
912,2004,134,05 Aug 04,"Kim Basinger, Mark Ruffalo, Jackie Cullum",""
913,2004,135,06 Aug 04,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve O, Chris Pontius, Gavin Degraw",""
914,2004,136,09 Aug 04,"Tom Cruise, Kelly Clarkson",""
915,2004,137,10 Aug 04,"Damon Wayans, The Coors",""
916,2004,138,11 Aug 04,"Jay Mohr, Victoria Gotti, Pj Harvey",""
917,2004,139,12 Aug 04,"Naomi Watts, Matthew Lillard, Macy Gray",""
918,2004,140,13 Aug 04,"Pamela Anderson, "last Comic Standing" Winner, Mase",""
919,2004,141,30 Aug 04,"Dave Chapelle, Misty May & Kerri Walsh, Toots And The Maytals With Bonnie Raitt",""
920,2004,142,31 Aug 04,"Reese Witherspoon, U.s. Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team, Tim Mcgraw",""
921,2004,143,01 Sep 04,"Lance Armstrong, Paul Teutul Sr. & Jr., Usher",""
922,2004,144,02 Sep 04,"Ellen Degeneres, Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercyme",""
923,2004,145,03 Sep 04,"Bernie Mac, Paul Hamm, Mitch Fatel",""
924,2004,146,06 Sep 04,"Paris Hilton, Orlando Jones, Anita Baker",""
925,2004,147,07 Sep 04,"Donald Trump, Nelly",""
926,2004,148,08 Sep 04,"Matt Leblanc, Carrot Top, Marc Broussard",""
927,2004,149,09 Sep 04,"Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jim Brown, Kirk Franklin & Yolanda Adams",""
928,2004,150,10 Sep 04,"Heather Locklear, Lisa Loeb",""
929,2004,151,13 Sep 04,"Cast Of "Will & Grace," Jim Norton, Sam Roberts",""
930,2004,152,14 Sep 04,"Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Bettany, Tear For Fears",""
931,2004,153,15 Sep 04,"Kirsten Dunst, Mark Mcgrath, Ambulance Ltd",""
932,2004,154,16 Sep 04,"Jude Law, Wanda Sykes, Ciara Featuring Petey Pablo",""
933,2004,155,17 Sep 04,"Selma Blair, Oliver Hudson, Crosby & Nash",""
934,2004,156,20 Sep 04,"Show #2781",""
935,2004,157,21 Sep 04,"John Travolta, Drea de Matteo",""
936,2004,158,22 Sep 04,"Ashlee Simpson, Jimmy Fallon",""
937,2004,159,23 Sep 04,"James Caan",""
938,2004,160,24 Sep 04,"Teri Hatcher, Blair Underwood, Patti Scialfa",""
939,2004,161,27 Sep 04,"50th Anniversray Special, Garry Shandling, Hilary Duff",""
940,2004,162,28 Sep 04,"Heather Graham, "Dog" The Bounty Hunter, Joss Stone",""
941,2004,163,29 Sep 04,"Bill Cosby, Zooey Deschanel, Brian Wilson",""
942,2004,164,30 Sep 04,"David Spade, Al Franken, Peter Cincotti",""
943,2004,165,01 Oct 04,"Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Hawk, Interpool",""
944,2004,166,04 Oct 04,"David Arquette, Michael Phelps, Cake",""
945,2004,167,05 Oct 04,"Dennis Miller, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Mark Knopfler",""
946,2004,168,06 Oct 04,"Laura Bush, Burt Rutan, Mike Melvill, Rocky La Porte",""
947,2004,169,07 Oct 04,"Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Ryan Cabrera",""
948,2004,170,08 Oct 04,"Tom Green, Ciara & Petey Pablo",""
949,2004,171,11 Oct 04,"Rosie Perez, Chris Matthews, Mos Def",""
950,2004,172,12 Oct 04,"Senator John Edwards, Yellowcard",""
951,2004,173,13 Oct 04,"Queen Latifah",""
952,2004,174,14 Oct 04,"Robin Williams, Velvet Revolver",""
953,2004,175,15 Oct 04,"Michael Moore, Nick Cannon",""
954,2004,176,18 Oct 04,"Jamie Foxx, Keith Olbermann, Amy Grant",""
955,2004,177,19 Oct 04,"Ewan McGregor, Duran Duran",""
956,2004,178,20 Oct 04,"Susan Sarandon, Elvis Costello & The Imposters",""
957,2004,179,21 Oct 04,"Christina Applegate, James Carville, Simple Plan",""
958,2004,180,22 Oct 04,"Ben Affleck, Phil Jackson",""
959,2004,181,01 Nov 04,"Dr. Phil, Neville Brothers",""
960,2004,182,03 Nov 04,"Samuel L. Jackson, Kathleen Madigan",""
961,2004,183,04 Nov 04,"Senator John McCain, Eva Longoria, Ruben Studdard",""
962,2004,184,05 Nov 04,"Brittany Murphy, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Chingy",""
963,2004,185,08 Nov 04,"Nicholas Cage, Jennifer Tilly, Wilco",""
964,2004,186,09 Nov 04,"Wanda Sykes, Eddie Izzard, Live",""
965,2004,187,10 Nov 04,"Kate Winslet, Tiger Woods, Ja Rule",""
966,2004,188,11 Nov 04,"Dana Carvey, Jamie Oliver, Rachael Yamagata",""
967,2004,189,12 Nov 04,"Woody Harrelson, Gisele, Alicia Keys",""
968,2004,190,15 Nov 04,"George Carlin, Denise Richards, Lenny Kravitz",""
969,2004,191,16 Nov 04,"Angelina Jolie, Jesse James, Vanessa Carlton",""
970,2004,192,17 Nov 04,"Colin Ferrell, Fantasia",""
971,2004,193,18 Nov 04,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Benjamin McKenzie, New Edition",""
972,2004,194,19 Nov 04,"Teri Hatcher, Brian Williams, Ben Harper, Blind Boys Of Alabama",""
973,2004,195,22 Nov 04,"Tim Allen, Steve Irwin, Tim Mcgraw",""
974,2004,196,23 Nov 04,"Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin, Switchfoot",""
975,2004,197,24 Nov 04,"Renee Zellweger, Alison Krauss",""
976,2004,198,25 Nov 04,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Allison Krauss",""
977,2004,199,26 Nov 04,"Tom Arnold, Alonzo Bodden, Chris Isaak",""
978,2004,200,29 Nov 04,"Michael Moore, Felicity Huffman, Bruce Hornsby",""
979,2004,201,30 Nov 04,"Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kelly Clarkson",""
980,2004,202,01 Dec 04,"Adam Sandler, Rod Stewart",""
981,2004,203,02 Dec 04,"Robert Downey Jr., Roger Ebert & Richard Roeper",""
982,2004,204,03 Dec 04,"Liam Neeson, Kate Bosworth, Damien Rice",""
983,2004,205,06 Dec 04,"Kevin Spacey, Clay Aiken",""
984,2004,206,07 Dec 04,"Matt Damon, Heidi Klum, Maroon 5",""
985,2004,207,08 Dec 04,"Catherine Zeta Jones, John C. Reilly, Travis Tritt & John Mellencamp",""
986,2004,208,09 Dec 04,"Marcia Cross, Daniel Tosh, Green Day",""
987,2004,209,10 Dec 04,"Terry Bradshaw, Jessica Biehl, Jimmy Eat World",""
988,2004,210,13 Dec 04,"Lindsay Lohan, Spencer And Abigail Breslin, Ludacris",""
989,2004,211,14 Dec 04,"John Travolta, Celine Dion",""
990,2004,212,15 Dec 04,"President Jimmy Carter, Mischa Barton, Sarah McLachlan",""
991,2004,213,16 Dec 04,"Michael Keaton, Chelsea Handler, Sawyer Brown Featuring Robert Randolf",""
992,2004,214,17 Dec 04,"Ben Stiller, "the Apprentice" Winner, Ashlee Simpson",""
993,2004,215,20 Dec 04,"Hilary Swank, Brian Setzer Orchestra",""
994,2004,216,21 Dec 04,"Dustin Hoffman, Virginia Madsen, Bebe Winans",""
995,2004,217,22 Dec 04,"Cloris Leachman, Kenan Thompson, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy",""
996,2004,218,23 Dec 04,"Rob Schneider, Lauren Graham, A.M.E. Choir",""
997,2004,219,31 Dec 04,"Live New Years Eve Show",""
998,2005,1,03 Jan 05,"David Spade, Amazing Animals with Julie Scardina, Bowling For Soup",""
999,2005,2,04 Jan 05,"Kate Winslet, Thomas Hayden Church, Howie Day",""
1000,2005,3,05 Jan 05,"Patricia Arquette, Jeff Gordon, Brian Wilson",""
1001,2005,4,06 Jan 05,"Nicole Kidman, Richard Jeni, Mario",""
1002,2005,5,07 Jan 05,"Michael Moore, Emmy Rossum, Julie Roberts",""
1003,2005,6,10 Jan 05,"James Woods, Nicolette Sheridan, Wyclef Jean",""
1004,2005,7,11 Jan 05,"Scarlett Johansson, Gerard Butler, John Legend",""
1005,2005,8,12 Jan 05,"Jennifer Garner, Jonathan Tarazi, Papa Roach",""
1006,2005,9,13 Jan 05,"Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Giamatti, Crossfade",""
1007,2005,10,14 Jan 05,"Denis Leary, Saleem, The Hives",""
1008,2005,11,17 Jan 05,"Simon Cowell, Evangeline Lilly, Minni Driver",""
1009,2005,12,18 Jan 05,"Samuel L. Jackson, Tara Reid, Alter Bridge",""
1010,2005,13,19 Jan 05,"Matt LeBlanc, Steve Spalding, Kenny G with Earth, Wind & Fire",""
1011,2005,14,20 Jan 05,"Snoop Dogg, James Garner, Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell",""
1012,2005,15,21 Jan 05,"Steve Irwin, Brian Williams, Jill Scott",""
1013,2005,16,24 Jan 05,"Tribute To Johnny Carson",""
1014,2005,17,25 Jan 05,"Dennis Miller, Brent & Shane Kinsman, Brian McKnight",""
1015,2005,18,26 Jan 05,"Chris Matthews, Lyle Lovett",""
1016,2005,19,27 Jan 05,"Amazing Animals with Joan Embery, Caron Butler, Unwritten Law",""
1017,2005,20,28 Jan 05,"Keifer Sutherland, George Wallace, Tift Merritt",""
1018,2005,21,31 Jan 05,"Don Cheadle, Human Siren Tommy Coziar, Ryan Cabrera",""
1019,2005,22,01 Feb 05,"Leonardo DiCaprio, Abigail Breslin, Kenny Chesney",""
1020,2005,23,02 Feb 05,"Cate Blanchett, Jon Heder, Ashanti",""
1021,2005,24,03 Feb 05,"Jamie Foxx, Cesar Millan, LeAnn Rimes",""
1022,2005,25,04 Feb 05,"Ellen DeGeneres, Geraldo Rivera, Five For Fighting",""
1023,2005,26,07 Feb 05,"Kirstie Alley, Jamie Kennedy",""
1024,2005,27,08 Feb 05,"Clint Eastwood, Thomas Hayden Church, The 5 Browns",""
1025,2005,28,09 Feb 05,"Annette Bening, Bill Belichick, Deion Branch, Avril Lavigne",""
1026,2005,29,10 Feb 05,"Alan Alda, Shia LaBeouf, Cirque De Soleil",""
1027,2005,30,11 Feb 05,"Morgan Freeman, Jamie Kennedy, Ani DiFranco",""
1028,2005,31,14 Feb 05,"Dana Carvey, Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo, Mavis Staples",""
1029,2005,32,15 Feb 05,"John Travolta, Christina Ricci, The Blind Boys Of Alabama",""
1030,2005,33,16 Feb 05,"Charles Barkley, Carolyn Murphy, Sum 41",""
1031,2005,34,17 Feb 05,"Debra Messing, Dave Matthews, Jesse McCartney",""
1032,2005,35,18 Feb 05,"Steve Irwin, Sandra Oh, Joss Stone",""
1033,2005,36,21 Feb 05,"Chris Rock, Ian McShane, Collective Soul",""
1034,2005,37,22 Feb 05,"Vin Diesel, The Great Regurgitator Stevie Starr, Jamie O'Neal",""
1035,2005,38,23 Feb 05,"Vince Vaughn, Jeff Gordon, Tyler Hilton",""
1036,2005,39,24 Feb 05,"Dennis Franz, Damien & Tourie Escobar, Elon Gold",""
1037,2005,40,25 Feb 05,"Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Oliver, Good Charlotte",""
1038,2005,41,28 Feb 05,"Ebert & Roeper, Tom Papa, Scissor Sisters",""
1039,2005,42,01 Mar 05,"Elton John, Cedric the Entertainer",""
1040,2005,43,02 Mar 05,"Glenn Close, Gerard Butler, 3 Doors Down",""
1041,2005,44,03 Mar 05,"Sylvester Stallone, Goose Expert Nancy Townsend, Lang Lang",""
1042,2005,45,04 Mar 05,"Mariska Hargitay, Darrell Hammond, Akon",""
1043,2005,46,07 Mar 05,"Robin Williams, Andy Roddick, Gavin DeGraw",""
1044,2005,47,08 Mar 05,"Penélope Cruz, Drew Carey, Michael Bublé",""
1045,2005,48,09 Mar 05,"Mel Gibson, Steve O & Chris Pontius, Joe Cocker",""
1046,2005,49,10 Mar 05,"Ewan McGregor, Nicole Richie, Jessi Alexander",""
1047,2005,50,11 Mar 05,"Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Allen. Savion Glover",""
1048,2005,51,21 Mar 05,"Queen Latifa, Omarion",""
1049,2005,52,22 Mar 05,"Farrah Fawcett, Larry the Cable Guy, The Doves",""
1050,2005,53,23 Mar 05,"Kevin Bacon, Kim Raver, Amos Lee",""
1051,2005,54,24 Mar 05,"Cameron Diaz, Hugh Laurie, Billy Idol",""
1052,2005,55,25 Mar 05,"Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, Bode Miller, Lifehouse",""
1053,2005,56,28 Mar 05,"Rosario Dawson, Steve Carell, Frankie J",""
1054,2005,57,29 Mar 05,"Tyra Banks, Rudy Giuliani, Kings Of Leon",""
1055,2005,58,30 Mar 05,"Michael Clarke Duncan, Extreme BASE Jumper, Sugarland",""
1056,2005,59,31 Mar 05,"Jimmy Fallon, The Googlewhacker, Jimmy Eat World",""
1057,2005,60,01 Apr 05,"Steve Zahn, Paula Abdul, 112",""
1058,2005,61,04 Apr 05,"Matthew McConaughey, Fran Drescher, Al Green",""
1059,2005,62,05 Apr 05,"Will Smith, William H. Macy",""
1060,2005,63,06 Apr 05,"Patricia Heaton, Jerry O'Connell, Charlie O'Connell, Jorge Drexler",""
1061,2005,64,07 Apr 05,"Brittany Murphy, Dave Attell, Velvet Revolver",""
1062,2005,65,08 Apr 05,"Paul Newman, Sandra Oh, Breaking Benjamin",""
1063,2005,66,11 Apr 05,"Charles Barkley, Natascha McElhone, Fantasia",""
1064,2005,67,12 Apr 05,"Pamela Anderson, Tim Russert, Il Divo",""
1065,2005,68,13 Apr 05,"Jarod Miller, Christiane Amanpour, Russ Meneve",""
1066,2005,69,14 Apr 05,"Farrah Fawcett, Gerald Butler, The Killers",""
1067,2005,70,15 Apr 05,"Tom Arnold, George Foreman, Miranda Lambert",""
1068,2005,71,18 Apr 05,"Bill Maher, Rob Thomas",""
1069,2005,72,19 Apr 05,"Mischa Barton, Kevin Smith, Rob Thomas",""
1070,2005,73,20 Apr 05,"Ashton Kutcher, Super Dave Osborne, Regina Spektor",""
1071,2005,74,21 Apr 05,"Bob Dole, Karolina Kurkova, Tori Amos",""
1072,2005,75,22 Apr 05,"Amanda Peet, Randy Jackson, Alan Jackson",""
1073,2005,76,25 Apr 05,"Noah Wyle, Jack Welch, Anna Nalick",""
1074,2005,77,26 Apr 05,"Laura Bush, Bill Engvall, The Eels",""
1075,2005,78,27 Apr 05,"Rosie O'donnell, Carmen Electra, Howie Day",""
1076,2005,79,28 Apr 05,"Jane Fonda, Phil Mickelson, Keane",""
1077,2005,80,29 Apr 05,"Jennifer Lopez, Alex Smith, Snow Patrol",""
1078,2005,81,02 May 05,"Wanda Sykes, Jorge Garcia, Bright Eyes",""
1079,2005,82,03 May 05,"Dr. Phil, Maura Tierney, India.Arie",""
1080,2005,83,04 May 05,"Sylvester Stallone, Daniel Tosh, Faith Evans",""
1081,2005,84,05 May 05,"Sandra Bullock, Ant, Aimee Mann",""
1082,2005,85,06 May 05,"Hayden Christensen, Tracy Ullman, Beck",""
1083,2005,86,09 May 05,"Brad Garrett, Moby",""
1084,2005,87,10 May 05,"Matt LeBlanc, Ann Coulter, Theory Of A Deadman",""
1085,2005,88,11 May 05,"Mariah Carey, David Willey",""
1086,2005,89,12 May 05,"Goldie Hawn, Larry the Cable Guy, LeAnn Rimes",""
1087,2005,90,13 May 05,"Marcia Cross, Chad Michael Murray, Common",""
1088,2005,91,16 May 05,"Heath Ledger, Ryan Seacrest, Dierks Bentley",""
1089,2005,92,17 May 05,"Glenn Close, Ralphie May",""
1090,2005,93,18 May 05,"Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis",""
1091,2005,94,19 May 05,"Teri Hatcher, Amber And Rob, Big & Rich With Cowboy Troy",""
1092,2005,95,20 May 05,"Lisa Kudrow, "The Apprentice" Winner, Interpol",""
1093,2005,96,23 May 05,"Ron Howard, Steven Culp, Shelby Lynne",""
1094,2005,97,24 May 05,"Renée Zellweger, Dominic Monaghan, Lisa Marie Presley",""
1095,2005,98,25 May 05,"Russell Crow, Brady Barr, Nelly",""
1096,2005,99,26 May 05,"Matt Lauer, "american Idol" Winner, Nikka Costa",""
1097,2005,100,27 May 05,"Jada Pinkett Smith, Jesse James, Antigone Rising",""
1098,2005,101,06 Jun 05,"Will Farrell, George Lopez, Keith Urban",""
1099,2005,102,07 Jun 05,"Adam Brody, Chris Matthews, The Bravery",""
1100,2005,103,08 Jun 05,"Tom Cruise, Krispy Kreme burger chef, Toby Keith",""
1101,2005,104,09 Jun 05,"Heather Locklear, John Leguizamo, Foo Fighters",""
1102,2005,105,10 Jun 05,"Paul Giamati, "Bug Man" Ruud Kleinpaste, The Pussycat Dolls",""
1103,2005,106,13 Jun 05,"Hilary Duff, Jim Norton, Kaiser Chiefs",""
1104,2005,107,14 Jun 05,"Jarod Miller, Cedric the Entertainer, Dwight Yoakam",""
1105,2005,108,15 Jun 05,"Kathy & Paris Hilton, "Dog" , John Scofield Featuring John Mayer",""
1106,2005,109,16 Jun 05,"Lindsay Lohan, Jeremy Piven, Backstreet Boys",""
1107,2005,110,17 Jun 05,"Tom Mesereau, American Choppers, Courtney Jaye",""
1108,2005,111,20 Jun 05,"Martin Lawrence, Keith Olberman, Sugar Ray",""
1109,2005,112,21 Jun 05,"Sinbad, Amber Tamblyn, Rize",""
1110,2005,113,22 Jun 05,"Dr. Phil, Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, Kathleen Edwards",""
1111,2005,114,23 Jun 05,"Don Rickles, Bobby Flay, Tracy Bonham",""
1112,2005,115,24 Jun 05,"Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Larry the Cable Guy, Black Eyed Peas",""
1113,2005,116,05 Jul 05,"Michael Clarke Duncan, Ariel Gade, Ringo Starr",""
1114,2005,117,06 Jul 05,"Roseanne Barr, Bo Bice Featuring Richie Sambora",""
1115,2005,118,07 Jul 05,"Jessica Alba, Earvin "magic" Johnson, Girls Of "zumanity"",""
1116,2005,119,08 Jul 05,"Owen Wilson, Kelly Monaco, Kem",""
1117,2005,120,11 Jul 05,"Tom Arnold, D. J. Qualls, Relient K",""
1118,2005,121,12 Jul 05,"Dakota Fanning, Terrrence Howard, Rascal Flats",""
1119,2005,122,13 Jul 05,"Johnny Depp, Eva Mendes, Shout Out Louds",""
1120,2005,123,14 Jul 05,"Jennifer Connelly, Ludacris, Billy Corgan",""
1121,2005,124,15 Jul 05,"Matthew Perry, Nick Cannon, Papa Roach",""
1122,2005,125,18 Jul 05,"Senator John McCain, Gary Busey, the cast of Wicked",""
1123,2005,126,19 Jul 05,"Diane Lane, Len Berman, Babyface",""
1124,2005,127,20 Jul 05,"Kyra Sedgwick, D.L. Hughley, Patti LaBelle",""
1125,2005,128,21 Jul 05,"Brad Garrett, Kathy Griffin, Phil Vassar",""
1126,2005,129,22 Jul 05,"Kurt Russell, Mark Zupan, Robert Plant",""
1127,2005,130,25 Jul 05,"Mariska Hargitay, Alanis Morissette",""
1128,2005,131,26 Jul 05,"Bill Maher, Jason Mraz",""
1129,2005,132,27 Jul 05,"Thomas Hayden Church, Gordon Ramsey, Jack Johnson",""
1130,2005,133,28 Jul 05,"Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Tilly, Garbage",""
1131,2005,134,29 Jul 05,"Jessica Simpson, Josh Lucas, Willie Nelson",""
1132,2005,135,01 Aug 05,"Al Gore, Gisele, Incubus",""
1133,2005,136,02 Aug 05,"Kate Hudson, Hayden Brothers, Faith Hill",""
1134,2005,137,03 Aug 05,"Sharon Stone, Ant, Raul Midon",""
1135,2005,138,04 Aug 05,"Rob Schneider, Sidney Crosby, Michael Penn",""
1136,2005,139,05 Aug 05,"Hank Azaria, Anthony Anderson, Natasha Beningfield",""
1137,2005,140,08 Aug 05,"Matt Damon, Tommy Lee",""
1138,2005,141,09 Aug 05,"James Woods, Marc Yu, Nicklecreek",""
1139,2005,142,10 Aug 05,"Seann William Scott, Aqualing",""
1140,2005,143,11 Aug 05,"Steve Carell, Greta Van Susteren, Gavin Degraw",""
1141,2005,144,12 Aug 05,"Selma Blair, John Caparulo, Avril Lavigne",""
1142,2005,145,15 Aug 05,"Howie Mandell, Jeff Corwin, Hilary Duff",""
1143,2005,146,16 Aug 05,"Norm MacDonald, Ashlee Simpson, Pras",""
1144,2005,147,17 Aug 05,"Kevin Nealon, Bug Man, Minnie Driver",""
1145,2005,148,18 Aug 05,"Pamela Anderson, Hanna-McEuen",""
1146,2005,149,19 Aug 05,"Ralph Fiennes, Carmen Electra, Ben Folds",""
1147,2005,150,06 Sep 05,"Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson, Lifehouse",""
1148,2005,151,07 Sep 05,"Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Michael Bolton",""
1149,2005,152,08 Sep 05,"Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, Alex Reimer, OK Go",""
1150,2005,153,09 Sep 05,"David Spade, Lake Bell, Hope Partlow",""
1151,2005,154,12 Sep 05,"Tyra Banks, John Heffron, Tori Amos",""
1152,2005,155,13 Sep 05,"Ellen Degeneres, Chris O'Donnell, Tracy Chapman",""
1153,2005,156,14 Sep 05,"Wanda Sykes, Jason Lee, Blues Traveler",""
1154,2005,157,15 Sep 05,"Donald Trump, Jenny McCarthy, Bonnie Raitt",""
1155,2005,158,16 Sep 05,"Denis Leary, Wild Boyz, Keane",""
1156,2005,159,19 Sep 05,"Steve Carell, Jarod Miller, B.B. King",""
