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7:00 AM

Democracy Now! (syndication)
2017x208: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

8:00 AM

Live with Kelly & Ryan (syndication)
2017x122: Oprah Winfrey and Jonathan Groff

8:30 AM

Miles from Tomorrowland (Disney Channel)
3x05: Invaders From Tomorrowland

8:45 AM

Miles from Tomorrowland (Disney Channel)
3x06: Rise of The Mountain Crushers

10:00 AM

Kenneth Copeland (TBN)
19x227: You Can Have What You Say by Faith, Part 3

Rachael Ray (syndication)
2017x101: Start Your Day With Breakfast From Chef Rocco DiSpirito – He's Serving Up a Healthy Bacon, Egg and Cheese!

various/unknown time

Bluegrass Underground (PBS)
7x07: Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

12:00 PM

The Chew (ABC)
7x27: Insta-Grub
The Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro, returns to "The Chew" with all the dish on his latest season of the show; Clinton Kelly has easy tips for "witch-crafts" to delight Halloween lovers everywhere!

2:00 PM

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (syndication)
2017x135: Laura Dern, Arcade Fire

2:30 PM

Hot Bench (syndication)
4x38: Horrible Manipulation of a First Grader?!

3:00 PM

Judge Judy (syndication)
22x28: Husky Attacks Bichon Frise?!; Sick Girlfriend Payback!

4:00 PM

Naked News (Playboy TV)
2017x249: 2017-10-18

The Loud House (Nickelodeon)
2x43: Not a Loud

5:30 PM

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (ABC)
2017x286: Episode 286

6:00 PM

Wheel of Fortune (syndication)
2017x143: Show You The World - Day 3
Show You The World - Day 3.

S. E. Cupp Unfiltered (Headline News)
2017x34: Wed. 18 Oct. 2017

6:30 PM

Jeopardy! (syndication)
2017x178: Returning Champion Vs. Joanna Kimmitt Vs. Chelsea Feltman, show # 7613
Returning Champion; Joanna Kimmitt / Long Beach, California, Librarian; Chelsea Feltman / Brooklyn, New York, Opera Singer & Actor.

7:00 PM

Riverdale (The CW)
2x02: Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks
With the gunman still at large and the residents of Riverdale on edge, Betty leads the charge to save Pop's after learning that the diner may be forced to close its doors forever. Meanwhile, the gang becomes increasingly concerned for Archie's well being after noticing a string of unusual behavior from him. Elsewhere, Betty and Veronica approach Cheryl and Josie for their help saving Pop's, while Jughead's attempt to find FP a new lawyer may have some serious repercussions. Finally, when a past betrayal unexpectedly comes to light, Veronica finds herself at a crossroads with Hiram and Hermoine.

Empire (Fox)
4x04: Bleeding War
The race is on when Cookie announces that the number one album for Empire's 20-For-20 will be a competition between all of the label's top artists, giving Jamal a bold idea for his newest song. On the heels of Bella's first birthday, the family plans a special "Prince and Princesses"-themed birthday party, including a special Prince tribute, but the special day brings back haunting memories for one of the Lyons. Meanwhile, Lucious is at a crossroads, as he tries to put to rest the anger from his past life.

Man's Greatest Food (Cooking Channel)
1x02: Pizza
Pizza is one of man's most popular inventions and everyone's favorite food. So when Roger Mooking presents the top fifteen pizza offerings in the whole country, it's bound to be a revelation. From the paper-thin crusts of New York, to the wood-fired ovens of the west coast, to the bottomless deep dish of Chicago, and with toppings many have never even considered, being called the best finally puts pizza on the pedestal it deserves.

The Blacklist (NBC)
5x04: The Endling
Liz and the Task Force hunt for an elusive criminal who will stop at nothing to destroy some of the world's most precious treasures. Meanwhile, a surprise encounter leads a cash-strapped Red toward a new business opportunity, and Tom takes action to investigate the bones in the suitcase.

