number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 May 92,"This is the True Story...",""
2,1,2,28 May 92,"Julie and Eric... Could it be Love?",""
3,1,3,04 Jun 92,"Leather Chaps and Sequins? What is Eric...",""
4,1,4,11 Jun 92,"Trouble Throughout the House",""
5,1,5,18 Jun 92,"Kevin and Eric Mend Their Relationship",""
6,1,6,25 Jun 92,"Kevin... Come Back!",""
7,1,7,02 Jul 92,"Heather Wants to Grab His Booty!",""
8,1,8,09 Jul 92,"Becky Falls into Troubled Love",""
9,1,9,16 Jul 92,"Julie in a Homeless Shelter?",""
10,1,10,23 Jul 92,"He's So Ugly He's Cute!",""
11,1,11,30 Jul 92,"Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho!",""
12,1,12,06 Aug 92,"WWF is in the House!",""
13,1,13,13 Aug 92,"Goodbye to the Big Apple!",""
14,2,1,26 Jun 93,"Boot Scootin' Boogie",""
15,2,2,01 Jul 93,"To a New Beginning...",""
16,2,3,08 Jul 93,"Too Many Cat Fights in This House",""
17,2,4,15 Jul 93,"David, David, David",""
18,2,5,22 Jul 93,"Different Strokes for Different ...",""
19,2,6,22 Jul 93,"Is David Going Home?",""
20,2,7,05 Aug 93,"No Apologies Necessary",""
21,2,8,12 Aug 93,"The New Roommate",""
22,2,9,19 Aug 93,"Is This Group Bonding?",""
23,2,10,26 Aug 93,"Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?",""
24,2,11,02 Sep 93,"Wedding Bells Ring",""
25,2,12,09 Sep 93,"No More Practical Jokes",""
26,2,13,16 Sep 93,"To My Roomies...",""
27,2,14,23 Sep 93,"Troubling Careers",""
28,2,15,30 Sep 93,"Home Away from Home",""
29,2,16,07 Oct 93,"Truth or Dare?",""
30,2,17,14 Oct 93,"Let the Dating Games Begin!",""
31,2,18,21 Oct 93,"Dom and His Drinking",""
32,2,19,28 Oct 93,"Beth Puts the Smackdown in Paint...",""
33,2,20,04 Nov 93,"The Musical Showcase",""
34,2,21,11 Nov 93,"Goodbye Roomies",""
35,3,1,23 Jun 94,"Planes, Trains and Paddywagons",""
36,3,2,30 Jun 94,"Love Stinks",""
37,3,3,07 Jul 94,"White Like Me",""
38,3,4,14 Jul 94,"From a Six to a Nine and Back Again",""
39,3,5,21 Jul 94,"You Gotta Have Art",""
40,3,6,28 Jul 94,"Trouble in Paradise",""
41,3,7,05 Aug 94,"Coffee and Sympathy",""
42,3,8,12 Aug 94,"Together and Apart",""
43,3,9,19 Aug 94,"Collision Course",""
44,3,10,26 Aug 94,"Kiss and Tell",""
45,3,11,02 Sep 94,"Getting Dropped",""
46,3,12,09 Sep 94,"Rebel, Rebel",""
47,3,13,16 Sep 94,"Homecoming",""
48,3,14,23 Sep 94,"Old Fish, New Fish",""
49,3,15,30 Sep 94,"Why is Love Like an Elevator",""
50,3,16,07 Oct 94,"Love and Death",""
51,3,17,14 Oct 94,"Hawaii",""
52,3,18,21 Oct 94,"Just Friends",""
53,3,19,28 Oct 94,"Love Rules",""
54,3,20,04 Nov 94,"Last Call",""
55,4,1,28 Jun 95,"Moving In: London (part 1)",""
56,4,2,28 Jun 95,"Moving In: London (part 2)",""
57,4,3,05 Jul 95,"A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Swine and Thou",""
58,4,4,12 Jul 95,"Shush, Shush, Sweet Sharon",""
59,4,5,19 Jul 95,"Brand New Swords and Formula Fords",""
60,4,6,26 Jul 95,"Model Employees",""
61,4,7,02 Aug 95,"Speaking Parts",""
62,4,8,09 Aug 95,"London: Episode 8",""
63,4,9,16 Aug 95,"Innocents Abroad",""
64,4,10,23 Aug 95,"Dysfunction Junction",""
65,4,11,30 Aug 95,"Outward Bonding",""
66,4,12,06 Sep 95,"Fast Company",""
67,4,13,13 Sep 95,"The Play's the Thing",""
68,4,14,20 Sep 95,"Unexpected Developments",""
69,4,15,27 Sep 95,"Oral Examinations",""
70,4,16,04 Oct 95,"Homebodies and Free Spirits",""
71,4,17,11 Oct 95,"Tales from The Confessional",""
72,4,18,18 Oct 95,"Words of Love",""
73,4,19,25 Oct 95,"Clubs, Pubs, and Dubs",""
74,4,20,01 Nov 95,"There is no place like there?",""
75,4,21,08 Nov 95,"Into Africa",""
76,4,22,15 Nov 95,"Out of Africa...and Outta Here!",""
77,4,23,15 Nov 95,"London...Outta Here",""
