number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Oct 08,"Bobby Mackey's Music World",""
2,1,2,24 Oct 08,"Houghton Mansion - North Adams, MA",""
3,1,3,31 Oct 08,"Moundsville Penitentiary - Moundsville, WV",""
4,1,4,07 Nov 08,"Riddle House - W. Palm Beach, FL",""
5,1,5,14 Nov 08,"Sloss Furnace - Birmingham, AL",""
6,1,6,21 Nov 08,"Former Psychiatric Hospital - Northern, NJ",""
7,1,7,28 Nov 08,"Edinburgh Vaults - Edinburgh, Scotland",""
8,1,8,05 Dec 08,"The Old Idaho Penitentiary - Boise, ID",""
9,2,1,05 Jun 09,"Preston Castle",""
10,2,2,12 Jun 09,"Castillo de San Marcos",""
11,2,3,19 Jun 09,"La Purisima Mission",""
12,2,4,26 Jun 09,"Magnolia Plantation",""
13,2,5,03 Jul 09,"Birdcage Theater",""
14,2,6,10 Jul 09,"Eastern State Penitentiary",""
15,2,7,17 Jul 09,"Moon River Brewing Company",""
16,2,8,24 Jul 09,"Ancient Ram Inn",""
17,3,1,06 Nov 09,"Pennhurst State",""
18,3,2,13 Nov 09,"Poveglia Island",""
19,3,3,20 Nov 09,"Ohio Reformatory",""
20,3,4,27 Nov 09,"Remington Arms",""
21,3,5,04 Dec 09,"Washoe Club and Chollar Mine",""
22,3,6,11 Dec 09,"Linda Vista Hospital",""
23,3,7,18 Dec 09,"Execution Rocks",""
24,3,8,01 Jan 10,"Prospect Place",""
25,3,9,08 Jan 10,"Clovis Wolfe Manor",""
26,4,1,17 Sep 10,"Gettysburg",""
27,4,2,24 Sep 10,"Rolling Hills Sanitarium",""
28,4,3,01 Oct 10,"Return to Bobby Mackey's",""
29,4,4,08 Oct 10,"Waverly Hills Sanitarium",""
30,4,5,15 Oct 10,"Stanley Hotel",""
31,4,6,22 Oct 10,"Hill View Manor",""
32,4,7,29 Oct 10,"Vulture Mine",""
33,4,8,05 Nov 10,"USS Hornet",""
34,4,9,12 Nov 10,"La Palazza Mansion",""
35,4,10,19 Nov 10,"Fort Chaffee",""
36,4,11,26 Nov 10,"Amargosa Opera House",""
37,4,12,03 Dec 10,"Old Fort Erie",""
38,4,13,10 Dec 10,"Villisca Axe Murder House",""
39,4,14,17 Dec 10,"Kell's Irish Pub",""
40,4,15,07 Jan 11,"Pico House Hotel",""
41,4,16,14 Jan 11,"Goldfield",""
42,4,17,21 Jan 11,"Bonnie Springs Ranch",""
43,4,18,18 Feb 11,"Salem Witch House",""
44,4,19,25 Feb 11,"Jerome Grand Hotel",""
45,4,20,18 Mar 11,"Yorktown Memorial Hospital",""
46,4,21,08 Apr 11,"Madame Tussauds Wax Museum",""
47,4,22,15 Apr 11,"Sacramento Tunnels",""
48,4,23,29 Apr 11,"Hales Bar Marina and Dam",""
49,4,24,13 May 11,"Kentucky Slave House",""
50,4,25,27 May 11,"Tooele Hospital",""
51,4,26,10 Jun 11,"Loretta Lynn's Plantation House",""
52,5,1,23 Sep 11,"Ashmore Estates",""
53,5,2,30 Sep 11,"Mizpah Hotel",""
54,5,3,07 Oct 11,"Old Town San Diego",""
55,5,4,14 Oct 11,"Winchester Mystery House",""
56,5,5,21 Oct 11,"Lizzie Borden House",""
57,5,6,28 Oct 11,"Letchworth Village",""
58,5,7,11 Nov 11,"Return to Virginia City",""