The Goldbergs (ABC)
5x04: Revenge O' The Nerds
With the children growing up, Beverly decides to reinvent herself and quits being a substitute teacher. She decides to focus her energy on going to night school so she can eventually own her own business. Murray doesn't like change or things costing money, so he convinces her to get a perm instead. Meanwhile, Erica struggles to balance her academic and social life in college and needs Adam's assistance.

Undeniable with Joe Buck (Audience Network)
3x11: Alex Rodriguez

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)
8x03: The Apology

Survivor (CBS)
35x04: I Don't Like Having Snakes Around
Tribes drop their buffs and switch things up, and one castaway rubs their new tribe the wrong way right before an explosive tribal council.

Lucha Underground (El Rey Network)
3x40: Ultima Lucha Tres Part 4

7:30 PM

Speechless (ABC)
2x04: T-r-- Training D-a-- Day
Jimmy takes JJ camping to give him "the talk," Maya trains a ragtag group of new aides, and sparks fly between Dylan and Ray's bully

8:00 PM

Channel Zero (Syfy)
2x05: The Damage
Margot, Jules and Seth face new horror as The Father wreaks havoc in the real world.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
19x04: No Good Reason
A teenager disappears after schoolmates make her the subject of a vicious cyberbullying attack.

Star (Fox)
2x04: It Ain't Over
A rattled Star is reeling with emotions, while dealing with the sudden reappearance of her father. A huge opportunity for the girls to perform at the record label party is put into jeopardy after they react to learning that Ayanna has hired Rachel Wells (Paris Jackson) as the label's new social media strategist. Meanwhile, Derek struggles with facing the truth about his fate; Carlotta finds a place of solace; and Cotton begins to bond with her father, Jahil, over their shared pain.

Total Bellas (E!)
2x07: Countdown to Mania
Rumors about John Cena proposing to her at WrestleMania prompt Nikki to get back in the ring no matter what the cost; Brie and Bryan realize they are just weeks away from giving birth and need to get things in order.

Nova (PBS)
45x05: Secrets of the Forbidden City
Discover the ingenious engineering of Beijing's Forbidden City, the power center of imperial China for nearly 500 years. Discover how the design of this vast complex of palaces and temples enabled it to survive centuries of earthquake shocks.

Property Brothers (HGTV)
11x02: Building A Solid Foundation

1x04: Ghosts of Christmas Future
Jason and the SEAL Team refuse to abort a mission to capture a dangerous war criminal after it goes sideways. Also, Clay's controversial father, Ash Spenser, comes to town on his book tour.

Expedition Unknown (Travel Channel)
3x20: Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over England

Misfit Garage (Discovery Channel)
5x08: Stars Align

Modern Family (ABC)
9x04: Sex, Lies & Kickball
Jay's best friend, Shorty, is back from Costa Rica and stays at the house so they can catch up and reconnect. However, Shorty is spending more time with Gloria and seems to be avoiding Jay. Meanwhile, Alex is ready to shed her good-girl image and is going to prove to Claire that her relationship with Ben is definitely a sexual relationship.

Dynasty (The CW)
1x02: Spit It Out
When it's discovered that Matthew's "accidental" death may have involved foul play, the spotlight falls on the Carringtons themselves. The family must swallow their own suspicions of each other and close rank to defend the clan. Cristal struggles with what it means to be a Carrington, while Fallon begrudgingly helps cover up Cristal's affair to protect the family name. Despite their efforts, everything comes to an emotional head at Matthew's funeral.

Unusual Suspects (Investigation Discovery)
9x03: Dance With the Devil

Rehab Addict (DIY Network)
8x03: Master Bath Miracle

Are You the One? (MTV)
6x05: Jelly AF

Black Ink Crew: Chicago (VH1)
3x11: Lola From Nola

The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman (National Geographic Channel)
1x02: The Fight for Peace
Freeman travels the world to study the cycles of war and peace. From the ritualized combat of the sacred Tinku festival in Bolivia to Rwanda's postgenocide reconciliation program, this episode deals with humanity's enormous capacity for violence and the endless pursuit of harmony. Conflict can drive innovation, but is war necessary? Physical barriers and a fear of destruction might make us more cautious, but is peace merely the absence of war?