78,5,1,10 Jul 96,"Welcome to the Picture Show",""
79,5,2,17 Jul 96,"Beauty is Only Skin Deep",""
80,5,3,24 Jul 96,"The Temptation of Joe",""
81,5,4,31 Jul 96,"The Silence of the Dan",""
82,5,5,07 Aug 96,"Torn Between Two Lovers",""
83,5,6,14 Aug 96,"Fear of Commitment Poster Children",""
84,5,7,21 Aug 96,"America needs Underwear",""
85,5,8,28 Aug 96,"Stand by Me?",""
86,5,9,04 Sep 96,"Say It Ain't so Joe",""
87,5,10,11 Sep 96,"Act Up!",""
88,5,11,18 Sep 96,"Dependence Day",""
89,5,12,25 Sep 96,"Act Out",""
90,5,13,02 Oct 96,"Meet The Renzis!",""
91,5,14,09 Oct 96,"Resignation",""
92,5,15,16 Oct 96,"A Class Act",""
93,5,16,23 Oct 96,"Why Do Fools Fall in Love?",""
94,5,17,30 Oct 96,"...Lies, and Videotape",""
95,5,18,06 Nov 96,"Liars and Lovers",""
96,5,19,13 Nov 96,"Nature Calls",""
97,5,20,20 Nov 96,"Everyone Gets the Jackson",""
98,5,21,27 Nov 96,"None of Your Business",""
99,5,22,04 Dec 96,"Ba-Bye",""
100,6,1,15 Jul 97,"Moving In: Boston",""
101,6,2,16 Jul 97,"Religion",""
102,6,3,23 Jul 97,"Black & White",""
103,6,4,30 Jul 97,"Blast From the Past",""
104,6,5,06 Aug 97,"Elka's Shell",""
105,6,6,13 Aug 97,"200 Things List a Guy Has To Be To Date Kameelah",""
106,6,7,20 Aug 97,"If A Tree Falls In The Firehouse, Will Anyone Not Hear It?",""
107,6,8,27 Aug 97,"He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not",""
108,6,9,03 Sep 97,"Dating Policy (a.k.a. Syrus Plays by His Own Rules, part 1)",""
109,6,10,10 Sep 97,"The Girls in the House, The Girl out of the Closet",""
110,6,11,17 Sep 97,"Don't Look Under This Sequined Tee, With Anyone Else But Me",""
111,6,12,24 Sep 97,"Sweet Tarts And Sour Hearts (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)",""
112,6,13,01 Oct 97,"No Man Is An Island (a.k.a. Puerto Rico)",""
113,6,14,08 Oct 97,"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire (a.k.a. Betrayals in Boston)",""
114,6,15,15 Oct 97,"Noises & Rumors",""
115,6,16,22 Oct 97,"Pent-Up Emotions In The Pig Pen (a.k.a. Communication)",""
116,6,17,29 Oct 97,"Honor Thy Father And Mother (a.k.a. Mother)",""
117,6,18,05 Nov 97,"Leather Pants In Virgin Territory (a.k.a. Philadelphia; Walter Visits, part 1)",""
118,6,19,12 Nov 97,"The English Rocker, the American Rapper, and the Renegade Redhead (aka PA; Walter Visits, pt. 2)",""
119,6,20,19 Nov 97,"Homeless Is As Homeless Does (a.k.a. Redemption)",""
120,6,21,26 Nov 97,"Black, White, And Sunburn All Over (a.k.a. The Great Divide)",""
121,6,22,03 Dec 97,"Turning to the Other Side (a.k.a. The Final Countdown)",""
122,6,23,10 Dec 97,"Moving Out",""
123,7,1,16 Jun 98,"Seattle's Best",""
124,7,2,23 Jun 98,"Feeling Each Other Out",""
125,7,3,30 Jun 98,"Tough To Be A Rockstar",""
126,7,4,07 Jul 98,"I Love You, Don't Touch Me",""
127,7,5,14 Jul 98,"Be Mine (a.k.a. I'm Feeling no Love)",""
128,7,6,21 Jul 98,"Older Man, Well To Do - Younger Man, Not Doin' Too Well",""
129,7,7,28 Jul 98,"Birthday Bashes And Romantic Crashes",""
130,7,8,04 Aug 98,"Rollercoaster of Love",""
131,7,9,11 Aug 98,"A Mountain of Emotion",""
132,7,10,18 Aug 98,"Time for a Change",""
133,7,11,25 Aug 98,"All's Fair in Love and the Deejay War",""
134,7,12,01 Sep 98,"Love is in the Dead Air",""
135,7,13,08 Sep 98,"The Past Isn't Past",""
136,7,14,15 Sep 98,"The Truth About Irene",""
137,7,15,22 Sep 98,"Irene Calls it Quits",""
138,7,16,29 Sep 98,"The Aftermatch of the Slap",""
139,7,17,06 Oct 98,"Facing the Pain",""
140,7,18,13 Oct 98,"The End of the Innocence",""
141,7,19,20 Oct 98,"The Real World / Road Rules Aqua Games 1998",""
142,7,20,27 Oct 98,"Closing Time",""
