number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,16 Jan 05,"Flay vs. Bayless",""
2,1,2,23 Jan 05,"Batali vs. Trevino",""
3,1,3,30 Jan 05,"Flay vs.Tsai",""
4,1,4,13 Feb 05,"Batali vs. Laiskonis",""
5,1,5,20 Feb 05,"Morimoto vs. Feenie",""
6,1,6,27 Feb 05,"Flay vs. Armstrong",""
7,1,7,06 Mar 05,"Morimoto vs. Donna",""
8,1,8,20 Mar 05,"Batali vs. Campbell",""
9,1,9,03 Apr 05,"Batali vs. Lo",""
10,1,10,03 Apr 05,"Cora vs. Lee",""
11,2,1,10 Jul 05,"Batali vs. English",""
12,2,2,17 Jul 05,"Cora vs. Simon",""
13,2,3,24 Jul 05,"Flay vs. Lang",""
14,2,4,31 Jul 05,"Morimoto vs. Sanchez",""
15,2,5,07 Aug 05,"Batali vs. Des Jardins",""
16,2,6,14 Aug 05,"Cora vs. Choy",""
17,2,7,11 Sep 05,"Flay vs. Bernstein",""
18,2,8,02 Oct 05,"Morimoto vs. Symon",""
19,2,9,16 Oct 05,"Batali vs. Murphy",""
20,2,10,06 Nov 05,"Morimoto vs. Douglas",""
21,2,11,13 Nov 05,"Flay vs. The Too Hot Tamales",""
22,2,12,08 Jan 06,"Batali vs. Dufresne",""
23,2,13,15 Jan 06,"Flay vs. Burke",""
24,2,14,22 Jan 06,"Cora vs. Fraser",""
25,3,1,26 Feb 06,"Batali vs. Besh",""
26,3,2,05 Mar 06,"Flay vs. MacMillan",""
27,3,3,12 Mar 06,"Cora vs. Shook & Dotolo",""
28,3,4,30 Apr 06,"Flay vs. Pagano",""
29,3,5,07 May 06,"Morimoto vs. Donna (Rematch)",""
30,3,6,14 May 06,"Flay vs. Tourondel",""
31,3,7,21 May 06,"Batali vs. Lefebvre",""
32,3,8,04 Jun 06,"Flay vs. Lee",""
33,3,9,19 Jun 06,"Morimoto vs. Eme",""
34,3,10,10 Jul 06,"Flay vs. Morou",""
35,3,11,17 Jul 06,"Cora vs. Scheib",""
36,3,12,30 Jul 06,"Batali vs. Tramonto & Gand",""
37,3,13,14 Aug 06,"Cora vs. Psilakis",""
38,3,14,11 Sep 06,"Morimoto vs. Yeo",""
39,3,15,18 Sep 06,"Flay vs. DeChellis",""
40,3,16,08 Oct 06,"Flay vs. Bull",""
41,3,17,29 Oct 06,"Cora vs. Faulkner",""
42,3,18,05 Nov 06,"Cora vs. Campanaro",""
43,3,19,13 Nov 06,"Flay/De Laurentiis vs. Batali/Ray",""
44,3,20,03 Dec 06,"Batali vs. Blais",""
45,3,21,10 Dec 06,"Cora vs. Royal",""
46,3,22,01 Jan 07,"Flay vs. Vinczencz",""
47,3,23,07 Jan 07,"Batali vs. Chalmerkittichai",""
48,3,24,21 Jan 07,"Morimoto vs. Cantu",""
49,4,1,11 Feb 07,"Flay vs. Bowles",""
50,4,2,25 Feb 07,"Flay vs. Crawford",""
51,4,3,04 Mar 07,"Batali/Abou-Ganim vs. Gadsby/Albert",""
52,4,4,11 Mar 07,"Flay vs. Murphy",""
53,4,5,01 Apr 07,"Flay vs. Andres",""
54,4,6,08 Apr 07,"Morimoto vs. Hopkins",""
55,4,7,22 Apr 07,"Batali vs. Cosentino",""
56,4,8,06 May 07,"Cora vs. Myers",""
57,4,9,20 May 07,"Morimoto vs. Love",""
58,4,10,27 May 07,"Flay vs. Kelly",""
59,5,1,29 Jul 07,"Flay vs Ford",""
60,5,2,05 Aug 07,"Batali vs Liu",""
61,5,3,12 Aug 07,"Cora vs Guarnaschelli",""