8:31 PM

American Housewife (ABC)
2x04: The Lice Storm
When Anna-Kate brings home a lice infestation, Katie uses it to force bonding time with Taylor. Greg attempts to bond with Oliver by camping in the backyard, but Greg becomes concerned when Oliver keeps ditching their campout to be with their new sleazy neighbor named Spencer.

9:00 PM

South Park (Comedy Central)
21x05: Hummels & Heroin

Mr. Robot (USA Network)
3x02: eps3.1_undo.gz
Elliot becomes encouraged trying to undo five/nine; Darlene gets stuck between a rock and a hard place; Mr. Robot sparks a panic.

Chicago P.D. (NBC)
5x04: Snitch
While investigating a drug-related homicide, Intelligence is stonewalled by the 'no-snitch' culture of the neighborhood. And Atwater discovers a personal connection to the case. Meanwhile, the police's own code of silence is put to the test when Upton is asked about Ruzek's rough altercation with a suspect.

You're the Worst (FXX)
4x07: A Bunch of Hornballs
Jimmy goes out of town for a Romance/Erotica fiction convention while Gretchen throws a divorce party for Lindsay, leading to an unintended deepening of Gretchen's relationship with Boone. Meanwhile, Edgar's friend Max encourages him to overspend on party planning.

Epicly Later'd (Viceland)
1x07: Harmony Korine
Harmony Korine spends his life disrupting traditional cinema with his provocative films, but he considers himself a skater first and foremost.

Eric and Jessie: Game On (E!)
3x07: Christmas In July

Frontline (PBS)
36x03: Fight for Mosul
Filmed over nine months, combat footage focuses on an Iraqi special forces unit fighting against the Islamic State group in Mosul, Iraq.

Best Baker in America (Food Network)
1x04: Café Classics
Five bakers are left in the competition and in their Skills Challenge they must tackle the temperamental and delicate café classic, Crème brûlée. For the Master Challenge, the task is to bake up their take on the complex and beautiful Opera Cake, a six-layer masterpiece said to evoke the tiers of the Paris Opera House. The required featured flavor is "noisette" or hazelnut. One baker is given their marching orders, as the remaining four are one step closer to the grand prize.

The Shannara Chronicles (Spike)
2x02: Wraith
Wil and Mareth search for answers; while visiting a nearby kingdom, King Ander seeks reinforcement and is given an ultimatum.

House Hunters (HGTV)
130x21: Fresh Start For Six In Salisbury

Garage Squad (Velocity)
4x08: Double Trouble
The Squad tries to resurrect a Mustang for the owner's wife while also struggling to get a GTO street legal.

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (Investigation Discovery)
7x08: Sex, Lies, and Surveillance Tape

Designated Survivor (ABC)
2x04: Equilibrium
Tensions rise between America and Mexico when a Mexican citizen is shot during a border dispute regarding Mexican trade imports; and Kirkman and his staff must work quickly to resolve the situation and create a new trade deal.

Face Value (BET)
1x04: TBA

Criminal Minds (CBS)
13x04: Killer App
The BAU investigates a workplace shooting committed by a state-of-the-art drone in Silicon Valley.

The Ultimate Fighter (Fox Sports 1)
26x07: Enjoy The Moment

Queen Sugar (Oprah Winfrey Network)
2x12: Live In The All Along

9:30 PM

Broad City (Comedy Central)
4x05: Abbi's Mom

10:00 PM

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo)
14x169: Siggy Flicker & Valerie Bertinelli

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
2017x131: The Daily Show Undesked Chicago 2017: Let's Do This Before It Gets Too Damn Cold

Desus & Mero (Viceland)
2017x135: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

10:30 PM

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper (Comedy Central)
2017x11: Nate Silver

10:35 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
2017x133: Howard Stern, Cardi B, Paul Shaffer
Radio Personality Howard Stern, musical guest Cardi B, Paul Shaffer sitting in with Cleto and The Cletones.