Movies stitched together from previous films in an unholy laboratory of perversion, it's


+ = Air Force One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
If you find out the secret of Air Force One,
they lock you up and inject you with something.
+ = All The President's Men in Black
The blockbuster in which Deep Throat reveals
who really pilots all those black helicopters.
+ = The Big Chilly Dogs
Mutant huskies have a cathartic reunion weekend.
+ = Bringing Up Million Dollar Baby
A screwball comedy turns tragic
when a female leopard takes up boxing.
+ = Destination: Moon Over Parador
The hilarious romp about an impoverished third world
dictator's ill-fated attempt at space flight.
+ = Every Which Way But Footloose
A fistfighting truck driver and his dancing orangutan
visit a small town where boxing & dancing are banned.
+ = How Soylent Green Was My Valley
The plight of Welsh miners takes a horrific turn for the worse
when they realize their dead are being turned into food.
+ = I Was a Male War Bride of Frankenstein
Frankenstein's monster (played by Cary Grant
without makeup) tries to come to America with his new bride.
+ = It's a Wonderful Life of Brian
Heartwarming tale of an angel showing what
the world would be like if Brian had been the Messiah.
+ = Lonely are the Braveheart
The heartbreaking impact of the disappearing Western
frontier on the cause of Scottish independence.
+ = The Man Who Would Be King Kong
Michael Caine and Sean Connery fight over Fay Wray,
and over who has the hairiest chest.
+ = Master and Commander-in-Chief
Geena Davis challenges Russell Crowe
in a rousing tale of politics on the high seas.
+ = Nicholas & Alexander
A tragic time-travel romance in which the last
tsar of Russia meets the ancient King of Macedonia.
+ = Peter Panic in the Streets
Pirates have only 48 hours to find the boy who never
grew up, who might be infected with bubonic plague.
+ = Save the Last Flashdance
Different fashion trends battle on the dance floor
with one good actress and one flash in the pan.
+ = Shakespeare in Love, Actually
A troupe of cross-dressing Elizabethan actors invade
the houses of Parliament. Romantic complications ensue.
+ = A Star Is Born Free
A young actress-wannabe in Africa is scarred for life
in a tragic encounter with a lion whose career is waning.
+ = Working Girl, Interrupted
When the boss of a mental institution is laid up, a new
inmate convinces everyone that she's the new warden.