number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Feb 96,"Trying to Connect You",""
2,1,2,18 Feb 96,"The Things We Do for Love",""
3,1,3,25 Feb 96,"Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent",""
4,1,4,03 Mar 96,"Fallen Angel",""
5,1,5,10 Mar 96,"The Power and the Gory",""
6,1,6,17 Mar 96,"Missing You Already",""
7,2,1,05 Jan 97,"For One Night Only",""
8,2,2,12 Jan 97,"River Dance",""
9,2,3,19 Jan 97,"In the Can",""
10,2,4,26 Jan 97,"The Facts of Life",""
11,2,5,02 Feb 97,"Someone to Watch over Me",""
12,2,6,09 Feb 97,"Only Skin Deep",""
13,2,7,16 Feb 97,"Money, Money, Money",""
14,2,8,23 Feb 97,"Chinese Whispers",""
15,2,9,21 Dec 97,"As Happy as a Turkey on Boxing Day",""
16,3,1,01 Mar 98,"When a Child is Born",""
17,3,2,08 Mar 98,"Changing Times!",""
18,3,3,15 Mar 98,"Stardust in Your Eyes",""
19,3,4,22 Mar 98,"The Fortune in Men's Eyes",""
20,3,5,29 Mar 98,"I Know When I'm Not Wanted",""
21,3,6,05 Apr 98,"Personal Call",""
22,3,7,12 Apr 98,"Lost Sheep",""
23,3,8,19 Apr 98,"The Waiting Game",""
24,3,9,26 Apr 98,"Pack Up Your Troubles",""
25,3,10,03 May 98,"The Reckoning",""
26,3,11,04 May 98,"Amongst Friends",""
27,4,1,20 Sep 98,"All Bar One",""
28,4,2,27 Sep 98,"He Healeth the Sick",""
29,4,3,04 Oct 98,"Bread and Water",""
30,4,4,11 Oct 98,"Par for the Course",""
31,4,5,18 Oct 98,"The Odd Couple",""
32,4,6,25 Oct 98,"Turf",""
33,4,7,01 Nov 98,"It's a Family Affair",""
34,4,8,08 Nov 98,"Rock Bottom",""
35,4,9,15 Nov 98,"As Stars Look Down",""
36,4,10,22 Nov 98,"Births, Deaths and Marriages",""
37,4,11,29 Nov 98,"It's a Man's Life",""
38,4,12,06 Dec 98,"The Final Frontier",""
39,5,1,26 Sep 99,"Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest",""
40,5,2,03 Oct 99,"Hello and Farewell",""
41,5,3,10 Oct 99,"Catch of the Day",""
42,5,4,17 Oct 99,"Moving Out",""
43,5,5,24 Oct 99,"Eureka",""
44,5,6,31 Oct 99,"Behind Bars",""
45,5,7,07 Nov 99,"Brendan's Crossing",""
46,5,8,21 Nov 99,"A Few Dollars More",""
47,5,9,28 Nov 99,"The Outsiders",""
48,5,10,05 Dec 99,"With a Song in My Heart",""
49,5,11,19 Dec 99,"Love's Labours",""
50,5,12,28 Dec 99,"Arrivals and Departures",""
51,6,1,01 Mar 01,"",""
52,6,2,04 Mar 01,"Drink",""
53,6,3,11 Mar 01,"The Cat and Daddy G",""
54,6,4,18 Mar 01,"Spirit Proof",""
55,6,5,25 Mar 01,"Paul Dooley Sleeps with the Fishes",""
56,6,6,01 Apr 01,"In a Jam",""
57,6,7,08 Apr 01,"Getting Better All the Time",""
58,6,8,15 Apr 01,"Smoke Signals",""