59,5,8,02 Dec 11,"Rocky Point Manor",""
60,5,9,09 Dec 11,"Rose Hall",""
61,5,10,16 Dec 11,"Old Charleston Jail",""
62,6,1,09 Mar 12,"Shanghai Tunnels",""
63,6,2,16 Mar 12,"Peabody-Whitehead Mansion",""
64,6,3,23 Mar 12,"The Copper Queen Hotel and the Oliver House",""
65,6,4,30 Mar 12,"The National Hotel",""
66,6,5,06 Apr 12,"Return to Linda Vista Hospital",""
67,6,6,20 Apr 12,"The Galka Family",""
68,6,7,27 Apr 12,"The Riviera Hotel",""
69,6,8,13 Jul 12,"Hellfire Caves",""
70,6,9,20 Jul 12,"Fort Horsted",""
71,7,1,14 Sep 12,"Central Unit Prison",""
72,7,2,21 Sep 12,"Excalibur Nightclub",""
73,7,3,28 Sep 12,"Point Sur Lighthouse",""
74,7,4,05 Oct 12,"The Palmer House",""
75,7,5,12 Oct 12,"Black Moon Manor",""
76,7,6,19 Oct 12,"Sedamsville Rectory",""
77,7,7,26 Oct 12,"Cripple Creek",""
78,7,8,09 Nov 12,"Brookdale Lodge",""
79,7,9,16 Nov 12,"Tor House",""
80,7,10,23 Nov 12,"Union Station",""
81,7,11,07 Dec 12,"Crazy Town",""
82,7,12,11 Jan 13,"Wyoming Frontier Prison",""
83,7,13,18 Jan 13,"Sailor's Snug Harbor",""
84,7,14,22 Feb 13,"New Orleans",""
85,7,15,01 Mar 13,"Market Street Cinema",""
86,7,16,22 Mar 13,"Goldfield Hotel: Redemption",""
87,7,17,29 Mar 13,"Glen Tavern Inn",""
88,7,18,19 Apr 13,"King's Tavern",""
89,8,1,16 Aug 13,"The Pioneer Saloon",""
90,8,2,23 Aug 13,"Black Swan Inn",""
91,8,3,30 Aug 13,"Tuolumne Hospital",""
92,8,4,06 Sep 13,"Missouri State Prison",""
93,8,5,13 Sep 13,"Yost Theatre & Ritz Hotel",""
94,8,6,20 Sep 13,"Haunted Victorian Mansion",""
95,8,7,04 Oct 13,"Exorcist House",""
96,8,8,11 Oct 13,"Alcatraz",""
97,8,9,18 Oct 13,"Mustang Ranch",""
98,8,10,25 Oct 13,"Thornhaven Manor",""
99,8,11,15 Nov 13,"Battle of Perryville",""
100,9,1,15 Feb 14,"Sharon Tate Ghost",""
101,9,2,22 Feb 14,"The Myrtles Plantation",""
102,9,3,01 Mar 14,"George Washington Ghost",""
103,9,4,08 Mar 14,"Bannack Ghost Town",""
104,9,5,15 Mar 14,"Fear Factory",""
105,9,6,22 Mar 14,"Heritage Junction",""
106,9,7,29 Mar 14,"Battle of Los Angeles",""
107,9,8,12 Apr 14,"Saint James Hotel",""
108,9,9,03 May 14,"Fox Hollow Farm",""
109,9,10,17 May 14,"Haunted Savannah",""
110,9,11,07 Jun 14,"Whaley House",""
111,9,12,21 Jun 14,"Overland Hotel & Saloon",""
112,9,13,12 Jul 14,"Old Licking County Jail",""
113,10,1,04 Oct 14,"Queen Mary",""
114,10,2,11 Oct 14,"Lemp Mansion",""
115,10,3,18 Oct 14,"Zozo Demon",""
116,10,4,25 Oct 14,"Island of the Dolls",""
117,10,5,10 Jan 15,"Bell Witch Cave",""
118,10,6,17 Jan 15,"Sallie House",""
119,10,7,24 Jan 15,"Nopeming Sanatorium",""
120,10,8,31 Jan 15,"Apache Junction",""