143,8,1,15 Jun 99,"Nudity and 911",""
144,8,2,15 Jun 99,"The Trouble with Ruthie",""
145,8,3,22 Jun 99,"Teck and New Talent",""
146,8,4,29 Jun 99,"The Kiss Off Begins",""
147,8,5,06 Jul 99,"Pairing Off in Paradise",""
148,8,6,13 Jul 99,"Sex, Cries and Videotape",""
149,8,7,20 Jul 99,"Relationship Rumblings",""
150,8,8,27 Jul 99,"Gender Benders",""
151,8,9,03 Aug 99,"Ruthie Risks Her Life",""
152,8,10,10 Aug 99,"Hawaiian Havoc",""
153,8,11,17 Aug 99,"Kaia Comes Clean",""
154,8,12,24 Aug 99,"Glass Houses",""
155,8,13,31 Aug 99,"Hasta Pasta, Hawaii",""
156,8,14,07 Sep 99,"Twin Trouble",""
157,8,15,14 Sep 99,"Passage through India",""
158,8,16,28 Sep 99,"Justin Fouls Out",""
159,8,17,05 Oct 99,"Teck's Love Triangle",""
160,8,18,12 Oct 99,"Ruthie Returns",""
161,8,19,19 Oct 99,"My Oh Amaya",""
162,8,20,26 Oct 99,"Lovesickness",""
163,8,21,02 Nov 99,"Strange Bedfellows",""
164,8,22,09 Nov 99,"The Final Clash",""
165,8,23,09 Nov 99,"Mahalo",""
166,9,1,13 Jun 00,"New Orleans Newbies",""
167,9,2,13 Jun 00,"To a New Beginning",""
168,9,3,20 Jun 00,"Bourbon Street Burlesque",""
169,9,4,27 Jun 00,"All Access Action",""
170,9,5,04 Jul 00,"Hookups and Linkups",""
171,9,6,11 Jul 00,"Birthday Boo Hoo",""
172,9,7,18 Jul 00,"Cupid Strikes",""
173,9,8,25 Jul 00,"Two Days and Too Little Help",""
174,9,9,01 Aug 00,"Race Matters",""
175,9,10,08 Aug 00,"David's Power Struggle",""
176,9,11,15 Aug 00,"Matt Explores His Options",""
177,9,12,22 Aug 00,"Mardi Gras Mayhem",""
178,9,13,29 Aug 00,"South African Sojourn",""
179,9,14,05 Sep 00,"David Takes the Plunge",""
180,9,15,12 Sep 00,"Meet the Parents",""
181,9,16,19 Sep 00,"Julie's Heart Trouble",""
182,9,17,03 Oct 00,"Stormin' Mormons",""
183,9,18,10 Oct 00,"For Peter's Sake",""
184,9,19,17 Oct 00,"Mud-Wrestling and Tongue Tussling",""
185,9,20,24 Oct 00,"David Strips Down",""
186,9,21,31 Oct 00,"David's D-Day",""
187,9,22,07 Nov 00,"The Never Ending Story",""
188,9,23,07 Nov 00,"Leavin' Louisiana",""
189,10,1,03 Jul 01,"Welcome to New York",""
190,10,2,10 Jul 01,"Conveniently Single",""
191,10,3,17 Jul 01,"Coral Vs. Mike",""
192,10,4,24 Jul 01,"Get a Nightlife!",""
193,10,5,31 Jul 01,"Valentine's Day",""
194,10,6,07 Aug 01,"Get a Job",""
195,10,7,14 Aug 01,"Nicole vs. Malik",""
196,10,8,21 Aug 01,"Lori's in a Band",""
197,10,9,28 Aug 01,"Coral and Nicole are Outkasts",""
198,10,10,04 Sep 01,"Let's Go to Morocco",""
199,10,11,18 Sep 01,"Back to Reality",""
200,10,12,25 Sep 01,"Lori Works It",""
201,10,13,02 Oct 01,"Meet Mike's Parents",""
202,10,14,09 Oct 01,"Virgin Margarita Party",""
203,10,15,16 Oct 01,"Meet the Miz",""
204,10,16,23 Oct 01,"Bobby Gets Puked On",""
205,10,17,30 Oct 01,"Boston Road Trip",""
206,10,18,06 Nov 01,"Jisela Rocks the House",""
207,10,19,13 Nov 01,"The Hamptons, Darling",""
208,10,20,20 Nov 01,"Sex, Lies and Videotape",""
209,10,21,27 Nov 01,"Hasta La Vista, Arista",""
210,10,22,04 Dec 01,"Bye, Bye NYC",""
211,11,1,15 Jan 02,"Welcome To Chicago",""
212,11,2,15 Jan 02,"Brothers And Sisters",""
213,11,3,22 Jan 02,"Summer Summer Summertime",""
214,11,4,29 Jan 02,"Bonding Session",""
215,11,5,05 Feb 02,"K likes K",""
216,11,6,12 Feb 02,"Animal House",""
217,11,7,19 Feb 02,"Off To Work",""
218,11,8,05 Mar 02,"The Screaming Match",""
219,11,9,12 Mar 02,"Knowing a Thing Or Two",""
220,11,10,19 Mar 02,"Romantic Retreat",""
221,11,11,26 Mar 02,"Taking The Next Step",""
222,11,12,02 Apr 02,"Kid Craziness",""
223,11,13,09 Apr 02,"The Boyfriend From Hell",""
224,11,14,23 Apr 02,"Roomie Tensions",""
225,11,15,30 Apr 02,"The Gang Gets Their New Job",""
226,11,16,07 May 02,"The Day that Changed Everything",""