1157,2005,160,20 Sep 05,"Stevens Colin, Matt LeBlanc, Bloc Party",""
1158,2005,161,21 Sep 05,"Chris Rock, Trisha Yearwood, Sandra Oh",""
1159,2005,162,22 Sep 05,"Jodie Foster, Jimmy Carr, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5",""
1160,2005,163,23 Sep 05,"Geena Davis, Nicole Richie, Shia LaBeouf, Shaggy",""
1161,2005,164,26 Sep 05,"Episode 6",""
1162,2005,165,27 Sep 05,"Jennifer Garner, Bill Paxton, Stephen Stills, Damon Wayans",""
1163,2005,166,28 Sep 05,"Cameron Diaz, Paul Reiser, Randy Harris",""
1164,2005,167,29 Sep 05,"Matthew McConaughey, Angie Harmon, Supergrass",""
1165,2005,168,30 Sep 05,"Paul Walker, Jaime Pressly, Constantine Maroulis, Terry Bradshaw",""
1166,2005,169,03 Oct 05,"Denise Richards, Liz Phair, Emeril Lagasse",""
1167,2005,170,04 Oct 05,"Charlize Theron, Dane Cook, Sinead O'Connor",""
1168,2005,171,05 Oct 05,"Elijah Wood, Johnny Holiday, Nickelback",""
1169,2005,172,06 Oct 05,"George Clooney, Jesse James, Blue Man Group",""
1170,2005,173,07 Oct 05,"Rene Russo, Dominic Monaghan, Wynonna Judd",""
1171,2005,174,10 Oct 05,"Keira Knightley, Jim Norton, The Killers",""
1172,2005,175,11 Oct 05,"The Rock, Josh Flitter, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Clint Black",""
1173,2005,176,12 Oct 05,"Kevin Bacon, Kristen Bell, Trisha Yearwood",""
1174,2005,177,13 Oct 05,"Kirsten Dunst, John Leguizamo, Michelle Branch with Carlos Santana",""
1175,2005,178,14 Oct 05,"Tim Allen, Rod Stewart",""
1176,2005,179,17 Oct 05,"Benjamin Bratt, Robert Downey, Jr., Ryan Cabrera",""
1177,2005,180,18 Oct 05,"Kurt Russell, Rev. Run, Institute",""
1178,2005,181,19 Oct 05,"Dakota Fanning, Charles Barkley, Musashimaru, Christina Aguilera, Herbie Hancock",""
1179,2005,182,20 Oct 05,"Debra Messing, Ed McMahon, Weezer",""
1180,2005,183,21 Oct 05,"Antonio Banderas, Greg Behrendt, Michael McElroy, Ashlee Simpson",""
1181,2005,184,31 Oct 05,"Halloween Episode: Rosario Dawson, Ozzy Osbourne",""
1182,2005,185,01 Nov 05,"Jimmy Smits, Lisa Marie Presley",""
1183,2005,186,02 Nov 05,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Dennis Rodman, Dwight Yoakam",""
1184,2005,187,03 Nov 05,"Nicollette Sheridan, Marc Yu, Fiona Apple",""
1185,2005,188,04 Nov 05,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Fogerty",""
1186,2005,189,07 Nov 05,"Dana Carvey, Steve Irwin, Jamiroquai",""
1187,2005,190,08 Nov 05,"Martha Stewart, Terrence Howard, Big and Rich",""
1188,2005,191,09 Nov 05,"Nicole Richie, Jon Favreau",""
1189,2005,192,10 Nov 05,"Garth Brooks, Patricia Arquette",""
1190,2005,193,11 Nov 05,"Eva Longoria, Collin Kelly, Kenny Chesney",""
1191,2005,194,14 Nov 05,"Jason Lee, Usher, Neil Diamond, Brian Wilson",""
1192,2005,195,15 Nov 05,"Melissa Etheridge",""
1193,2005,196,16 Nov 05,"Hugh Laurie, Joan Embery, George Clinton",""
1194,2005,197,17 Nov 05,"Jerry Seinfeld, Shelley Berman, Carrie Underwood",""
1195,2005,198,18 Nov 05,"Teri Hatcher, Cedric the Entertainer, Sheryl Crow",""
1196,2005,199,21 Nov 05,"Jimmy Carter, Wentworth Miller, Eurythmics",""
1197,2005,200,22 Nov 05,"Tom Arnold, Phil Jackson, Audioslave",""
1198,2005,201,23 Nov 05,"Melanie Griffith, Scott Stapp",""
1199,2005,202,24 Nov 05,"Lindsay Lohan, Dane Cook",""
1200,2005,203,25 Nov 05,"Sinbad, Jo Frost",""
1201,2005,204,28 Nov 05,"Naomi Watts, Dwight Hauff, Queens of the Stone Age",""
1202,2005,205,29 Nov 05,"Diane Keaton, Marguerite Perrin, Alanis Morissette",""
1203,2005,206,30 Nov 05,"Snoop Dogg, Howard Dean, Faith Evans",""
1204,2005,207,01 Dec 05,"Jarod Miller, Snoop Dogg, All American Rejects",""
1205,2005,208,02 Dec 05,"Tyra Banks, Steve Schirripa, Smash Mouth",""
1206,2005,209,05 Dec 05,"Sarah Jessica Parker, Isaac Mizrahi, Bo Bice",""
1207,2005,210,06 Dec 05,"Ron Howard, Rachael Ray, Brian Wilson",""
1208,2005,211,07 Dec 05,"Tommy Lee Jones, Sarah Silverman, Diana Krall",""
1209,2005,212,08 Dec 05,"George Clooney, Steve Schirripa, Trey Anastasio",""
1210,2005,213,09 Dec 05,"Scarlett Johansson, Larry the Cable Guy, Fall Out Boy",""
1211,2005,214,12 Dec 05,"Anthony Hopkins, Howie Mandel, Coldplay",""
1212,2005,215,13 Dec 05,"Steve Martin, Tyler James Williams, Chris Brown",""
1213,2005,216,14 Dec 05,"Ralph Fiennes, Carmen Electra, Michael McDonald",""
1214,2005,217,15 Dec 05,"Johnny Knoxville, Natasha Leggero, Chris Isaak",""
1215,2005,218,16 Dec 05,"Zach Braff, Allen Covert, Aaron Neville",""
1216,2005,219,19 Dec 05,"Pamela Anderson, Brian Setzer Orchestra",""
1217,2005,220,20 Dec 05,"Wanda Sykes, Carson Daly, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy",""
1218,2005,221,21 Dec 05,"Julie Scardina with Amazing Animals, Greg Kinnear, MercyMe",""
1219,2005,222,22 Dec 05,"Terry Bradshaw, Dame Edna, Blind Boys of Alabama",""
1220,2005,223,23 Dec 05,"Sienna Miller, Gary Gulman",""
1221,2006,1,03 Jan 06,"Philip Seymour Hoffman, Noelle Pikus-Pace, John Mayer Trio",""
1222,2006,2,04 Jan 06,"Terrence Howard, Carrot Top, Jace Everett",""
1223,2006,3,05 Jan 06,"Will Ferrell, Flipsyde",""
1224,2006,4,06 Jan 06,"Rachel Weisz, ANT, Lil' Wayne",""
1225,2006,5,09 Jan 06,"Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Chad Hedrick, Billy Currington",""
1226,2006,6,10 Jan 06,"Joaquin Phoenix, Jo Koy, Alanis Morissette",""
1227,2006,7,11 Jan 06,"Steve Carell, Maria Lark, Anthony Hamilton",""
1228,2006,8,12 Jan 06,"Emma Thompson, Jeff Daniels, Sugarland",""
1229,2006,9,13 Jan 06,"Jake Gyllenhaal, Steve Irwin, Seether",""
1230,2006,10,16 Jan 06,"Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Wendy Liebman, Barry Manilow",""
1231,2006,11,17 Jan 06,"Heath Ledger, Heidi Klum, Ray J",""
1232,2006,12,18 Jan 06,"Colin Firth, Sasha Cohen, Fort Minor",""
1233,2006,13,19 Jan 06,"Albert Brooks, Jenna Elfman, Mary J. Blige",""
1234,2006,14,20 Jan 06,"Dennis Miller, Bob Uecker, Heather Headley",""
1235,2006,15,23 Jan 06,"Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sarah McLachlan",""
1236,2006,16,24 Jan 06,"Jamie Foxx, U.S. Freestyle Aerials Team",""
1237,2006,17,25 Jan 06,"Kate Beckinsale, Kinky Friedman, Nickel Creek",""
1238,2006,18,26 Jan 06,"Jake Gyllenhaal, Steve Irwin, Seether",""
1239,2006,19,27 Jan 06,"Joaquin Phoenix, Joy Koy, Alanis Morisette",""
1240,2006,20,30 Jan 06,"Dominic Monaghan, Emily Deschanel, P.O.D.",""
1241,2006,21,31 Jan 06,"Harrison Ford, Bryce Dallas Howard, Juanes",""
1242,2006,22,01 Feb 06,"Snoop Dogg, Ron White",""
1243,2006,23,02 Feb 06,"Roseanne Barr, Sue Johanson, Sergio Mendes",""
1244,2006,24,03 Feb 06,"Jarod Miller, Paul Bettany, Collective Soul",""
1245,2006,25,06 Feb 06,"Terry Bradshaw, Candice Michelle, Yo Yo Ma with John Williams",""
1246,2006,26,07 Feb 06,"Ellen DeGeneres, Geoffrey Gallante, Yellowcard",""
1247,2006,27,08 Feb 06,"Felicity Huffman, Jerome Bettis, The Fray",""
1248,2006,28,09 Feb 06,"Michelle Williams, John Krasinski, Rob Thomas",""
1249,2006,29,10 Feb 06,"Paul Walker, Jillian Barberie, Fiona Apple",""
1250,2006,30,13 Feb 06,"Jennifer Love Hewitt",""
1251,2006,31,14 Feb 06,"Paul Reiser",""
1252,2006,32,15 Feb 06,"Matt Dillon, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model",""
1253,2006,33,16 Feb 06,"Bill Maher, Shaun White",""
1254,2006,34,17 Feb 06,"Samuel L. Jackson, Kathleen Madigan",""
1255,2006,35,20 Feb 06,"Rob Schneider, Alonzo Bodden",""
1256,2006,36,21 Feb 06,"Dolly Parton",""
1257,2006,37,22 Feb 06,"Howie Mandel",""
1258,2006,38,23 Feb 06,"Terence Howard, Hannah Teter",""
1259,2006,39,24 Feb 06,"Al Michaels, Tyler Perry",""
1260,2006,40,27 Feb 06,"Colin Powell, Dancing With The Stars Winner, Rosanne Cash",""
1261,2006,41,28 Feb 06,"Sasha Cohen, Vusi Mahlasela, Julie Scardina",""
1262,2006,42,01 Mar 06,"Jason Lee, Jamie Oliver, Dwight Yoakam",""
1263,2006,43,02 Mar 06,"Salma Hayek, Apolo Anton Ohno, Rhett Miller",""
1264,2006,44,03 Mar 06,"Vin Diesel, Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto, Jamie Cullum",""
1265,2006,45,06 Mar 06,"Ebert & Roeper, Matthew McConaughey, Train",""
1266,2006,46,07 Mar 06,"Kristin Davis, Ang Lee, Kris Kristofferson",""
1267,2006,47,08 Mar 06,"Tim Allen, Michelle Rodriguez, Bon Jovi",""
1268,2006,48,09 Mar 06,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Larry the Cable Guy, Neko Case",""
1269,2006,49,10 Mar 06,"Terry Bradshaw, Marian Morris & Boo Boo, Russell Crowe & The Original Fear of God",""
1270,2006,50,13 Mar 06,"Simon Cowell, Lisa Lampanelli, Goldfrapp",""
1271,2006,51,14 Mar 06,"Wanda Sykes, Rainn Wilson, The New Cars",""
1272,2006,52,15 Mar 06,"Queen Latifah, Carl Reiner, Rob Zombie",""
1273,2006,53,16 Mar 06,"Jodie Foster, Sean Astin, Herb Alpert with Ozomatli",""
1274,2006,54,17 Mar 06,"Megan Mullally, Kevin Brauch, Busta Rhymes",""
1275,2006,55,27 Mar 06,"Lucy Liu, John Leguizamo, Ne-Yo",""
1276,2006,56,28 Mar 06,"Billy Crystal, Dame Edna, Augustana",""
1277,2006,57,29 Mar 06,"Rob Schneider, Carmen Electra, The Strokes",""
1278,2006,58,30 Mar 06,"Ryan Seacrest, Jenna Fischer, Rascal Flatts",""
1279,2006,59,31 Mar 06,"Rebecca Romijn, The King of Cars ‘Chop', Beth Orton",""
1280,2006,60,03 Apr 06,"Rosie O'Donnell, Chris Paplham, Fall Out Boy",""
1281,2006,61,04 Apr 06,"Jennifer Aniston, John Caparulo, All American Rejects",""
1282,2006,62,05 Apr 06,"Sharon Stone, John Heder, Big & Rich",""
1283,2006,63,06 Apr 06,"Paul Newman, Catherine Keener, Mitch Fatel",""
1284,2006,64,07 Apr 06,"David Spade, Ivanka Trump, Van Hunt",""
1285,2006,65,10 Apr 06,"Paula Abdul, Chris Matthews, Sean Paul",""
1286,2006,66,11 Apr 06,"Michael Douglas, Chelsea Handler, Toby Keith",""
1287,2006,67,12 Apr 06,"Jamie Foxx, Mary Lynn Rajskub",""
1288,2006,68,13 Apr 06,"Dennis Quaid, Lonnie Dupre & Eric Larson, Eagles of Death Metal",""
1289,2006,69,14 Apr 06,"Blue October, Jon Lovitz, Julie Scardina",""
1290,2006,70,17 Apr 06,"Terry Bradshaw, Jim Cramer, Little Big Town",""
1291,2006,71,18 Apr 06,"Kim Basinger, Sen. John McCain, Bubba Sparxxx featuring the Ying Yang Twins",""
1292,2006,72,19 Apr 06,"Kiefer Sutherland, Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs",""
1293,2006,73,20 Apr 06,"Tom Green, Max Prado, David Gilmour",""
1294,2006,74,21 Apr 06,"Randy Jackson, Jenny McCarthy, LeAnn Rimes",""
1295,2006,75,24 Apr 06,"Robin Williams, Keke Palmer, Daniel Powter",""
1296,2006,76,25 Apr 06,"Jaime Pressly, George Wallace, Avant",""
1297,2006,77,26 Apr 06,"Howie Mandel, Elwood Carlisle, Godsmack",""
1298,2006,78,27 Apr 06,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Merv Griffin, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley",""
1299,2006,79,28 Apr 06,"Hugh Jackman, Bruce Parry, Imogen Heap",""
1300,2006,80,01 May 06,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Oscar De La Hoya, Franz Ferdinand",""
1301,2006,81,02 May 06,"Kurt Russell, Lisa Lampanelli, Jewel",""
1302,2006,82,03 May 06,"Josh Lucas, Hogan Family, Bird York",""
1303,2006,83,04 May 06,"Teri Hatcher, Ty Pennington, James Hunter",""
1304,2006,84,05 May 06,"Denis Leary, Bob Uecker, Dem Franchize Boyz",""
1305,2006,85,08 May 06,"Ron Howard, John Donnelly, Brad Paisley",""
1306,2006,86,09 May 06,"Lindsay Lohan, John Krasinski, Sergio Mendes, The Black Eyed Peas",""
1307,2006,87,10 May 06,"Paul Bettany, Duff Goldman, Nick Lachey",""
1308,2006,88,11 May 06,"Tom Cruise, Michelle Rodriguez",""
1309,2006,89,12 May 06,"Tom Hanks, Emmy Rossum, Hoobastank",""
1310,2006,90,15 May 06,"Simon Cowell, Johnny Holiday, T-Bone Burnett",""
1311,2006,91,16 May 06,"Ellen DeGeneres, Scott McClellan, The Goo Goo Dolls",""
1312,2006,92,17 May 06,"Jada Pinkett Smith, Larry the Cable Guy, Wicked Wisdom",""
1313,2006,93,18 May 06,"Evangeline Lilly, Alonzo Bodden, The Pussycat Dolls",""
1314,2006,94,19 May 06,"Nicollette Sheridan, Ron White, Michael Bolton",""
1315,2006,95,22 May 06,"Vince Vaughn, Johnny Holiday, The Wreckers",""
1316,2006,96,23 May 06,"Garry Shandling, Chris Antes, Def Leppard",""
1317,2006,97,24 May 06,"Jarod Miller, Famke Janssen, Fort Minor",""
1318,2006,98,25 May 06,"Dane Cook, the winner of "American Idol", The Flaming Lips",""
1319,2006,99,26 May 06,"Dana Carvey, Nicholas Hearon, T.I.",""
1320,2006,100,05 Jun 06,"Jessica Alba, Ludacris, Bruce Springsteen",""
1321,2006,101,06 Jun 06,"Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, Tim Russert",""
1322,2006,102,07 Jun 06,"Adam Sandler, Rosie Perez, John Fogerty",""
1323,2006,103,08 Jun 06,"Al Gore, Maya Rudolph, Rihanna",""
1324,2006,104,09 Jun 06,"Nicole Richie, Louis C.K., Poison",""
1325,2006,105,12 Jun 06,"Keanu Reeves, Joey Lauren Adams, Gnarls Barkley",""
1326,2006,106,13 Jun 06,"Jack Black, Car-Parazzi Kids, Hard-Fi",""
1327,2006,107,14 Jun 06,"George Carlin, Ann Coulter, K.T. Tunstall",""
1328,2006,108,15 Jun 06,"Kate Beckinsale, Jim Norton, She Wants Revenge",""
1329,2006,109,16 Jun 06,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Richard Roeper, Nelly Furtado",""
1330,2006,110,19 Jun 06,"Mariah Carey, Daniel Tosh, Keane",""
1331,2006,111,20 Jun 06,"Regis Philbin, Ringo Starr, young chefs Isabella & Olivia Girasole",""
1332,2006,112,21 Jun 06,"Thomas Haden Church, Julie Scardina & Sea World animals, Martina McBride",""
1333,2006,113,22 Jun 06,"Kevin Spacey, Taylor Hicks",""
1334,2006,114,23 Jun 06,"Orlando Bloom, Chamillionaire",""
1335,2006,115,26 Jun 06,"Kate Bosworth, Damon Wayans, India.Arie",""
1336,2006,116,27 Jun 06,"Pat Riley, Connie Chung, Guster",""
1337,2006,117,28 Jun 06,"Jeremy Piven, Cat Deeley, Corinne Bailey Rae",""
1338,2006,118,29 Jun 06,"Robin Williams, Jesse James, Julie Roberts",""
1339,2006,119,30 Jun 06,"Brandon Routh, Kathleen Madigan, Ziggy Marley",""
1340,2006,120,10 Jul 06,"Kate Hudson, Kevin Smith, Soul Asylum",""
1341,2006,121,11 Jul 06,"Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, Chris Isaak",""
1342,2006,122,12 Jul 06,"Matt Dillon, Parker Posey, Smokey Robinson",""
1343,2006,123,13 Jul 06,"Rosario Dawson, Cedric the Entertainer, Dashboard Confessional",""
1344,2006,124,14 Jul 06,"David Hasselhoff, Natalie Morales, Morningwood",""
1345,2006,125,17 Jul 06,"Heidi Klum, Gabriel Iglesias, Seether",""
1346,2006,126,18 Jul 06,"Cuba Gooding Jr., Chris Matthews, Ray Davies",""
1347,2006,127,19 Jul 06,"Wanda Sykes, Kevin Connolly, The Fray",""
1348,2006,128,20 Jul 06,"Colin Farrell, Brian Williams, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers",""
1349,2006,129,21 Jul 06,"Tina Fey, Cris Collinsworth & Jerome Bettis",""
1350,2006,130,24 Jul 06,"Kyra Sedgwick, arctic explorers Lonnie Dupree and Eric Larsen, Taking Back Sunday",""
1351,2006,131,25 Jul 06,"Jaime Pressly, Keith Olbermann, Los Lonely Boys",""
1352,2006,132,26 Jul 06,"John C. Reilly, Christina Milian, Pharrell",""
1353,2006,133,27 Jul 06,"Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, Everclear",""
1354,2006,134,28 Jul 06,"Abigail Breslin, Tour de France Champion Floyd Landis, Ben Harper",""
1355,2006,135,31 Jul 06,"William H. Macy, snake expert Jules Sylvester, Three Days Grace",""
1356,2006,136,01 Aug 06,"Lisa Kudrow, Piers Morgan, Wolfmother",""
1357,2006,137,02 Aug 06,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Kirson",""
1358,2006,138,03 Aug 06,"Courteney Cox-Arquette, Steve Schirripa, Yung Joc",""
1359,2006,139,04 Aug 06,"Michael Clarke Duncan, ANT, 30 Seconds to Mars",""
1360,2006,140,07 Aug 06,"Sen. John McCain, Justin Long, Five for Fighting",""
1361,2006,141,08 Aug 06,"Bill Maher, Floyd Landis, Stone Sour",""
1362,2006,142,09 Aug 06,"Mariska Hargitay, Ashley Tisdale, Todd Snider",""
1363,2006,143,10 Aug 06,"Kevin Nealon, Kristen Bell, Panic Channel",""
1364,2006,144,11 Aug 06,"David Duchovny, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jeff Corwin & animals",""
1365,2006,145,28 Aug 06,"David Spade, Eva Mendes, Zero 7 with Jose Gonzalez",""
1366,2006,146,29 Aug 06,"Orlando Bloom, Carrot Top, Starsailor",""
1367,2006,147,30 Aug 06,"Jeff Foxworthy, Leelee Sobieski, Pete Yorn",""
1368,2006,148,31 Aug 06,"Ellen DeGeneres, Richard Engel, We Are Family",""
1369,2006,149,01 Sep 06,"Brooke Shields, Jerome Bettis, Foo Fightersr",""
1370,2006,150,05 Sep 06,"Scarlett Johansson, Greg Behrendt, Toby Keith",""
1371,2006,151,06 Sep 06,"Ben Affleck, James Carville, Dwight Yoakam",""
1372,2006,152,07 Sep 06,"Jessica Simpson, D.L. Hughley, The Roots",""
1373,2006,153,08 Sep 06,"Megan Mullally, Betty Horton, Sam Bush with Emmylou Harris",""
1374,2006,154,11 Sep 06,"James Woods, Charlie Rose, Daniel Rodriguez",""
1375,2006,155,12 Sep 06,"Billy Bob Thornton, Diane Lane, Lionel Richie",""
1376,2006,156,13 Sep 06,"Matthew Perry, Daryl Peebles, OutKast",""
1377,2006,157,14 Sep 06,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jude Law, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band",""
1378,2006,158,15 Sep 06,"Howie Mandel, Clay Aiken",""
1379,2006,159,18 Sep 06,"Jason Lee, Elton John",""
1380,2006,160,19 Sep 06,"Justin Timberlake, Sarah Silverman",""
1381,2006,161,20 Sep 06,"Steve Carell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joan Jett",""
1382,2006,162,21 Sep 06,"Teri Hatcher, Jon Heder, Kenny Chesney",""
1383,2006,163,22 Sep 06,"Calista Flockhart, Harland Williams, Gomez",""
1384,2006,164,25 Sep 06,"Eva Longoria, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Death Cab for Cutie",""
1385,2006,165,26 Sep 06,"Adrien Brody, Chef G. Garvin, Alan Jackson",""
1386,2006,166,27 Sep 06,"Evangeline Lilly, Magic Johnson, Diana Krall",""
1387,2006,167,28 Sep 06,"Ashton Kutcher, Jenna Fischer, Amos Lee",""
1388,2006,168,29 Sep 06,"Jessica Simpson, Bill O'Reilly, Snow Patrol",""
1389,2006,169,02 Oct 06,"Wanda Sykes, Chris Matthews, John Mayer",""
1390,2006,170,03 Oct 06,"Helen Mirren, B.J. Novak, Jet",""
1391,2006,171,04 Oct 06,"Michael Clarke Duncan, Lisa Lampanelli, Rod Stewart",""
1392,2006,172,05 Oct 06,"Bob Newhart, Kristin Chenoweth, Camp Freddy",""
1393,2006,173,06 Oct 06,"Jarod Miller, Bradley Whitford, Ray LaMontagne",""
1394,2006,174,09 Oct 06,"Tina Fey, Annika Sorenstam, Fergie",""
1395,2006,175,10 Oct 06,"Tiger Woods, Emeril Lagasse, Chingy",""