62,5,4,09 Sep 07,"Batali vs Carmellini",""
63,5,5,16 Sep 07,"Cora vs Tarbell",""
64,5,6,07 Oct 07,"Flay vs Boucher",""
65,5,7,21 Oct 07,"Batali vs Clark",""
66,5,8,28 Oct 07,"Cora vs Dumont",""
67,5,9,18 Nov 07,"Symon vs Moore",""
68,5,10,25 Nov 07,"Cora and Deen vs Florence and Irvine",""
69,5,11,02 Dec 07,"Cora vs Richards",""
70,5,12,20 Jan 08,"Morimoto vs Nicotra",""
71,6,1,06 Jan 08,"Batali vs. Oliver",""
72,6,2,10 Feb 08,"Cora vs. Stupak",""
73,6,3,23 Feb 08,"Flay vs. Kent & Kevin Rathbun",""
74,6,4,02 Mar 08,"Cora vs. Hillson",""
75,6,5,09 Mar 08,"Symon vs. Rubino",""
76,6,6,16 Mar 08,"Flay vs. Back",""
77,6,7,23 Mar 08,"Morimoto vs. Cole",""
78,6,8,06 Apr 08,"Cora vs. Oringer",""
79,6,9,20 Apr 08,"Flay vs. Rios",""
80,6,10,25 May 08,"Flay vs. Iacovone",""
81,6,11,01 Jun 08,"Batali vs. Bartolotta",""
82,6,12,08 Jun 08,"Flay vs. Samuelsson",""
83,6,13,15 Jun 08,"Symon vs. Bloomfield",""
84,6,14,06 Jul 08,"Morimoto vs. Cimarusti",""
85,6,15,20 Jul 08,"Flay vs. Hamilton",""
86,6,16,03 Aug 08,"Morimoto vs. Ophaso",""
87,6,17,17 Aug 08,"Flay vs. Garces",""
88,6,18,07 Sep 08,"Flay vs. Cardoz",""
89,7,1,05 Oct 08,"Symon vs Adjey",""
90,7,2,12 Oct 08,"Flay vs Angerer",""
91,7,3,19 Oct 08,"Cora vs Smith",""
92,7,4,26 Oct 08,"Symon vs Cosentino",""
93,7,5,16 Nov 08,"Flay and Symon vs Cora and Morimoto",""
94,7,6,30 Nov 08,"Symon vs Cora",""
95,7,7,01 Jan 09,"Symon vs Appleman",""
96,7,8,04 Jan 09,"Flay vs Tinsley",""
97,7,9,15 Feb 09,"Symon vs Trabocchi",""
98,7,10,22 Jan 09,"Flay vs Freitag",""
99,7,11,01 Mar 09,"Cora vs Lahlou",""
100,7,12,15 Mar 09,"Flay vs Kinch",""
101,7,13,26 Apr 09,"Cora vs Grieveson",""
102,7,14,31 May 09,"Morimoto vs Mason",""
103,7,15,07 Jun 09,"Symon vs Kaysen",""
104,7,16,28 Jun 09,"Flay vs Excoffier",""
105,7,17,05 Jul 09,"Flay vs Torres",""
106,7,18,12 Jul 09,"Symon vs Nawab",""
107,7,19,09 Aug 09,"Symon vs Kwaku-Dongo",""
108,7,20,23 Aug 09,"Cora vs Farmerie",""
109,7,21,30 Aug 09,"Morimoto vs Mehta",""
110,7,22,27 Sep 09,"Symon vs Culinary Students",""
111,7,23,11 Oct 09,"Flay vs Gordon",""
112,7,24,18 Oct 09,"Morimoto vs Amoroso",""
113,7,25,25 Oct 09,"Cora vs Walzog",""
114,7,26,01 Nov 09,"Morimoto vs Virant",""
115,7,27,08 Nov 09,"Cora vs Phan",""
116,7,28,29 Nov 09,"Flay vs. Morimoto",""
117,8,1,01 Jan 10,"Symon/Psilakis vs. Carro Brothers",""
118,8,2,03 Jan 10,"Batali & Lagasse vs. Flay & Comerford",""
119,8,3,10 Jan 10,"Morimoto vs. Marino",""
120,8,4,17 Jan 10,"Garces vs. Yang & Chirchi",""
121,8,5,24 Jan 10,"Morimoto vs. Wadi",""
122,8,6,31 Jan 10,"Flay vs. Smith",""