227,11,17,21 May 02,"Changes",""
228,11,18,28 May 02,"Getting Closure",""
229,11,19,04 Jun 02,"Heading To New England",""
230,11,20,11 Jun 02,"Spooky Real World",""
231,11,21,18 Jun 02,"The Skits",""
232,11,22,25 Jun 02,"Aneesa's Love Triangle",""
233,11,23,02 Jul 02,"Halloween Madness",""
234,11,24,09 Jul 02,"Moving Out",""
235,12,1,17 Sep 02,"Welcome to Las Vegas!",""
236,12,2,17 Sep 02,"Love Connection",""
237,12,3,24 Sep 02,"Word From Home",""
238,12,4,01 Oct 02,"Professional Partiers",""
239,12,5,08 Oct 02,"Touchy Situations",""
240,12,6,15 Oct 02,"Hey, Jealousy",""
241,12,7,22 Oct 02,"Good to Be Bad",""
242,12,8,29 Oct 02,"In The Spotlight",""
243,12,9,05 Nov 02,"Stepping In",""
244,12,10,12 Nov 02,"Secret's Out",""
245,12,11,19 Nov 02,"Out in the Open",""
246,12,12,26 Nov 02,"Public Displays",""
247,12,13,03 Dec 02,"Opening Up",""
248,12,14,10 Dec 02,"Pregnancy Scare",""
249,12,15,17 Dec 02,"The Next Step",""
250,12,16,08 Jan 03,"Happy Birthday",""
251,12,17,14 Jan 03,"Back and Forth",""
252,12,18,21 Jan 03,"Down Under",""
253,12,19,28 Jan 03,"The Showdown",""
254,12,20,04 Feb 03,"New Beginnings",""
255,12,21,11 Feb 03,"Late Night Attraction",""
256,12,22,18 Feb 03,"Singles Club",""
257,12,23,25 Feb 03,"Change of Plans",""
258,12,24,04 Mar 03,"Broken Boundaries",""
259,12,25,11 Mar 03,"Baggage Problems",""
260,12,26,18 Mar 03,"All or Nothing",""
261,12,27,25 Mar 03,"Over It",""
262,12,28,01 Apr 03,"Leaving Las Vegas",""
263,13,1,03 Jun 03,"Paris: Episode 1",""
264,13,2,03 Jun 03,"Paris: Episode 2",""
265,13,3,10 Jun 03,"Paris: Episode 3",""
266,13,4,17 Jun 03,"Paris: Episode 4",""
267,13,5,24 Jun 03,"Paris: Episode 5",""
268,13,6,01 Jul 03,"Paris: Episode 6",""
269,13,7,08 Jul 03,"Paris: Episode 7",""
270,13,8,15 Jul 03,"Paris: Episode 8",""
271,13,9,22 Jul 03,"Paris: Episode 9",""
272,13,10,29 Jul 03,"Paris: Episode 10",""
273,13,11,05 Aug 03,"Paris: Episode 11",""
274,13,12,12 Aug 03,"Paris: Episode 12",""
275,13,13,19 Aug 03,"Paris: Episode 13",""
276,13,14,26 Aug 03,"Paris: Episode 14",""
277,13,15,02 Sep 03,"Paris: Episode 15",""
278,13,16,09 Sep 03,"Paris: Episode 16",""
279,13,17,16 Sep 03,"Paris: Episode 17",""
280,13,18,23 Sep 03,"Paris: Episode 18",""
281,13,19,30 Sep 03,"Paris: Episode 19",""
282,13,20,07 Oct 03,"Paris: Episode 20",""
283,13,21,14 Oct 03,"Paris: Episode 21",""
284,13,22,21 Oct 03,"Paris: Episode 22",""
285,13,23,28 Oct 03,"Paris: Episode 23",""
286,13,24,04 Nov 03,"Paris: Episode 24",""
287,13,25,04 Nov 03,"Paris: Episode 25",""
288,14,1,06 Jan 04,"Hello, San Diego!",""
289,14,2,06 Jan 04,"Rockin' The Relationship",""
290,14,3,13 Jan 04,"The "n" Word",""
291,14,4,13 Jan 04,"Boom Bazooka Joe!",""
292,14,5,20 Jan 04,"Pass or Fail",""
293,14,6,27 Jan 04,"San Diego Slammer",""
294,14,7,03 Feb 04,"Free At Last!",""
295,14,8,10 Feb 04,"Insult to Injury",""
296,14,9,17 Feb 04,"Crossing the Line",""
297,14,10,24 Feb 04,"Excuses, Excuses",""
298,14,11,02 Mar 04,"House of Fun",""
299,14,12,09 Mar 04,"Fakin' the Funk",""
300,14,13,16 Mar 04,"Dentally Challenged",""
301,14,14,31 Mar 04,"The Snake vs. The Mouse",""
302,14,15,06 Apr 04,"Emotional Distress",""
303,14,16,13 Apr 04,"Don't Hate the Player...",""
304,14,17,20 Apr 04,"Happy At Last",""
305,14,18,27 Apr 04,"Truth or... Dare!",""
306,14,19,04 May 04,"Welcome to Paradise",""
307,14,20,18 May 04,"Who Are You?",""
308,14,21,25 May 04,"The End is Near",""
309,14,22,01 Jun 04,"Goodbye Juliet",""
310,14,23,08 Jun 04,"And The Winner Is...",""
311,14,24,15 Jun 04,"Overboard",""
312,14,25,22 Jun 04,"No Bonus For You",""