1396,2006,176,11 Oct 06,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Heidi Klum, Le Rêve",""
1397,2006,177,12 Oct 06,"Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Chris Young",""
1398,2006,178,13 Oct 06,"David Gregory, Ali Larter, Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians",""
1399,2006,179,16 Oct 06,"Hugh Jackman, Tim McGraw",""
1400,2006,180,17 Oct 06,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tim Burton, Barry Manilow",""
1401,2006,181,18 Oct 06,"Annette Bening, Mad Scientist David Willey, Sarah McLachlan",""
1402,2006,182,19 Oct 06,"Sally Field, Bug Man Ruud Kleinpaste, Kevin Federline",""
1403,2006,183,20 Oct 06,"John Landis & The Spiridellis Brothers, JoJo",""
1404,2006,184,30 Oct 06,"Tim Allen, 8-year-old opera singer Gwyn Mackenzie, Carrie Underwood",""
1405,2006,185,31 Oct 06,"Roseanne Barr, Sharon Osbourne, Marilyn Manson",""
1406,2006,186,01 Nov 06,"Emma Thompson, Spencer Breslin, Regina Spektor",""
1407,2006,187,02 Nov 06,"Penelope Cruz, John Stamos, "Weird Al" Yankovic",""
1408,2006,188,03 Nov 06,"Russell Crowe, Rachael Ray, Kellie Pickler",""
1409,2006,189,06 Nov 06,"Hugh Laurie, America Ferrara, the Cheetah Girls",""
1410,2006,190,07 Nov 06,"Courtney Love, Brad Garrett, OK Go",""
1411,2006,191,08 Nov 06,"Ellen DeGeneres, Fred Willard, Tony Bennett",""
1412,2006,192,09 Nov 06,"Borat, Martha Stewart, Damian Rice",""
1413,2006,193,10 Nov 06,"Lindsay Lohan, Emmitt Smith, Army Of Anyone",""
1414,2006,194,13 Nov 06,"Sharon Stone, Patricia Arquette, Vince Gill",""
1415,2006,195,14 Nov 06,"Rachel Weisz, Nick Cannon, Il Divo",""
1416,2006,196,15 Nov 06,"Jaime Pressly, Adventurer Bear Grylls, Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles - LOVE",""
1417,2006,197,16 Nov 06,"Emilio Estevez, D.L. Hughley, Josh Groban",""
1418,2006,198,17 Nov 06,"Kate Winslet, Wilmer Valderrama, Buddy Guy",""
1419,2006,199,20 Nov 06,"Demi Moore, Ron Livingston, Chris Cornell",""
1420,2006,200,21 Nov 06,"Denzel Washington, Catherine O'Hara, Jerry Lee Lewis with Kid Rock",""
1421,2006,201,22 Nov 06,"Amazing Animals With Julie Scardina, Ellen Pompeo, Nelly Furtado",""
1422,2006,202,23 Nov 06,"Howie Mandel, Nelly Furtado",""
1423,2006,203,24 Nov 06,"Kristin Davis, Ralphie May",""
1424,2006,204,27 Nov 06,"Cameron Diaz, Gwyn Mackenzie, The Wreckers",""
1425,2006,205,28 Nov 06,"Lucy Liu, Bob Saget, Snoop Dogg",""
1426,2006,206,29 Nov 06,"Al Gore, Karolina Kurkova, Fantasia",""
1427,2006,207,30 Nov 06,"Morgan Freeman, Josh Duhamel, Barenaked Ladies",""
1428,2006,208,01 Dec 06,"Sen. Barack Obama, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Taylor Hicks",""
1429,2006,209,04 Dec 06,"Cate Blanchett, Larry the Cable Guy, Corinne Bailey Rae",""
1430,2006,210,05 Dec 06,"Dennis Miller, LaDainian Tomlinson, K.T. Tunstall",""
1431,2006,211,06 Dec 06,"Jack Black, Chef G. Garvin, Paulina Rubio",""
1432,2006,212,07 Dec 06,"Mel Gibson, Bil Dwyer, Ludacris",""
1433,2006,213,08 Dec 06,"Sylvester Stallone, Parminder Nagra, Seal",""
1434,2006,214,11 Dec 06,"Former President Jimmy Carter, Edward Norton, Panic! At the Disco",""
1435,2006,215,12 Dec 06,"Jamie Foxx, Brad Paisley",""
1436,2006,216,13 Dec 06,"Dakota Fanning, Aaron Eckhart, Twisted Sister",""
1437,2006,217,14 Dec 06,"Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, The Goo Goo Dolls",""
1438,2006,218,15 Dec 06,"Tobey Maguire, spider expert Jules Sylvester, Sarah McLachlan",""
1439,2006,219,18 Dec 06,"Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Thune, Scott Weiland",""
1440,2006,220,19 Dec 06,"Robert De Niro, Jennifer Hudson",""
1441,2006,221,20 Dec 06,"Will Smith, Pamela Anderson, Richard Roeper, The Blind Boys of Alabama",""
1442,2006,222,21 Dec 06,"Matthew McConaughey, Opie and Anthony, The Killers",""
1443,2006,223,22 Dec 06,"Dustin Hoffman, Abigail Breslin, African Children's Choir",""
1444,2007,1,02 Jan 07,"George Clooney, Maria Lark, Unwritten Law",""
1445,2007,2,03 Jan 07,"Justin Timberlake, Masi Oka, Matisyahu",""
1446,2007,3,04 Jan 07,"Hilary Swank, Tom Papa, Akon",""
1447,2007,4,05 Jan 07,"Terry Bradshaw, baker Marjorie Johnson, Papa Roach",""
1448,2007,5,08 Jan 07,"Kiefer Sutherland, Betty White, Chris Daughtry",""
1449,2007,6,09 Jan 07,"Ben Affleck, Chris Leak, Jewel",""
1450,2007,7,10 Jan 07,"Sen. John Edwards, Terri Irwin, Mindy Smith",""
1451,2007,8,11 Jan 07,"Helen Mirren, Isaac Mizrahi, Los Lonely Boys",""
1452,2007,9,12 Jan 07,"Renée Zellweger, Joy Behar, Common",""
1453,2007,10,15 Jan 07,"Paula Abdul, D.L. Hughley, Tyrese feat. Lil Jon",""
1454,2007,11,16 Jan 07,"Matt Lauer, John & Margaret Ragonese, The All-American Rejects",""
1455,2007,12,17 Jan 07,"Meredith Vieira, Ryan Reynolds, Robin Thicke",""
1456,2007,13,18 Jan 07,"James Woods, Lisa Lampanelli, Five For Fighting",""
1457,2007,14,19 Jan 07,"Don Rickles, John Stamos, Rocco DeLuca & The Burden",""
1458,2007,15,22 Jan 07,"Jennifer Garner, Ty Pennington, Bow Wow",""
1459,2007,16,23 Jan 07,"Jon Cryer, Jeff Garcia, Switchfoot",""
1460,2007,17,24 Jan 07,"Sienna Miller, Phyllis Diller, Branford Marsalis Quartet",""
1461,2007,18,25 Jan 07,"Wanda Sykes, Sendhil Ramamurthy, The Bird And The Bee",""
1462,2007,19,26 Jan 07,"Rebecca Romijn, Bob Saget, Rodrigo Y Gabriela",""
1463,2007,20,29 Jan 07,"Bill Cosby, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Katharine McPhee",""
1464,2007,21,30 Jan 07,"Diane Keaton, Ivanka Trump, The Soweto Gospel Choir",""
1465,2007,22,31 Jan 07,"Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera, Daniel Powter",""
1466,2007,23,01 Feb 07,"Abigail Breslin, Amazing Animals With Julie Scardina, Christina Aguilera",""
1467,2007,24,02 Feb 07,"Cuba Gooding Jr., Miss USA Tara Conner, The Game",""
1468,2007,25,05 Feb 07,"Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Hudson, John Waite and Alison Krauss",""
1469,2007,26,06 Feb 07,"Penelope Cruz, Tyler Perry, James Hunter",""
1470,2007,27,07 Feb 07,"Hugh Grant, Himalayan Bears With Julie Scardina, Norah Jones",""
1471,2007,28,08 Feb 07,"Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman, Mat Kearney",""
1472,2007,29,09 Feb 07,"Drew Barrymore, Kyle Krichbaum, Solomon Burke",""
1473,2007,30,12 Feb 07,"Nicolas Cage, D.J. Sampson & Sam Ballerini, The Fray",""
1474,2007,31,13 Feb 07,"Dennis Miller, baker Marjorie Johnson, Taylor Swift",""
1475,2007,32,14 Feb 07,"Beyoncé, Charles Barkley, Kenny Wayne Shepherd",""
1476,2007,33,15 Feb 07,"Jim Carrey, Gov. Tom Vilsack, Dustin Kensrue",""
1477,2007,34,16 Feb 07,"Teri Hatcher, Rhys Ifans, Omarion",""
1478,2007,35,19 Feb 07,"Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson & Ryan Seacrest, Tiki Barber, Silversun Pickups",""
1479,2007,36,20 Feb 07,"Bill Maher, skydiving accident survivor Michael Holmes, Rodney Atkins",""
1480,2007,37,21 Feb 07,"Jaime Pressly, Gordon Ramsay, Gomez",""
1481,2007,38,22 Feb 07,"Peter O'Toole, Christina Ricci, Hellogoodbye",""
1482,2007,39,23 Feb 07,"Animals With Joan Embery, William H. Macy, John Mellencamp",""
1483,2007,40,26 Feb 07,"Courteney Cox, Richard Roeper, Plain White Ts",""
1484,2007,41,27 Feb 07,"John Travolta, Katt Williams, Everclear",""
1485,2007,42,28 Feb 07,"Tim Allen, Hollywood's Most Talented Animals, Fergie",""
1486,2007,43,01 Mar 07,"Howie Mandel, Chris Hansen, Korn",""
1487,2007,44,02 Mar 07,"Queen Latifah, Gerard Butler, Buckcherry",""
1488,2007,45,12 Mar 07,"Mark Wahlberg, Brad Garrett, My Chemical Romance",""
1489,2007,46,13 Mar 07,"Sandra Bullock, Andy Richter, Evanescence",""
1490,2007,47,14 Mar 07,"Minnie Driver, Bailee Madison, Finger Eleven",""
1491,2007,48,15 Mar 07,"Dan Rather, bizarre food expert Andrew Zimmern, Lloyd",""
1492,2007,49,16 Mar 07,"Terry Bradshaw, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Musiq Soulchild",""
1493,2007,50,19 Mar 07,"Terrence Howard, Bruce Fine, the cast of "Jersey Boys"",""
1494,2007,51,20 Mar 07,"David Spade, Richard Engel, Hinder",""
1495,2007,52,21 Mar 07,"Roseanne Barr, Heather Mills, James Morrison",""
1496,2007,53,22 Mar 07,"Will Ferrell, Sen. Joseph Biden, Paolo Nutini",""
1497,2007,54,23 Mar 07,"Nick Nolte, bug expert Rudd Kleinpaste, Guster",""
1498,2007,55,26 Mar 07,"Quentin Tarantino, Pete Rose, Mika",""
1499,2007,56,27 Mar 07,"Jeff Foxworthy, Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin & Ray Zahab, Dierks Bentley",""
1500,2007,57,28 Mar 07,"Hilary Swank, Carlos Mencia, Gym Class Heroes",""
1501,2007,58,29 Mar 07,"Campbell Brown, Will Arnett, Dave Koz feat. Johnny Mathis",""
1502,2007,59,30 Mar 07,"Amy Poehler, Ricky Schroder, Ozomatli",""
1503,2007,60,02 Apr 07,"Kurt Russell, Shia LaBeouf, Hilary Duff",""
1504,2007,61,03 Apr 07,"Gerard Butler, Tim McGraw",""
1505,2007,62,04 Apr 07,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Robert Rodriguez, Brandi Carlile",""
1506,2007,63,05 Apr 07,"Craig T. Nelson, Molly Shannon, Sick Puppies",""
1507,2007,64,06 Apr 07,"Jeremy Piven, Jenna Fischer, John Legend",""
1508,2007,65,09 Apr 07,"Anthony Hopkins, Rose McGowan, Good Charlotte",""
1509,2007,66,10 Apr 07,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Patty Griffin",""
1510,2007,67,11 Apr 07,"Wanda Sykes, Jesse James, Rickie Lee Jones",""
1511,2007,68,12 Apr 07,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Relient K",""
1512,2007,69,13 Apr 07,"Rainn Wilson, Orny Adams, The Shins",""
1513,2007,70,16 Apr 07,"Luke Wilson, Alexandra Wentworth, Lily Allen",""
1514,2007,71,17 Apr 07,"Tim Russert, Eddie Izzard, Three Days Grace",""
1515,2007,72,18 Apr 07,"Tobey Maguire, Tori Spelling, Wicked",""
1516,2007,73,19 Apr 07,"Jack Black, Sanjaya, OK Go",""
1517,2007,74,20 Apr 07,"Kevin Bacon, Hayden Panettiere, Michael Phelps",""
1518,2007,75,23 Apr 07,"Zach Braff, Pat Summitt, Joss Stone",""
1519,2007,76,24 Apr 07,"Bill Maher, Sig & Edgar Hansen, Amy Winehouse",""
1520,2007,77,25 Apr 07,"Leah Remini, Adam Brody, Mavis Staples",""
1521,2007,78,26 Apr 07,"Jarod Miller, Kiefer Sutherland, Macy Gray feat. Natalie Cole",""
1522,2007,79,27 Apr 07,"Conan O'Brien, Venus Ramey, Kings of Leon",""
1523,2007,80,30 Apr 07,"Eric Bana, Oscar De La Hoya, Kaiser Chiefs",""
1524,2007,81,01 May 07,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Rove McManus, Patti Smith",""
1525,2007,82,02 May 07,"Mitt Romney, D.L. Hughley, Fall Out Boy",""
1526,2007,83,03 May 07,"Howie Mandel, Bryce Howard, Alan Jackson",""
1527,2007,84,04 May 07,"Thomas Haden Church, 102-year-old golfer Elsie McLean, Ne-Yo",""
1528,2007,85,07 May 07,"Mike Myers, Floyd Mayweather, The Cat Empire",""
1529,2007,86,08 May 07,"Matthew Fox, Larry the Cable Guy, Feist",""
1530,2007,87,09 May 07,"Antonio Banderas, Brady Barr, Aqualung",""
1531,2007,88,10 May 07,"Cameron Diaz, 6-year-old piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick, Nelly Furtado",""
1532,2007,89,11 May 07,"Amazing Animals With Julie Scardina, Gov. Bill Richardson, Miranda Lambert",""
1533,2007,90,14 May 07,"Dominic Monaghan, "American Idol" finalists Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis & Jordin Sparks, Taylor Hicks",""
1534,2007,91,15 May 07,"Orlando Bloom, Maria Lark, Gym Class Heroes",""
1535,2007,92,16 May 07,"Ricki Lake, baker Marjorie Johnson, Gretchen Wilson",""
1536,2007,93,17 May 07,"Felicity Huffman, bizarre food expert Andrew Zimmern, Dolores O'Riordan",""
1537,2007,94,18 May 07,"Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Fallon, Peter Bjorn And John",""
1538,2007,95,21 May 07,"Simon Cowell, 95-year-old college graduate Nola Ochs, Maroon 5",""
1539,2007,96,22 May 07,"Demi Moore, Judd Apatow, Angelique Kidjo feat. Ziggy Marley",""
1540,2007,97,23 May 07,"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Debra Messing, Fiction Plane",""
1541,2007,98,24 May 07,"Kevin Costner, "American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks, Daniel Tosh",""
1542,2007,99,25 May 07,"Dennis Miller, Ross "The Intern" Mathews, Dwight Yoakam",""
1543,2007,100,04 Jun 07,"Jessica Alba, Seth Rogen, Lucinda Williams",""
1544,2007,101,05 Jun 07,"George Clooney, senior-citizen band the Zimmers, Rihanna",""
1545,2007,102,06 Jun 07,"Bernie Mac, Cat Deeley, Chris Cornell",""
1546,2007,103,07 Jun 07,"Don Rickles, Josh Flitter, Dashboard Confessional",""
1547,2007,104,08 Jun 07,"Steve Carell, Kenny Smith, The Goo Goo Dolls",""
1548,2007,105,11 Jun 07,"Wanda Sykes, Mathias Sisters, John Mayer",""
1549,2007,106,12 Jun 07,"Fred Thompson, Lauren Graham, Toby Keith",""
1550,2007,107,13 Jun 07,"Terry Bradshaw, Shia LaBeouf, James Morrison",""
1551,2007,108,14 Jun 07,"Téa Leoni, Joy Behar, Bloc Party",""
1552,2007,109,15 Jun 07,"Bill Cosby, Charlie Gilpin, Aspen Nelson & Bryant Ashton, Avril Lavigne",""
1553,2007,110,18 Jun 07,"Robin Williams, Chelsea Handler, Big & Rich",""
1554,2007,111,19 Jun 07,"Michael Chiklis, Bruce Bowen, Sugarland",""
1555,2007,112,20 Jun 07,"Samuel L. Jackson, 17-year-old reptile expert Corbin Maxey, Jesse Malin",""
1556,2007,113,21 Jun 07,"John Cusack, Tavis Smiley, Lifehouse",""
1557,2007,114,22 Jun 07,"Cedric the Entertainer, Chip Foose, Kelly Clarkson",""
1558,2007,115,25 Jun 07,"John & Elizabeth Edwards, Maz Jobrani, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus",""
1559,2007,116,26 Jun 07,"Michael Moore, Justin Long, Mandy Moore",""
1560,2007,117,27 Jun 07,"Josh Duhamel, David Willey, Jason Aldean",""
1561,2007,118,28 Jun 07,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Leslie Mann, Velvet Revolver",""
1562,2007,119,29 Jun 07,"Ethan Hawke, Carlos Mencia, Breaking Benjamin",""
1563,2007,120,09 Jul 07,"Daniel Radcliffe, Patton Oswalt, The Decemberists",""
1564,2007,121,10 Jul 07,"Adam Sandler, Nikki Blonsky, Silverchair",""
1565,2007,122,11 Jul 07,"John Travolta, Tony Dungy, The Neville Brothers",""
1566,2007,123,12 Jul 07,"Jessica Biel, Bill Engvall, T-Pain feat. Yung Joc",""
1567,2007,124,13 Jul 07,"Victoria Beckham, James Blake, A Fine Frenzy",""
1568,2007,125,16 Jul 07,"Bill Maher, Minnie Driver",""
1569,2007,126,17 Jul 07,"Holly Hunter, Kent Couch, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals",""
1570,2007,127,18 Jul 07,"Sandra Bullock, Chris Matthews, Suzanne Vega",""
1571,2007,128,19 Jul 07,"Don Cheadle, Miley Cyrus, Puddle of Mudd",""
1572,2007,129,20 Jul 07,"Glenn Close, Sebastian Manisalco, Marilyn Manson",""
1573,2007,130,23 Jul 07,"Amazing Animals With Julie Scardina, Aaron Eckhart, Common",""
1574,2007,131,24 Jul 07,"Rob Schneider as Lindsay Lohan, Rove McManus, Sum 41",""
1575,2007,132,25 Jul 07,"Matt Damon, George Foreman, Stephen Stills",""
1576,2007,133,26 Jul 07,"Michael Moore, Orny Adams, Perry Farrell's Satellite Party",""
1577,2007,134,27 Jul 07,"Kevin James, Arctic swimmer Lewis Pugh, Katharine McPhee",""
1578,2007,135,30 Jul 07,"Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Nealon, Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová",""
1579,2007,136,31 Jul 07,"Chris Tucker, Marc Anthony, The John Butler Trio",""
1580,2007,137,01 Aug 07,"Heidi Klum, Anderson Cooper, Brad Paisley",""
1581,2007,138,02 Aug 07,"Claire Danes, Bob Saget, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals",""
1582,2007,139,03 Aug 07,"Hank Azaria, David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne & Piers Morgan, Daddy Yankee",""
1583,2007,140,06 Aug 07,"Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonah Hill, MIMS",""
1584,2007,141,07 Aug 07,"Cuba Gooding Jr., Zac Efron, John McLaughlin",""
1585,2007,142,08 Aug 07,"Seth Rogen, animal trainer Jules Sylvester, Hot Hot Heat",""
1586,2007,143,09 Aug 07,"David Duchovny, Tiki Barber, Nick Thune",""
1587,2007,144,10 Aug 07,"Rainn Wilson, Gordon Ramsay, Fuel",""
1588,2007,145,27 Aug 07,"Drew Carey, Richard Roeper, Colbie Caillat",""
1589,2007,146,28 Aug 07,"Sen. John McCain, Bill Hader, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals",""
1590,2007,147,29 Aug 07,"Jeff Foxworthy, Maria Lark, Mat Kearney",""
1591,2007,148,30 Aug 07,"Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jarod Miller, Wilco",""
1592,2007,149,31 Aug 07,"Seth Green, Mike Rowe, Collective Soul",""
1593,2007,150,04 Sep 07,"Dennis Miller, Capt. Ed Kiesel, Rodrigo Y Gabriela",""
1594,2007,151,05 Sep 07,"Fred Thompson, Jerome Bettis, Travis Tritt",""
1595,2007,152,06 Sep 07,"Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Cuban, Kings of Leon",""
1596,2007,153,07 Sep 07,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Chandra Wilson, Joe Henry",""
1597,2007,154,10 Sep 07,"Brad Garrett, Funny Car racer Ashley Force, Cirque du Soleil",""
1598,2007,155,11 Sep 07,"Denis Leary, Robert Klein, Spoon",""
1599,2007,156,12 Sep 07,"Kelsey Grammer, Dan Fogler, The Bravery",""
1600,2007,157,13 Sep 07,"Terry Bradshaw, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Buble",""
1601,2007,158,14 Sep 07,"Michael Douglas, Tavis Smiley, Good Charlotte",""
1602,2007,159,17 Sep 07,"Howie Mandel, Amanda Bynes, Emmylou Harris",""
1603,2007,160,18 Sep 07,"Jamie Foxx, Tim Gunn, Paolo Nutini",""
1604,2007,161,19 Sep 07,"Dane Cook, Ali Larter, LCD Soundsystem",""
1605,2007,162,20 Sep 07,"Jessica Alba, D.L. Hughley, Cold War Kids",""
1606,2007,163,21 Sep 07,"Hugh Laurie, Sherri Shepherd, The Editors",""
1607,2007,164,24 Sep 07,"Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Dennis Kucinich, Diana Krall",""
1608,2007,165,25 Sep 07,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jeff Corwin, Reba McEntire with Vince Gill",""
1609,2007,166,26 Sep 07,"Steve Carell, Madison Pettis, Bright Eyes",""
1610,2007,167,27 Sep 07,"Ben Stiller, Tony Snow, Raul Midon",""
1611,2007,168,28 Sep 07,"Teri Hatcher, Kevin McKidd, Queen Latifah",""
1612,2007,169,01 Oct 07,"Patricia Heaton, Emeril Lagasse, Tori Amos",""
1613,2007,170,02 Oct 07,"Jason Lee, Kristin Chenoweth, Pat Monahan",""
1614,2007,171,03 Oct 07,"Tom Selleck, Carlos Mencia, Bobbie and Willie Nelson",""
1615,2007,172,04 Oct 07,"John Larroquette, Chelsea Handler, Matchbox Twenty",""
1616,2007,173,05 Oct 07,"Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Annie Lennox",""