123,8,7,06 Feb 10,"Symon vs. Goldman",""
124,8,8,07 Mar 10,"Symon vs. Mendelsohn",""
125,8,9,21 Mar 10,"Cora vs. Ballesteros",""
126,8,10,04 Apr 10,"Morimoto vs. Chauhan",""
127,8,11,11 Apr 10,"Cora vs. Smith",""
128,8,12,02 May 10,"Morimoto vs. Zakarian",""
129,8,13,09 May 10,"Garces vs. Liken",""
130,8,14,23 May 10,"Symon vs. Fraser",""
131,8,15,30 May 10,"Flay vs. Stone",""
132,8,16,20 Jun 10,"Flay vs. Thiam",""
133,8,17,27 Jun 10,"Symon vs. Brown",""
134,8,18,04 Jul 10,"Symon vs. Okuwa",""
135,8,19,01 Aug 10,"Morimoto vs. Hines",""
136,8,20,08 Aug 10,"Symon vs. Crenn",""
137,8,21,29 Aug 10,"Morimoto vs. Cohen",""
138,8,22,05 Sep 10,"Cora vs. Kostow",""
139,8,23,12 Sep 10,"Garces vs. Pomeroy",""
140,8,24,19 Sep 10,"Cora vs. Mullen",""
141,8,25,26 Sep 10,"Garces vs. Fukushima",""
142,8,26,17 Oct 10,"Symon vs Vetri",""
143,8,27,24 Oct 10,"Cora vs Miranda",""
144,8,28,07 Nov 10,"Garces vs. Lee",""
145,8,29,21 Nov 10,"Flay vs. Greenspan",""
146,8,30,28 Nov 10,"The Next Iron Chef Season 3 Winner vs. RJ Cooper",""
147,8,31,12 Dec 10,"Symon vs. Brock",""
148,9,1,02 Jan 11,"Symon/Burrell vs. Cora/Irvine",""
149,9,2,09 Jan 11,"Flay vs. Hughes",""
150,9,3,23 Jan 11,"Forgione vs. Cantrel",""
151,9,4,30 Jan 11,"Garces vs. Solomonov",""
152,9,5,13 Feb 11,"Garces vs. Medina",""
153,9,6,20 Feb 11,"Morimoto vs. Sedlar",""
154,9,7,06 Mar 11,"Symon vs. Hearst",""
155,9,8,10 Apr 11,"Cora vs. Schneider",""
156,9,9,17 Apr 11,"Garces vs. Paley",""
157,9,10,01 May 11,"Morimoto vs. Pasternack",""
158,9,11,15 May 11,"Flay vs. Stein",""
159,9,12,29 May 11,"Symon vs. Mooking",""
160,9,13,24 Jul 11,"Flay vs. Christensen",""
161,9,14,31 Jul 11,"Symon vs. Johnson",""
162,9,15,07 Aug 11,"Morimoto vs. Tila",""
163,9,16,28 Aug 11,"Garces vs. Casella",""
164,9,17,04 Sep 11,"Cora vs. Carter",""
165,9,18,02 Oct 11,"Flay vs. Staib",""
166,9,19,23 Oct 11,"Forgione vs. Wong",""
167,9,20,27 Nov 11,"Flay vs. Knibb",""
168,10,1,11 Dec 11,"Forgione vs. Curtin",""
169,10,2,25 Dec 11,"NICA Winner 4 vs. Casanova",""
170,10,3,01 Jan 11,"Flay/Valladolid vs. Morimoto/Zimmern",""
171,10,4,15 Jan 12,"Garces vs. Raij",""
172,10,5,22 Jan 12,"Zakarian vs. Sawyer",""
173,10,6,19 Feb 12,"Morimoto vs. Bogle",""
174,10,7,26 Feb 12,"Flay vs. Hastings",""
175,10,8,04 Mar 12,"Forgione Brothers vs. Campanaro Brothers",""
176,10,9,01 Apr 12,"Simon vs. Yagihashi",""
177,10,10,08 Apr 12,"Flay vs. Allegretti",""
178,10,11,15 Apr 12,"Garces vs. Cowan",""
179,10,12,06 May 12,"Zakarian vs. Ferraro",""
180,10,13,27 May 12,"Morimoto vs. Forgione",""
181,10,14,03 Jun 12,"Garces vs. Becker",""