313,14,26,29 Jun 04,"Farewell San Diego",""
314,15,1,07 Sep 04,"Welcome to Philly!",""
315,15,2,07 Sep 04,""Out" In Philadelphia",""
316,15,3,14 Sep 04,"Bed-Swapping Begins",""
317,15,4,21 Sep 04,"Boys Will Be Boys",""
318,15,5,28 Sep 04,"Gunning for Karamo",""
319,15,6,05 Oct 04,"The Roomies Have Soul",""
320,15,7,12 Oct 04,"Ivana Have Some Fun!",""
321,15,8,19 Oct 04,"Frustrations",""
322,15,9,26 Oct 04,"Landon & Leo",""
323,15,10,02 Nov 04,"Things Change",""
324,15,11,09 Nov 04,"Happy Birthday MJ!",""
325,15,12,16 Nov 04,"Passive Aggression",""
326,15,13,23 Nov 04,"Switchin' Teams",""
327,15,14,30 Nov 04,"Forbidden Affair",""
328,15,15,07 Dec 04,"Gone Sour",""
329,15,16,28 Dec 04,"MJ's Having Trouble with The Ladies",""
330,15,17,04 Jan 05,"Altercations",""
331,15,18,11 Jan 05,"Ew, Scabies!",""
332,15,19,18 Jan 05,"Fiji",""
333,15,20,25 Jan 05,"Romantic Getaway",""
334,15,21,01 Feb 05,"Back to Reality",""
335,15,22,08 Feb 05,"Intervention",""
336,15,23,15 Feb 05,"Willie's Love Triangle",""
337,15,24,22 Feb 05,"Ashley's Visit",""
338,15,25,01 Mar 05,"Motherly Love",""
339,15,26,08 Mar 05,"Losing You",""
340,16,1,21 Jun 05,"Howdy, Welcome to Austin!",""
341,16,2,21 Jun 05,"Chaos on 6th Street",""
342,16,3,28 Jun 05,"One Man's Loss; Another's Gain",""
343,16,4,05 Jul 05,"Danny's surgery",""
344,16,5,12 Jul 05,"Love & War",""
345,16,6,19 Jul 05,"First Dates",""
346,16,7,26 Jul 05,"Mel and Danny Get Up Close and Personal",""
347,16,8,02 Aug 05,"A Heartbreaking Valentine's Day",""
348,16,9,09 Aug 05,"Heading Home",""
349,16,10,16 Aug 05,"Jo and Leo Sittin' in a Tree?",""
350,16,11,23 Aug 05,"Danny's Back!",""
351,16,12,30 Aug 05,"Things are Heating Up",""
352,16,13,06 Sep 05,"Trouble's in the Air",""
353,16,14,13 Sep 05,"Ranchin' It",""
354,16,15,20 Sep 05,"Johanna's Jailbreak",""
355,16,16,27 Sep 05,"Jo and Leo: To Be or Not To Be?",""
356,16,17,04 Oct 05,"The Best Documentarians Yet",""
357,16,18,11 Oct 05,"SxSW All the Way",""
358,16,19,18 Oct 05,"Love Hurts",""
359,16,20,18 Oct 05,"The Pressure's On",""
360,16,21,01 Nov 05,"Watch Out, Costa Rica",""
361,16,22,08 Nov 05,"Nehemiah's Actin' Up",""
362,16,23,15 Nov 05,"Who's In Jail?",""
363,16,24,22 Nov 05,"Goodbye Austin",""
364,17,1,28 Feb 06,"Welcome to Key West",""
365,17,2,07 Mar 06,"Roommate Anxiety",""
366,17,3,14 Mar 06,"Club Hoppin'",""
367,17,4,21 Mar 06,"Svetlana's Tough Times",""
368,17,5,28 Mar 06,"Troubled Waters",""
369,17,6,04 Apr 06,"No Friends of Mine",""
370,17,7,11 Apr 06,"Zach Steps It Up",""
371,17,8,18 Apr 06,"John's Got Game",""
372,17,9,25 Apr 06,"John and Paula's Fight",""
373,17,10,02 May 06,"Gettin' Stormy",""
374,17,11,09 May 06,"Clarification",""
375,17,12,16 May 06,"Tyler's Night of Fun",""
376,17,13,23 May 06,"Opening Day",""
377,17,14,30 May 06,"Janelle and Jose's Fight",""
378,17,15,06 Jun 06,"The Burn Book",""
379,17,16,13 Jun 06,"Zach's Girl Trouble",""
380,17,17,20 Jun 06,"Let's Get Physical",""
381,17,18,20 Jun 06,"Hurricane Wilma",""
382,17,19,27 Jun 06,"Wake of the Storm",""
383,17,20,11 Jul 06,"Spanish Getaway",""
384,17,21,18 Jul 06,"Jose Gets Stranded",""
385,17,22,25 Jul 06,"Relationships",""
386,17,23,01 Aug 06,"Regaining the Pace",""
387,17,24,08 Aug 06,"Svetlana's Birthday",""
388,17,25,15 Aug 06,"Time To Say Goodbye",""
389,18,1,22 Nov 06,"3-Way Premiere",""
390,18,2,22 Nov 06,"Heating Things Up",""
391,18,3,29 Nov 06,"The Morning After",""
392,18,4,06 Dec 06,"Davis vs Tyrie",""
393,18,5,13 Dec 06,"Dark Kent",""
394,18,6,20 Dec 06,"Bus Brawl",""
395,18,7,27 Dec 06,"The Kissing Disease",""
396,18,8,03 Jan 07,"Crossing The Line",""
