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• The Situation Room (10x39)CNN

Season 10, Episode 39

Wolf Blitzer presents a daily show on current events, breaking news, political headlines and lively discussions with political analysts and CNN correspondents.

• Steve Harvey (03x18)Syndicated

Steve Cures the Worst Dater in All of New York State; X Factor Winners; Habits; Pose-Off

Steve is joined by different guests on the show that features a mixture of lifestyle topics.

• The Real (02x13)Syndicated

Charisma Carpenter & Omarion

This weekday panel Talk Show hosted by 5 women focuses on topics pertaining to women. Some of the subjects that they will discuss include beauty, fashion, health, relationships, news stories and the personal lives of the hosts themselves.

• Inside Story (02x31)Al Jazeera America

Season 2, Episode 31

Ray Suarez looks at the days news.

• NASCAR America (01x73)NBCSN

Season 1, Episode 73

"NASCAR America" features in-depth access to the drivers, crew chiefs and team owners as well as opinions and analysis from NASCAR's most prominent personalities.

• America's Pregame (01x123)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 1, Episode 123 (LIVE)

"America's Pregame" is a 1-hour long live talk show from FOX Sports studios that answers the questions sports fans have about the most compelling stories, games and events of the day.


• Pro Football Talk (03x195)NBCSN

Season 3, Episode 195 (LIVE)

Mike Florio and Erik Kuselias are joined by different NBC Sports football commentators as they take a look at the most topical NFL stories of the day.



Season 3, Episode 184 (LIVE)

Jim Rome is one of sports broadcasting’s most powerful and entertaining voices. Rome offers his trademark takes on the sports issues of the day.

• NASCAR Race Hub (06x146)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 6, Episode 146 (LIVE)

"NASCAR Race Hub" provides highlights, news, and opinions from the world of NASCAR.

• NRA News Cam & Co (02x202)SPORTSMAN CHANNEL

Season 2, Episode 202

Hosted by Cam Edwards, Cam & Company is a one hour show featuring in-depth news and views of the Second Amendment and other freedom-related issues. Tune in for interviews with NRA leaders, newsmakers, politicos, journalists and congressional leaders. Plus commentary and analysis you simply won't find anywhere else.

• PoliticsNation (04x195)msnbc

Season 4, Episode 195

Since his 2011 MSNBC premiere, Reverend Al Sharpton has led a lively and informed discussion each night. With over 40 years of experience as a community leader, politician, minister and advocate, Sharpton shares his take on the top headlines of the day in his signature style. He also connects with viewers in his nightly ‘Reply Al’ segment where he answers viewer questions and concerns.

• Boogie Oogie (01x52)Rede Globo

Season 1, Episode 52

A Spanish soap opera.

• TMZ Live (04x13)Syndicated

Season 4, Episode 13

A edited version of the online content uploaded to the celebrity news and gossip site TMZ.com.


• NBC Nightly News (45x60)NBC

Season 45, Episode 60

The latest news, sports and weather from across America.

• CBS Evening News (67x48)CBS

Season 67, Episode 48

The latest news, sport, weather, political and economic news.

• ABC World News (62x25)ABC

Season 62, Episode 25

The latest news, sport, weather and business updates from around the world.

• Player Style Files (01x05)CBS SPORTS NETWORK

Season 1, Episode 5

Top athletes share their personal views of life and style. This vignette-style series gives fans an in-depth, personal view, with many interviews taking place in the athlete’s home or hometown.


• Entertainment Tonight (33x15)Syndicated

Season 33, Episode 15

The show features all the latest celebrity news, interviews and gossip.

• The Insider (11x15)Syndicated

Season 11, Episode 15

The show features all the latest tabloid stories and offers the viewers an "inside" scoop on the latest gossip.

• E! News (24x27)E!

October 1, 2014

"E! News" bring you the latest celebrity news and gossip.

• Extra (21x21)Syndicated

Season 21, Episode 21

The latest in celebrity news and gossip.

• PBS Newshour (39x396)PBS

Season 39, Episode 396

A more in depth look at the day's top news stories.

• Erin Burnett OutFront (03x283)CNN

Season 3, Episode 283

Erin Burnett presents a live countdown of the days top news stories starting with #1 and working her way to #7.

• Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (02x04)DiSNEY XD

Unstank My Hart; Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2

Unstank My Hart - Pop star Levandar Hart plays with Randy and Howard. However the pair are unaware he is plotting his revenge for being kicked out of their band. Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2 - Randy Howard rescue their favourite animatronic rock star.

• Real Money with Ali Velshi (02x33)Al Jazeera America

Season 2, Episode 33

Ali Veshi presents the latest financial and business news.

• College Volleyball on ABC (02x11)ESPNU

NCAA Women's College Volleyball: Missouri Tigers at Ole Miss Rebels (LIVE)

The Lady Missouri Tigers visit the Lady Ole Miss Rebels live from Gillom Sports Center in Oxford, Mississippi.


• TMZ (07x339)Syndicated

Season 7, Episode 339

Reporters on TMZ chase after celebrities in hopes of getting a reaction from them about some gossip or news recently reported about them.

• AXS TV Concerts (S02-Special)AXStv

The Navigator Live Featuring DJ Cassidy

Go backstage with DJ Cassidy at Renaissance Hotels. Travel with DJ Cassidy as he explores Denver after his set.

• College Volleyball on Big Ten Network (01x10)Big Ten Network

Women's College Volleyball - Minnesota Golden Gophers at Illinois Fighting Illini (LIVE)

The Lady Minnesota Golden Gophers visit the Lady Illinois Fighting Illini live at Huff Hall in Champaign, Illinois.

• Hockey Night Live on NHL Network (02x19)NHL NETWORK

NHL Preseason Hockey - Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings

NHL Preseason Hockey - Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings


• Hell's Kitchen (13x05)Fox

14 Chefs Compete

The top 14 battle it out for a place in the next phase of the competition.

• Nancy Grace (10x156)Headline News

Season 10, Episode 156

This series not only takes you into the courtrooms, but debates the cases, step by step, with lawyers/legal analysts arguing both sides and examining the performance of the legal teams in the courts. The law isn’t the only issue here as even jurors are discussed, victims, victimizers and details that won’t typically be pointed out on your everyday news media.

• Survivor (29x02)CBS

Method To This Madness

Episode #2 - Was any of the survivors eliminated on the premier 90-minute long episode last Wednesday night? Tonight someone could be sent packing but from which tribe, the Coyopa tribe or the Hunahpu tribe?

• The O'Reilly Factor (19x195)Fox NEWS channel

Season 19, Episode 195

Blending news analysis with investigative reporting, "The O'Reilly Factor" has gained international prominence as well it is now seen in more than 30 countries.

• Anderson Cooper 360° (11x283)CNN

Season 11, Episode 283

Anderson Cooper goes behind the headlines with discussion and investigative reports into the day's news.

• Charlie Rose (23x277)Bloomberg TELEVISION

Season 23, Episode 277

Charlie talks with some of the world's best writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers and business leaders in interviews and round-table discussions.

• UnSung (08x10)TV one

Rick James

Rick James is the final R&B, soul singer to be covered on "Unsung" in 2014. His real birth name was James Ambrose Johnson, Jr. who passed away on 6 August 2004 from pulmonary failure and cardiac failure. In 1978 he released his very first single titled "You and " and it went all the way to #1 on the R&B charts. This was followed up in the same year with "Mary Jane" that peaked at #3. He went on to have 3 more #1 hits on the R&B charts up to 2006. His other #1 hits were "Give It To Me Baby" in 1981, "Cold Blooded" in 1983 and finally "Loosey's Rap" featuring Roxanne Shanté in 1988. He also had 2 #1 hits over the years on the Billboard Dance charts in "Super Freak" in 1981 and "Glow" in 1985.

• The Middle (06x02)ABC

The Loneliest Locker

Frankie and Mike look for second jobs so they can send Sue to a good college. Sue and Brad want to put on a meaningful senior play that everyone will remember.

• UFC Tonight (03x22)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 3, Episode 22

"UFC Tonight" is a weekly Mixed-martial-arts highlights, in-depth analysis and fighter interviews show.

• My Grandmother's Ravioli (03x09)Cooking Channel

Corn Star

George Martin, 79, is a Native American grandfather - he is of the Ojibwe Nation and lives in Hopkins, Michigan. In this episode George teaches Mo how to make a big pot of corn soup. Sound simple? Think again - the first step in the recipe is to light a fire without a match. George teaches Mo that handy skill, along with many beautiful traditions of his people. George also plays a mean game of mini golf.

