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Seven Early News (Seven Network)
2020x137: 26/05/20

Nine News Early Edition (Nine Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20


Sunrise (Seven Network)
2020x101: 26/05/20

Today (Nine Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20


ABC News Breakfast (ABC)
2020x102: 26/05/20

Toasted TV (10 Peach)
2020x147: 26/05/20


Studio 10 (Network 10)
2020x103: 26/05/20

Smashhdown! (9Go!)
2x52: Match Day 2, Pool A – Lucca Bazooka Vs. Hazza
Pull your socks up, it's all about Aussie Rules today! Nick visits a world-class stadium, we discover the science of kicking and our players test their hand-passing skills in Bungee-Aussie-Rules!


ABC News Mornings (ABC News 24)
2020x102: 26/05/20

The Morning Show (Seven Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20

Today Extra (Nine Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20


Seven Morning News (Seven Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20

Nine's Morning News (Nine Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20


ABC News at Noon (ABC)
2020x110: 26/05/20


National Press Club Address (ABC)
2020x16: Scott Morrison - Prime Minister
Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers a speech at the Press Club updating Australians on the response to the coronavirus pandemic.


ABC News at Noon (ABC)
2020x"": Political Analysis: Pm's Press Club Speech
Turn to Australia's most trusted news source for comprehensive and respected political coverage. David Speers, Andrew Probyn and Jane Norman analyse and discuss the Prime Minister's Press Club speech.


The Daily Edition (Seven Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20


ABC News Afternoons (ABC)
2020x102: 26/05/20


My Market Kitchen (Network 10)
2020x47: Episode 47


Seven News at 4 (Seven Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20

Nine's Afternoon News (Nine Network)
2020x102: 26/05/20

Good Chef Bad Chef (Network 10)
12x47: Episode 47


Stacked! (ABC ME)
2x65: Topical Tuesday: More Kooky Sports
The kooky sports Pip and Drew chose to take up last time haven't stuck! So it's for them to nominate some new ones.


The Chase Australia (Seven Network)
9x23: 26/05/20

Millionaire Hot Seat (Nine Network)
2020x65: Episode 65

10 News First (Network 10)
2020x147: 26/05/20


The Drum (ABC)
2020x81: Episode 81

Mastermind (SBS)
2x67: Episode 67


The Project (Network 10)
2020x102: 26/05/20

Neighbours (10 Peach)
36x105: Episode 8371
Toadie decides he'll accept Dee seeing Heather if they never discuss him or Hugo. Bea suggests that Shaun watch Finn's video diaries.

SBS World News (SBS)
2020x147: 26/05/20


Home and Away (Seven Network)
33x66: Episode 7336
Will Ziggy move out of Deans place? Alf does the rounds catching up in Summer Bay. Willow tries everything to get Jasmine to open up.

A Current Affair (Nine Network)
2020x107: 26/05/20


The Voice (Nine Network)
9x03: Blind Auditions 3
The Blind Auditions continue with the Coaches fighting over one of the most extraordinary artists in the history of The Voice

House Rules (Seven Network)
8x23: Episode 23
Teams travel to Tasmania to transform Kimmy's place into the mid-century, modern home she has requested with a vintage feel and a plush pooch playground.

7.30 (ABC)
2020x86: 26/05/20

MasterChef Australia (Network 10)
12x32: Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs
Queen of chocolate and guest chef Kirsten Tibballs reveals that, for the pressure test, the contestants must create her wow-factor dessert the meljito.

Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS)
11x02: Bert Newton
Veteran entertainer Bert Newton discovers the father he never knew was a true patriot who devoted his life to his country. His maternal grandmother Alice leaves a lasting impression of a woman of great fortitude who fought for women's rights and was surrounded by the love of her children, despite the criminal neglect of her husband.


Foreign Correspondent (ABC)
2020x15: Carry On Covid
Coronavirus has hit Britain hard with the highest death toll in Europe and forecasts of the deepest recession in 300 years. We look at England through the lockdown and hear people's fears and hopes for life after corona.


Miriam Margolyes Almost Australian (ABC)
1x02: Mateship
Miriam wants to know what the Australian Dream means for people around the country. So she is off on a road-trip, driving a fully-equipped motorhome and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Outback Truckers (7mate)
8x04: Episode 4

Insight (SBS)
2020x17: Episode 17
Jenny Brockie takes a look at why so many veterinarians are struggling with their mental health.

Over the Black Dot (NITV)
2020x11: Episode 11


Road to Now (ABC) series premiere
1x01: Age of Conflict
Every century in human history has been marked by conflicts. Yet we began this age with something different - a joyous celebration of freedom in Berlin in 1989 that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Dateline (SBS)
2020x14: Episode 14
One in five children in China is now severely overweight. Dateline meets the families taking drastic measures, sending their teenagers to military style weight loss camps.

Desert Collectors (7mate)
2x04: Episode 4


The Feed (SBS)
2020x14: Episode 14
After a summer of bushfires, floods, and now COVID-19 killing 80 percent of sales, NSW oyster farmers are begging for the government to waive marine fees and charges for fear they will go bust. They're also calling for the same level of assistance that land farmers have received to help manage the impacts of stock loss.


ABC News: Late Edition (ABC)
2020x102: 26/05/20

SBS World News Late Edition (SBS)
2020x107: 26/05/20


Nine News Late (Nine Network)
2020x77: 26/05/20


The Latest: Seven News (Seven Network)
2020x135: 26/05/20

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