397,18,9,03 Jan 07,"Outward Bound",""
398,18,10,10 Jan 07,"Breaking Point",""
399,18,11,17 Jan 07,"Hit Where It Hurts",""
400,18,12,24 Jan 07,"The Disabled List",""
401,18,13,31 Jan 07,"Reaching the Peak",""
402,18,14,07 Feb 07,"Playing the Field",""
403,18,15,14 Feb 07,"Out and Proud",""
404,18,16,21 Feb 07,"Lashing Out",""
405,18,17,28 Feb 07,"Letting Go",""
406,18,18,07 Mar 07,"Butting In",""
407,18,19,14 Mar 07,"Juggling Act",""
408,18,20,19 Mar 07,"Locked Up",""
409,18,21,26 Mar 07,"Leaving Early",""
410,18,22,04 Apr 07,"Personal Evaluations",""
411,18,23,09 Apr 07,"False Appearances",""
412,18,24,18 Apr 07,"Loose Lips",""
413,18,25,25 Apr 07,"Conquering Fears",""
414,18,26,02 May 07,"Make-Out Bandits",""
415,18,27,09 May 07,"Welcome to Paradise",""
416,18,28,16 May 07,"Out With A Bang",""
417,19,1,08 Aug 07,"G'Day, Australia!",""
418,19,2,08 Aug 07,"Hittin' The Hot Tub",""
419,19,3,15 Aug 07,"Suddenly Single",""
420,19,4,22 Aug 07,"Big Pimpin'",""
421,19,5,29 Aug 07,"Mini Crush",""
422,19,6,05 Sep 07,"Getting Wet and Wild",""
423,19,7,12 Sep 07,"Whining and Dining",""
424,19,8,19 Sep 07,"Mardi Gras Mayhem",""
425,19,9,26 Sep 07,"Boys Vs. Girls",""
426,19,10,03 Oct 07,"Breaking The Girl Code",""
427,19,11,10 Oct 07,"The Grilled Cheese Incident",""
428,19,12,17 Oct 07,"Girl Fight",""
429,19,13,24 Oct 07,"Anger Mis-Management",""
430,19,14,31 Oct 07,"Second Fiddle",""
431,19,15,07 Nov 07,"The New Girl",""
432,19,16,14 Nov 07,"The Birds",""
433,19,17,21 Nov 07,"Off the Hook",""
434,19,18,28 Nov 07,"Enjoy Your Flight",""
435,19,19,05 Dec 07,"Friends Again",""
436,19,20,12 Dec 07,"Praying for a Miracle",""
437,19,21,19 Dec 07,"The Honeymoon Is Over",""
438,19,22,26 Dec 07,"Tourism",""
439,19,23,02 Jan 08,"Gettin' Down",""
440,19,24,09 Jan 08,"Moving On and Out",""
441,20,1,16 Apr 08,"Welcome to Hollywood",""
442,20,2,23 Apr 08,"Let's Not Get Ghetto",""
443,20,3,30 Apr 08,"Where's Joey?",""
444,20,4,07 May 08,"Joey's Intervention",""
445,20,5,14 May 08,"I Need Lovin'",""
446,20,6,21 May 08,"Greg vs. the House",""
447,20,7,28 May 08,"Get It On",""
448,20,8,04 Jun 08,"Arrival and Departure",""
449,20,9,11 Jun 08,"Joey Checks Out",""
450,20,10,18 Jun 08,"In With the New",""
451,20,11,25 Jun 08,"Making It",""
452,20,12,02 Jul 08,"Mexi-Loco",""
453,20,13,09 Jul 08,"It's A Wrap",""
454,21,1,07 Jan 09,"Brooklyn Bridging",""
455,21,2,14 Jan 09,"The Outs & Ins of Brooklyn",""
456,21,3,21 Jan 09,"The BFF-O-Meter",""
457,21,4,28 Jan 09,"Daddy Dearest and the Dueling Divas",""
458,21,5,04 Feb 09,"Friends and Enemies",""
459,21,6,11 Feb 09,"Battle of the Sexes",""
460,21,7,18 Feb 09,"Of Mice and Devyn's Men",""
461,21,8,25 Feb 09,"Angry Boys and Dirty Girls",""
462,21,9,04 Mar 09,"Dilators, Dresses and Bow Ties",""
463,21,10,11 Mar 09,"Pole Dancing and Pedro",""
464,21,11,18 Mar 09,"Saving A Private Ryan",""
465,21,12,25 Mar 09,"Atlantic City, Baby!",""
466,21,13,01 Apr 09,"Saying Goodbye",""
467,22,1,24 Jun 09,"Yes We Cancun!",""
468,22,2,01 Jul 09,"Jerkface Joes and Romeos",""
469,22,3,08 Jul 09,"I Kissed a Girl And I Liked it (At First)",""
470,22,4,15 Jul 09,"Cancun Casanovas",""
471,22,5,22 Jul 09,"Payback, Piglets and Projects",""
472,22,6,29 Jul 09,"Flirting With Disaster",""
473,22,7,05 Aug 09,"Peak Week",""
474,22,8,12 Aug 09,"Settling DIF-erences",""
475,22,9,19 Aug 09,"The Love Square",""
476,22,10,26 Aug 09,"Three's a Crowd",""
477,22,11,02 Sep 09,"Love Bites",""
478,22,12,09 Sep 09,"¬°Adios Cancun!",""
479,23,1,30 Dec 09,"Looks Can Be D.C.-ving",""
480,23,2,06 Jan 10,"Bipartisan Lovin",""
