number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Feb 73,"The Job Interview",""
2,1,2,22 Feb 73,"George's House",""
3,1,3,01 Mar 73,"Love Thy Neighbour",""
4,1,4,08 Mar 73,"Have A Break, Take A Husband",""
5,1,5,15 Mar 73,"The Hospital Visit",""
6,1,6,22 Mar 73,"The Psychiatrist",""
7,1,7,29 Mar 73,"The Employment Exchange",""
8,2,1,22 Nov 73,"Cliffhanger",""
9,2,2,29 Nov 73,"The RAF Reunion",""
10,2,3,06 Dec 73,"The Public Relations Course",""
11,2,4,13 Dec 73,"Frank and Marvin",""
12,2,5,20 Dec 73,"Fathers' Clinic",""
13,2,6,27 Dec 73,"The Baby Arrives",""
14,3,1,11 Nov 78,"Moving House",""
15,3,2,18 Nov 78,"Wendy House",""
16,3,3,25 Nov 78,"Scottish Dancing",""
17,3,4,02 Dec 78,"Men as Women",""
18,3,5,09 Dec 78,"King of the Road",""
19,3,6,16 Dec 78,"Australia House",""
20,3,7,25 Dec 78,"Learning To Fly",""
S03,3,0,18 Mar 16,"Sport Relief",""
S02,2,0,25 Dec 74,"Jessica's First Christmas",""
S02,2,0,25 Dec 75,"Learning to Drive",""