• Major League Baseball on ESPN (24x77)ESPN

National League Wild Card: San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates

National League Wild Card: San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates

• The Mysteries Of Laura (01x03)NBC

The Mystery of the Biker Bar

After a popular biker-bar owner is killed, Laura and Jake find themselves at the place where they had their first date.

• Bring It! (01x20)Lifetime

The DD4L Tour, Part 1

Miss D and the Dancing Dolls hit the road on a mission to bring their exciting majorette style of dance to young girls all across the country. But when faced with Miss Dianna’s aggressive coaching style, will these aspiring dancers “buck or cry”? Meanwhile, in a surprising twist, teammates Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai are pitted against each other in stand battle for the very first time, causing things to get heated as they compete for a special featured role in the upcoming competition season.

• Live From E! (01x51)E!

Season 1, Episode 51

"Live From E!" is a fun take on the latest scoop and pop culture stories.

• College Volleyball on Longhorn Network (01x06)LONGHORN NETWORK

Texas Women's Volleyball: Iowa State Cyclones at Texas Longhorns (LIVE)

The Lady Iowa State Cyclones visit the Texas Longhorns at Gregory Gymnasium in Austin, Texas.

• All In With Chris Hayes (02x195)msnbc

Season 2, Episode 195

"All In With Chris Hayes" is a weekday 1-hour long News and Opinion program. Chris has guests on his show nightly that are always opinionated and they debate each other on whatever the topic of the day is.


Teardrop Trailer Blues

Justin and Anna have a tight deadline with a Teardrop but are forced to stop down when they can't find the right parts. Meanwhile a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity falls into Justin's lap when a new client arrives with an extremely rare 1936 Bowlus Road Chief. Anna tries to sell unwanted items from Flyte Camp's storage closets at a friend's garage sale, while Justin runs out to look at a possible project trailer.

• National Pro Grid League (01x03)NBCSN

First Semifinal: Teams TBA (LIVE)

Inaugural playoffs of the first-ever professional fitness league, format Pikes Peak. From Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C.

• College Volleyball on FOX (01x09)Fox COLLEGE SPORTS CENTRAL

Women's College Volleyball - Texas Christian University (TCU) Lady Frogs at Oklahoma Sooners (LIVE)

The Texas Christian University (TCU) Lady Frogs visit the Lady Oklahoma Sooners live at the Oklahoma University Field House in Norman, Oklahoma.

• Penguins - Spy in the Huddle (01x02)PBS

First Steps

Male emperors form an identity parade before handing over their newborns to the returning females who then huddle to protect their offspring from a blizzard. On the Falklands, rockhopper chicks meet some unruly neighbours. Predatory vultures are seen off by a penguin army.


• The Goldbergs (02x02)ABC

Mama Drama

Adam attempts to secure a major part in the school musical but gets cast in a non-leading role. Beverly then offers him a part in a competing show. Barry is not happy with Murray's habit of leaving sporting events early to avoid traffic.

• Beyond Candid With Giuliana (01x05)E!

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett

On tonight's episode of "Beyond Candid With Giuliana" the special guest that is interviewed is Kendra Wilkinson Baskett. Kendra is a TV personality, businesswoman, glamour model and a author. She previously appeared on the E TV reality series "The Girls Next Door" and she was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

• Hockey Night Live on COMCAST SportsNet (01x02)COMCAST Sports Net Chicago

NHL Preseason Hockey - Montreal Canadiens at Chicago Blackhawks

NHL Preseason Hockey - Montreal Canadiens at Chicago Blackhawks


• Criminal Minds (10x01)CBSseason premiere


The BAU team investigate a list of murders in Bakersfield, California. The victims have been left unidentifiable by their murderer(s). Elsewhere the team welcome new agent Kate Callahan into the BAU family.

• Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (16x02)NBC

American Disgrace

Basketball superstar Shakir "The Shark" Wilkins announces his partnership with the Orion Bay clothing line, owned by billionaire Orion Bauer and his daughter Cordelia. But the SVU intervenes when Orion press rep Carla Cannon tells reporters she was raped by Wilkins. When more women come forward, Benson and Detective Carisi disagree on the authenticity of each woman’s story, and Barba takes a shaky case to court. Meanwhile, the case takes Rollins to her former precinct in Atlanta, where ex-colleagues bring up old memories.

