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• Pardon the Interruption (16x01)Syndicatedseason premiere

August 31, 2015

• College Football Live (09x77)ESPNU

Season 9, Episode 77

Football analysts and experts discuss the upcoming college football bowl games that still remain to be played in the season.


• MLB Tonight (07x151)MLB NETWORK

August 31, 2015

• U.S. Open Tennis (04x02)ESPN 2

First Round Day 1, Part 2

• Time to Schein (01x11)CBS SPORTS NETWORK

Season 1, Episode 11

Adam Schein hosts this daily one-hour sports talk show.


• Major League Baseball on ESPN (25x70)ESPN

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

St. Louis Cardinals take on Washington Nationals.


• Car Crazy (14x18)VELOCITY

L.A. Roadster Show

The LA Roadster Club put on its 51st show and we were there for all the action. Come along as we descend into the heart of the roadster scene.


• So You Think You Can Dance (12x15)Fox

Top 6 Perform Live + Elimination

The competition gets fierce as the final four dancers are revealed!

• WWE Monday Night RAW (23x52)USA Network

Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL

The following matches have been scheduled for tonight's card at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Matches are currently pending contract signings.

• Fashion Police (10x08)E!

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Who wore it best and what outfits were the worst at last night's 2015 MTV Video Music Awards?

• American Ninja Warrior (07x14)NBC

Vegas Finals

Coverage is shown of the Vegas finals.

• Penn & Teller: Fool Us (02x09)CW

Star Spangled Magic

The magicians featured in the episode include Riley Siegler, Jade, Ran’d Shine and David Roth.

• Switched at Birth (04x12)ABC Family

How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You

Bay signs up for a class at UMKC and ends up in the spotlight because of the school's new harassment policy. Daphne's scholarship is in danger.

• Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (04x19)VH1

The Reunion, Part 2

When Love & Hip Hop Atlanta the Reunion continues, Joseline drops a huge bomb on Mimi as Scrappy unloads on Erica. Rasheeda and Joseline square of...

• Food Factory (CA) (04x44)fyi,

Come Fly With Me

Discover how 32,000 delectably nutritious bagels are made in eight hours; how one company mass produces lip-smackin' airplane food always ready for take off; why berries are essential to make perfectly crunchy Sun Chips; and how organic carrots can make a sinfully delicious vegan dessert.

• TLC Specials (01x20)TLC

Eight-Limbed Baby

Profiles the case of eight-limbed baby Rishabh Ghimire, who lived with a half-formed, parasitic twin feeding off his blood supply, putting a potentially life threatening strain on his heart. Another story focuses on conjoined twins with a triplet sibling.

• Bachelor in Paradise (02x10)ABC

Season 2, Episode 10

Chelsie asks Nick out and they go an ocean cruise on a luxurious yacht and learn how to snorkel. Mackenzie shows up in Paradise and invites Justin to join her on a date.

• Fast N' Loud: Revved Up (03x13)Discovery Channel

'76 G10 Van and '56 Nomad

A 1976 G10 Van and a 1956 Normad are featured on the show.

• The Golf Fix (07x31)GOLF CHANNEL

Season 7, Episode 31

Michael Breed offers his audience tips on how to improve their game.

• Rachael Ray's Kids Cookoff (01x02)food network

Fast Food Feud

The kids will have to prove they know how to take a dish and make it their own by putting a spin on a fast-food classic. Food critic and Internet star Daymon Patterson will join Rachael to decide which six cooks will move on.

• 36 Hours (01x03)travel CHANNEL

Magical Istanbul

Kristen and Kyle pay a visit to Istanbul where they tour the city's colorful spice market, feast on traditional Turkish mezzes and find out about a Turkish cure for a hangover.

• The X Factor (12x02)AXStv

Series 12 - Auditions 2

The second set of hopefuls audition in front of the judges in a closed room environment hoping to gain a place in the next phase of the competition. New Wave, The First Kings, Chloe Paige, Adriana Deco, Zaiga Melke, Sean Miley Moore and Josh Daniel are amongst those hoping to impress.

• Big Blue Live (01x01)PBSseries premiere

Part 1 of 3

Leading public service broadcasters BBC and PBS announced today a live television and multimedia event, Big Blue Live. Scientists, filmmakers and photographers, animal behaviorists and other experts will come together for two amazing live weeks in late August and early September to document the extraordinary rejuvenation of the once endangered and now thriving ecosystem of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in California. Some of the world’s most charismatic marine creatures--humpback whales, blue whales, sea lions, dolphins, elephant seals, sea otters, great white sharks, shearwaters, and brown pelicans--convene in this once-a-year confluence.