121,10,9,21 Feb 15,"Return to Tombstone",""
122,10,10,28 Feb 15,"Demons in Seattle",""
123,10,11,07 Mar 15,"Texas Horror Hotel",""
124,11,1,22 Aug 15,"Edinburgh Manor",""
125,11,2,29 Aug 15,"Old Montana State Prison",""
126,11,3,05 Sep 15,"Manresa Castle",""
127,11,4,12 Sep 15,"Old Lincoln County Hospital",""
128,11,5,19 Sep 15,"Haunted Harvey House",""
129,11,6,26 Sep 15,"Los Coches Adobe",""
130,11,7,03 Oct 15,"Grand Canyon Caverns",""
131,11,8,10 Oct 15,"Haunted Hollywood",""
132,11,9,17 Oct 15,"Oddfellow's Asylum",""
133,11,10,24 Oct 15,"Clown Motel & Goldfield High School",""
134,11,11,31 Oct 15,"Halloween Special Deadwood: City of Ghosts (Bullock Hotel & Wild Bill's Trading Post) (120 min)",""
135,11,12,07 Nov 15,"Lava Hot Springs Inn",""
136,12,1,30 Jan 16,"Black Dahlia House",""
137,12,2,06 Feb 16,"Secret Scientology Lab",""
138,12,3,13 Feb 16,"Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House",""
139,12,4,20 Feb 16,"Return to the Riviera",""
140,12,5,27 Feb 16,"Chinese Town of Locke",""
141,12,6,05 Mar 16,"Star of India",""
142,12,7,12 Mar 16,"Leslie's Family Tree",""
143,12,8,19 Mar 16,"Hell Hole Prison",""
144,12,9,26 Mar 16,"The Domes",""
145,12,10,16 Jul 16,"Nevada State Prison",""
146,12,11,23 Jul 16,"Return to Winchester Mystery House",""
147,12,12,30 Jul 16,"Stardust Ranch",""
148,12,13,06 Aug 16,"The Haunted Museum",""
149,13,1,24 Sep 16,"Colorado Gold Mine",""
150,13,2,01 Oct 16,"Mackay Mansion",""
151,13,3,08 Oct 16,"Palace Saloon",""
152,13,4,15 Oct 16,"Reseda House of Evil",""
153,13,5,22 Oct 16,"Dorothea Puente Murder House",""
154,13,6,12 Nov 16,"Hotel Metlen",""
155,13,7,19 Nov 16,"St. Anne's Retreat",""
156,13,8,26 Nov 16,"Twin Bridges Orphanage",""
157,13,9,03 Dec 16,"Dumas Brothel",""
158,13,10,10 Dec 16,"Zalud House",""
159,13,11,31 Dec 16,"Dakota's Sanatorium of Death",""
160,14,1,25 Mar 17,"Stone Lion Inn",""
161,14,2,01 Apr 17,"Freak Show Murder House",""
162,14,3,08 Apr 17,"Samaritan Cult House",""
163,14,4,15 Apr 17,"Double Eagle Restaurant",""
164,14,5,22 Apr 17,"Silent Movie Theater",""
165,14,6,29 Apr 17,"Exorcism in Erie",""
166,14,7,17 Jun 17,"Skinwalker Canyon",""
167,14,8,24 Jun 17,"Upper Fruitland Curse",""
168,14,9,01 Jul 17,"Witches in Magna",""
169,14,10,08 Jul 17,"The Viper Room",""
170,14,11,15 Jul 17,"Asylum 49",""
171,15,1,23 Sep 17,"Golden Ghost Town",""
172,15,2,30 Sep 17,"Ogden Possession",""
173,15,3,04 Nov 17,"Albion Normal School",""
174,15,4,11 Nov 17,"Museum of the Mountain West",""
175,15,5,18 Nov 17,"Pythian Castle",""
176,15,6,25 Nov 17,"The Titanic Museum",""