481,23,3,13 Jan 10,"Playboys and Proper Portions",""
482,23,4,20 Jan 10,"The Princess and the Panda",""
483,23,5,27 Jan 10,"Love hits a sour note",""
484,23,6,03 Feb 10,"When Push Comes to Shove",""
485,23,7,10 Feb 10,"Bitch Begins With BI",""
486,23,8,17 Feb 10,"Out of the Closet and Onto the Stage",""
487,23,9,24 Feb 10,"Cheaters, Beaters and Pavement Eaters",""
488,23,10,03 Mar 10,"Laughing Panda, Changing Ty",""
489,23,11,10 Mar 10,"Girlfriends and Dead Ends",""
490,23,12,17 Mar 10,"White House, Glass House",""
491,23,13,24 Mar 10,"Sisterhood and Brotherly Love",""
492,23,14,31 Mar 10,"From D.C., With Love",""
493,24,1,30 Jun 10,"Welcome To New Orleans",""
494,24,2,07 Jul 10,"Knight Fights, Love Bites",""
495,24,3,14 Jul 10,"Jemmye's White Knight",""
496,24,4,21 Jul 10,"Superbrawl 2010",""
497,24,5,28 Jul 10,"Confused & Abused",""
498,24,6,04 Aug 10,"Sing out, Cop out",""
499,24,7,11 Aug 10,"Buliding & Breaking",""
500,24,8,18 Aug 10,"Saint Patrick's Secrets",""
501,24,9,25 Aug 10,"Fired",""
502,24,10,01 Sep 10,"Getting Down, Blowing Up",""
503,24,11,08 Sep 10,"Over Knight",""
504,24,12,15 Sep 10,"Au Revoir Nawlins",""
505,25,1,09 Mar 11,"Welcome To Vegas",""
506,25,2,16 Mar 11,"Bromance, Bottles and Broken Hearts",""
507,25,3,23 Mar 11,"Stands By Me",""
508,25,4,30 Mar 11,"Three Hookups and a Breakup",""
509,25,5,06 Apr 11,"Playas Gettin' Played",""
510,25,6,13 Apr 11,"Sexiles / Exiles",""
511,25,7,20 Apr 11,"Cooke Monster",""
512,25,8,27 Apr 11,"Dustin Shows His Hand, Heather Folds",""
513,25,9,04 May 11,"Guys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Sex",""
514,25,10,11 May 11,"Who's Your Daddy?",""
515,25,11,18 May 11,"Oh Yeah, Mexico, Yeah",""
516,25,12,25 May 11,"Addicted To Love",""
517,25,13,01 Jun 11,"Leaving Las Vegas",""
518,26,1,28 Sep 11,"First Impressions",""
519,26,2,05 Oct 11,"Danas, Derrieres, and Drama",""
520,26,3,12 Oct 11,"A Pig Walks Into a Gay Bar...",""
521,26,4,19 Oct 11,"Hair Razing Arguments and Sticky Situations",""
522,26,5,26 Oct 11,"Over the Rainbow",""
523,26,6,02 Nov 11,"Pride and Prejudice",""
524,26,7,09 Nov 11,"It's My Party and I'll Bang If I Want To",""
525,26,8,16 Nov 11,"Stolen Show, Stolen Hearts, Stolen Motorcycles",""
526,26,9,30 Nov 11,"All the Wrong Moves",""
527,26,10,07 Dec 11,"Camp Out, Drag Out, Sing Out",""
528,26,11,07 Dec 11,"Tick, Tick, Cabo-oom!",""
529,26,12,14 Dec 11,"An End to an Endless Summer",""
530,27,1,27 Jun 12,"St. Thomas: Paradise Found",""
531,27,2,04 Jul 12,"99 Problems But the Beach Ain't One",""
532,27,3,11 Jul 12,"Roommates Become Bedmates",""
533,27,4,18 Jul 12,"To Pee or Not to Pee",""
534,27,5,25 Jul 12,"Clean Break",""
535,27,6,01 Aug 12,"Smells Like Green Spirits",""
536,27,7,08 Aug 12,"No Shirt, Boat Shoes, No Sanity",""
537,27,8,15 Aug 12,"Hurts So Good",""
538,27,9,22 Aug 12,"Who Done It?",""
539,27,10,29 Aug 12,"Of Vice and Men",""
540,27,11,05 Sep 12,"Should I Stay or Should I Blow",""
541,27,12,12 Sep 12,"Flyin' The Coop",""
542,28,1,27 Mar 13,"Portland: Bondage, Butts and Burlesque",""
543,28,2,03 Apr 13,"Portland: Hot Air Jordan",""
544,28,3,10 Apr 13,"Portland: Hot and Bothered",""
545,28,4,17 Apr 13,"Portland: New Chick, Little D...",""
546,28,5,24 Apr 13,"Portland: I Wanted Romance Not No Pants",""
547,28,6,01 May 13,"Portland: How To Play The Game",""
548,28,7,08 May 13,"Portland: A-Nia-lation Proclamation",""
549,28,8,15 May 13,"Portland: Pantsfall",""
550,28,9,22 May 13,"Portland: Heartbreak Hotel",""
551,28,10,29 May 13,"Portland: Sins of the Flesh (Eaters)",""
552,28,11,05 Jun 13,"Portland: Welcome to the Sh*t Show!",""