• Impact Wrestling (11x40)SPIKE

Main Event: TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

The matches that are scheduled for tonight’s card are as follows: Eric Young vs. Ethan Carter III Gail Kim vs. Havok Mr. Anderson vs. MVP Main Event: TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe defends his title vs. Austin Aries

• Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles (07x07)Bravo

There Goes The Neighborhood

David makes a rash promise to a client without first consulting James which could ultimately cost them the listing. Josh Altman snags a similar listing just blocks away from the Brits. Josh Flagg is stunned and saddened when Colton shows him the progress he's made remodeling his parents' house and childhood home.

• The Rachel Maddow Show (07x196)msnbc

Season 7, Episode 196

"The Rachel Maddow Show" is a lively news discussion show with a panel of guests.

• Modern Family (06x02)ABC

Do Not Push

Jay and Gloria can't agree on what kind of anniversary gifts they want to exchange.

• Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse (04x03)OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK

Shawn - Part 2

When Angela barges onto the set of C-Sports Now, she discovers that Shawn actually thinks Todd is Marcus. Shawn is pregnant with Todd's baby, but will he be willing to take on the responsibility?

• Extreme Cheapskates (03x02)TLC

In Sickness and in Wealth

Extreme Cheapskates Karen and Barry cannot stand the idea of spending money. Whether it’s frying breakfast on the car engine or pulling out their own tooth at home, no task is too big and no savings too small.

• Couples Therapy (05x04)VH1

Called Out

Dr. Jenn is upset that Nikki and Jenna are not fully committed to the process; Evel and Stephanie disagree about sharing a life-altering secret with the group.

• Wild Grinders (02x17)nickToons

Demolition Man, Man; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

• Dr. Drew On Call (04x156)Headline News

Season 4, Episode 156

"Dr. Drew on Call" is an audience-driven new approach to his HLN program Dr. Drew, designed to allow a greater opportunity for Dr. Drew and his national audience to interact on live television.

• Legends (TNT) (01x08)TNT


Martin pretends to be a journalist as he attempts to uncover the true assassins of Prince Abdullah.

• Surviving Evil (02x05)Investigation Discovery

Coke-Crazed Killer

Some family issues impact the couple, as efforts to reconnect see Lauren meeting with her mother and Nick taking a fishing trip with his brother.

• America Tonight (02x33)Al Jazeera America

Season 2, Episode 33

Joie Chen anchors the news show that aims to spend as much time on the day's top stories as it does the minor ones.

• College Volleyball on ABC (02x12)ESPNU

NCAA Women's College Volleyball: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers (LIVE)

The Lady Georgia Bulldogs visit the Lady Auburn Tigers live from Auburn Arena kin Auburn, Alabama.

• The Kelly File (02x195)Fox NEWS channel

Season 2, Episode 195

“The Kelly File” with Megyn Kelly is ranked as the number two program in cable news, The Kelly File focuses on late-breaking stories as well as in-depth investigative reports along with newsmaker interviews. The program capitalizes on Kelly's skills as a former litigator and provides a platform to discuss developing angles as events unfold, while embracing a stronger social media presence.

• Red Band Society (01x03)Fox

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Somebody from Jordi's past shows up who shakes up at the hospital. Dr. McAndrews manages to inadvertently betray a patient.

• Bring It! (01x21)Lifetime

The DD4L Tour, Part 2

Miss D and the Dancing Dolls hit the road on a mission to bring their exciting majorette style of dance to young girls all across the country. But when faced with Miss Dianna’s aggressive coaching style, will these aspiring dancers “buck or cry”? Meanwhile, in a surprising twist, teammates Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai are pitted against each other in stand battle for the very first time, causing things to get heated as they compete for a special featured role in the upcoming competition season.

• Southern Justice (01x04)National Geographic Channel

Hillbilly Heroin

Within 10 days, three pharmacies are robbed of prescription painkillers. Sheriff's deputies and detectives try to determine if a single suspect is responsible for all three robberies. The thief gets away with tablets of prescription painkillers including Oxycontin, nicknamed “hillbilly heroin.” In Ashe County, North Carolina, deputies defuse a domestic incident in which a man becomes belligerent with authorities after allegedly drinking mouthwash containing alcohol.