1617,2007,174,08 Oct 07,"Ben Affleck, Jim Norton, The Shins",""
1618,2007,175,09 Oct 07,"Jaime Pressly, Brady Barr, Blue Man Group",""
1619,2007,176,10 Oct 07,"Dana Carvey, Malin Akerman, Plain White T's",""
1620,2007,177,11 Oct 07,"Joaquin Phoenix, Gordon Ramsay, Vanessa Carlton",""
1621,2007,178,12 Oct 07,"Christina Applegate, Bill O'Reilly, Alicia Keys",""
1622,2007,179,15 Oct 07,"James Spader, Lara Logan, Steve Byrne",""
1623,2007,180,16 Oct 07,"Reese Witherspoon, David Koechner, PJ Harvey",""
1624,2007,181,17 Oct 07,"Sen. Barack Obama, Orny Adams, Keith Urban",""
1625,2007,182,18 Oct 07,"Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Ryan, Evanescence",""
1626,2007,183,19 Oct 07,"Halle Berry, Greg Grunberg, Dwight Yoakam",""
1627,2007,184,29 Oct 07,"Russell Crowe, Jenna Bush, Carrie Underwood",""
1628,2007,185,30 Oct 07,"Tom Cruise, Rep. Ron Paul, Sex Pistols",""
1629,2007,186,31 Oct 07,"Eva Mendes, Marjorie Johnson, Barry Manilow",""
1630,2007,187,01 Nov 07,"Denzel Washington, Dave Salmoni, LeAnn Rimes",""
1631,2007,188,02 Nov 07,"Steve Carell, Manny Ramirez, Backstreet Boys",""
1632,2008,1,02 Jan 08,"Gov. Mike Huckabee, Emeril Lagasse, Chingy",""
1633,2008,2,03 Jan 08,"Howie Mandel, Jason Lewis, Joe Nichols",""
1634,2008,3,04 Jan 08,"Animals With Jarod Miller, John Caparulo, Blake Lewis",""
1635,2008,4,07 Jan 08,"Ron Paul, Christopher Titus, Shakira",""
1636,2008,5,08 Jan 08,"Pamela Anderson, Mary J. Blige",""
1637,2008,6,09 Jan 08,"Jules Sylvester and animals, Maria Bartiromo, Finger Eleven",""
1638,2008,7,10 Jan 08,"Jimmy Kimmel, Elon Gold, OneRepublic",""
1639,2008,8,11 Jan 08,"Arsenio Hall, Melanie Metz & Peggy Willenberg, Seether",""
1640,2008,9,14 Jan 08,"Marilu Henner, Brady Barr, Jordan Sparks",""
1641,2008,10,15 Jan 08,"Bill Maher, Carrie Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli, Taylor Swift",""
1642,2008,11,16 Jan 08,"Chris Matthews, John Roy, Jill Scott",""
1643,2008,12,17 Jan 08,"D.L. Hughley, Joe Ligotti, Sara Bareilles",""
1644,2008,13,18 Jan 08,"Mitt Romney, Ryan Sheckler, Jonas Brothers",""
1645,2008,14,21 Jan 08,"Simon Cowell & Ryan Seacrest, Tavis Smiley, Shaggy",""
1646,2008,15,22 Jan 08,"David Gregory, Performing Birds, Puddle Of Mudd",""
1647,2008,16,23 Jan 08,"Adam Carolla, Richard Roeper, Shooter Jennings",""
1648,2008,17,24 Jan 08,"Animals With Julie Scardina, Chelsea Handler, Buckcherry",""
1649,2008,18,25 Jan 08,"Hulk Hogan, Mad Scientist David Willey, Natasha Bedingfield",""
1650,2008,19,28 Jan 08,"Chazz Palminteri, Alison Sweeney, Dierks Bentley",""
1651,2008,20,29 Jan 08,"Lester Holt, Blue Ribbon Baker Marjorie Johnson, Raheem DeVaughn",""
1652,2008,21,30 Jan 08,"Animals with Dave Salmoni, Tom Green, Maroon 5",""
1653,2008,22,31 Jan 08,"Sen. John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Shelby Lynne",""
1654,2008,23,01 Feb 08,"Tom Brokaw, Terrell Owens, Graham Colton",""
1655,2008,24,04 Feb 08,"Dan Rather, Mike Rowe, Josh Kelley",""
1656,2008,25,05 Feb 08,"Insects with Brent Karner, Stephen Baldwin, J. Holiday",""
1657,2008,26,06 Feb 08,"Frank Caliendo, Chimp Rescuer Eugene Cussons, Flo Rida",""
1658,2008,27,07 Feb 08,"Arsenio Hall, Paula Deen, James Blunt",""
1659,2008,28,08 Feb 08,"Brian Williams, Ahmed Ahmed, Enrique Iglesias",""
1660,2008,29,11 Feb 08,"Larry the Cable Guy, Bobby Knight, Andrea Bocelli",""
1661,2008,30,12 Feb 08,"Larry the Cable Guy, Bruno Tonioli, Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová",""
1662,2008,31,13 Feb 08,"Joan Embery and Animals, Larry the Cable Guy, Mika",""
1663,2008,32,14 Feb 08,"Russell Crowe, Larry the Cable Guy, Willie Nelson",""
1664,2008,33,15 Feb 08,"Kristen Chenoweth, Russell Peters, Lifehouse",""
1665,2008,34,18 Feb 08,"Reese Witherspoon, Alex Cambert, Gary Allan",""
1666,2008,35,19 Feb 08,"Will Ferrell, Hayden Christensen, The Hives",""
1667,2008,36,20 Feb 08,"Garth Brooks, Christina Ricci",""
1668,2008,37,21 Feb 08,"Heidi Klum, James McAvoy, John Fogerty",""
1669,2008,38,22 Feb 08,"Colin Farrell, Bill O'Reilly, Herbie Hancock",""
1670,2008,39,25 Feb 08,"Eric Bana, Catherine O'Hara, Tift Merritt",""
1671,2008,40,26 Feb 08,"Dennis Quaid, David Koechner, Lupe Fiasco",""
1672,2008,41,27 Feb 08,"Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Brooke Shields",""
1673,2008,42,28 Feb 08,"Wanda Sykes, Bryan Cranston, Cat Power",""
1674,2008,43,29 Feb 08,"Dave Salmoni and Animals, Patricia Arquette, The Punch Brothers",""
1675,2008,44,10 Mar 08,"Dominic Monaghan, Ethan Bortnick, Sheryl Crow",""
1676,2008,45,11 Mar 08,"America Ferrera, Bob Saget, The Blind Boys of Alabama",""
1677,2008,46,12 Mar 08,"Bill Cosby, Novak Djokovic, Landon Pigg",""
1678,2008,47,13 Mar 08,"Howie Mandel, Minnie Driver",""
1679,2008,48,14 Mar 08,"Naomi Watts, Christian Siriano, Gavin DeGraw",""
1680,2008,49,17 Mar 08,"Kate Beckinsale, Carlos Mencia, The Bravery",""
1681,2008,50,18 Mar 08,"Terry Bradshaw, James Carville & Mary Matalin, Michael McDonald",""
1682,2008,51,19 Mar 08,"Ryan Phillippe, Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Lauderdale",""
1683,2008,52,20 Mar 08,"John Edwards, Leslie Mann, Nada Surf",""
1684,2008,53,21 Mar 08,"Adam Carolla, Geraldo Rivera, The Black Crowes",""
1685,2008,54,24 Mar 08,"Peter O'Toole, Katt Williams, Leona Lewis",""
1686,2008,55,25 Mar 08,"Abigail Breslin, Seth Meyers, Steve Earle",""
1687,2008,56,26 Mar 08,"John Krasinski, Joe Torre, José González",""
1688,2008,57,27 Mar 08,"Conan O'Brien, Anderson Cooper, Allison Moorer",""
1689,2008,58,28 Mar 08,"John Larroquette, Kid Inventors, k.d. lang",""
1690,2008,59,31 Mar 08,"Jodie Foster, Cedric the Entertainer, Lili Haydn",""
1691,2008,60,01 Apr 08,"David Beckham, Sherri Shepherd, The B-52's",""
1692,2008,61,02 Apr 08,"Steve Carell, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ani DiFranco",""
1693,2008,62,03 Apr 08,"Sen. Hillary Clinton, Patton Oswalt, Ferras",""
1694,2008,63,04 Apr 08,"David Spade, Nora Hardwick, Ben Lee",""
1695,2008,64,07 Apr 08,"Thomas Hayden Church, Sig & Edgar Hansen, Jimmy Eat World",""
1696,2008,65,08 Apr 08,"Dennis Quaid, Russell Brand, P.O.D.",""
1697,2008,66,09 Apr 08,"Ellen Page, Donny & Marie Osmond, Angie Stone",""
1698,2008,67,10 Apr 08,"Keanu Reeves, Chelsea Handler, The Redwalls",""
1699,2008,68,11 Apr 08,"William Shatner, Tricia Helfer, Ryan Bingham",""
1700,2008,69,14 Apr 08,"Mark Harmon, Corbin Maxey, Ray J",""
1701,2008,70,15 Apr 08,"Brad Garrett, John Melendez, Ingrid Michaelson",""
1702,2008,71,16 Apr 08,"Charles Barkley, The Young@Heart Chorus",""
1703,2008,72,17 Apr 08,"Ewan McGregor, John Cho & Kal Penn, Seether",""
1704,2008,73,18 Apr 08,"Tracey Ullman, Jason Taylor, Flogging Molly",""
1705,2008,74,21 Apr 08,"Dave Salmoni, Norm MacDonald, Ashlee Simpson",""
1706,2008,75,22 Apr 08,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Segel, Goldfrapp",""
1707,2008,76,23 Apr 08,"Patrick Dempsey, Ed Begley Jr., Tegan and Sara",""
1708,2008,77,24 Apr 08,"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilu Henner, Old 97's",""
1709,2008,78,25 Apr 08,"Hugh Laurie, Doug Fine, Prince",""
1710,2008,79,28 Apr 08,"Helen Hunt, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Duffy",""
1711,2008,80,29 Apr 08,"Dr. Phil McGraw, the Lopez family, Natasha Bedingfield",""
1712,2008,81,30 Apr 08,"Cindy McCain, Ed Helms, Augustana",""
1713,2008,82,01 May 08,"Robin Williams, Terrence Howard, Serj Tankian",""
1714,2008,83,02 May 08,"Sally Field, Jesse Ventura, Sleepercar",""
1715,2008,84,05 May 08,"Robert Downey Jr., Carlos Mencia, Rascal Flatts",""
1716,2008,85,06 May 08,"Julie Scardina and animals, Christina Ricci, KT Tunstall",""
1717,2008,86,07 May 08,"Former President Jimmy Carter, Jon Favreau, P.O.D.",""
1718,2008,87,08 May 08,"Jenna Fischer, Robert Schimmel, Trace Adkins",""
1719,2008,88,09 May 08,"Harrison Ford, William Moseley, Carly Simon",""
1720,2008,89,12 May 08,"Jack Black, Clay Aiken",""
1721,2008,90,13 May 08,"Evangeline Lilly, Ben Barnes, Switchfoot",""
1722,2008,91,14 May 08,"Rainn Wilson, Howard Dean, Kate Nash",""
1723,2008,92,15 May 08,"Dana Delany, Adam Carolla, Dwight Yoakam",""
1724,2008,93,16 May 08,"Matthew Fox, Kathleen Edwards",""
1725,2008,94,19 May 08,"Simon Cowell, Rob Schneider, Josh Groban",""
1726,2008,95,20 May 08,"Sylvester Stallone, Irma & Ray Ziff, Jason Mraz",""
1727,2008,96,21 May 08,"Adam Sandler, Hilary Duff, Al Green",""
1728,2008,97,22 May 08,"Laura & Jenna Bush, David Cook, Tristan Prettyman",""
1729,2008,98,23 May 08,"Terry Bradshaw, Turkey Baster Virtuoso Ray Sanders, Colbie Caillat",""
1730,2008,99,02 Jun 08,"William Shatner, Chelsea Handler, Newton Faulkner",""
1731,2008,100,03 Jun 08,"Liv Tyler, Judd Apatow, Usher",""
1732,2008,101,04 Jun 08,"Jeff Foxworthy, Arianna Huffington, N.E.R.D.",""
1733,2008,102,05 Jun 08,"Dustin Hoffman, Gordon Ramsay, Flobots",""
1734,2008,103,06 Jun 08,"Will Smith, Pete Sampras, Ed Harcourt",""
1735,2008,104,09 Jun 08,"Russel Brand, Bill Engvall, Aimee Mann",""
1736,2008,105,10 Jun 08,"Justin Timberlake, Karen Allen, Sheryl Crow",""
1737,2008,106,11 Jun 08,"Dana Carvey, Spencer Breslin, Priscilla Ahn",""
1738,2008,107,12 Jun 08,"Mike Myers, Abigail Breslin, David Cook",""
1739,2008,108,13 Jun 08,"Larry the Cable Guy, Bob Costas, Ashanti",""
1740,2008,109,16 Jun 08,"Anne Hathaway, Gabriel Iglesias, Amos Lee",""
1741,2008,110,17 Jun 08,"Don Rickles, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith & Ernie Johnson, Jewel",""
1742,2008,111,18 Jun 08,"Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tom Papa, Against Me!",""
1743,2008,112,19 Jun 08,"Wanda Sykes, James McAvoy, Duffy",""
1744,2008,113,20 Jun 08,"Bette Midler, Al Roker",""
1745,2008,114,07 Jul 08,"Selma Blair, Kevin Nealon, Steve Tyrell",""
1746,2008,115,08 Jul 08,"Aaron Eckhart, Dara Torres, Los Lonely Boys",""
1747,2008,116,09 Jul 08,"Animal Expert Jarod Miller, David Koechner, Sara Bareilles",""
1748,2008,117,10 Jul 08,"Kathy Griffin, Adam Carolla, Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis",""
1749,2008,118,11 Jul 08,"Michael Caine, Elizabeth Banks, Ludo",""
1750,2008,119,14 Jul 08,"Will Ferrell, Mary McCormack, James Hunter",""
1751,2008,120,15 Jul 08,"David Duchovny, Olympic shot putter Reese Hoffa, Jakob Dylan",""
1752,2008,121,16 Jul 08,"John C. Reilly, Venus Williams, Gavin Rossdale",""
1753,2008,122,17 Jul 08,"David Spade, Jordana Spiro, Coldplay",""
1754,2008,123,18 Jul 08,"Tim Allen, Demi Lovato, OneRepublic",""
1755,2008,124,21 Jul 08,"Kyra Sedgwick, Chris Matthews, Alanis Morissette",""
1756,2008,125,22 Jul 08,"Gillian Anderson, Dave Attell, The Duke Spirit",""
1757,2008,126,23 Jul 08,"Kevin Costner, D.L. Hughley, The Time",""
1758,2008,127,24 Jul 08,"Kelsey Grammer, Hugh Rowland & Drew Sherwood, Gavin McGraw",""
1759,2008,128,25 Jul 08,"Kevin Spacey, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Jesse McCartney",""
1760,2008,129,28 Jul 08,"Julie Scardina, Brendan Fraser, Gnarls Barkley",""
1761,2008,130,29 Jul 08,"Seth Rogen, Joan Allen, Third Day",""
1762,2008,131,30 Jul 08,"Rainn Wilson, Emeril Lagasse, Sergio Mendes featuring Ledisi",""
1763,2008,132,31 Jul 08,"Rosie Perez, Robin Thicke",""
1764,2008,133,01 Aug 08,"Bill Cosby, Emma Stone, John Mellencamp with T Bone Burnett",""
1765,2008,134,04 Aug 08,"Ben Stiller, Jonas Brothers",""
1766,2008,135,05 Aug 08,"Robert Downey Jr., Anna Faris, Toby Keith",""
1767,2008,136,06 Aug 08,"Jack Black, Pillsbury Bake-Off-Champ Carolyn Gurtz, Conor Oberst",""
1768,2008,137,07 Aug 08,"Nick Nolte, Carrot Top, Solomon Burke",""
1769,2008,138,08 Aug 08,"Scarlett Johansson, Luke Ford, Chris Cornell",""
1770,2008,139,25 Aug 08,"Sen. John McCain, Dara Torres, Juliana Hatfield",""
1771,2008,140,26 Aug 08,"Norm MacDonald, Nastia Liukin, B.B. King",""
1772,2008,141,27 Aug 08,"Bill Maher, Henry Cejudo, Low vs Diamond",""
1773,2008,142,28 Aug 08,"Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Coughlin, Missy Higgins",""
1774,2008,143,29 Aug 08,"Arsenio Hall, Shawn Johnson, Chuck Berry",""
1775,2008,144,02 Sep 08,"Russell Brand, Eva Longoria Parker, Ingrid Michaelson",""
1776,2008,145,03 Sep 08,"Billy Bob Thornton, Ethan Bortnick, Brian Wilson",""
1777,2008,146,04 Sep 08,"Howie Mandel, Sanya Richards, The Game",""
1778,2008,147,05 Sep 08,"Eva Mendes, Chris Matthews, Shinedown",""
1779,2008,148,08 Sep 08,"Michael Phelps, J.B. Smoove, Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon",""
1780,2008,149,09 Sep 08,"Jules Sylvester, Annette Bening, Leona Lewis",""
1781,2008,150,10 Sep 08,"Matthew McConaughey, T. Boone Pickens, Al Green",""
1782,2008,151,11 Sep 08,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Jerome Bettis, Alejandro Escovedo",""
1783,2008,152,12 Sep 08,"Hugh Laurie, Dame Edna, Raphael Saadiq",""
1784,2008,153,15 Sep 08,"Kate Hudson, Michael C. Hall, Eric Hutchinson",""
1785,2008,154,16 Sep 08,"Shia LaBeouf, Beau Biden, Nelly",""
1786,2008,155,17 Sep 08,"Ed Harris, Meghan McCain, George Clinton & The Gangsters Of The Love All-Stars",""
1787,2008,156,18 Sep 08,"Dane Cook, Kristen Bell, Hawthorne Heights",""
1788,2008,157,19 Sep 08,"Brooke Shields, Dolly Parton",""
1789,2008,158,22 Sep 08,"Charlize Theron, Little Britain, My Morning Jacket",""
1790,2008,159,23 Sep 08,"Wanda Sykes, Zachary Levi, Glen Campbell",""
1791,2008,160,24 Sep 08,"Dr. Phil McGraw, Kevin Farley, Plain White T's",""
1792,2008,161,25 Sep 08,"Jay Mohr, Cloris Leachman, The Hives",""
1793,2008,162,26 Sep 08,"Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Hudson",""
1794,2008,163,29 Sep 08,"Russell Crowe, Chelsea Handler, Lang Lang",""
1795,2008,164,30 Sep 08,"Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Wagner, Jazmine Sullivan",""
1796,2008,165,01 Oct 08,"Greg Kinnear, Mindy Kaling, Nikka Costa",""
1797,2008,166,02 Oct 08,"Dennis Miller, Boo Weekley, Jack's Mannequin",""
1798,2008,167,03 Oct 08,"Molly Shannon, Warren Sapp, T.I.",""
1799,2008,168,06 Oct 08,"Gerard Butler, Natasha Leggero, Katy Perry",""
1800,2008,169,07 Oct 08,"Bill Maher, Jim Norton, James Taylor",""
1801,2008,170,08 Oct 08,"Dana Carvey, Zack Hample, Marc Broussard",""
1802,2008,171,09 Oct 08,"Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Maddow, Rachael Yamagata",""
1803,2008,172,10 Oct 08,"Terry Bradshaw, Vanessa Hudgens, Jackson Browne",""
1804,2008,173,13 Oct 08,"Selma Blair, Katt Williams, Amy Lee",""
1805,2008,174,14 Oct 08,"Dakota Fanning, Christopher Meloni, Loni Love",""
1806,2008,175,15 Oct 08,"Drew Barrymore, Zac Efron, Kenny Chesney",""
1807,2008,176,16 Oct 08,"Sen. Joe Biden, Colin Farrell, Lenka",""
1808,2008,177,17 Oct 08,"Daniel Craig, Kevin Smith, Black Kids",""
1809,2008,178,27 Oct 08,"Michelle Obama, Chris Rock, Darius Rucker",""
1810,2008,179,28 Oct 08,"Seth Rogen, David Gregory, Cold War Kids",""
1811,2008,180,29 Oct 08,"Sarah Silverman, Rove McManus, The Kooks",""
1812,2008,181,30 Oct 08,"Christina Applegate, Frank Caliendo, Fall Out Boy",""
1813,2008,182,31 Oct 08,"Elizabeth Banks, Jack McBrayer, Death Cab For Cutie",""
1814,2008,183,03 Nov 08,"Animals with Julie Scardina, Kate Walsh, Sugarland",""
1815,2008,184,05 Nov 08,"Samuel L. Jackson, Tony Durant, Tracy Chapman",""
1816,2008,185,06 Nov 08,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jimmie Johnson, David Archuleta",""
1817,2008,186,07 Nov 08,"Joy Behar, Lance Bass, TV On The Radio",""
1818,2008,187,10 Nov 08,"Martha Stewart, John Stamos, Dido",""
1819,2008,188,11 Nov 08,"Sen. John McCain, Steve Byrne, Kaiser Chiefs",""
1820,2008,189,12 Nov 08,"Steve Carell, Joel Levinson, Gym Class Heroes",""
1821,2008,190,13 Nov 08,"Anderson Cooper, Steve Byrne, Sarah McLachlan",""
1822,2008,191,14 Nov 08,"Miley Cyrus, Jason Statham, David Cook",""
1823,2008,192,17 Nov 08,"Kiefer Sutherland, Lisa Lampanelli, Barry Manilow",""
1824,2008,193,18 Nov 08,"Larry the Cable Guy, Chris Matthews, Adele",""
1825,2008,194,19 Nov 08,"Bill Maher, Kristin Chenoweth, Nickelback",""
1826,2008,195,20 Nov 08,"Hugh Jackman, Tenacious D",""
1827,2008,196,21 Nov 08,"Jay Mohr, Marjorie Johnson, Scott Weiland",""
1828,2008,197,24 Nov 08,"Ron Howard, Jonas Brothers",""
1829,2008,198,25 Nov 08,"Josh Brolin, Chelsea Handler, The Killers",""
1830,2008,199,26 Nov 08,"Heidi Klum, Robert Pattinson, Seal",""
1831,2008,200,01 Dec 08,"Debra Messing, Cody Willard, Celine Dion",""
1832,2008,201,02 Dec 08,"Kathy Griffin, David Frost, Colbie Caillat",""
1833,2008,202,03 Dec 08,"Heather Locklear, Christiane Amanpour, Tom Jones",""
1834,2008,203,04 Dec 08,"Brian Williams, Kirk Fox, Common",""
1835,2008,204,05 Dec 08,"Cate Blanchett, Tim Reid & Tom Dreesen, Taylor Swift",""
1836,2008,205,08 Dec 08,"Will Smith, Paula Deen, k.d. lang",""
1837,2008,206,09 Dec 08,"Kate Beckinsale, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson",""
1838,2008,207,10 Dec 08,"Wanda Sykes, Michael Phelps, Lyle Lovett",""
1839,2008,208,11 Dec 08,"Tom Cruise, Frank Caliendo, The Cure",""
1840,2008,209,12 Dec 08,"Jamie Foxx, David Gregory",""
1841,2008,210,15 Dec 08,"Kate Winslet, Dame Edna, Sheryl Crow",""
1842,2008,211,16 Dec 08,"Jim Carrey, Rosario Dawson, Relient K",""
1843,2008,212,17 Dec 08,"Scarlett Johansson, Kenneth Branaugh, Staind",""
1844,2008,213,18 Dec 08,"Adam Sandler, Zooey Deschanel, Los Lonely Boys",""
1845,2008,214,19 Dec 08,"James Franco, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Melissa Etheridge",""
1846,2008,215,22 Dec 08,"Robin Williams, Freida Pinto, Johnny Mathis",""
1847,2008,216,23 Dec 08,"Owen Wilson, Julie Scardina, Natalie Cole",""
1848,2009,1,05 Jan 09,"Terry Bradshaw, Jack Witherspoon, Iron & Wine",""
1849,2009,2,06 Jan 09,"Queen Latifah, Adam Carolla, Pussycat Dolls",""
1850,2009,3,07 Jan 09,"Anne Hathaway, Brady Barr, Jeff Dunham",""
1851,2009,4,08 Jan 09,"Dustin Hoffman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Lady GaGa",""
1852,2009,5,09 Jan 09,"Daniel Craig, Taraji P. Henson, Eagles of Death Metal",""
1853,2009,6,12 Jan 09,"David Duchovny, Richard Roeper, The All-American Rejects",""