• Food Factory (CA) (04x45)fyi,

Gone Fishing

Discover what it takes to harvest 600,000 scrumptious rainbow trout each year; why an oil shower creates the tastiest roasted cashews; how one apple slicing machine is a life-saver to bakers across the country; and the secrets to producing mouth-watering bacon.


• Whose Line Is It Anyway? (11x17)CW

Bill Nye

Bill Nye is featured on the show.

• The Real Housewives Of Orange County (10x13)Bravo

Sex, Lies & Leeches

Vicki is not happy with Meghan and leaves Heather's luncheon. Shannon pays a visit to a doctor to deal with her pent-up resentment.

• Awkward (05x01)MTVseason premiere

Prank Amateurs

Some senior pranks manage to cause chaos. Jenna's vow to not think about Matty ends up being tested after she overhears a worrying secret.

• Fast N' Loud (06x07)Discovery Channel

Year of the Monkey

Before beginning a new season building even bigger and better cars, Richard and Aaron gather the Monkeys to remember the ups and downs of the last year.

• Wander Over Yonder (02x06)DiSNEY XD

The Wanders

Wander ends up being split into multiple parts of his personality.

• Black Ink Crew (03x14)VH1

Water Slides & Shade

Donna lets her opinion be known one too many times. Sky finds out that Ted has been stepping out on her.

• Food Factory (CA) (04x46)fyi,

A Griller Thriller

Discover why oats endure a rigorous cooking process before they are turned into tasty granola bars; how one company makes tasty BBQ veggie medleys easy to prepare; the secret to rich blue cheese starts with a tiny drop of cave mold; and why heat and pressure are the keys to make light and hearty rice cakes.

• Chasing Life (02x09)ABC Family

Wild Thing

April decides to use her inheritance to fulfill the emptiness in her life,spending money on herself and loved ones, as well as buying some potentially dangerous things. Brenna's short film is aired for the first time.

• TLC Specials (01x21)TLC

The Boy With the Giant Hands

An 8-year-old boy in India named Kaleem suffers from an extremely rare condition that doctors aren't really sure what it is that has caused him to have two giant hands.

• Deadly Devotion (03x04)Investigation Discovery

Mafia Murder

Sergei Kobozev, an up-and-coming Russian boxer, immigrates to Brooklyn, NY in the early 90's with dreams of becoming a world champion. He soon proves he has the talent and determination, so when he goes missing, it's a total shock to the boxing world and

• Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations (02x09)travel CHANNEL


Different foods from Chicago are looked at.

• Buying the Rockies (01x10)Destination America

Toddlers and Treehouses

A couple of new parents look for a mountain home that's unique and child friendly.

• Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise (01x05)ABC

Season 1, Episode 5

Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise is a live one-hour weekly after-show for last summer’s #1 new unscripted series, Bachelor in Paradise.

• Top Gear (02x02)BBC America

Best of James

On luxury Top Gear, a car fit for a Queen, a German sledgehammer in a velvet bag and we found the fastest politician. Running with the luxury theme, we looked at the new Rolls Royce Phantom. It's huge, and Jeremy reckoned it's the best car on sale. We also found a real piece of British luxury for a bargain price. It's so good even the Queen has one, and she drives it. It's the classic Rover P5. Recently, the turnout to local elections has been dismal. So we thought we'd decide the next set of elections with a MG ZR rally car and our track. We plonked a couple of politicians behind the wheel, and told them whoever won would have Top Gear's vote in the next election. Unfortunatly, it was the Liberal Democrat who won, so we had to renage on the deal a bit. Right, the Hate Board. Jeremy added those people who sit too close to the wheel (mainly female) and those who sit far away (mainly young male) to the board. Horses also made another appearance, alongside car interiors. The star in our reasonably priced car was celeb chef Jamie Oliver. His laptime was an impressive 1.50, but we also persuaded him to prepare a salad in the back of his trademark VW camper van, which was being driven by Stig.

• The Xtra Factor (12x01)AXStvseason premiere

Brand new co-hosts Melvin Odoom and Rochelle Humes have joined forces on this year's Xtra Factor

More unseen footage is shown from the auditions and features chat from those taking part.


• Wander Over Yonder (02x07)DiSNEY XD

The Axe

Lord Hater decides to fire Commander Peepers, who is surprised to find out how well Hater does without him.