• Rush Zone (03x17)nickToons

Rumors Run Wild

Drop Kick captures Buffalo Bills' C.J. Spiller and makes an evil clone from his DNA; the Guardians struggle to get past a rumor and turn to Tennessee Titans' Kendall Wright for help.

• South Beach Tow (04x17)truTV

Pulling the Plug

Bernice and Reva's food truck has a disastrous opening night. Jerome loses track of Mini-Money during a chaotic tow, and a shocking accident befalls Kosgrove.

• Mystery Diners (07x10)food network

Vintage Scams

Jimmy, owner of Rockabillies in Arvada, Colo., is concerned about a dip in sales, especially during his restaurant's summer vintage car show. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Amber and Kyle to investigate and discovers that his staff is breaking multiple rules.

• Extreme Cheapskates (03x03)TLC

All Wrapped Up

Todd Moriarty is obsessed with preserving the value of his assets. In an effort to keep his home looking like new, he wraps all of his possessions - from his car to his bathroom, in plastic wrap.

• UEFA Champions League on FOX (02x120)Fox SOCCER plus

UEFA Champions League, Group Stage, Match Day 2: Juventus FC (Italy) at Club Atlético de Madrid (Spa

Juventus FC (Italy) visits Club Atlético de Madrid (Spain) at Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain.

• Black-ish (01x02)ABC

The Talk

Dre offers Andre Jr. "the talk," a decision he soon regrets after he's inundated with nonstop questions about sex from his son.


• House Hunters (54x53)HGTV

New Yorkers Head to Arizona for Square Footage and Peace

A New York artist and an accountant move to Arizona to find a more family friendly environment for their daughter. In a home, they're hoping to find what they lacked in New York, namely square footage. But navigating their differences while adjusting to the area's real estate market proves more challenging than they anticipated.

• South Park (18x02)Comedy Central

Gluten Free Ebola

Mr. Mackey is now gluten free and everyone is annoyed when he won’t quit preaching about how great he feels. But, after witnessing a disturbing demonstration of what happens to your body when you do eat gluten, South Park becomes the first town in America to go gluten free.

• The Soup (11x39)E!

Wendi McLendon-Covey

• The Ultimate Fighter (20x04)Fox SPORTS 1

Make a Big Strike

Coming soon.

• Hannity (19x195)Fox NEWS channel

Season 19, Episode 195

• The League (06x05)FXX

The Hot Tub

Pete wants an end to the hand holding. Taco attempts to find a new house. Jenny and Kevin buy a hot tub.

• Franklin & Bash (04x08)TNT

Falcon's Nest

Franklin and Bash attempt to help their friend secure a place at an age-restricted retirement community.

• Teen Mom 2 (05x28)MTV

All Grown Up

Jenelle tells Barbara she wants custody of Jace. Kailyn and Isaac reunite. Chelsea tries moving forwards. Leah and Corey receive good news about a wheelchair for Ali.

• NFL Turning Point (04x04)NBCSN

Week #4

Every game has a turning point, and NFL Films and the NBC Sports Group are partnering to cover that crucial moment in a more in-depth way than ever with this one-hour program, "NFL Turning Point" , that air's weekly on the NBC Sports Network during the regular season.

• Gator Boys (06x04)Animal Planet

The Legend of Moby Dick

The Gator Boys return to Mississippi to save a supersized gator before hunting season. After a week of treacherous Mississippi mud, Paul and Jimmy return to Florida but leave some Gator Boys behind to search for "Moby Dick."

• Nashville (03x02)ABC

How Far Down Can I Go

Rayna pursues new publicity opportunities to promote her album and record label.

• The Bridge (02x13)FX


Marco finds his loyalty being tested. Eleanor attempts to find closure.

• Chicago PD (02x02)NBC

Get My Cigarettes

Intelligence begins to look into a string of murders where the victims have a dollar bill pinned to their chests. Thanks to some digging by Ruzek, Voight learns his friend was involved in some shady business dealings. Antonio and Halstead follow-up on some leads that help focus in on the culprit and motives for the murders. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman investigate a series of house break-ins and get some help from Desk Sgt. Platt.

• Dream School (02x01)SUNDANCE TVseason premiere

Season 2, Episode 1

Over a dozen high-school drop outs re-enter the education system with one ultimate goal of graduating. However problems arise when one of them is caught with marijuana, while another is excited to meet rapper 50 Cent.