1854,2009,7,13 Jan 09,"Mickey Rourke, Toni Collette, John Legend",""
1855,2009,8,14 Jan 09,"Cherie Blair, Ralph Fiennes, Brett Dennen",""
1856,2009,9,15 Jan 09,"Kevin James, Emma Roberts, MuteMath",""
1857,2009,10,16 Jan 09,"Hugh Laurie, Chuck Todd, Band From TV",""
1858,2009,11,19 Jan 09,"Jimmy Fallon, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lee Ann Womack",""
1859,2009,12,20 Jan 09,"Wanda Sykes, Bernice Gallego, Buckcherry",""
1860,2009,13,21 Jan 09,"Cuba Gooding Jr., McKay Hatch, Musiq Soulchild",""
1861,2009,14,22 Jan 09,"Howie Mandel, Jerome Bettis, Lady Antebellum",""
1862,2009,15,23 Jan 09,"Marisa Tomei, Dr. Grey Stafford, Ty Barnett",""
1863,2009,16,26 Jan 09,"Josh Brolin, Windell Middlebrooks, the Bird & the Bee",""
1864,2009,17,27 Jan 09,"Rainn Wilson, Nikki Glaser, Hoobastank",""
1865,2009,18,28 Jan 09,"Dakota Fanning, Bradley Cooper, the Neville Brothers",""
1866,2009,19,29 Jan 09,"Jenna Fischer, Justin Long, Franz Ferdinand",""
1867,2009,20,30 Jan 09,"Elizabeth Banks, Dev Patel, James Morrison",""
1868,2009,21,02 Feb 09,"Kate Winslet, Danny Boyle, Akon",""
1869,2009,22,03 Feb 09,"Penelope Cruz, D.L. Hughley, Sara Bareilles",""
1870,2009,23,04 Feb 09,"Drew Barrymore, Serena Williams,",""
1871,2009,24,05 Feb 09,"Jennifer Aniston, Santonio Holmes, Jamey Johnson",""
1872,2009,25,06 Feb 09,"Dave Salmoni, Frank Langella, Ben Lee",""
1873,2009,26,09 Feb 09,"Simon Baker, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, Duffy",""
1874,2009,27,10 Feb 09,"Bill Maher, Viola Davis, Raphael Saadiz",""
1875,2009,28,11 Feb 09,"Amy Adams, Paula Abdul, Dierks Bentley",""
1876,2009,29,12 Feb 09,"Bill Cosby, Alec Greven, Erin McCarley",""
1877,2009,30,13 Feb 09,"Anne Hathaway, Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Annie Lennox",""
1878,2009,31,16 Feb 09,"Kevin Bacon, Josh Tickell, Lily Allen",""
1879,2009,32,17 Feb 09,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Travis Astrana, Andrew Bird",""
1880,2009,33,18 Feb 09,"Charlie Sheen, Arianna Huffington, Lisa Hannigan",""
1881,2009,34,19 Feb 09,"Dennis Miller, Freida Pinto, A.R. Rahman",""
1882,2009,35,20 Feb 09,"Meredith Vieira, Tom Papa, Chris Isaak",""
1883,2009,36,02 Mar 09,"Larry the Cable Guy, Malin Akerman, the Fray",""
1884,2009,37,03 Mar 09,"Bob Newhart, Rachel Maddow, Bettye Lavette",""
1885,2009,38,04 Mar 09,"Russell Brand, Gordon Ramsay, Neko Case",""
1886,2009,39,05 Mar 09,"Jarrod Miller, Sienna Miller, Tom Jones",""
1887,2009,40,06 Mar 09,"Christina Ricci, Papa Roach",""
1888,2009,41,09 Mar 09,"Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Demetri Martin, Rocco De Luca & The Burden",""
1889,2009,42,10 Mar 09,"Whoopi Goldberg, Elle Fanning, Keyshia Cole",""
1890,2009,43,11 Mar 09,"Ellen Degeneres, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Raul Malo",""
1891,2009,44,12 Mar 09,"Dwayne Johnson, Heather Headley",""
1892,2009,45,13 Mar 09,"John Krasinski, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Travis",""
1893,2009,46,16 Mar 09,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jim Norton, Randy Rogers Band",""
1894,2009,47,17 Mar 09,"Portia de Rossi, D.L. Hughley, Soundtrack of Our Lives",""
1895,2009,48,18 Mar 09,"Reese Witherspoon, Keith Olbermann, Naturally 7",""
1896,2009,49,19 Mar 09,"President Barack Obama, Garth Brooks",""
1897,2009,50,20 Mar 09,"Seth Rogen, Guy Fieri, Chris Cornell",""
1898,2009,51,23 Mar 09,"Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest, John Cena, Playing For Change",""
1899,2009,52,24 Mar 09,"Condoleezza Rice, Bill Hader, PJ Harvey & John Parish",""
1900,2009,53,25 Mar 09,"Halle Berry, Frank Caliendo, Prince",""
1901,2009,54,26 Mar 09,"Paul Giamatti, Emma Roberts, Prince",""
1902,2009,55,27 Mar 09,"Dana Carvey, Billy Mays, Prince",""
1903,2009,56,30 Mar 09,"Vin Diesel, Lisa Lampanelli, Gavin DeGraw",""
1904,2009,57,31 Mar 09,"Amy Poehler, Paul Walker, Fall Out Boy",""
1905,2009,58,01 Apr 09,"Michael Caine, Dennis Rodman, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer",""
1906,2009,59,02 Apr 09,"Ben Affleck, Taylor Swift",""
1907,2009,60,03 Apr 09,"Miley Cyrus, Tom Lennon",""
1908,2009,61,13 Apr 09,"Sen. John McCain, Kristin Chenoweth, Billy Ray Cyrus",""
1909,2009,62,14 Apr 09,"Jamie Foxx, Carol Leifer, the Airborne Toxic Event",""
1910,2009,63,15 Apr 09,"Don Rickles, Richard Engel, Chris Botti featuring John Mayer",""
1911,2009,64,16 Apr 09,"Jessica Alba, Bob Saget, Jonny Lang",""
1912,2009,65,17 Apr 09,"Charles Barkley, Leslie Mann, TV on the Radio",""
1913,2009,66,20 Apr 09,"Martha Stewart, Tracey Ullman, the Killers",""
1914,2009,67,21 Apr 09,"Hugh Jackman, Abigail Breslin, Ida Maria",""
1915,2009,68,22 Apr 09,"Robert Downey Jr., Alexandra Wentworth, George Wallace",""
1916,2009,69,27 Apr 09,"Eric Bana, Marjorie Johnson, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy",""
1917,2009,70,28 Apr 09,"Michael Douglas, Chelsea Handler, Country Bones",""
1918,2009,71,29 Apr 09,"Jimmy Fallon, Chris Matthews, Zac Brown Band",""
1919,2009,72,30 Apr 09,"Matthew McConaughey, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Starsailor",""
1920,2009,73,01 May 09,"Arsenio Hall, Jules Sylvester, Ziggy Marley",""
1921,2009,74,04 May 09,"Anderson Cooper, Kathleen Madigan, Eli Young Band",""
1922,2009,75,05 May 09,"Howie Mandel, Alec Greven, Robert Randolph & the Clark Sisters",""
1923,2009,76,06 May 09,"Tim Allen, John Cho, Van Morrison",""
1924,2009,77,07 May 09,"Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Soulja Boy Tellem",""
1925,2009,78,08 May 09,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Jonah Hill, Jewel",""
1926,2009,79,11 May 09,"Russell Brand, Elizabeth Banks, Ciara",""
1927,2009,80,12 May 09,"Dennis Miller, Calvin Borel, Kelly Clarkson",""
1928,2009,81,13 May 09,"Kevin Spacey, Roberta McCain, Yusuf",""
1929,2009,82,14 May 09,"Katie Couric, Ewan McGregor, the Decemberists",""
1930,2009,83,15 May 09,"Kevin Bacon, Julie Scardina, Kings of Leon",""
1931,2009,84,18 May 09,"Cameron Diaz, Kirk Fox, Blink 182",""
1932,2009,85,19 May 09,"Terry Bradshaw, 8-year-old piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick, Blink 182",""
1933,2009,86,20 May 09,"Bill Maher, Adam Richman, Mandy Moore",""
1934,2009,87,21 May 09,"Andy Samberg, "American Idol" winner Kris Allen, Lionel Richie",""
1935,2009,88,22 May 09,"Brian Williams, Jesse James, Tori Amos",""
1936,2009,89,25 May 09,"Mel Gibson, Lyle Lovett",""
1937,2009,90,26 May 09,"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwight Yoakam",""
1938,2009,91,27 May 09,"Wanda Sykes, Sarah McLachlan",""
1939,2009,92,28 May 09,"Billy Crystal, Prince",""
1940,2009,93,29 May 09,"Conan O'Brien, James Taylor",""
1941,2010,1,01 Mar 10,"Jamie Foxx, Lindsey Vonn, Brad Paisley",""
1942,2010,2,02 Mar 10,"Sarah Palin, Shaun White, Adam Lambert",""
1943,2010,3,03 Mar 10,""Jaywalk All-Stars" with the cast of "Jersey Shore", Chelsea Handler, Apolo Anton Ohno, Avril Lavigne",""
1944,2010,4,04 Mar 10,"Brett Favre, Matthew McConaughey, Jason Reitman",""
1945,2010,5,05 Mar 10,"Morgan Freeman, Meredith Vieira",""
1946,2010,6,08 Mar 10,"Simon Cowell, Richard Roeper, Ben Harper",""
1947,2010,7,09 Mar 10,"Christoph Waltz, Dave Salmoni, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts",""
1948,2010,8,10 Mar 10,"Kristen Stewart, Guy Fieri, Ryan Bingham",""
1949,2010,9,11 Mar 10,"Dana Carvey, Kim Kardashian, Colbie Caillat",""
1950,2010,10,12 Mar 10,"Dakota Fanning, Judd Apatow, Katharine McPhee",""
1951,2010,11,15 Mar 10,"Terry Bradshaw, Kara DioGuardi, Ziggy Marley",""
1952,2010,12,16 Mar 10,"Hugh Jackman, Betty White, Collective Soul",""
1953,2010,13,17 Mar 10,"Dwayne Johnson, kid inventors, Switchfoot",""
1954,2010,14,18 Mar 10,"Janet Jackson, Clark Duke, Orianthi",""
1955,2010,15,19 Mar 10,"John Cusack, Heidi Montag, Barenaked Ladies",""
1956,2010,16,22 Mar 10,"Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, k.d. lang",""
1957,2010,17,23 Mar 10,"Gerard Butler, Sofia Vergara, Rodrigo y Gabriela",""
1958,2010,18,24 Mar 10,"Ed Helms, Pamela Anderson, Snoop Dogg",""
1959,2010,19,25 Mar 10,"Miley Cyrus, Tom Papa, Puddle of Mudd",""
1960,2010,20,26 Mar 10,"Craig T. Nelson, Rumer Willis, Ludacris",""
1961,2010,21,29 Mar 10,"Lauren Graham, Karl Rove, Joss Stone",""
1962,2010,22,30 Mar 10,"Joy Behar, Thomas Haden Church, Shooter Jennings",""
1963,2010,23,31 Mar 10,"Bill Maher, Wayne Vandenlangenberg, OneRepublic",""
1964,2010,24,01 Apr 10,"Zachary Levi, Bear Grylls, Justin Bieber",""
1965,2010,25,05 Apr 10,"Randy Jackson, Matthew & Amy Roloff, Monica",""
1966,2010,26,06 Apr 10,"Kirstie Alley, David Boreanaz, Slash & Andrew Stockdale",""
1967,2010,27,07 Apr 10,"David Duchovny, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, Corinne Bailey Rae",""
1968,2010,28,08 Apr 10,"Demi Moore, Rep. Barney Frank, Train",""
1969,2010,29,09 Apr 10,"Julie Scardina, Mary McCormack, Michael Kosta",""
1970,2010,30,12 Apr 10,"Russell Crowe, Jenna Elfman, Sade",""
1971,2010,31,13 Apr 10,"Nicolas Cage, Lisa Lampanelli, Lady Antebellum",""
1972,2010,32,14 Apr 10,"Tracy Morgan, Chloe Moretz, Alan Jackson",""
1973,2010,33,15 Apr 10,"Kate Gosselin, Kenny Chesney",""
1974,2010,34,16 Apr 10,"Hugh Jackman, Betty White, Collective Soul",""
1975,2010,35,19 Apr 10,"Brooke Shields, Phoenix",""
1976,2010,36,20 Apr 10,"Heidi Klum, Ken Jeong, Smashing Pumpkins",""
1977,2010,37,21 Apr 10,"Jennifer Lopez, Donald Glover, Natalie Merchant",""
1978,2010,38,22 Apr 10,"Jeff Corwin, Pierce Brosnan, Maxwell",""
1979,2010,39,23 Apr 10,"Christopher Mintz-Plasse, David Axelrod, Creed",""
1980,2010,40,26 Apr 10,"Joel McHale, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita & Teresa Giudice, Melissa Etheridge",""
1981,2010,41,27 Apr 10,"Jessica Simpson, Jackie Earle Haley, Dierks Bentley",""
1982,2010,42,28 Apr 10,"Chelsea Handler, Aqualung",""
1983,2010,43,29 Apr 10,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sig Hansen, Laura Bell Bundy",""
1984,2010,44,30 Apr 10,"Mickey Rourke, Ashley Graham",""
1985,2010,45,03 May 10,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jon Favreau, Godsmack",""
1986,2010,46,04 May 10,"Scarlett Johansson, Frank Caliendo, Michael Bolton",""
1987,2010,47,05 May 10,"Robert Downey Jr., Mindy Kaling",""
1988,2010,48,06 May 10,"Samuel L. Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, Jason Derulo",""
1989,2010,49,07 May 10,"Don Cheadle, Erin Andrews",""
1990,2010,50,10 May 10,"Laura Bush, Jessica Kirson, Limp Bizkit",""
1991,2010,51,11 May 10,"Amanda Seyfried, Guy Fieri, Luke Bryan",""
1992,2010,52,12 May 10,"Betty White, Jarod Miller, Macy Gray",""
1993,2010,53,13 May 10,"Garry Shandling, Ellie Kemper, Jakob Dylan",""
1994,2010,54,14 May 10,"Donald Trump, the Jonas Brothers, Neon Trees",""
1995,2010,55,17 May 10,"Bill Cosby, Ricky Gervais, Taio Cruz",""
1996,2010,56,18 May 10,"Michael Douglas, Charles Barkley, Joe Nichols",""
1997,2010,57,19 May 10,"Eddie Murphy, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Damian Marley with Nas",""
1998,2010,58,20 May 10,"Chelsea Handler, Chris Matthews, Sarah McLachlan",""
1999,2010,59,21 May 10,"Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Adam Lambert",""
2000,2010,60,24 May 10,"Russell Brand, David Gregory, Bettye Lavette",""
2001,2010,61,25 May 10,"Bret Michaels, Jane Krakowski, John Butler Trio",""
2002,2010,62,26 May 10,"Kathy Griffin, Paula Deen, Hanson",""
2003,2010,63,27 May 10,"Katherine Heigl, Matthew Morrison, Allison Moorer",""
2004,2010,64,28 May 10,"Colin Farrell, Elisabeth Moss, Kevin Eubanks",""
2005,2010,65,07 Jun 10,"Howie Mandel, Jillian Michaels, Hole",""
2006,2010,66,08 Jun 10,"Chris Rock, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Sting",""
2007,2010,67,09 Jun 10,"Adam Sandler, Rachel Maddow, OK Go",""
2008,2010,68,10 Jun 10,"Denis Leary, Judd Apatow, Alanis Morissette",""
2009,2010,69,11 Jun 10,"Tim Allen, Against Me!",""
2010,2010,70,14 Jun 10,"Josh Brolin, Ashley Greene, Cee-Lo",""
2011,2010,71,15 Jun 10,"Robert Pattinson, Emma Roberts, Travie McCoy",""
2012,2010,72,16 Jun 10,"Lauren Graham, Rob Schneider, Matisyahu",""
2013,2010,73,17 Jun 10,"Jonah Hill, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Punch Brothers",""
2014,2010,74,18 Jun 10,"David Spade, Dan Riskin, Kelis",""
2015,2010,75,21 Jun 10,"Dakota Fanning, Daniel Tosh, Crystal Bowersox",""
2016,2010,76,22 Jun 10,"Queen Latifah, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Robert Randolph",""
2017,2010,77,23 Jun 10,"Jeremy Piven, Louis C.K., Drake",""
2018,2010,78,24 Jun 10,"Tom Cruise, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings",""
2019,2010,79,25 Jun 10,"Cameron Diaz, Dan Riskin, Lee DeWyze",""
2020,2010,80,06 Jul 10,"Jason Segel, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Enrique Iglesias",""
2021,2010,81,07 Jul 10,"Dave Salmoni, John C. Reilly, Big Boi",""
2022,2010,82,08 Jul 10,"Steve Carell, Jane Lynch, Michael Palascak",""
2023,2010,83,09 Jul 10,"Vice President Joe Biden, Adrien Brody, Chris Isaak",""
2024,2010,84,12 Jul 10,"Seth Meyers, Jonathan Hillstrand & Josh Harris, Tracy Bonham",""
2025,2010,85,13 Jul 10,"Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jay Baruchel, Nikki & Rich",""
2026,2010,86,14 Jul 10,"Tracy Morgan, Drew Brees, Flo Rida",""
2027,2010,87,15 Jul 10,"Ellen Page, Austin "Chumlee" Russell & Corey Harrison, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals",""
2028,2010,88,16 Jul 10,"Craig Kilborn, Stephen Moyer, the Swell Season",""
2029,2010,89,19 Jul 10,"Don Rickles, Dwyane Wade, KISS",""
2030,2010,90,20 Jul 10,"Zac Efron, Lior Suchard, the Black Keys",""
2031,2010,91,21 Jul 10,"Chelsea Handler, Matt Bomer, Metric",""
2032,2010,92,22 Jul 10,"Wanda Sykes, Ben Steinbauer, Jack Rebney, 3OH!3",""
2033,2010,93,23 Jul 10,"Rachel Weisz, Tony Robbins, Gaslight Anthem",""
2034,2010,94,26 Jul 10,"Bill O'Reilly, Adam Shankman, Lyle Lovett",""
2035,2010,95,27 Jul 10,"Piers Morgan, Joey King, Jaron and the Long Road to Love",""
2036,2010,96,28 Jul 10,"Eva Mendes, Isiah Mustafa, Robert Cray",""
2037,2010,97,29 Jul 10,"Jennifer Aniston, Jason Schwartzman, Stone Temple Pilots",""
2038,2010,98,30 Jul 10,"Gabourey Sidibe, Jakub Vagner, Mike Vecchione",""
2039,2010,99,02 Aug 10,"Sylvester Stallone, Criss Angel, Maronzio Vance",""
2040,2010,100,03 Aug 10,"Betty White, Sam Trammell, Black Crowes",""
2041,2010,101,04 Aug 10,"Gordon Ramsay, Sofia Vergara, K'naan",""
2042,2010,102,05 Aug 10,"Mickey Rourke, Seth MacFarlane, Plain White T's",""
2043,2010,103,06 Aug 10,"Emma Thompson, comics from "Chelsea Lately", Taio Cruz",""
2044,2010,104,09 Aug 10,"Howie Mandel, Aubrey Plaza, Mike Posner",""
2045,2010,105,10 Aug 10,"Anna Kendrick, Eli Roth, Robert Francis",""
2046,2010,106,11 Aug 10,"Jason Statham, 92-year-old car lady Rachel Veitch, Los Lobos",""
2047,2010,107,12 Aug 10,"Javier Bardem, Paul Watson, Peter Bethune, the Whigs",""
2048,2010,108,13 Aug 10,"Justin Long, Alejandro Escovedo",""
2049,2010,109,30 Aug 10,"Don Johnson, Whitney Cummings, Cyndi Lauper & Jonny Lang",""
2050,2010,110,31 Aug 10,"Kim Kardashian, Rep. Barney Frank, Norah Jones",""
2051,2010,111,01 Sep 10,"Thomas Haden Church, Jules Sylvester, Goo Goo Dolls",""
2052,2010,112,02 Sep 10,"Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Steve Buscemi, Herbie Hancock, Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks",""
2053,2010,113,03 Sep 10,"Louis C.K., Sara Bareilles",""
2054,2010,114,07 Sep 10,"Carey Mulligan, Meghan McCain, Mavis Staples",""
2055,2010,115,08 Sep 10,"Chelsea Handler, Ken Jeong, Ray LaMontagne",""
2056,2010,116,09 Sep 10,"Katie Couric, Kurt Warner, David Gray",""
2057,2010,117,10 Sep 10,"Hugh Laurie, Emma Stone, Sarah McLachlan",""
2058,2010,118,13 Sep 10,"Bill Maher, Kristen Bell, Brandon Flowers",""
2059,2010,119,14 Sep 10,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Trace Adkins",""
2060,2010,120,15 Sep 10,"Ben Affleck, Julie Bowen, Weezer",""
2061,2010,121,16 Sep 10,"Kate Walsh, Jason Ritter, Santana & India.Arie",""
2062,2010,122,17 Sep 10,"Joel McHale, Arianna Huffington, Dov Davidoff",""
2063,2010,123,20 Sep 10,"Justin Timberlake, Jane Lynch, OK Go",""
2064,2010,124,21 Sep 10,"Ed Helms, Casey Affleck, Sheryl Crow",""
2065,2010,125,22 Sep 10,"Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Tommy Lee",""
2066,2010,126,23 Sep 10,"Jimmy Smits, Jackie Evancho, Brian Wilson",""
2067,2010,127,24 Sep 10,"Dwyane Wade, Zachary Levi, Gloria Gaynor",""
2068,2010,128,27 Sep 10,"Lauren Graham, Vanilla Ice, Zac Brown Band",""
2069,2010,129,28 Sep 10,"Patrick Dempsey, Mindy Kaling, Train",""
2070,2010,130,29 Sep 10,"Julie Scardina, Diane Lane, Seal",""
2071,2010,131,30 Sep 10,"Morgan Freeman, Eric Stonestreet, Rodrigo y Gabriela",""
2072,2010,132,01 Oct 10,"Meredith Vieira, Seth MacFarlane, Kenny Chesney",""
2073,2010,133,04 Oct 10,"Will Arnett, Dot Marie Jones, a performance from Broadway's "Rock of Ages"",""
2074,2010,134,05 Oct 10,"Terrence Howard, Jillian Michaels, K.T. Tunstall",""
2075,2010,135,06 Oct 10,"Shaun White, Florence Henderson, Toby Keith",""
2076,2010,136,07 Oct 10,"Katherine Heigl, Ben Rappaport, Meat Loaf",""
2077,2010,137,08 Oct 10,"Terry Bradshaw, "Potato Lady" Doretta Cannon, OneRepublic",""
2078,2010,138,11 Oct 10,"Jay Mohr, Pauly D, Travie McCoy",""
2079,2010,139,12 Oct 10,"Heidi Klum, Ty Burrell, Johnny Mathis",""
2080,2010,140,13 Oct 10,"Harrison Ford, Whitney Cummings, Gogol Bordello",""
2081,2010,141,14 Oct 10,"Wanda Sykes, Rick Fox, Pete Yorn",""
2082,2010,142,15 Oct 10,"Eva Longoria Parker, Josh Duhamel, John Legend",""
2083,2010,143,25 Oct 10,"Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart, Lauren Pritchard",""
2084,2010,144,26 Oct 10,"Robert Downey Jr., Paula Deen, Jamey Johnson",""
2085,2010,145,27 Oct 10,"Robin Williams, Judd Apatow, Kylie Minogue",""
2086,2010,146,28 Oct 10,"Denzel Washington, Reed Timmer, Corinne Bailey Rae",""
2087,2010,147,29 Oct 10,"Rainn Wilson, Margaret Sparkman, Jimmy Eat World",""
