4th Season 1992

  1. "Surely You Joust"
    gs: Larry Csonka [ Himself ], Mike Adamlie [ Himself ], Lynn Williams [ Turbo ], Larry Thompson [ Unknown ]

    Feuding neighbours "Hurricane" Urkel and "Bonecrusher" Carl take a not-so-neighborly, macho grudge match to TV's American Gladiators.

    b: 18 Sep 92 pc: 447801 w: ______________ d: John Tracy
  2. "Dance to the Music"
    gs: Julius Carry [ Oscar ], Mike Genovese [ Coach Westfield ]

    rc: Maxine, Ted Curran

    Home-coming Queen Laura gets the royal treatment from Urkel, who gets popular jock Ted to ask her to the dance; Carl meets Harriette's new piano teacher..

    b: 2 Oct 92 pc: 447804 w: Gary Menteer & Joseph Cvar d: John Tracy
  3. "Driving Carl Crazy"

    Carl hopes to practice stress management by keeping his cool, but he nearly blows a gasket teaching Urkel to drive.

    b: 9 Oct 92 pc: 447803 w: Stephen Langford d: John Tracy
  4. "Rumor Has It"
    gs: Keri Johnson [ Jim ]

    rc: Shavar Ross [ Alex ], Maxine, Patrick J. Dancy [ Ted Curran ]

    As rumors begin to fly that Ted has "scored" with Laura, Urkel must warn her that the guy she's dating means to boost his rep by ruining hers.

    b: 16 Oct 92 pc: 447805 w: Gary M. Goodrich d: Gary Menteer
  5. "Number One with a Bullet"
    gs: Christopher Darga [ Jenkins ], Michael Griswald [ Dr. Skiles ], Annie Gagen [ Charlene ], J. Lamont Pope [ Orderly ]

    rc: Lt. Murtagh

    Carl and Urkel are hospital roommates and Urkel, as usual, is a pain -until he gets the opportunity to save Carl's hide.

    b: 23 Oct 92 pc: 447806 w: Fred Fox Jr. d: Gary Menteer
  6. "Whose Kid Is it Anyway?"
    gs: Jacqueline Ann Shaw [ Angela ], Diane Lee Hsu [ Mrs. Wong ], Ryan Hart [ Tommy ]

    Richie is upset when Eddie's hot Halloween date conflicts with his promise to take his little brother trick or treating.

    b: 30 Oct 92 pc: 447807 w: Sarah V. Finney & Vida Spears d: John Tracy
  7. "An Officer and a Waldo"
    gs: Dennis Burkley [ Repairman ], David Graf [ Sarge ], Danielle Nicolet [ Vonda ], J. Lamont Pope [ Recruit ]

    rc: Waldo

    Eddie's insult sends Waldo off to join the Army; Harriette and Carl set us a sting to catch a shady repairman.

    b: 6 Nov 92 pc: 447808 w: David W. Duclon d: John Tracy
  8. "Just One Date!"
    gs: Donna Lynn Leavy [ Mrs. Tannen ], Benjamin Lum [ Delivery Man ]

    rc: Gwendolyn

    Urkel plants himself firmly on the Winslow roof, refusing to budge even during a blizzard until Laura dates him.

    b: 13 Nov 92 pc: 447812 w: Fred Fox Jr. d: Gary Menteer
  9. "The Oddest Couple"

    Eddie's sloppy habits and Steve's scientific experiments don't make for domestic bliss when the two become roommates.

    b: 20 Nov 92 pc: 447810 w: ______________ d: John Tracy
  10. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Urkel"

    Laura's guardian angel shows Urkel what it's like to be Laura.

    b: 11 Dec 92 pc: 447815 w: ______________ d: John Tracy
  11. "Muskrat Love"
    gs: Michole Briana White [ Melissa ], Susan Dawkins [ Guess Your Weight Girl ], Joshua Lux [ Student in Kissing Booth ]

    rc: Patrick J. Dancy [ Ted ], Weasel, Maxine, Waldo

    Eddie breaks a date with a smart and witty girl his friends disapprove of, while Laura regrets encouraging Maxine to date Ted; Carl gives Harriette fitness gear.

    b: 8 Jan 93 pc: 447813 w: Regina Stewart Larson d: John Tracy
  12. "Hot Wheels"

    rc: Waldo, Patrick J. Dancy [ Ted Curran ]

    Carl buys a hot rod for Eddie, hoping it will be the road to a father-son bonding session; and Urkel strengthens his bond with Laura using a new wonder glue he invented.

