number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Dec 12,"Meet the McGhees",""
2,1,2,21 Dec 12,"It Takes a Village",""
3,1,3,28 Dec 12,"We're Going to the Zoo",""
4,1,4,29 Dec 12,"Never Too Late for Prom",""
5,1,5,29 Dec 12,"Stuck in the Middle",""
6,1,6,05 Jan 13,"Family Business",""
7,1,7,05 Jan 13,"Six Little Birthdays!",""
8,2,1,07 Sep 13,"Can't Grow Without Changing",""
9,2,2,07 Sep 13,"The System",""
10,2,3,14 Sep 13,"Somebody Has to Go",""
11,2,4,14 Sep 13,"Six Little Splashers",""
12,2,5,21 Sep 13,"It's Potty Time!",""
13,2,6,21 Sep 13,"Smells Like Valentine's Day",""
14,2,7,28 Sep 13,"Bowling for Ninos",""
15,2,8,28 Sep 13,"Help Wanted",""
16,2,9,06 Oct 13,"Growing Pains",""
17,2,10,06 Oct 13,"No Meat, No Mercy",""
18,2,11,12 Oct 13,"McGhees in Tiaras",""
19,2,12,19 Oct 13,"No More Funny Business",""
20,2,13,26 Oct 13,"Banking on the Future",""
21,2,14,28 Dec 13,"Abra-Ca-Dentist",""
22,2,15,28 Dec 13,"Gone Fishing...for Trouble, Part 1",""
23,2,16,28 Dec 13,"Gone Fishing...for Trouble, Part 2",""
24,3,1,06 Sep 14,"Pending Approval",""
25,3,2,06 Sep 14,"Barbells and Ballerinas",""
26,3,3,13 Sep 14,"Not Enough Hours in the Day",""
27,3,4,20 Sep 14,"Class Is in Session",""
28,3,5,27 Sep 14,"Cilky to the Rescue",""
29,3,6,04 Oct 14,"Chef Ro",""
30,3,7,11 Oct 14,"Team Mcghee",""
31,3,8,18 Oct 14,"The Heart of the Matter",""