• R&B Divas: LA (02x12)TV one

Reunion, Part 2

The reunion show continues.

• Consider This (02x205)Al Jazeera America

Season 2, Episode 205

On "Consider This" Antonio Mora presents a show that features hard-hitting interviews with different news-makers. He is also joined by different guests for discussions on issues important to American viewers.

• UEFA Champions League on FOX (02x121)Fox SPORTS 2

UEFA Champions League, Group Stage, Match Day 2: Real Madrid CF (Spain) at PFC Ludogorets Razgrad (B

Real Madrid CF (Spain) visits PFC Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria) at Ludogorets Arena in Razgrad, Bulgaria.

• Best in Chow (02x15)Cooking Channel

Pizza Wars Regina

Cris Nannarone, a veteran road warrior and standup comedian, scours restaurants, diners, food trucks and everything in between, to find the best burger, pizza, taco, and more! It's a quest to find the top three contenders who will ultimately go to battle. Nannarone learns their trade secrets and discovers if their dish has what it takes to win the war.

• AXS TV Concerts (02x99)AXStv

Pink Floyd: Behind The Wall

This is a tale of the rise of one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Spanning nearly 4 decades, Pink Floyd has seen the highs and lows of rock and roll fame.

• Wahlburgers (02x08)A&E

Something's Fishy

Paul and his brother Bob decide to take their sons Ethan and Oscar on a fishing trip in attempt to start a new family tradition. What starts as a leisurely trip down memory lane is cut short when they ditch the boat for a local paint ball course and the day becomes a cutthroat contest of kids versus dads. Meanwhile, Alma finds out that her grandson Brandon is dating two girls at the same time and her decision to interfere becomes a lesson in modern day relationships.

• Outrageous 911 (01x05)TLC

Big Flies and Missing Chickens

A woman calls to report the very officer pulling her over. A guy wants police to take care of the flies in his kitchen. And a husband calls 911 when his wife’s zipper gets stuck.

• Stalker (01x01)CBSseries premiere


Lt. Beth Davis and Detective Jack Larsen attempt to catch a stalker with a liking for fire. Beth talks to a student who claims his former roommate is harassing him.

• I Heart Nick Carter (01x04)VH1

You're Marrying a Fat and Stupid Man

Nick is taken by Lauren to the gym and to a dermatologist, who offers interesting treatment.

• ATP Tennis on Tennis Channel (01x72)TENNIS CHANNEL

2014 Beijing-ATP: Round of 16, Day #1 (LIVE)

2014 Beijing-ATP: Round of 16, Day #1

• Top Chef Duels (01x09)Bravo

Kevin Gillespie (Top Chef Las Vegas fan favorite) vs. Art Smith (Top Chef Masters Season 1)

Kevin Gillespie and Art Smith battle it out.

• My Friends Call Me Johnny (01x05)Esquire NETWORK

David Kelley & Jann Wenner

Johnny's special guests tonight on "My Friends Call Me Johnny" are author, philosopher and advocate of Objectivism, David Kelley & Jann Wenner who is the co-founder and publisher of the magazine Rolling Stone. She is also the owner of the Men's Journal and US Weekly magazines.

• Sledgehammer (01x10)diy network

Smashing the Way to a Bigger Dining Room, Kitchen and Laundry Room

Jason Cameron has a Sledgehammer deal for this family of six. Smash all the rooms they want in just 30 minutes and Jason will turn the rooms into something beautiful, but run out of time, and they'll be left with a hot mess. The Teepen family's kitchen and dining room are busting at the seams with four strapping boys and a coupon clipping/bulk-buying mom, they need all the space they can get. They also need to replace their rickety porch. They are up against the clock to get it done. With the Sledgehammer, the homeowners smash the kitchen, dining room and laundry room to open up space for their big family.

• The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (05x156)msnbc

Season 5, Episode 156

"The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell" is a weekday program airing Monday through Thursday nights at 10 PM. This is a News and Political commentary show tat covers the days biggest stories as Lawrence provides his Last Word on the most important topics.

• Girlfriend Intervention (01x06)Lifetime

Ramela, Just Surviving, Not Thriving

The Sisterhood intervenes on Ramela, a college professor who's stopped taking care of her emotional needs after surviving a major health issue. Tanisha, Tracy, Tiffiny and Nikki attempt to help Ramela bring power and passion into her second chance at life.