177,15,7,02 Dec 17,"Wolf Creek Inn",""
178,15,8,09 Dec 17,"Eureka Mining Town",""
179,15,9,16 Dec 17,"Sin City Exorcism",""
180,15,10,06 Jan 18,"Phelps Dodge Hospital",""
181,15,11,13 Jan 18,"The Slaughter House",""
182,16,1,24 Mar 18,"Ripley's Believe It or Not",""
183,16,2,31 Mar 18,"The Alley of Darkness",""
184,16,3,07 Apr 18,"Kennedy Mine",""
185,16,4,14 Apr 18,"Old Gila County Jail and Courthouse",""
186,16,5,16 Jun 18,"Hotel Léger",""
187,16,6,23 Jun 18,"Enchanted Forest",""
188,16,7,30 Jun 18,"The Washoe Club: Final Chapter",""
S03,3,0,06 Nov 09,"Post Mortem: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum",""
S03,3,0,15 Jan 10,"Ghost Adventures Live: The Cutdown - The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum",""
S03,3,0,22 Jan 10,"Poveglia Island Special",""
S03,3,0,30 Oct 09,"Ghost Adventures Live: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum",""
S04,4,0,10 Sep 10,"Best Evidence So Far",""
S04,4,0,10 Sep 10,"Scariest Moments Special",""
S04,4,0,11 Feb 11,"Valentine's Day Special - Longfellow's Wayside Inn",""
S05,5,0,24 Feb 12,"Horror Hotels & Deadliest Hospitals",""
S05,5,0,02 Mar 12,"Wickedest Women, Houses of Terror and Bloodiest Battlefields",""
S06,6,0,13 Jul 12,"Hellfire Caves",""
S06,6,0,20 Jul 12,"Fort Horsted",""
S07,7,0,02 Nov 12,"Dead Men Walking",""
S07,7,0,30 Nov 12,"Death by Wild West",""
S07,7,0,14 Dec 12,"Clinically Dead",""
S07,7,0,21 Dec 12,"Killer Nightlife",""
S07,7,0,28 Dec 12,"Do Not Disturb",""
S07,7,0,04 Jan 13,"Home Sweet Hell",""
S07,7,0,25 Jan 13,"Passport to Hell",""
S07,7,0,01 Feb 13,"Dungeons & Demons",""
S07,7,0,08 Feb 13,"Bewitched & Bothered",""
S07,7,0,15 Feb 13,"Obsessions & Possessions",""
S07,7,0,08 Mar 13,"Armies of Darkness",""
S07,7,0,15 Mar 13,"First Timers",""
S08,8,0,27 Sep 13,"Up Close & Personal",""
S08,8,0,31 Oct 13,"Halloween Special - Transylvania",""
S08,8,0,31 Jan 14,"Romania: Targoviste Castle and Hoia-Baciu Forest",""
S08,8,0,15 Feb 14,"Extra Pulses: Hunedoara Castle",""
S08,8,0,15 Feb 14,"Extra Pulses: Targoviste Castle",""
S09,9,0,22 Feb 14,"Extra Pulses: Sharon Tate Ghost",""
S09,9,0,01 Mar 14,"Extra Pulses: The Myrtles Plantation",""
S09,9,0,08 Mar 14,"Extra Pulses: George Washington Ghost",""
S09,9,0,15 Mar 14,"Extra Pulses: Bannack Ghost Town",""
S09,9,0,22 Mar 14,"Extra Pulses: Fear Factory",""
S09,9,0,29 Mar 14,"Extra Pulses: Heritage Junction",""
S09,9,0,05 Apr 14,"Extra Pulses: Battle of Los Angeles",""
S09,9,0,19 Apr 14,"Extra Pulses: Haunted Victorian Mansion",""
S09,9,0,19 Apr 14,"Extra Pulses: Saint James Hotel",""
S09,9,0,10 May 14,"Extra Pulses: Fox Hollow Farm",""