553,28,12,12 Jun 13,"Portland: Out With a Bang!",""
554,29,1,08 Jan 14,"Excess Baggage",""
555,29,2,15 Jan 14,"A Numbers Game",""
556,29,3,22 Jan 14,"The Departure",""
557,29,4,29 Jan 14,"Ex-otic Encounters",""
558,29,5,05 Feb 14,"Ex-Plosion",""
559,29,6,19 Feb 14,"First Love Fools",""
560,29,7,26 Feb 14,"The Test",""
561,29,8,05 Mar 14,"Betrayed and Beatdown",""
562,29,9,12 Mar 14,"Indecent Ex-posure",""
563,29,10,19 Mar 14,"Burned to Ashes",""
564,29,11,26 Mar 14,"It's Go Go Time",""
565,29,12,02 Apr 14,"Ex-odus",""
566,30,1,16 Dec 14,"Skeleton Keys",""
567,30,2,23 Dec 14,"Love and Other Drugs",""
568,30,3,30 Dec 14,"Three Way",""
569,30,4,06 Jan 15,"Blast From The Past",""
570,30,5,12 Jan 15,"Dirty Laundry",""
571,30,6,20 Jan 15,"A Royal Nightmare",""
572,30,7,27 Jan 15,"All the King's Women",""
573,30,8,03 Feb 15,"Sarasota's Finest",""
574,30,9,10 Feb 15,"Where's the Beef?",""
575,30,10,17 Feb 15,"Brother in Arms",""
576,30,11,24 Feb 15,"Breaking Mad",""
577,30,12,03 Mar 15,"Wine and Roses",""
578,30,13,10 Mar 15,"The Final Skeleton",""
579,31,1,17 Mar 16,"The Big Leap",""
580,31,2,24 Mar 16,"If the Dress Fits... Wear It",""
581,31,3,31 Mar 16,"Disaster Down Under",""
582,31,4,07 Apr 16,"Unfriended",""
583,31,5,14 Apr 16,"The Leak",""
584,31,6,28 Apr 16,"Take a Hike",""
585,31,7,05 May 16,"The Tipping Point",""
586,31,8,12 May 16,"The Carny Queen (62 min)",""
587,31,9,12 May 16,"Shaken and Stirred",""
588,31,10,19 May 16,"The Hits Keep Coming",""
589,31,11,26 May 16,"Southern Shame",""
590,31,12,26 May 16,"They All Go Home",""
591,32,1,12 Oct 16,"A Bloody Good Start",""
592,32,2,12 Oct 16,"Game Enough? (62 min)",""
593,32,3,19 Oct 16,"Not the Show You Think It Is",""
594,32,4,26 Oct 16,"Sleep Mess in Seattle",""
595,32,5,02 Nov 16,"Fourteen's a Crowd",""
596,32,6,09 Nov 16,"Stacked Odds",""
597,32,7,16 Nov 16,"Petered Out",""
598,32,8,30 Nov 16,"Drop the Mike",""
599,32,9,07 Dec 16,"Blood Cousins",""
600,32,10,14 Dec 16,"Surprise!",""
601,32,11,28 Dec 16,"For the Love of Pete",""
602,32,12,04 Jan 17,"Bad Blood No More",""
S16,16,0,29 Nov 05,"Real World Reunion: Tex, Hugs & Rock 'n' Roll",""
S16,16,0,06 Dec 05,"The S@#t They Should of Shown",""
S17,17,0,21 Feb 06,"Coral's Casting Couch: A First Look at the Real World Key West",""
S18,18,0,01 Nov 06,"Real World: Denver - Launch Special",""
S18,18,0,23 May 07,"Real World XVIII Reunion",""
S18,18,0,30 May 07,"Real World XVIII S*#! They Should've Shown",""
S19,19,0,01 Aug 07,"Real World Sydney Casting Special",""
S19,19,0,16 Jan 08,"Real World XIX Reunion",""
S21,21,0,04 Jan 09,"Secrets Revealed",""
S22,22,0,09 Sep 09,"The Sh*t They Should Have Shown",""
S22,22,0,16 Sep 09,"Real World XXII Reunion",""
S26,26,0,30 Nov 11,"San Diego: After Show 2609",""
S28,28,0,08 May 13,"Aftershow",""
S28,28,0,15 May 13,"Aftershow",""
S31,31,0,17 Mar 16,"Meet the Roommates (31 min)",""
S31,31,0,14 Apr 16,"Real Talk: The Leak Fallout",""
S31,31,0,28 Apr 16,"Girl Talk (31 min)",""
S31,31,0,05 May 16,"Real Talk: Dump Or Date? (31 min)",""
S31,31,0,12 May 16,"Real Talk: The New Guy (31 min)",""
S32,32,0,19 Oct 16,"Infamous Bad Bloods (31 min)",""
S31,31,0,19 May 16,"The S... They Should've Shown (30 min)",""
S32,32,0,09 Nov 16,"Real Talk: Willy From Philly (30 min)",""
S32,32,0,02 Nov 16,"Real Talk: The Verdict (31 min)",""
S32,32,0,16 Nov 16,"All Jokes Aside",""
S32,32,0,30 Nov 16,"Real Talk: That's My Side Piece",""
S32,32,0,14 Dec 16,"S#!% They Should Have Shown",""
S16,16,0,14 Dec 05,"The Real World Austin: The S@#T They Should Have Shown",""
S16,16,0,14 Dec 05,"The S@#T They Should Have Shown",""