    b: 13 Jan 93 pc: 447802 w: Regina Stewart Larson d: John Tracy
  13. "The Way the Ball Bounces"
    gs: Christopher B. Duncan [ Sam ], Jack Riley [ Wayne ]

    A college woos athlete Eddie, who has only fame and fortune in mind after accepting a scholarship; meanwhile, Laura forgoes sleep to study for a Harvard entrance exam.

    b: 22 Jan 93 pc: 447817 w: ______________ d: Jeffrey Ganz
  14. "A Thought in the Dark"
    gs: Dave Koz [ Himself ]

    rc: Myra, Patrick J. Dancy [ Ted ], Waldo,

    Laura and Ted momentarily derail Urkel's efforts to win Laura by fixing him up with Ted's brainy cousin Myra for a double date to a concert.

    b: 29 Jan 93 pc: 447814 w: Robert Illes & James R. Stein d: Gary Menteer
  15. "Tender Kisses"
    gs: Tracie Spencer [ Herself ], Stoney Jackson [ Lee ]

    rc: Weasel, Waldo

    Eddie gets more than he bargained for when he and his pals sneak into R&B singer Tracie Spencer's hotel room in search of tickets to her concert; and Carl is in for a big surprise when he discovers Harriette's diary.

    b: 5 Feb 93 pc: 447818 w: Jim Geoghan & Fred Fox Jr. d: John Tracy
  16. "Heart Strings"
    gs: Gwendolyn

    Laura becomes Steve's valentine; Steve arranges a date for Richie with Gwendolyn.

    b: 12 Feb 93 pc: 447819 w: David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer d: John Tracy
  17. "It's a Mad, Mad, Madhouse"
    gs: Debra Jo Rupp [ Miss Connors ], Tom Kindle [ Cleaning Man ]

    Eddie tries to cover for his poor record in school by claiming he has family problems at home - so his teacher arrives to evaluate his dysfunctional family environment.

    b: 16 Feb 93 pc: 447811 w: Regina Stewart Larson d: John Tracy
  18. "Higher Anxiety"

    rc: Oneisha, Waldo, Fletcher

    At a party, Urkel, Eddie and Waldo get trapped on a fire escape. A heartbroken Eddie mourns his split with two-timing Oneisha, while Carl gives the cold shoulder to his mother's beau Fletcher, who has big plans for her future.

    b: 19 Feb 93 pc: 447816 w: ______________ d: Richard Correll
  19. "Mama's Wedding"
    gs: Jester Hairston [ William ], Ron Taylor [ Pastor Peebles ]

    rc: Weasel, Waldo, Fletcher

    Thanks to Eddie, Mother Winslow's "simple family wedding" brings more than the family bargained for 150 extra guests.

    b: 26 Feb 93 pc: 447820 w: Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears d: Gary Menteer
  20. "Pulling Teeth"

    rc: Maxine, Waldo

    Waldo dates Laura's friend; Richie tries to get rid of a baby tooth.

    b: 5 Mar 93 pc: 447822 w: David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer d: Gary Menteer
  21. "Walk on the Wild Side"
    gs: Kenneth A. Johnson [ Derek ], Wayne Dillon [ Officer Bob ], Mindy Sterling [ Woman ], Bari K. Willeford [ Bouncer ]

    rc: Maxine, K.C.

    When peer pressure comes a-knocking, squeaky-clean Laura goes a-walking on the wild side at Club Buff male strip joint where Urkel winds up performing.

    b: 26 Mar 93 pc: 447809 w: ______________ d: John Tracy
  22. "Hot Stuff"

    rc: Weasel

    Myra enlists Laura's help in snaring "hot stuff" Urkel; and Eddie asks Carl a lot of questions after buying a hot car stereo.

    b: 30 Apr 93 pc: 447821 w: ______________ d: Gary Menteer
  23. "Stormy Weather"
    gs: Tracy Lanier [ Quesadilla ], Tina Thomas [ Gloria ], Ross Leon [ Unknown ], Potrait [ Themselves (cameo) ]

    rc: Myra, Waldo, Weasel, Maxine

    Urkel's nerdiness gets under the skin of Laura's arrogant prom date (Ross Leon), who's itching to order Laura to write off Urkel as a friend.

    b: 7 May 93 pc: 447823 w: ______________ d: John Tracy
  24. "Buds 'n' Buns"
    gs: Michael Jones McDonald [ The Manager ], Gabriel Pelino [ The Customer ]

    rc: Myra

    As a part-timer at the Mighty Weenie fast food joint, Carl doesn't relish answering to the top dog - Eddie; Urkel takes Laura's advice and commits to Myra.

    b: 14 May 93 pc: 447824 w: Jim Geoghan d: John Tracy

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