• Dead on Arrival (01x04)Investigation Discovery

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

Tim Moreau gets job at a club in Portland, Ore. where he learns the rock 'n' roll scene has a dark side.

• Smoky Mountain Money (01x03)National Geographic Channel

'Sengin in the Rain

This week, thunderstorms soak the Smoky Mountains, and while most sensible folks would call it a day and seek shelter, these “ginsengers” know that the end of their season is right around the corner, so not a day can be wasted. The teams ignore the severe weather warnings and march on into the most isolated peaks and hollows of North Carolina in order to find some ‘seng.

• NFL Rush (01x03)nickToons

Episode 3

"NFL Rush Magazine" is a brand-new, action packed half-hour magazine-format show (15 episodes) from NFL Films featuring NFL highlights, bloopers, trivia, the science of football, players off the field and throwback moments in NFL history.

• SEC Film Room (01x05)SEC ESPN NETWORK

Season 1, Episode 5

The "SEC Film Room" is where head coaches from Southeast Conference Football teams break down game film from a previous week’s game matchup.

• Hooked: Illegal Drugs (01x01)H2series premiere


A look at the rise of marijuana in modern society. Marijuana, from the Indian hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), has been used worldwide as a source of rope, cloth and paper; its medicinal qualities were first documented 4000 years ago in China. In the U.S., the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 essentially taxed marijuana out of existence. However, independent medical tests of hemp at the time only found it to be intoxicating, but not in a violent way. The 1970 Controlled Substances Act classified marijuana as possessing a high potential of dependence and no medical benefits. Yet today, medicinal use of marijuana is on the upswing.

• Rise of the Black Pharaohs (S01-Special)PBS

Rise of the Black Pharaohs

The Egypt of the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings was an empire of indomitable might. Then, around 800 BC, the impossible happened. Kush, a subject kingdom from the south, rose up and conquered Egypt, enthroned its own Pharaohs, and ruled for nearly 100 years. These were the mysterious Black Pharaohs of what is today Sudan—the Nubian kings—whose reign has become legendary among Africans and written off as heresy by early archaeologists who refused to believe that dark skinned Africans could have risen so high.


• House Hunters International (36x134)HGTV

Thrown Under the Brussels

Drew and Shannon found the perfect home in the perfect town in Ohio, but about a month later Drew received an international assignment to Brussels for work. This will be the third time Drew and Shannon have lived abroad, but this time is different as the kids are older now and require much more consideration as far as where they'll make their new home. Drew and Shannon are also split on the use of space. Drew wants to rock out with the kids in the music room of his dreams while Shannon has visions of a peaceful library where the kids can read and learn. Find out if they rock loud or read quietly as House Hunters International visits Brussels, Belgium.

• Key & Peele (04x02)Comedy Central

Season 4, Episode 2

A parole officer uses a puppet to bond with a parolee; a man in a neck brace attempts to party; a soldier has an emotional reunion with his family.

• Ali G: Rezurection (02x05)FXX


Ali G discusses health and the human body with C. Everett Koop. Bruno visits trendy Melrose Avenue.

• Outrageous 911 (01x06)TLC

The Mailman is Drunk

A hunter calls to report that a naked man is attacking him. A woman gets trapped by a pet turkey. Multiple callers report the same crime: a man driving his electric wheelchair on the highway.

• College Volleyball on Pac-12 Network (01x28)Pac-12 Network

Women's College Volleyball - University of Southern California (USC) Trojans at Washington Huskies (

The Lady University of Southern California (USC) Trojans visit the Lady Washington Huskies live at the Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion in Seattle, Washington.

• Epic Ink (01x08)A&E

Got My Eye on You

A tattoo of an eyeball is inked on to the back of a client's head.

• Compete to Eat (01x05)Cooking Channel

Game On!

Jo Lusted and Aldo Lanzillotta take a look around some =island homes only accessible by boat to cook three-course meals.


• The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (19x162)Comedy Central

Lena Dunham

Jon Stewart was joined by Lena Dunham.

• Watch What Happens: Live (11x156)Bravo

Melissa Etheridge & Nasim Pedrad

Andy Cohen was joined by Melissa Etheridge and Nasim Pedrad.