S09,9,0,24 May 14,"Extra Pulses: Haunted Savannah",""
S09,9,0,14 Jun 14,"Extra Pulses: Whaley House",""
S09,9,0,28 Jun 14,"Extra Pulses: Overland Hotel & Saloon",""
S09,9,0,19 Jul 14,"Extra Pulses: Old Licking County Jail",""
S09,9,0,18 Oct 14,"Extra Pulses: Lemp Mansion & Brewery",""
S09,9,0,25 Oct 14,"Extra Pulses: Zozo: Demon Board",""
S10,10,0,31 Oct 14,"Halloween Special: Ireland's Celtic Demons",""
S10,10,0,25 Apr 15,"Extra Pulses: Bell Witch Cave",""
S10,10,0,02 May 15,"Extra Pulses: Sallie House",""
S10,10,0,09 May 15,"Extra Pulses: Nopeming Sanatorium",""
S10,10,0,30 May 15,"Extra Pulses: Leap Castle & Hell-Fire Club",""
S10,10,0,06 Jun 15,"Extra Pulses: Loftus Hall",""
S10,10,0,13 Jun 15,"Extra Pulses: Return to Tombstone",""
S10,10,0,20 Jun 15,"Extra Pulses: Demons in Seattle",""
S10,10,0,16 May 15,"Extra Pulses: Apache Junction",""
S10,10,0,27 Jun 15,"Extra Pulses: Texas Horror Hotel",""
S11,11,0,30 Oct 15,"Extra Pulses: Exorcist House",""
S12,12,0,16 Jan 16,"Stanley Hotel/Pennhurst",""
S12,12,0,23 Jan 16,"Sallie House; St. James Hotel",""
S12,12,0,02 Jul 16,"Deadwood: Bullock Hotel & Wild Bill's Trading Post",""
S12,12,0,09 Jul 16,"Deadwood: Fairmont Hotel & Adams House",""
S13,13,0,29 Oct 16,"Route 666 (Halloween Special 2016) (120 min)",""
S13,13,0,31 Dec 16,"Cold Case",""
S13,13,0,17 Dec 16,"Extra Pulses: Odd Fellows Asylum",""
S13,13,0,21 Jan 17,"Extra Pulses: Grand Canyon Caverns",""
S13,13,0,28 Jan 17,"Extra Pulses: Los Coches Adobe",""
S14,14,0,11 Mar 17,"Extra Pulses: Clown Motel & Goldfield High School",""
S14,14,0,18 Mar 17,"Extra Pulses: Lava Hot Springs Inn",""
S14,14,0,06 May 17,"Extra Pulses: Old Lincoln County Hospital",""
S14,14,0,13 May 17,"Extra Pulses: Edinburgh Manor",""
S14,14,0,20 May 17,"Extra Pulses: Old Montana State Prison",""
S14,14,0,27 May 17,"Extra Pulses: Haunted Hollywood",""
S14,14,0,03 Jun 17,"Extra Pulses: Deadwood: Bullock Hotel & Wild Bill's Trading Post",""
S14,14,0,10 Jun 17,"Extra Pulses: Deadwood: Fairmont Hotel & Adams House",""
S14,14,0,22 Jul 17,"Extra Pulses: Black Dahlia House",""
S14,14,0,29 Jul 17,"Extra Pulses: Haunted Harvey House",""
S14,14,0,05 Aug 17,"Extra Pulses: Secret Scientology Lab",""
S15,15,0,07 Oct 17,"Hauntings of Vicksburg: Mcraven Mansion",""
S15,15,0,28 Oct 17,"Museum of Madness",""
S15,15,0,28 Oct 17,"Annabelle's Curse",""
S15,15,0,07 Oct 17,"Hauntings of Vicksburg: Demons and Dolls",""
S15,15,0,14 Oct 17,"Hauntings of Vicksburg: Spirits Under Siege",""
S15,15,0,21 Oct 17,"Hauntings of Vicksburg: Champion Hill Battlefield",""