182,10,15,08 Jul 12,"Flay vs. Isidori",""
183,10,16,29 Jul 12,"Symon vs. Nunez",""
184,10,17,05 Aug 12,"Forgione vs. McClain",""
185,10,18,12 Aug 12,"Zakarian vs. Schenker",""
186,10,19,26 Aug 12,"Symon vs. Izard",""
187,10,20,02 Sep 12,"Forgione vs. Zimmerman",""
188,10,21,16 Sep 12,"Zakarian vs. Gallante",""
189,10,22,07 Oct 12,"Zakarian vs. Frauneder",""
190,10,23,14 Oct 12,"Garces vs. Weitzman",""
191,11,1,30 Dec 12,"Guarnaschelli vs Joo",""
192,11,2,06 Jan 13,"Flay vs. Pham",""
193,11,3,13 Jan 13,"Zakarian vs Chiarello",""
194,11,4,20 Jan 13,"Forgione vs. Kittichai",""
195,11,5,27 Jan 13,"Symon vs. Tio",""
196,11,6,10 Feb 13,"Morimoto vs. Cantu",""
197,11,7,24 Feb 13,"Flay vs. Wexler",""
198,11,8,03 Mar 13,"Flay vs. Thaimee",""
199,11,9,07 Apr 13,"Garces vs. Jackson",""
200,11,10,05 May 13,"Zakarian vs. Guarnaschelli",""
201,11,11,12 May 13,"Forgione vs. Garces",""
202,11,12,19 May 13,"Symon vs. Zakarian",""
203,11,13,26 May 13,"Morimoto vs. Garces",""
204,11,14,02 Jun 13,"Symon vs. Garces",""
205,11,15,30 Jun 13,"Flay vs. Voltaggio",""
206,11,16,11 Aug 13,"Guarnaschelli vs. Clark",""
207,11,17,25 Aug 13,"Zakarian vs. Talde",""
208,11,18,01 Sep 13,"Garces vs. Bissonnette",""
209,11,19,08 Sep 13,"Guarnaschelli vs. Kalt",""
210,11,20,15 Sep 13,"Forgione vs. Waxman",""
211,12,1,12 Oct 13,"Symon/Zakarian vs.Team Mairinger",""
212,12,2,26 Oct 13,"Zakarian/Guarnaschelli vs. Mendelsohn/Vigneron",""
213,12,3,10 Nov 13,"Flay/Symon vs. Zakarian/Guarnaschelli",""
214,12,4,30 Nov 13,"Symon vs. Morimoto vs. Garces",""
215,12,5,14 Dec 13,"Flay & Garces vs. Morimoto & Zakarian",""
216,12,6,26 Jan 14,"Big Game Day: Symon/Forgione vs Morimoto/Garces",""
217,12,7,02 Mar 14,"Vegas High Rollers: Flay vs. Sosa",""
218,12,8,25 May 14,"Grill Masters: U.S.A. vs. Australia",""
219,12,9,07 Jun 14,"Dessert Luau: Guarnaschelli/Iuzzini vs. Zakarian/Falkner",""
220,12,10,19 Jul 14,"Ultimate Bar Food: Flay/Anderson vs. Morimoto/Majumdar",""
221,12,11,06 Sep 14,"Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad 60's Meal",""
222,13,1,16 May 18,"Guarnaschelli vs. Anderson",""
223,13,2,23 May 18,"Izard vs. Blamey",""
224,13,3,03 Jun 18,"Zakarian vs. Taymor",""
225,13,4,10 Jun 18,"Forgione vs. Dang",""
226,13,5,17 Jun 18,"Guarnaschelli vs. Williams",""
227,13,6,24 Jun 18,"Izard vs. Battes",""
228,13,7,01 Jul 18,"Zakarian vs. Darin",""
229,13,8,08 Jul 18,"Guarnaschelli vs. Sutherland",""
230,13,9,15 Jul 18,"Zakarian vs. Wolen",""
231,13,10,22 Jul 18,"Garces vs. Spence",""
S12,12,0,08 Nov 17,"Iron Chef: Where Are They Now?",""