2088,2010,148,01 Nov 10,"Janet Jackson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Duffy",""
2089,2010,149,03 Nov 10,"James Franco, Meghan McCain, Far East Movement",""
2090,2010,150,04 Nov 10,"Anne Hathaway, San Francisco Giant Brian Wilson, Aaron Neville",""
2091,2010,151,05 Nov 10,"Terry Bradshaw, Jennifer Grey, Jason Aldean",""
2092,2010,152,08 Nov 10,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Baker, N.E.R.D.",""
2093,2010,153,09 Nov 10,"Dave Salmoni, Chris Pine, Lee DeWyze",""
2094,2010,154,10 Nov 10,"David Spade, Christine O'Donnell, Old 97's",""
2095,2010,155,11 Nov 10,"Kim Kardashian, Dennis Miller, Soulja Boy",""
2096,2010,156,12 Nov 10,"Diane Keaton, Kevin McHale, Switchfoot",""
2097,2010,157,15 Nov 10,"Russell Crowe, Anna Torv, Annie Lennox",""
2098,2010,158,16 Nov 10,"Julianne Moore, Tom Felton, Nelly",""
2099,2010,159,17 Nov 10,"Christina Aguilera, Buddy Valastro",""
2100,2010,160,18 Nov 10,"George W. Bush, Jewel",""
2101,2010,161,19 Nov 10,"Garth Brooks, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino",""
2102,2010,162,22 Nov 10,"Dane Cook, Taylor Swift, Keri Hilson",""
2103,2010,163,23 Nov 10,"Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Eubanks",""
2104,2010,164,24 Nov 10,"Cher, Jeremy Renner, Robyn",""
2105,2010,165,25 Nov 10,"Elizabeth Banks, Marjorie Johnson, Carrot Top",""
2106,2010,166,29 Nov 10,"Bill Cosby, Atticus Shaffer, Keyshia Cole",""
2107,2010,167,30 Nov 10,"Chelsea Handler, Kellan Lutz, Rod Stewart",""
2108,2010,168,01 Dec 10,"Mitt Romney, Jay Mohr, Darius Rucker",""
2109,2010,169,02 Dec 10,"Jane Fonda, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Reiser & Julia Fordham",""
2110,2010,170,03 Dec 10,"Louis C.K., Aron Ralston, Josh Turner",""
2111,2010,171,06 Dec 10,"Russell Brand, Chris Colfer, Jonny Lang with Chris Layton, Brad Whitford & Billy Cox",""
2112,2010,172,07 Dec 10,"Helen Mirren, Aaron Eckhart, Keith Urban",""
2113,2010,173,08 Dec 10,"Jeff Bridges, Rico Rodriguez",""
2114,2010,174,09 Dec 10,"Halle Berry, Billy Gardell, Natasha Bedingfield",""
2115,2010,175,10 Dec 10,"Matthew Morrison, Crystal Bowersox",""
2116,2010,176,13 Dec 10,"Mark Wahlberg, Olivia Wilde, Good Charlotte",""
2117,2010,177,14 Dec 10,"Jack Black, Michael Buble",""
2118,2010,178,15 Dec 10,"Emily Blunt, Keith Fitzhugh, Jackie Evancho",""
2119,2010,179,16 Dec 10,"Jason Segel, Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust & Rutledge Wood, Katharine McPhee",""
2120,2010,180,17 Dec 10,"Owen Wilson, Elle Fanning, Lyle Lovett with Kat Edonson",""
2121,2010,181,20 Dec 10,"Larry King, Garrett Hedlund, Pink Martini",""
2122,2010,182,21 Dec 10,"Emma Stone, Marjorie Johnson, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings",""
2123,2010,183,22 Dec 10,"Javier Bardem, Jarod Miller, Naturally 7 with the Agape International Choir",""
2124,2010,184,23 Dec 10,"Zachary Levi, Whitney Cummings, BeBe & CeCe Winans with Mary Mary and the West Angeles Choir",""
2125,2011,1,03 Jan 11,"Ron Howard, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Sick Puppies",""
2126,2011,2,04 Jan 11,"Queen Latifah, Gustavo Dudamel, Jazmine Sullivan",""
2127,2011,3,05 Jan 11,"Jamie Foxx, Leighton Meester",""
2128,2011,4,06 Jan 11,"Hilary Swank, Jesse Eisenberg, Los Lobos",""
2129,2011,5,07 Jan 11,"Jim Parsons, Hailee Steinfeld, Lukas Nelson",""
2130,2011,6,10 Jan 11,"Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Steven Tyler, Dan Ahdoot, Diane Birch",""
2131,2011,7,11 Jan 11,"Bill Maher, Cam Newton, the Duke Spirit",""
2132,2011,8,12 Jan 11,"Seth Rogen, Brady Barr, Bettye Lavette",""
2133,2011,9,13 Jan 11,"Cameron Diaz, Eric Stonestreet, the Civil Wars",""
2134,2011,10,14 Jan 11,"Michael Douglas, Julie Scardina, Randy Rogers Band",""
2135,2011,11,17 Jan 11,"Gordan Ramsay, Kathleen Madigan, Maroon 5",""
2136,2011,12,18 Jan 11,"Ashton Kutcher, Aubrey Plaza, Neon Trees",""
2137,2011,13,19 Jan 11,"Amy Poehler, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals",""
2138,2011,14,20 Jan 11,"Ben Affleck, the Decemberists",""
2139,2011,15,21 Jan 11,"Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb, Armie Hammer, Hayes Carll",""
2140,2011,16,24 Jan 11,"Dana Carvey, Maggie Q, Lizz Wright",""
2141,2011,17,25 Jan 11,"Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy, White Lies",""
2142,2011,18,26 Jan 11,"Annette Bening, Frank Caliendo, Amos Lee",""
2143,2011,19,27 Jan 11,"Kathy Bates, Brad Womack, Billy Currington",""
2144,2011,20,28 Jan 11,"Justin Bieber, Jay Mohr, the Band Perry",""
2145,2011,21,31 Jan 11,"Adam Sandler, Larry the Cable Guy, Esperanza Spalding",""
2146,2011,22,01 Feb 11,"Helena Bonham Carter, Timothy Olyphant, One eskimO",""
2147,2011,23,02 Feb 11,"Jesse Eisenberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Bingham",""
2148,2011,24,03 Feb 11,"Jeff Bridges, Dianna Agron, Bobby Long",""
2149,2011,25,04 Feb 11,"Hugh Laurie, Hailee Steinfeld, Finesse Mitchell",""
2150,2011,26,07 Feb 11,"Mark Wahlberg, Lachlan Patterson, James Blunt",""
2151,2011,27,08 Feb 11,"Javier Bardem, Paula Abdul, Merle Haggard",""
2152,2011,28,09 Feb 11,"Matt LeBlanc, Clay Matthews, Ricky Martin",""
2153,2011,29,10 Feb 11,"Rob Lowe, Amber Riley, Nicki Minaj",""
2154,2011,30,11 Feb 11,"Kathy Griffin, Gayle King, the Black Keys",""
2155,2011,31,14 Feb 11,"Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, John Legend",""
2156,2011,32,15 Feb 11,"Liam Neeson, Dave Salmoni, Gretchen Wilson",""
2157,2011,33,16 Feb 11,"Charles Barkley, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Red",""
2158,2011,34,17 Feb 11,"Jenna Fischer, Abigail Breslin, Miguel",""
2159,2011,35,18 Feb 11,"Mark Harmon, Dwight Howard, 30 Seconds to Mars",""
2160,2011,36,22 Feb 11,"Owen Wilson, Rachel Maddow, Anberlin",""
2161,2011,37,23 Feb 11,"Randy Jackson, Nick Swardson, Travie McCoy",""
2162,2011,38,24 Feb 11,"Meredith Vieira, DJ Pauly D, Hanson",""
2163,2011,39,25 Feb 11,"Emily Blunt, Jackson Murphy, Chris Medina",""
2164,2011,40,28 Feb 11,"Christina Appelgate, John Fulton, Michael Franti",""
2165,2011,41,01 Mar 11,"Matt Damon, Betty White, Cake",""
2166,2011,42,02 Mar 11,"Simon Cowell, Jeff Gordon, Travis Barker",""
2167,2011,43,03 Mar 11,"Jerry Seinfeld, Bailee Madison, Darlene Love",""
2168,2011,44,04 Mar 11,"Aaron Eckhart, Christie Brinkley, Thompson Square",""
2169,2011,45,14 Mar 11,"Jane Lynch, Chris Matthews, Avril Lavigne",""
2170,2011,46,15 Mar 11,"Wanda Sykes, Simon Pegg, Juanes",""
2171,2011,47,16 Mar 11,"Matthew McConaughey, Rizwan Manji, Michael Kosta",""
2172,2011,48,17 Mar 11,"Rainn Wilson, "Epic Meal Time" with Harley Morenstein & Sterling Toth, Serj Tankian",""
2173,2011,49,18 Mar 11,"Robert Pattinson, Whitney Cummings, Alice Cooper",""
2174,2011,50,21 Mar 11,"Zachary Levi, Lisa Lampanelli, Raphael Saadiq",""
2175,2011,51,22 Mar 11,"Julie Scardina, Rebecca Black, Duran Duran",""
2176,2011,52,23 Mar 11,"Carol Burnett, Jason Ritter, Keith Urban",""
2177,2011,53,24 Mar 11,"Kirstie Alley, UFC Fighter Jon "Bones" Jones, Peter, Bjorn & John",""
2178,2011,54,25 Mar 11,"Jennifer Hudson, William H. Macy",""
2179,2011,55,28 Mar 11,"Russell Brand, Lorraine Nicholson, Los Lonely Boys",""
2180,2011,56,29 Mar 11,"Howie Mandel, Zachary Gordon, Dierks Bentley",""
2181,2011,57,30 Mar 11,"Helen Hunt, Sammy Hagar, Good Charlotte",""
2182,2011,58,31 Mar 11,"Kourtney & Kim Kardashian, Fareed Zakaria, Mary Mary",""
2183,2011,59,01 Apr 11,"Vin Diesel, Ashley Tisdale, Scissor Sisters",""
2184,2011,60,04 Apr 11,"Tracy Morgan, Neve Campbell, Augustana",""
2185,2011,61,05 Apr 11,"Dwayne Johnson, Bethany Hamilton, Fitz & the Tantrums",""
2186,2011,62,06 Apr 11,"Matthew Morrison, Carrie Underwood",""
2187,2011,63,07 Apr 11,"Emma Roberts, Gary Busey, Jeff Beck with Imelda May",""
2188,2011,64,08 Apr 11,"David Arquette, Ben Bailey, Far East Movement",""
2189,2011,65,11 Apr 11,"Jamie Foxx, Jesse Heiman, k.d. lang",""
2190,2011,66,12 Apr 11,"Kristen Bell, Austin "Chumlee" Russell, Sara Evans",""
2191,2011,67,13 Apr 11,"Diane Lane, Chris Jericho, Jessie J",""
2192,2011,68,14 Apr 11,"Tyler Perry, Kendra Wilkinson, Bright Eyes",""
2193,2011,69,15 Apr 11,"John Travolta, Leslie Mann, Eliza Doolittle",""
2194,2011,70,25 Apr 11,"Christina Aguilera, Paul Reiser, Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas",""
2195,2011,71,26 Apr 11,"Lindsay Lohan, Jillian Michaels, the Airborne Toxic Event",""
2196,2011,72,27 Apr 11,"Rene Russo, Kevin Hart, Buddy Guy",""
2197,2011,73,28 Apr 11,"Chelsea Handler, Judd Apatow, OK Go",""
2198,2011,74,29 Apr 11,"Rob Lowe, Susan Lucci, Moby",""
2199,2011,75,02 May 11,"Paul Walker, Donny & Marie Osmond",""
2200,2011,76,03 May 11,"Penelope Cruz, Nick Thune, Ricky Martin",""
2201,2011,77,04 May 11,"Kate Hudson, Chris Hemsworth, Sergio Mendes with Siedah Garrett",""
2202,2011,78,05 May 11,"Wanda Sykes, Ralph Macchio, Priscilla Ahn",""
2203,2011,79,06 May 11,"Steven Tyler, Aubrey Plaza, the Civil Wars",""
2204,2011,80,09 May 11,"Jennifer Lopez, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, BC Jean",""
2205,2011,81,10 May 11,"Julie Scardina, Ginnifer Goodwin, Def Leppard",""
2206,2011,82,11 May 11,"Dick Van Dyke, Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom, Steve Earle",""
2207,2011,83,12 May 11,"Ann Curry, Hines Ward, the Kills",""
2208,2011,84,13 May 11,"Jodie Foster, Ken Jeong, Rodrigo y Gabriela",""
2209,2011,85,16 May 11,"Eva Mendes, storm chaser Reed Timmer, Tedeschi Trucks Band",""
2210,2011,86,17 May 11,"Ryan Seacrest, Jordana Brewster, TV on the Radio",""
2211,2011,87,18 May 11,"Ed Helms, Chelsea Kane, Iron & Wine",""
2212,2011,88,19 May 11,"Jack Black, Mike Huckabee, Parachute",""
2213,2011,89,20 May 11,"Kirstie Alley, Erik Rivera, Il Volo",""
2214,2011,90,23 May 11,"Dustin Hoffman, Meghan McCain, the Script",""
2215,2011,91,24 May 11,"Meredith Vieira, Demetri Martin, Ben Harper",""
2216,2011,92,25 May 11,"Chaz Bono, Brady Barr, Foster the People",""
2217,2011,93,26 May 11,"Piers Morgan, Rico Rodriguez, Scott Weiland",""
2218,2011,94,27 May 11,"Paris Hilton, Dhani Jones, INXS with Pat Monahan",""
2219,2011,95,06 Jun 11,"Katie Couric, Cee-Lo Green",""
2220,2011,96,07 Jun 11,"Kevin Bacon, Bethenny Frankel, OneRepublic",""
2221,2011,97,08 Jun 11,"Jada Pinkett Smith, Elle Fanning, Lenka",""
2222,2011,98,09 Jun 11,"Jim Carrey, Selena Gomez, Tinie Tempah",""
2223,2011,99,10 Jun 11,"Bill Cosby, Kris & Bruce Jenner, Neon Trees",""
2224,2011,100,13 Jun 11,"Jason Sudeikis, Adam Levine, Ziggy Marley",""
2225,2011,101,14 Jun 11,"Kim Kardashian, Lior Suchard, Randy Travis with Josh Turner",""
2226,2011,102,15 Jun 11,"Blake Lively, Blake Shelton, Scotty McCreery",""
2227,2011,103,16 Jun 11,"Larry David, "Bachelorette" Ashley Hebert, Pitbull with Ne-Yo",""
2228,2011,104,17 Jun 11,"Josh Duhamel, Jay Mohr, Jill Scott",""
2229,2011,105,20 Jun 11,"Larry the Cable Guy, Dorothy Custer, LMFAO",""
2230,2011,106,21 Jun 11,"Rosario Dawson, Marc Anthony, Jackie Evancho",""
2231,2011,107,22 Jun 11,"Louis C.K., Richard Engel, Raphael Saadiq",""
2232,2011,108,23 Jun 11,"Justin Timberlake, Kevin Hart, the Antlers",""
2233,2011,109,24 Jun 11,"Owen Wilson, Tom Papa, Plain White T's",""
2234,2011,110,05 Jul 11,"Lisa Kudrow, Billy Gardell, Natasha Bedingfield",""
2235,2011,111,06 Jul 11,"Julie Scardina, Mary Louis Parker, Billy Ray Cyrus",""
2236,2011,112,07 Jul 11,"Kevin James, Ali Wong, "The Voice" winner Javier Colon",""
2237,2011,113,08 Jul 11,"Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Sig Hansen, Ashton Shepherd",""
2238,2011,114,11 Jul 11,"Howie Mandel, David Feherty, Joss Stone",""
2239,2011,115,12 Jul 11,"Seth Meyers, Marjorie Johnson, Barry Manilow",""
2240,2011,116,13 Jul 11,"Craig Ferguson, Rose Byrne, David Cook",""
2241,2011,117,14 Jul 11,"Don Rickles, Bristol Palin, Colbie Caillat",""
2242,2011,118,15 Jul 11,"Bryan Cranston, Nancy Grace, Shaggy",""
2243,2011,119,18 Jul 11,"Neil Patrick Harris, Buddy Valastro, Imelda May",""
2244,2011,120,19 Jul 11,"Jenna Fischer, Cloris Leachman, 3 Doors Down",""
2245,2011,121,20 Jul 11,"Daniel Craig, Anthony Robles, Gavin DeGraw",""
2246,2011,122,21 Jul 11,"Emma Stone, Adam Carolla, Rickey Minor, Grace Potter, Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones, the Youth Orchestra of L.A.",""
2247,2011,123,22 Jul 11,"Dolly Parton, Ben Bailey",""
2248,2011,124,25 Jul 11,"Jessica Alba, Sue Johanson, Gomez",""
2249,2011,125,26 Jul 11,"Shaun White, Olivia Wilde, Train",""
2250,2011,126,27 Jul 11,"Chris Tucker, Skipper Bivins & Trent Jackson, Vanessa Carlton",""
2251,2011,127,28 Jul 11,"Matt LeBlanc, Freida Pinto, Stevie Nicks",""
2252,2011,128,29 Jul 11,"Gillian Anderson, Aziz Ansari, Kelly Rowland",""
2253,2011,129,01 Aug 11,"Ryan Reynolds, Sheryl Crow, Matt Nathanson",""
2254,2011,130,02 Aug 11,"Katie Holmes, Novak Djokovic, Mat Kearney",""
2255,2011,131,03 Aug 11,"Jeremy Piven, Kelly Osbourne, Mariachi El Bronx",""
2256,2011,132,04 Aug 11,"Roseanne Barr, Jason Momoa, Lykke Li",""
2257,2011,133,05 Aug 11,"Dennis Miller, Dennis Rodman, Rye Rye featuring Robyn",""
2258,2011,134,08 Aug 11,"Gordon Ramsay, Bryce Dallas Howard, Panic! at the Disco",""
2259,2011,135,09 Aug 11,"Jesse Eisenberg, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Cage the Elephant",""
2260,2011,136,10 Aug 11,"Joel McHale, Viola Davis, Ximena Sarinana",""
2261,2011,137,11 Aug 11,"Sam Worthington, Bailee Madison, The Game",""
2262,2011,138,12 Aug 11,"Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Banks, Mana",""
2263,2011,139,29 Aug 11,"Julie Scardina and animals, David Koechner, Cake",""
2264,2011,140,30 Aug 11,"Jeff Bridges, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi",""
2265,2011,141,31 Aug 11,"Allison Janney, Jay Mohr, OK Go",""
2266,2011,142,01 Sep 11,"Heidi Klum, Kevin Smith, Fitz and the Tantrums",""
2267,2011,143,02 Sep 11,"Dick Cheney, Carrot Top, Andy Grammer",""
2268,2011,144,06 Sep 11,"Wanda Sykes, Nick Swardson, Roger Daltrey",""
2269,2011,145,07 Sep 11,"Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Colfer",""
2270,2011,146,08 Sep 11,"Will Arnett, Anna Kendrick, Tinie Tempah",""
2271,2011,147,09 Sep 11,"Bill Maher, Octavia Spencer, Alice Cooper",""
2272,2011,148,12 Sep 11,"Christina Applegate, Paul "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio, Glen Campbell",""
2273,2011,149,13 Sep 11,"Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Harper, Cobra Starship",""
2274,2011,150,14 Sep 11,"Jane Lynch, Demetri Martin, Needtobreathe",""
2275,2011,151,15 Sep 11,"Charlie Sheen, Kevin Hart, LMFAO",""
2276,2011,152,16 Sep 11,"Jason Statham, Michele Bachmann, Lady Antebellum",""
2277,2011,153,19 Sep 11,"Simon Cowell, Natasha Leggero, Selena Gomez",""
2278,2011,154,20 Sep 11,"Gerard Butler, Whitney Cummings, Kelly Clarkson",""
2279,2011,155,21 Sep 11,"Amy Poehler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Kooks",""
2280,2011,156,22 Sep 11,"Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Bush",""
2281,2011,157,23 Sep 11,"Hugh Jackman, Maya Rudolph, Tony Bennett",""
2282,2011,158,26 Sep 11,"Ryan Gosling, Pauley Perrette, Arctic Monkeys",""
2283,2011,159,27 Sep 11,"Lauren Graham, Seth MacFarlane",""
2284,2011,160,28 Sep 11,"Ed Helms, Deena Nicole Coretese, Lisa Hannigan",""
2285,2011,161,29 Sep 11,"Albert Brooks, Chaz Bono, TV on the Radio",""
2286,2011,162,30 Sep 11,"Hugh Laurie, Herman Cain, the Airborne Toxic Event",""
2287,2011,163,03 Oct 11,"Evangeline Lilly, Magic Johnson, Jo Koy",""
2288,2011,164,04 Oct 11,"Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, Kenny Wormald, LeAnn Rimes",""
2289,2011,165,05 Oct 11,"Tim Allen, Theresa Caputo, Scotty McCreery",""
2290,2011,166,06 Oct 11,"Jack Black, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Aubrey Plaza, Blondie",""
2291,2011,167,07 Oct 11,"David Arquette, Darrell & Brandon Sheets, Puddle of Mudd",""
2292,2011,168,10 Oct 11,"Aaron Eckhart, Julianne Hough, Amos Lee",""
2293,2011,169,11 Oct 11,"Julie Bowen, Dave Salmoni, Imelda May",""
2294,2011,170,12 Oct 11,"Zooey Deschanel, J.R. Martinez, Fountains of Wayne",""
2295,2011,171,13 Oct 11,"Zachary Levi, Barry Rothbart, Gloria Estefan",""
2296,2011,172,14 Oct 11,"Terry Bradshaw, Rowan Atkinson, Game",""
2297,2011,173,24 Oct 11,"Jonah Hill, Paula Deen, Chris Isaak",""
2298,2011,174,25 Oct 11,"President Barack Obama, Yo-Yo Ma and Friends",""
2299,2011,175,26 Oct 11,"Amanda Seyfried, John Cho & Kal Penn, Kathleen Madigan",""
2300,2011,176,27 Oct 11,"Chelsea Handler, Drew Manning, the Original 7ven",""
2301,2011,177,28 Oct 11,"Adam Sandler, Rob Kardashian, Awolnation",""
2302,2011,178,31 Oct 11,"Justin Bieber, David Freese, Lloyd",""
2303,2011,179,01 Nov 11,"Eddie Murphy, "Turtle Man" Ernie Brown Jr., Robyn",""
2304,2011,180,02 Nov 11,"Taylor Lautner, Martha Stewart, Daughtry",""
2305,2011,181,03 Nov 11,"Kristen Stewart, Dave Attell, Joe Jonas",""
2306,2011,182,04 Nov 11,"Miss Piggy, Mickey Rourke, Mute Math",""
2307,2011,183,07 Nov 11,"Ellen Barkin, Henry Cavill, Cirque du Soleil "Iris"",""
2308,2011,184,08 Nov 11,"Jason Segel, Kris Jenner, Lyle Lovett",""
2309,2011,185,09 Nov 11,"Kelsey Grammer, Sarah Hyland, Andrea Bocelli",""
2310,2011,186,10 Nov 11,"Whitney Cummings, Chris Matthews, Il Divo",""
2311,2011,187,11 Nov 11,"Eric Stonestreet, J.R. Martinez, Nicole Scherzinger",""
2312,2011,188,14 Nov 11,"Amy Adams, Rocket City Rednecks, Miranda Lambert",""
2313,2011,189,15 Nov 11,"Howie Mandel, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Patrick Stump",""
2314,2011,190,16 Nov 11,"Robin Williams, Drew Hastings, Vince Gill",""
2315,2011,191,17 Nov 11,"Jimmy Fallon, Drew Brees, Gym Class Heroes",""
2316,2011,192,18 Nov 11,"Jim Parsons, Meghan McCain, Tom Morello with Ben Harper",""
2317,2011,193,21 Nov 11,"Dennis Miller, David & Sean La Vau, Javier Colon",""
2318,2011,194,22 Nov 11,"Julie Scardina, Dane Cook, Hot Chelle Rae",""
2319,2011,195,23 Nov 11,"Whitney Cummings, Dwight Howard, Gloriana",""
2320,2011,196,28 Nov 11,"Kirstie Alley, Damon Wayans Jr., She & Him",""