• Food Factory (CA) (04x47)fyi,

Like Momma Makes

Discover how state-of-the-art machinery makes 50,000 perfect frozen pizzas a day; why canola oil makes creamy spreadable butter a tasty reality; how wheat straw and nitrogen-enriched fertilizer are the keys to growing awesome organic mushrooms; and the buttery secret to making mini quiche Florentine.

• Faking It (02x11)MTV


Shane organizes a revolt after a new principal causes problems for Hester. Amy believes that Karma is hiding something.

• Significant Mother (01x05)CW

Suffering & Scuccotash

Lydia attempts to hide her relationship with Jimmy from her mother, who wouldn't approve about it. Jimmy hopes to be able to prove himself to her.


• P.O.V. (28x10)PBS

The Storm Makers

The show takes a look at human trafficking in Cambodia through the eyes of a former slave.

• Impractical Jokers (04x21)truTV

Anatomy of a Challenge

Through four seasons of Impractical Jokers, the guys have never shied away from a challenge. Whether they're clipping balloons to strangers in a supermarket or pitching a humiliating autobiography to a focus group, Joe, Sal, Murr and Q do everything in their power to make each other squirm as much as humanly possible. In this special episode, the Jokers look back on the series' very best challenges and dish out behind-the-scenes secrets that have never been shared before.

• Fault Lines (07x14)Al Jazeera America

Take as Prescribed

A growing number of elderly Americans are becoming addicted to painkillers. Fault Lines explores what's behind this hidden epidemic and looks at efforts aimed at stopping it.

• Diggers (04x13)National Geographic Channel

12 Years a Slave

KG and Ringy are in Louisiana, on the trail of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was kidnapped in the 1840s and sold into slavery. Solomon chronicled his ordeal in his autobiography, “12 Years a Slave,” which was made into an Academy Award-winning movie 160 years later. Precious few artifacts remain from enslaved people, so the boys have teamed up with two of Solomon’s descendants to help bring light to this dark time in history.

• The Whispers (01x13)ABC

Game Over

Drill's mysterious end game is put into motion and the team must do their utmost to stop it before it reaches its final--and possibly deadly--conclusion.

• Todrick (01x01)MTVseries premiere

Who Let the Freaks Out

• Cuban Chrome (01x08)Discovery Channel

The Road to Restoration

With one week to go, Demetrio gets his car painted, but a thunderstorm threatens to ruin the paint job. Ricardo fights with his painter over the car's new color, and Fernando's Bel-Air continues to stall. Will anyone make it to the club's ceremony?

• Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen (01x03)Investigation Discovery

A Girl in Need

The show takes a look at the murder of a pregnant woman.

• She's Got Game (01x04)VH1

Game Changer

Sierra is pleased to get the first solo date. Game causes an uproar amongst the women after he surprises the girls with some unwelcome new additions.


• Diggers (04x14)National Geographic Channel

Captain John Smith's Virginia Nectar

The Diggers head to Virginia’s Northern Neck to follow in the footsteps of one of America's first explorers, Captain John Smith. In 1608, one year after settling Jamestown, Smith set out with a small crew on back-to-back expeditions in hopes of mapping the Chesapeake Bay and discovering a route to the Pacific Ocean. Now, KG and Ringy have exclusive access to three sites along Smith’s route that could be rife with nectar, including artifacts from the legendary voyages.

• Girl Code Live (01x01)MTVseries premiere

Season 1, Episode 1

• Ali Velshi on Target (01x81)Al Jazeera America

Season 1, Episode 81

Ali Velshi covers global economic and political issues affecting Americans and delivers actionable solutions.

• Uncompromising (01x04)Fox SPORTS 1

Tim Howard

As one of the country's top goalkeepers of all time, Tim Howard had to overcome massive obstacles to reach the pinnacle of soccer.


• Jimmy Kimmel Live (13x109)ABC

Roseanne Barr, Demi Lovato

• The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (02x133)NBC

Gov. Chris Christie, Victoria Justice, Gary Clark Jr.

Tonight guests are Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and actress Victoria Justice. Musical guest will be guitarist Gary Clark Jr.


• First Take (S09-Special)ESPNEWS

First Take Re-Take (108)

Cari Champion joins Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless as they debate the hottest topics in sports.


• Tavis Smiley (12x134)PBS

Kataalyst Alcindor, Dee Dee Bridgewater

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