• Conan (04x144)tbs

Nick Offerman, Jerrod Carmichael, Pete Correale

Conan O'Brien was joined by Nick Offerman, Jerrod Carmichael and Pete Correale.

• Girl Code (03x01)MTVseason premiere

Your Sexuality

Sexuality; "the talk"; sexual discovery; sex appeal; libido; orgasms; protection.

• Nitro Circus Live ()MTV2

Nitro Circus: The Movie

Travis Pastrana and his gang of close-knit, highly skilled adrenaline junkies dream up and perform some of the most-outrageous, most-dangerous stunts in the world of action sports. Whether they are back-flipping bicycles between two skyscrapers, jumping a school bus 167 feet, or going airborn in a life-size, high-speed game of Freedom Flyers, Pastrana and his cohorts go all out -- and without safety nets.

• Olbermann (02x28)ESPN 2

Season 2, Episode 28

Keith Olbermann takes a look at the days top sports stories, pop culture news and current events.

• Death Valley (01x01)Country Music Televisionseries premiere

The Nailinator (Pilot)

Death Valley, the gateway to hell, where scorching heat, legends of treasure-filled abandoned mines and a lawless land, draws desert rats to toy on the brink of death in order to gather whatever treasures they can find to survive. Don ventures into a condemned mine in the search for riches with a Lynx tracking him from above. Rick attempts to descend 400 feet into his prized claim and runs low on oxygen. Alroy decries the poachers and vows to protect the land at any cost.

• Secret Guide to Fabulous (01x06)LOGO TV

BBQ, Denim and Donuts

Theodore shows Shaun T how to upgrade the traditional American barbecue; John and Jordan seamlessly blend interior decor styles; Shaun T and Theodore make gluten-free donuts.


• The Colbert Report (10x163)Comedy Central

Adm. Mike Mullen

Stephen Colbert was joined by Mike Mullen.

• UEFA Champions League on FOX (02x122)Fox SOCCER plus

UEFA Champions League, Group Stage, Match Day 2: Borussia Dortmund (Germany) at RSC Anderlecht (Belg

Borussia Dortmund (Germany) visits RSC Anderlecht (Belgium) at Constant Vanden Stock Stadium in Brussels, Belgium.


• Jimmy Kimmel Live (12x194)ABC

Tim Allen, Anna Gunn, the Madden Brothers

Jimmy Kimmel was joined by Tim Allen and Anna Gunn, plus music from the Madden Brothers.

• The Late Show with David Letterman (21x197)CBS

Bill O'Reilly, Cristin Milioti

David Letterman was joined by Bill O'Reilly and Cristin Milioti.

• The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (01x136)NBC

Jennifer Garner, John Mulaney, Lady Antebellum

Tonight guests are actress Jennifer Garner and actor John Mulaney. Musical guest will be country music group Lady Antebellum.


• Tavis Smiley (11x177)PBS

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Al Jarreau

Tavis was joined by the chair of the DNC, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and actress Anna Gunn.


• @Midnight (02x123)Comedy Central

Tom Lennon | Cameron Esposito | Daniel Sloss

Tom Lennon, Cameron Esposito and Daniel Sloss compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

• Death Valley (01x02)Country Music Television

The Gateway to Hell

Jack begins the process of opening up one of the money making mines in the area. Don stands vigilant as a stranger threatens his wife.


• Access Hollywood (18x17)Syndicated

Season 18, Episode 17

Billy Bush and a team of correspondents talk about modern celebrities and events around pop culture.


• The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (11x23)CBS

Patton Oswalt, Chandra Wilson

Craig Ferguson was joined by Patton Oswalt and Chandra Wilson.

• Late Night with Seth Meyers (01x106)NBC

Neil Patrick Harris, Rita Wilson, the Both

Seth was joined by Neil Patrick Harris and Rita Wilson, plus music from the Both.


• ABC World News Now (23x196)ABC

Season 23, Episode 196

The latest headlines, with reports from the previous days ABC news shows and lifestyle features.


• Last Call with Carson Daly (13x75)NBC

Jerrod Carmichael, the So So Glos, Direct Hit!

Carson Daly was joined by Jerrod Carmichael and Direct Hit!, plus music from The So So Glos.


• Up To The Minute (23x195)CBS

Season 23, Episode 195

Featuring the latest news, features, interviews, weather forecasts, sports highlights, business and commentary with highlights from CBS News programming from the previous day.

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