2321,2011,197,29 Nov 11,"Kathy Bates, Jay Mohr, Switchfoot",""
2322,2011,198,30 Nov 11,"Bill Cosby, Raini Rodriguez, Iron & Wine",""
2323,2011,199,01 Dec 11,"Melissa McCarthy, Gov. Rick Perry, T-Pain",""
2324,2011,200,02 Dec 11,"Hilary Swank, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Dia Frampton",""
2325,2011,201,05 Dec 11,"Robert Downey Jr., Abigail Breslin, Alison Krauss & Union Station",""
2326,2011,202,06 Dec 11,"Katherine Heigl, J.B. Smoove, Taio Cruz",""
2327,2011,203,07 Dec 11,"Lea Michele, Adam Carolla, Neil Diamond",""
2328,2011,204,08 Dec 11,"Katie Couric, Chris D'Elia, Matisyahu",""
2329,2011,205,09 Dec 11,"Bill O'Reilly, Jackie Evancho",""
2330,2011,206,12 Dec 11,"Charlize Theron, Kevin Hart, Foster the People",""
2331,2011,207,13 Dec 11,"Dana Carvey, Jason Reitman, Lenny Kravitz",""
2332,2011,208,14 Dec 11,"Louis C.K., snowmobile jump with Levi Lavalle, Young the Giant",""
2333,2011,209,15 Dec 11,"Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth, Elle Fanning, Robin Thicke",""
2334,2011,210,16 Dec 11,"Rep. Ron Paul, Joe Rogan, Mario Joyner",""
2335,2011,211,19 Dec 11,"Sandra Bullock, Diablo Cody, Pink Martini",""
2336,2011,212,20 Dec 11,"Charles Barkley, Berenice Bejo, Amber Riley",""
2337,2011,213,21 Dec 11,"Thomas Haden Church, "Turtle Man" Ernie Brown Jr., Johnny Mathis",""
2338,2011,214,22 Dec 11,"Jonah Hill, Chris Paul, Il Volo",""
2339,2011,215,23 Dec 11,"Terry Bradshaw, Bailee Madison, Chris Isaak",""
2340,2012,1,03 Jan 12,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chumlee & Rick Harrison, Ziggy Marley",""
2341,2012,2,04 Jan 12,"Courteney Cox, Joy Behar, Youngblood Hawke",""
2342,2012,3,05 Jan 12,"Michelle Williams, Josh Lucas, Chris Cornell",""
2343,2012,4,06 Jan 12,"Glenn Close, Trevor Noah, Van Hunt",""
2344,2012,5,09 Jan 12,"Janet Jackson, Larry the Cable Guy, Eli Young Band",""
2345,2012,6,10 Jan 12,"Queen Latifah, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, Augustana",""
2346,2012,7,11 Jan 12,"Liam Neeson, Meghan McCain, Jack's Mannequin",""
2347,2012,8,12 Jan 12,"Gerard Butler, Betty White, Ledisi",""
2348,2012,9,13 Jan 12,"Tilda Swinton, Jennifer Hudson, Graffiti6",""
2349,2012,10,17 Jan 12,"Sam Worthington, Sherri Shepherd, Adam Lambert",""
2350,2012,11,18 Jan 12,"Jennifer Garner, Ross Matthews, Parachute",""
2351,2012,12,19 Jan 12,"Wanda Sykes, Mark Cuban, David Nail",""
2352,2012,13,20 Jan 12,"Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Sarah Colonna",""
2353,2012,14,30 Jan 12,"Madonna, Chris Colfer, Joe Perry",""
2354,2012,15,31 Jan 12,"Michelle Obama, Mark Harmon, Imelda May",""
2355,2012,16,01 Feb 12,"Daniel Radcliffe, Vanessa Hudgens, Evanescence",""
2356,2012,17,02 Feb 12,"Drew Barrymore, Blake Shelton",""
2357,2012,18,03 Feb 12,"Debra Messing, Jean Dujardin, Bush",""
2358,2012,19,06 Feb 12,"Dwayne Johnson, Miranda Cosgrove, Cirque du Soleil "Ovo"",""
2359,2012,20,07 Feb 12,"Chelsea Handler, Jon Huntsman, 2Cellos",""
2360,2012,21,08 Feb 12,"Chris Pine, Lisa Lampanelli, Anthony Hamilton",""
2361,2012,22,09 Feb 12,"Denzel Washington, Octavia Spencer, Estelle",""
2362,2012,23,10 Feb 12,"Rachel McAdams, Cee-Lo Green",""
2363,2012,24,13 Feb 12,"Jennifer Lopez, Jeff Dunham, the Civil Wars",""
2364,2012,25,14 Feb 12,"Tyler Perry, Dorothy Custer, the Cranberries",""
2365,2012,26,15 Feb 12,"Bill Maher, Ali Wentworth, Punch Brothers",""
2366,2012,27,16 Feb 12,"Amanda Seyfried, Billy Gardell, Monica, Brandy",""
2367,2012,28,17 Feb 12,"Dave Salmoni, Timothy Olyphant, the Fray",""
2368,2012,29,20 Feb 12,"Taylor Swift, Michael Clarke Duncan, Robert Randolph, Cesar & David of Los Lobos, Chris Layton",""
2369,2012,30,21 Feb 12,"Bill O'Reilly, Rob Riggle, Rumer",""
2370,2012,31,22 Feb 12,"Tim Allen, Rocket City Rednecks, Jessie Baylin",""
2371,2012,32,23 Feb 12,"Meredith Vieira, Jackson Murphy, Redlight King",""
2372,2012,33,24 Feb 12,"Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine, Chiddy Bang",""
2373,2012,34,27 Feb 12,"Megan Fox, Michel Hazanavicius, Mariachi El Bronx",""
2374,2012,35,28 Feb 12,"Rob Schneider, Khloe Kardashian Odom, Mona",""
2375,2012,36,29 Feb 12,"Sen. John McCain, Elizabeth Olsen, Romeo Santos",""
2376,2012,37,01 Mar 12,"Julianne Moore, Dr. Brady Barr, Chickenfoot",""
2377,2012,38,02 Mar 12,"Emily Blunt, Geoff Stults, Scars on 45",""
2378,2012,39,12 Mar 12,"Jessica Simpson, Adam Carolla, Soja",""
2379,2012,40,13 Mar 12,"Jonah Hill, Bethenny Frankel, Shooter Jennings",""
2380,2012,41,14 Mar 12,"Channing Tatum, Drew Brees, Meat Loaf",""
2381,2012,42,15 Mar 12,"Kiefer Sutherland, Kathryn Hahn, Andy Grammer",""
2382,2012,43,16 Mar 12,"Jimmy Fallon, 8-year-old presidential whiz kid H.L. McCullough, Toby Keith",""
2383,2012,44,19 Mar 12,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Armie Hammer, Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Ledisi",""
2384,2012,45,20 Mar 12,"Rep. Ron Paul, Frank Caliendo, the Wanted",""
2385,2012,46,21 Mar 12,"Kim Kardashian, Sherri Shepherd, Tennis",""
2386,2012,47,22 Mar 12,"Arsenio Hall, Lily Collins, the Secret Sisters",""
2387,2012,48,23 Mar 12,"Christina Aguilera, Kevin Smith, Melanie Fiona featuring J. Cole",""
2388,2012,49,26 Mar 12,"Elizabeth Banks, Carson Daly, Jake Owen",""
2389,2012,50,27 Mar 12,"Mitt Romney, Megan Hilty, the Pierces",""
2390,2012,51,28 Mar 12,"Rainn Wilson, Debbie Gibson, Gavin DeGraw",""
2391,2012,52,29 Mar 12,"Piers Morgan, Liam Hemsworth, Mat Kearney",""
2392,2012,53,30 Mar 12,"Nicole Richie, Will Sasso, Alan Jackson",""
2393,2012,54,02 Apr 12,"Betty White, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, Eric Hutchinson",""
2394,2012,55,03 Apr 12,"Maya Rudolph, Jason Biggs, Gym Class Heroes",""
2395,2012,56,04 Apr 12,"David Gregory, Cee-Lo Green, Seal",""
2396,2012,57,05 Apr 12,"Zac Efron, Jennie Garth, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals",""
2397,2012,58,06 Apr 12,"Kristin Chenoweth, Julie Scardina, Rodrigo y Gabriela",""
2398,2012,59,09 Apr 12,"Jane Lynch, Kevin Hart, Esperanza Spalding",""
2399,2012,60,10 Apr 12,"Josh Hutcherson, Rachel Maddow, Eric Turner featuring Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah",""
2400,2012,61,11 Apr 12,"Albert Brooks, Austin "Chumlee" Russell & Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, Neon Trees",""
2401,2012,62,12 Apr 12,"Tim Allen, Chris Diamantopoulos, Feist",""
2402,2012,63,13 Apr 12,"Jason Segel, Anna Faris, Far East Movement",""
2403,2012,64,16 Apr 12,"Drew Barrymore, Blake Shelton",""
2404,2012,65,17 Apr 12,"Christina Aguilera, Kevin Smith, Melanie Fiona featuring J. Cole",""
2405,2012,66,18 Apr 12,"Jimmy Fallon, H.L. McCullough, Toby Keith",""
2406,2012,67,19 Apr 12,"Taylor Swift, Michael Clarke Duncan, Cesar & David of Los Lobos, Robert Randolph, Chris Layton",""
2407,2012,68,20 Apr 12,"Channing Tatum, Drew Brees, Meat Loaf",""
2408,2012,69,23 Apr 12,"Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Aubrey O'Day, Train",""
2409,2012,70,24 Apr 12,"Jack Black, Daniel Holzman & Michael Chernow, Beirut",""
2410,2012,71,25 Apr 12,"Adam Levine, Richard Engel, Ziggy Marley",""
2411,2012,72,26 Apr 12,"Diane Keaton, Natalie Coughlin, Moby",""
2412,2012,73,27 Apr 12,"Mel Gibson, Jeremy Minnier, the Wanted",""
2413,2012,74,30 Apr 12,"Steve Martin, Mario Joyner, Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers",""
2414,2012,75,01 May 12,"Cameron Diaz, William Shatner, Lee Brice",""
2415,2012,76,02 May 12,"Scarlett Johansson, Blake Shelton, K'Naan featuring Nelly Furtado",""
2416,2012,77,03 May 12,"Robert Downey Jr., Katharine McPhee, the Arts For Amnesty Band",""
2417,2012,78,04 May 12,"Kristen Stewart, Randy Jackson, James Morrison",""
2418,2012,79,07 May 12,"Michelle Pfeiffer, Bear Grylls, Snow Patrol",""
2419,2012,80,08 May 12,"Rick Santorum, Taylor Kitsch, B.o.B., O.A.R.",""
2420,2012,81,09 May 12,"Garry Shandling, Alison Brie, "The Voice" winner Jermaine Paul",""
2421,2012,82,10 May 12,"Howie Mandel, Vinny Guadagnino, Sara Watkins",""
2422,2012,83,11 May 12,"Jenna Fischer, Jay Mohr, Katherine Jenkins",""
2423,2012,84,14 May 12,"Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Donny Deutsch, Karmin",""
2424,2012,85,15 May 12,"Wanda Sykes, Andy Cohen, Santana",""
2425,2012,86,16 May 12,"Joel McHale, Jarod Miller, Bobby Brown",""
2426,2012,87,17 May 12,"Hugh Laurie, Robert Griffin III",""
2427,2012,88,18 May 12,"Sherri Shepherd, Julianne Hough, Tenacious D",""
2428,2012,89,21 May 12,"Kevin Costner, Bailee Madison, Lisa Marie Presley",""
2429,2012,90,22 May 12,"Josh Brolin, Ali Wentworth, Glenn Frey",""
2430,2012,91,23 May 12,"Charlize Theron, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Juanes",""
2431,2012,92,24 May 12,"Glenn Close, "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips, Nelly Furtado",""
2432,2012,93,25 May 12,"Gen. Colin Powell, Greg Gadson, All American Rejects",""
2433,2012,94,04 Jun 12,"Martin Short, Aubrey Plaza, Def Leppard",""
2434,2012,95,05 Jun 12,"Emma Stone, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Robinson Brotherhood",""
2435,2012,96,06 Jun 12,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brian Banks, the Beach Boys",""
2436,2012,97,07 Jun 12,"Catherine Zeta-Jones, Louis Zamperini, Bret Michaels",""
2437,2012,98,08 Jun 12,"Tom Cruise, skydivers Felix Baumgartner & Joe Kittinger, Kool & the Gang",""
2438,2012,99,11 Jun 12,"Elizabeth Banks, Dan Patrick, Brandi Carlile",""
2439,2012,100,12 Jun 12,"Patrick Duffy, Linda Grey, Larry Hagman, Meghan McCain, Meiko",""
2440,2012,101,13 Jun 12,"Terry Bradshaw, Ernie Brown Jr., Neal James, Rachel Bradshaw",""
2441,2012,102,14 Jun 12,"Penelope Cruz, Rick Harrison, We Are Augustines",""
2442,2012,103,15 Jun 12,"Salma Hayek, Adam Brody, Olly Murs",""
2443,2012,104,18 Jun 12,"Steve Carell, Cory Booker, Glen Hansard",""
2444,2012,105,19 Jun 12,"Matthew McConaughey, Natasha Leggero, Grouplove",""
2445,2012,106,20 Jun 12,"Andy Samberg, Seth MacFarlane, Joe Henry featuring Lisa Hannigan",""
2446,2012,107,21 Jun 12,"Katy Perry, Michael Wigge, Needtobreathe",""
2447,2012,108,22 Jun 12,"Chris Pine, Rachael Ray, Everclear",""
2448,2012,109,25 Jun 12,"Louis C.K., Lolo Jones, Delta Rae",""
2449,2012,110,26 Jun 12,"Matt LeBlanc, Sig Hansen & Keith Colburn, Robin Thicke",""
2450,2012,111,27 Jun 12,"Mila Kunis, Jim Norton, Justin Bieber",""
2451,2012,112,28 Jun 12,"Tyler Perry, Rhys Ifans, Keane",""
2452,2012,113,29 Jun 12,"Andrew Garfield, Quvenzhane Wallis, Of Monsters And Men",""
2453,2012,114,09 Jul 12,"Wanda Sykes, Rob Riggle, Kimbra",""
2454,2012,115,10 Jul 12,"Zachary Levi, Bubba Watson, B.o.B.",""
2455,2012,116,11 Jul 12,"Morgan Freeman, "Britain's Got Talent" winners Ashleigh & Pudsey, Jana Kramer",""
2456,2012,117,12 Jul 12,"Denis Leary, Olivia Munn, Kenny Chesney",""
2457,2012,118,13 Jul 12,"Dana Carvey, Nicki Minaj",""
2458,2012,119,16 Jul 12,"Charlie Sheen, Jay Mohr, Imagine Dragons",""
2459,2012,120,17 Jul 12,"Kate Beckinsale, Adam Carolla, Lionel Richie",""
2460,2012,121,18 Jul 12,"Newt Gingrich, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, MGK",""
2461,2012,122,19 Jul 12,"Rachel Weisz, Aaron Paul, Robert Francis",""
2462,2012,123,20 Jul 12,"Ben Stiller, Rose Byrne, Missy Higgins",""
2463,2012,124,23 Jul 12,"Vince Vaughn, Travis Pastrana, Aretha Franklin",""
2464,2012,125,24 Jul 12,"Julie Scardina, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Jay Sean",""
2465,2012,126,25 Jul 12,"Jessica Biel, Kevin Smith, the Lumineers",""
2466,2012,127,26 Jul 12,"Colin Farrell, Dwyane Wade, MoZella",""
2467,2012,128,27 Jul 12,"Jeremy Renner, Betty White, Joss Stone",""
2468,2012,129,13 Aug 12,"Michelle Obama, Gabrielle Douglas, Norah Jones",""
2469,2012,130,14 Aug 12,"Kelsey Grammer, Jordan Burroughs, Ryan Star",""
2470,2012,131,15 Aug 12,"Sylvester Stallone, Missy Franklin, Dwight Yoakam",""
2471,2012,132,16 Aug 12,"Kristen Bell, Ryan Lochte, Regina Spektor",""
2472,2012,133,17 Aug 12,"Jason Statham, Allyson Felix, the Offspring",""
2473,2012,134,20 Aug 12,"Maya Rudolph, Jeff Foxworthy, Morning Parade",""
2474,2012,135,21 Aug 12,"Shia LaBeouf, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Fun.",""
2475,2012,136,22 Aug 12,"Katie Couric, Dax Shepard, Emeli Sande",""
2476,2012,137,23 Aug 12,"Kirsten Dunst, Chris Matthews, Smashing Pumpkins",""
2477,2012,138,24 Aug 12,"Howie Mandel, Alejandro Escovedo",""
2478,2012,139,27 Aug 12,"Dennis Miller, Kate Flannery, Joshua Radin",""
2479,2012,140,28 Aug 12,"Lisa Kudrow, Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kaufman, Owl City with Carly Rae Jepsen",""
2480,2012,141,29 Aug 12,"Bill Maher, Adam Hunter, Tristan Prettyman",""
2481,2012,142,30 Aug 12,"Savannah Guthrie, Dolph Lundgren, Hoobastank",""
2482,2012,143,31 Aug 12,"Lauren Graham, Dan Patrick, the Dunwells",""
2483,2012,144,04 Sep 12,"Kevin Hart, Rep. Ron Paul, Robert Cray",""
2484,2012,145,05 Sep 12,"Adam Levine, Magic Johnson, Grace Potter",""
2485,2012,146,06 Sep 12,"Ellen DeGeneres, Josh Lucas, Billy Ray Cyrus",""
2486,2012,147,07 Sep 12,"Matthew Perry, Meghan McCain, OneRepublic",""
2487,2012,148,17 Sep 12,"Richard Gere, Anthony Robles, Rascal Flatts",""
2488,2012,149,18 Sep 12,"Justin Timberlake, Steve Nash, Ryan Bingham",""
2489,2012,150,19 Sep 12,"Amy Poehler, Joe Scarborough, Big & Rich",""
2490,2012,151,20 Sep 12,"Viola Davis, Paul Wesley, Bonnie Raitt",""
2491,2012,152,21 Sep 12,"Zooey Deschanel, Anthony Anderson, ZZ Top",""
2492,2012,153,24 Sep 12,"David Spade, Giancarlo Esposito, Rebecca Ferguson",""
2493,2012,154,25 Sep 12,"Ann Romney, Seth MacFarlane, Bettye LaVette",""
2494,2012,155,26 Sep 12,"Kirstie Alley, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Richie Sambora",""
2495,2012,156,27 Sep 12,"Liam Neeson, Lisa Lampanelli, the Gaslight Anthem",""
2496,2012,157,28 Sep 12,"Christina Aguilera, Sherri Shepherd, the Piano Guys",""
2497,2012,158,01 Oct 12,"Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Cher Lloyd",""
2498,2012,159,02 Oct 12,"Carol Burnett, Armie Hammer, Lang Lang",""
2499,2012,160,03 Oct 12,"Christina Applegate, Apolo Anton Ohno, A Fine Frenzy",""
2500,2012,161,04 Oct 12,"Ben Affleck, Octavia Spencer, Neon Trees",""
2501,2012,162,05 Oct 12,"Colin Farrell, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, the Hives",""
2502,2012,163,08 Oct 12,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bubba Watson, the Wallflowers",""
2503,2012,164,09 Oct 12,"Tyler Perry, Oscar Pistorius, Plain White T's",""
2504,2012,165,10 Oct 12,"Chelsea Handler, Placido Domingo",""
2505,2012,166,11 Oct 12,"Terry Bradshaw, Mark Kelly, Grizzly Bear",""
2506,2012,167,12 Oct 12,"Whitney Cummings, Rove McManus, the Script",""
2507,2012,168,22 Oct 12,"Halle Berry, Ali Wentworth, Gary Clark Jr.",""
2508,2012,169,23 Oct 12,"Denzel Washington, Richard Engel, the Wombats",""
2509,2012,170,24 Oct 12,"President Barack Obama, No Doubt",""
2510,2012,171,25 Oct 12,"Jane Lynch, Russell Brand, Mika",""
2511,2012,172,26 Oct 12,"Sarah Silverman, Paula Deen, Lyle Lovett",""
2512,2012,173,29 Oct 12,"Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Billy Gardell, Two Door Cinema Club",""
2513,2012,174,30 Oct 12,"John C. Reilly, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Lifehouse",""
2514,2012,175,31 Oct 12,"Taylor Lautner, Lior Suchard, Macy Gray",""
2515,2012,176,01 Nov 12,"Jamie Lee Curtis, Barry Zito, Sergio Romo, ZZ Ward",""
2516,2012,177,02 Nov 12,"Marion Cotillard, Olate Dogs, Third Day",""
2517,2012,178,05 Nov 12,"Kristen Stewart, Dax Shepard, Kip Moore",""
2518,2012,179,07 Nov 12,"Daniel Craig, Dave Salmoni, Diamond Rings",""
2519,2012,180,08 Nov 12,"Sally Field, Michael Kosta, Lord Huron",""
2520,2012,181,09 Nov 12,"Meredith Vieira & Richard Cohen, Christina Perri",""
2521,2012,182,12 Nov 12,"Lea Michele, Nev Schulman, Toby Keith",""
2522,2012,183,13 Nov 12,"Keira Knightley, Whitney Cummings, Gin Wigmore",""
2523,2012,184,14 Nov 12,"Helen Hunt, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, Kylie Minogue",""
2524,2012,185,15 Nov 12,"Tim Allen, Nolan Gould, Switchfoot",""
2525,2012,186,16 Nov 12,"Chris Matthews, Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele, the Mowgli's",""
2526,2012,187,19 Nov 12,"Jennifer Lawrence, Phil & Willie Robertson, Andy Grammer",""
2527,2012,188,20 Nov 12,"Lindsay Lohan, David Gregory, Wanda Jackson",""
2528,2012,189,21 Nov 12,"Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kris Jenner, Dan Cummings",""
2529,2012,190,22 Nov 12,"Bradley Cooper, Natasha Leggero, PSY",""
2530,2012,191,26 Nov 12,"Jim Parsons, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Delta Rae",""
2531,2012,192,27 Nov 12,"Julie Bowen, "Rocket City Rednecks", Little Big Town",""
2532,2012,193,28 Nov 12,"Wanda Sykes, Blake Shelton",""
2533,2012,194,29 Nov 12,"Newt Gingrich, Ron Shirley, Grouplove",""
2534,2012,195,30 Nov 12,"Marisa Tomei, Carson Daly, Il Volo",""
2535,2012,196,03 Dec 12,"Gerard Butler, Olivia Munn, the Polyphonic Spree",""
2536,2012,197,04 Dec 12,"Khloe Kardashian Odom, Adam Carolla, Matisyahu",""
2537,2012,198,05 Dec 12,"Don Johnson, Julie Scardina, Darius Rucker",""
2538,2012,199,06 Dec 12,"Bill O'Reilly, Krysten Ritter, Paloma Faith",""
2539,2012,200,07 Dec 12,"Leslie Mann, Jim Rome, Garbage",""
2540,2012,201,10 Dec 12,"Matt Damon, Chris Pratt, Of Monsters And Men",""
2541,2012,202,11 Dec 12,"Ewan McGregor, Bailee Madison, Allen Stone",""
2542,2012,203,12 Dec 12,"Albert Brooks, Kerry Washington, Willy Moon",""
2543,2012,204,13 Dec 12,"Hugh Jackman, Maria Sharapova, J.D. McPherson",""
2544,2012,205,14 Dec 12,"Bette Midler, Judd Apatow, Pentatonix",""
2545,2012,206,17 Dec 12,"Megan Fox, Johnny Manziel, Colbie Caillat",""
2546,2012,207,18 Dec 12,"Quentin Tarantino, LeAnn Rimes",""
2547,2012,208,19 Dec 12,"Jamie Foxx, Carl Reiner, "The Voice" winner Cassadee Pope",""
2548,2012,209,20 Dec 12,"Katherine Heigl, Marjorie Johnson, Johnny Mathis",""
2549,2012,210,21 Dec 12,"Terry Bradshaw, Elle Fanning, Chris Mann",""
2550,2013,1,02 Jan 13,"Kevin Hart, Betty White, Dwight Yoakam",""
2551,2013,2,03 Jan 13,"Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chumlee & Rick Harrison, Ziggy Marley",""
2552,2013,3,04 Jan 13,"Courteney Cox, Joy Behar, Youngblood Hawke",""
2553,2013,4,07 Jan 13,"Mark Wahlberg, Jeff Foxworthy, Salaam Remi featuring Akon",""
2554,2013,5,08 Jan 13,"Steve Carell, Kathryn Hahn, Jake Clemons",""
2555,2013,6,09 Jan 13,"Leslie Mann, David Koechner",""
2556,2013,7,10 Jan 13,"Kevin Bacon, Sherri Shepherd, Mary Lambert",""
2557,2013,8,11 Jan 13,"Ben Affleck, Kristen Bell, Rodriguez",""
2558,2013,9,14 Jan 13,"Matt Damon, Larry the Cable Guy",""
2559,2013,10,15 Jan 13,"Vanessa Hudgens, Joy Behar",""
2560,2013,11,16 Jan 13,"Mark Harmon, Kristin Chenoweth",""
2561,2013,12,17 Jan 13,"Chelsea Handler, Bob Costas, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings",""
2562,2013,13,18 Jan 13,"Chris Tucker, Bob Costas, Big Boi",""
2563,2013,14,22 Jan 13,"Dana Carvey, Emmy Rossum, Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite",""
2564,2013,15,23 Jan 13,"Heidi Klum, Seann Willam Scott, Gary Allan",""
2565,2013,16,24 Jan 13,"Dustin Hoffman, Jillian Michaels, Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders",""
2566,2013,17,25 Jan 13,"Robert DeNiro, Sherri Shepherd, the Grascals",""
2567,2013,18,28 Jan 13,"Catherine Zeta-Jones, Donny Deutsch, Lady Antebellum",""
2568,2013,19,29 Jan 13,"Whitney Cummings, Jackie Weaver, Aaron Neville",""
2569,2013,20,30 Jan 13,"Charlie Sheen, David O. Russell, Holly Williams",""
2570,2013,21,31 Jan 13,"Piers Morgan, Quvenzhane Wallis, Benh Zeitlin, Lisa Loeb",""
2571,2013,22,01 Feb 13,"Wanda Sykes, Tyler Hamilton, Branford Marsalis",""
2572,2013,23,04 Feb 13,"Hugh Jackman, Jessica Chastain, Michael Bolton",""
2573,2013,24,05 Feb 13,"Josh Duhamel, Kathryn Bigelow, Lianne La Havas",""
2574,2013,25,06 Feb 13,"Tim McGraw, Bar Refaeli",""
2575,2013,26,07 Feb 13,"Amy Adams, Adam Carolla, Hunter Hayes",""
2576,2013,27,08 Feb 13,"Seth MacFarlane, Jenna Elfman, Norah Jones",""
2577,2013,28,11 Feb 13,"James Spader, Lior Suchard, Far East Movement",""
2578,2013,29,12 Feb 13,"Charles Barkley, Bob Fisher, Jewel",""
2579,2013,30,13 Feb 13,"Anne Hathaway, Lester Holt, Eli Young Band",""
2580,2013,31,14 Feb 13,"Jarod Miller, Colbie Caillat, Gavin DeGraw",""
2581,2013,32,15 Feb 13,"Kathy Griffin, David Feherty, FM Radio",""
2582,2013,33,18 Feb 13,"Kevin Bacon, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Eubanks",""
2583,2013,34,19 Feb 13,"Robin Wright, Bonnie Raitt",""
2584,2013,35,20 Feb 13,"Chelsea Handler, Edythe Kirchmaier, Sky Blu",""
2585,2013,36,21 Feb 13,"Arsenio Hall, Karolina Kurkova, Tristan Prettyman",""
2586,2013,37,22 Feb 13,"Meredith Vieira, Richard Roeper, thenewno2",""
2587,2013,38,25 Feb 13,"Russell Crowe, Eli Roth, Robert Randolph with the Slide Brothers",""
2588,2013,39,26 Feb 13,"Colin Farrell, Naomi Campbell, Boz Scaggs",""
2589,2013,40,27 Feb 13,"David Duchovny, J.B. Smoove, Father John Misty",""
2590,2013,41,28 Feb 13,"Steve Carell, Joey King, Shooter Jennings",""
2591,2013,42,01 Mar 13,"Bill O'Reilly, Abigail Breslin, the Mavericks",""
2592,2013,43,11 Mar 13,"Halle Berry, Rachel Maddow, Ashley Monroe",""
2593,2013,44,12 Mar 13,"Olivia Wilde, Nick Offerman, Buddy Guy and the Experience Hendrix All-Star Band",""
2594,2013,45,13 Mar 13,"Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Cuban, Jose James",""
2595,2013,46,14 Mar 13,"James Franco, Jay Mohr, Owl City with Yuna",""
2596,2013,47,15 Mar 13,"Craig Ferguson, Vera Farmiga, Harper Simon",""
2597,2013,48,18 Mar 13,"Morgan Freeman, Rulon Gardner & Henry Cejuda, James Hunter",""
2598,2013,49,19 Mar 13,"Jenna Fischer, Dennis Rodman, Black Prairie",""
2599,2013,50,20 Mar 13,"Vanessa Hudgens, Chris O'Dowd, Gary Clark Jr.",""
2600,2013,51,21 Mar 13,"Dwayne Johnson, Chris Paul, Atlas Genius",""
2601,2013,52,22 Mar 13,"Don Cheadle, Wynonna Judd, Wiz Khalifa featuring Akon",""
2602,2013,53,25 Mar 13,"Gerard Butler, Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele, Crystal Bowersox",""
2603,2013,54,26 Mar 13,"Keith Urban, Paula Deen, Django Django",""
2604,2013,55,27 Mar 13,"Kristin Chenoweth, Justin Willman, Josh Groban",""
2605,2013,56,28 Mar 13,"Kim Kardashian, Willie Geist, Imagine Dragons",""
2606,2013,57,01 Apr 13,"Matthew Perry, Kristen Schaal, Goo Goo Dollls",""
2607,2013,58,02 Apr 13,"Blake Shelton, Jim Rome",""
2608,2013,59,03 Apr 13,"Rosario Dawson, Max Greenfield, Gloriana",""
2609,2013,60,04 Apr 13,"Eva Longoria, Terry Crews, Cavalia's Odysseo",""
2610,2013,61,05 Apr 13,"Julie Scardina, Demetri Martin, Gin Wigmore",""
2611,2013,62,08 Apr 13,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anthony Jeselnik, Vintage Trouble",""
2612,2013,63,09 Apr 13,"Rebel Wilson, Jackson Galaxy, Hanson",""
2613,2013,64,10 Apr 13,"Charlie Sheen, Andy Enfield, Brad Paisley",""
2614,2013,65,11 Apr 13,"LL Cool J, Andy Cohen, Tegan and Sara",""
2615,2013,66,12 Apr 13,"Adam Levine, Cyndi Lauper, the Airborne Toxic Event",""
2616,2013,67,22 Apr 13,"Diane Keaton, Trevor Moore, Jake Bugg",""
2617,2013,68,23 Apr 13,"Carol Burnett, Stephen Amell, Plain White T's",""
2618,2013,69,24 Apr 13,"Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club",""
2619,2013,70,25 Apr 13,"Gwyneth Paltrow, JB Smoove, Billy Ray Cyrus",""
2620,2013,71,26 Apr 13,"Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman, Avril Lavigne",""
2621,2013,72,29 Apr 13,"Ben Kingsley, Larry the Cable Guy, the Band Perry",""
2622,2013,73,30 Apr 13,"Cher & Georgia Holt, Dov Davidoff, Florida Georgia Line",""
2623,2013,74,01 May 13,"Kathy Griffin, Eli Roth, Cheap Trick",""
2624,2013,75,02 May 13,"Matt Lauer, Jen Kirkman, AWOLNATION",""
2625,2013,76,03 May 13,"Chris Evans, Kevin Smith, Various Cruelties",""
2626,2013,77,06 May 13,"Magic Johnson, Savannah Guthrie, Fall Out Boy",""
2627,2013,78,07 May 13,"Lauren Graham, Ken Jeong, Patty Griffin",""
2628,2013,79,08 May 13,"Craig Ferguson, Connie Sawyer, Emeli Sande",""
2629,2013,80,09 May 13,"Shakira, Marc Maron, Tom Jones",""
2630,2013,81,10 May 13,"Aaron Eckhart, Sherri Shepherd, 98 Degrees",""
2631,2013,82,13 May 13,"Miranda Lambert, Ross Matthews, Pistol Annies",""
2632,2013,83,14 May 13,"Wanda Sykes, Martha Stewart, Drop City Yacht Club",""
2633,2013,84,15 May 13,"Usher, Nick Offerman, Pyramids",""
2634,2013,85,16 May 13,"Adam Sandler, Phil Jackson, Family of the Year",""
2635,2013,86,17 May 13,"Mitt Romney, "American Idol" winner Candice Glover",""
2636,2013,87,20 May 13,"Bradley Cooper, Heidi Klum, The-Dream & Kelly Rowland",""
2637,2013,88,21 May 13,"Eric Stonestreet, Jeremy Wade, Thompson Square",""
2638,2013,89,22 May 13,"Vin Diesel, Jeff Foxworthy, the Lone Bellow",""
2639,2013,90,23 May 13,"Tyler Perry, Isla Fisher, Shout Out Louds",""
2640,2013,91,24 May 13,"Howie Mandel, Sal Basille & Francis Garcia, Sigur Ros",""
2641,2013,92,03 Jun 13,"Vince Vaughn, Kathleen Madigan, Scotty McCreery",""
2642,2013,93,04 Jun 13,"Owen Wilson, Wayde King & Brett Raymer, LeAnn Rimes",""
2643,2013,94,05 Jun 13,"Danny McBride, Khloe Kardashian Odom, the Wanted",""
2644,2013,95,06 Jun 13,"Henry Cavill, Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm, She & Him",""
2645,2013,96,07 Jun 13,"Russell Crowe, Judith Hill",""
2646,2013,97,10 Jun 13,"Kevin Bacon, Mel B, Bad Company",""
2647,2013,98,11 Jun 13,"Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Connors, Matthew Morrison",""
2648,2013,99,12 Jun 13,"Kevin Hart, Jeremy Scahill, Trace Adkins & Colbie Caillat",""
2649,2013,100,13 Jun 13,"Carson Daly, Betty White, Timeflies",""
2650,2013,101,14 Jun 13,"Armie Hammer, Dave Salmoni, Boxer Rebellion",""
2651,2013,102,17 Jun 13,"Billy Crystal, Pitbull",""
2652,2013,103,18 Jun 13,"Kathy Griffin, Billy Gardell, Grouplove",""
2653,2013,104,19 Jun 13,"David Gregory, "The Voice" winner Danielle Bradbery",""
2654,2013,105,20 Jun 13,"Kristin Davis, Harvey Fierstein, the Mowgli's",""
2655,2013,106,21 Jun 13,"Terry Bradshaw, Steve Byrne, Joseph Arthur",""
2656,2013,107,24 Jun 13,"Steve Carell, Ken Ilgunas, Barenaked Ladies",""
2657,2013,108,25 Jun 13,"Sandra Bullock, Bob Saget, Il Volo",""
2658,2013,109,26 Jun 13,"Whitney Cummings, Alex Minsky, John Fogerty",""
2659,2013,110,27 Jun 13,"David Spade, Joey King, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals",""
2660,2013,111,28 Jun 13,"Wanda Sykes, Kris Jenner, India.Arie",""
2661,2013,112,08 Jul 13,"Charlie Day, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lionel Richie",""
2662,2013,113,09 Jul 13,"Dane Cook, Nev Schulman, Matt Nathanson",""
2663,2013,114,10 Jul 13,"John Malkovich, Olivia Munn, Blackberry Smoke",""
2664,2013,115,11 Jul 13,"Helen Mirren, Ben Schwartz, the Olms",""
2665,2013,116,12 Jul 13,"Bill Hader, Eliot Spitzer, Passenger",""
2666,2013,117,15 Jul 13,"Savannah Guthrie, Anthony Jeselnik, Johnnyswim",""
2667,2013,118,16 Jul 13,"Zachary Levi, Danica Patrick, Talib Kweli featuring Nelly & Abby Dobson",""
2668,2013,119,17 Jul 13,"Jane Lynch, Charlie Hunnam, Serena Ryder",""
2669,2013,120,18 Jul 13,"Anthony Hopkins, Amy Schumer, Robert Randolph and the Family Band",""
2670,2013,121,19 Jul 13,"Howie Mandel, Marisa Miller, Sara Bareilles",""
2671,2013,122,22 Jul 13,"Gillian Anderson, Jim Rash & Nat Faxon, Kenny Chesney",""
2672,2013,123,23 Jul 13,"Aaron Paul, Selena Gomez",""
2673,2013,124,24 Jul 13,"Ashton Kutcher, Jayma Mays, Hiatus Kaiyote",""
2674,2013,125,25 Jul 13,"Cate Blanchett, Michael B. Jordan, Court Yard Hounds",""
2675,2013,126,26 Jul 13,"Katy Perry, Cris Collinsworth, Kacey Musgraves",""
2676,2013,127,29 Jul 13,"Kristen Bell, Jake Johnson, Phillip Phillips",""
2677,2013,128,30 Jul 13,"Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Gad",""
2678,2013,129,31 Jul 13,"Kate Hudson, Bob Costas, Kopecky Family Band",""
2679,2013,130,01 Aug 13,"Casey Affleck, Allison Janney, Sammy Hagar",""
2680,2013,131,02 Aug 13,"Meredith Vieira, Jim Norton, Charlie Worsham",""
2681,2013,132,05 Aug 13,"Bryan Cranston, Karolina Kurkova, Amos Lee",""
2682,2013,133,06 Aug 13,"President Barack Obama, Patti LaBelle",""
2683,2013,134,07 Aug 13,"Matt Damon, Anna Faris, Parachute",""
2684,2013,135,08 Aug 13,"Robin Williams, Mark Cuban, Gavin DeGraw",""
2685,2013,136,09 Aug 13,"Jason Sudeikis, Jim Stacy, K.T. Tunstall",""
2686,2013,137,26 Aug 13,"Jeff Daniels, Sherri Shepherd, Quinn Sullivan",""
2687,2013,138,27 Aug 13,"Josh Duhamel, J.B. Smoove, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis",""
2688,2013,139,28 Aug 13,"Matt LeBlanc, Natasha Leggero, Sky Blu",""
2689,2013,140,29 Aug 13,"Julie Scardina, Rod Stewart",""
2690,2013,141,30 Aug 13,"Sen. John McCain, Diablo Cody, Booker T. Jones with Mayer Hawthorne",""
2691,2013,142,03 Sep 13,"Bill Maher, Victoria Duval, ZZ Ward",""
2692,2013,143,04 Sep 13,"Christina Applegate, Rob Corddry, White Lies",""
2693,2013,144,05 Sep 13,"Vince Vaughn, Olivia Munn, Vintage Trouble",""
2694,2013,145,06 Sep 13,"Simon Cowell, Adam Carolla, American Authors",""
2695,2013,146,09 Sep 13,"Martin Short, Meghan McCain, Backstreet Boys",""
2696,2013,147,10 Sep 13,"Rose Byrne, Donny Deutsch, Jennifer Nettles",""
2697,2013,148,11 Sep 13,"Charlie Sheen, Jim Rome, Trombone Shorty",""
2698,2013,149,12 Sep 13,"Hugh Jackman, Aisha Tyler, OneRepublic",""
2699,2013,150,13 Sep 13,"Zooey Deschanel, Terry Crews, Buena Vista Social Club",""
2700,2013,151,16 Sep 13,"Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Schaal, Sheryl Crow",""
2701,2013,152,17 Sep 13,"Neil Patrick Harris, Demi Lovato, Five for Fighting",""
2702,2013,153,18 Sep 13,"Christina Aguilera, Joy Behar, Valerie June",""
2703,2013,154,19 Sep 13,"Tim Allen, Dwayne Wade, Fitz & the Tantrums",""
2704,2013,155,20 Sep 13,"Jimmy Fallon, Lior Suchard, Billy Currington",""
2705,2013,156,23 Sep 13,"Justin Timberlake, Paula Patton",""
2706,2013,157,24 Sep 13,"Olivia Wilde, Adam Scott, Cher Lloyd",""
2707,2013,158,25 Sep 13,"Dana Carvey, Cee-Lo Green, Goodie Mob",""
2708,2013,159,26 Sep 13,"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ron Paul, Little Big Town",""
2709,2013,160,27 Sep 13,"Sandra Bullock, Key & Peele, Gregory Porter",""
2710,2013,161,30 Sep 13,"Magic Johnson, Marjorie Johnson, Gary Clark Jr.",""
2711,2013,162,02 Oct 13,"Kathy Griffin, Newt Gingrich, Demi Lovato",""
2712,2013,163,01 Oct 13,"Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jay Mohr, Mika featuring Ariana Grande",""
2713,2013,164,03 Oct 13,"Julianne Moore, Billy Gardell, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington",""
2714,2013,165,04 Oct 13,"Terry Bradshaw, Nelly",""
2715,2013,166,07 Oct 13,"Drew Barrymore, D.L. Hughley, the Avett Brothers",""
2716,2013,167,08 Oct 13,"Billy Crystal, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Toni Braxton, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds",""
2717,2013,168,09 Oct 13,"Whitney Cummings, Ann Romney, Lissie",""
2718,2013,169,10 Oct 13,"Lauren Graham, Chris Matthews, Tom Odell",""
2719,2013,170,11 Oct 13,"Rosie Perez, Tenacious D",""
2720,2013,171,21 Oct 13,"Michael Douglas, Larry the Cable Guy, Thomas Rhett",""
2721,2013,172,22 Oct 13,"Kristin Chenoweth, Ross Matthews, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts",""
2722,2013,173,23 Oct 13,"Harrison Ford, Piers Morgan, Daughtry",""
2723,2013,174,24 Oct 13,"Emma Roberts, Dave Salmoni, Diane Birch",""
2724,2013,175,25 Oct 13,"Wanda Sykes, Richard Engel, Scotty McCreery",""
2725,2013,176,28 Oct 13,"Adam Levine, Ali Wentworth, Steve Nieve with Elvis Costello",""
2726,2013,177,29 Oct 13,"Savannah Guthrie, Mark Cuban, Kodaline",""
2727,2013,178,30 Oct 13,"Kim Kardashian, Abigail Breslin, Two Door Cinema Club",""
2728,2013,179,31 Oct 13,"Matthew McConaughey, Eli Roth, the Fray",""
2729,2013,180,01 Nov 13,"Melissa McCarthy, Andy Cohen, Empire of the Sun",""
2730,2013,181,04 Nov 13,"Anthony Hopkins, Sting",""
2731,2013,182,05 Nov 13,"Liam Hemsworth, Jayma Mays, the Rides featuring Stephen Stills & Kenny Wayne Shepherd",""
2732,2013,183,06 Nov 13,"Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Engvall, Tired Pony",""
2733,2013,184,07 Nov 13,"Andy Samberg, Bailee Madison, Goo Goo Dolls",""
2734,2013,185,08 Nov 13,"Mariska Hargitay, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gavin DeGraw",""
2735,2013,186,11 Nov 13,"Casey Affleck, Kelly Clarkson, Lyle Lovett",""
2736,2013,187,12 Nov 13,"Matt Lauer, Carrot Top, Cults",""
2737,2013,188,13 Nov 13,"Bill Cosby, Chris Pratt, Gary Allan",""
2738,2013,189,14 Nov 13,"Craig Ferguson, Jaimie Alexander, JRand featuring Flo Rida",""
2739,2013,190,15 Nov 13,"Bill O'Reilly, Guy Fieri, Lee Brice",""
2740,2013,191,18 Nov 13,"Whoopi Goldberg, Anthony Jeselnik, TOTEM from Cirque de Soleil",""
2741,2013,192,19 Nov 13,"George W. Bush, Bil Dwyer, Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite",""
2742,2013,193,20 Nov 13,"Blake Shelton, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Imelda May",""
2743,2013,194,21 Nov 13,"Kristen Bell, David Gregory, Julian Lennon",""
2744,2013,195,22 Nov 13,"Jim Parsons, John Downer, Cassadee Pope",""
2745,2013,196,25 Nov 13,"Bette Midler, Michael Buble",""
2746,2013,197,26 Nov 13,"Quentin Tarantino, Jim Stacy, Luke Bryan",""
2747,2013,198,13 Dec 13,"Carson Daly, Justin Willman, Billy Ray Cyrus",""
2748,2013,199,27 Nov 13,"Garth Brooks, Jim Edds",""
2749,2013,200,28 Nov 13,"Christina Aguilera, Jay Mohr",""
2750,2013,201,09 Dec 13,"Simon Cowell, Megyn Kelly, MS MR",""
2751,2013,202,10 Dec 13,"Kirstie Alley, Ernie Brown Jr., Switchfoot",""
2752,2013,203,11 Dec 13,"Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong, the Head and the Heart",""
2753,2013,204,16 Dec 13,"Meredith Vieira, JB Smoove, Jake Bugg",""
2754,2013,205,12 Dec 13,"Kevin Hart, Brooklyn Decker, Chris Young",""
2755,2013,206,17 Dec 13,"Olivia Wilde, Julie Scardina, Johnny Mathis",""
2756,2013,207,18 Dec 13,"Christina Applegate, Kevin Nealon, "The Voice" winner Tessanne Chin",""
2757,2013,208,19 Dec 13,"Sylvestor Stallone, Judd Apatow, Libera",""
2758,2013,209,20 Dec 13,"Michael Strahan, Marjorie Johnson, Leona Lewis",""
2759,2013,210,06 Jan 13,"Louis C.K., Sen. John McCain, Meghan McCain, Plain White T's",""
2760,2013,211,13 Jan 13,"Jennifer Lopez, Aaron Eckhart, Dorian Holley",""
2761,2014,1,06 Jan 14,"Louis C.K., Sen. John McCain, Meghan McCain, Plain White T's",""
2762,2014,2,07 Jan 14,"Mark Wahlberg, Kathryn Hahn, Salaam Remi featuring Akon",""
2763,2014,3,08 Jan 14,"Steve Carell, Maria Shriver, Jake Clemons",""
2764,2014,4,09 Jan 14,"Leslie Mann, David Koechner, Vince Gill with Paul Franklin",""
2765,2014,5,10 Jan 14,"Kevin Bacon, Sherri Shepherd, Mary Lambert",""
2766,2014,6,13 Jan 14,"Jennifer Lopez, Aaron Eckhart, Adam Hunter",""
2767,2014,7,14 Jan 14,"Matt Damon, Larry the Cable Guy, Chris Isaak",""
2768,2014,8,15 Jan 14,"Vanessa Hudgens, Mark Cuban, Foreigner",""
2769,2014,9,16 Jan 14,"Mark Harmon, Gracie Gold, Kristin Chenoweth",""
2770,2014,10,17 Jan 14,"Chelsea Handler, Bob Costas, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings",""
2771,2014,11,21 Jan 14,"Adam Sandler, Ali Wentworth, Sheryl Crow",""
2772,2014,12,22 Jan 14,"Charlie Sheen, Joy Behar, Neon Trees",""
2773,2014,13,23 Jan 14,"Rep. John Boehner, Matt LeBlanc, Dorian Holley",""
2774,2014,14,24 Jan 14,"Terry Bradshaw, Heidi Klum, Darius Rucker",""
2775,2014,15,27 Jan 14,"Dana Carvey, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, A Great Big World",""
2776,2014,16,28 Jan 14,"Wanda Sykes, Thomas Haden Church, Dwight Yoakam",""
2777,2014,17,29 Jan 14,"Bill Maher, Whitney Cummings, Jennifer Nettles",""
2778,2014,18,30 Jan 14,"Miley Cyrus, Howie Mandel, Sarah McLachlan",""
2779,2014,19,31 Jan 14,"Tim Allen, Dave Salmoni, Sara Bareilles",""
2780,2014,20,03 Feb 14,"Jimmy Fallon, Betty White, Bonnie Raitt",""
2781,2014,21,04 Feb 14,"Matthew McConaughey, Charles Barkley, Lyle Lovett",""
2782,2014,22,05 Feb 14,"Sandra Bullock, Blake Shelton, Vintage Trouble",""
2783,2014,23,06 Feb 14,"Billy Crystal & Garth Brooks",""