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Australia - New Episodes
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Neighbours (Eleven)
33x183: Episode 7693


The Block (Nine Network)
13x32: Hall, Laundry and Challenge Continues
The couples have been shopping and cooking in their new kitchens to produce their own signature dish. Celebrities Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes join Scott and Shelley to judge the winner. Work continues on the hallways and laundries.


Border Security: Australia's Front Line (Seven Network)
17x15: Episode 15
Drug Detector Dog Rusty puts his incredible skills to the test. A woman arriving from Singapore refuses to open her suitcase when stopped by Border Force and officers want to know what she's hiding.


Hard Quiz (ABC)
2x08: Episode 8
Tom Gleeson grills four know-it-alls to find out who really knows it all. Amelia Earhart expert Jen, Rockford Files expert Jim, thermodynamics expert Will, and Grace Kelly expert Carolyn all vie for the Big Brass Mug.

The Force: Behind the Line (Seven Network)
13x14: Episode 14
Police execute 5 search warrants and arrest 15 people in Katoomba, dismantling a local drug syndicate. A male offender is on the run with several warrants, and needs to go straight back to jail.


Gruen (ABC)
10x02: Episode 2

Look Me in the Eye (SBS)
1x03: Episode 3
In a social experiment based on the studies of neuroscientists, this episode hosted by Ray Martin features father Peter and daughter Kayleigh who haven't seen each other in 18 years; Blythe, 22, who thinks her grandmother, Tina, favoured her sister and caused her deep insecurities; and siblings Taylor and Tynan, whose close relationship fell apart when their parents divorced.


Doctor Doctor (Nine Network)
2x06: Episode 6
Penny makes an unexpected choice when Hugh and Toke turn up the romantic pressure. When Charlie is unfairly sacked by the Headmaster, Meryl resorts to blackmail to get her reinstated.


Get Krack!n (ABC)
1x04: Episode 4
McLennan is a bit off-colour today, and McCartney is left to carry the show while her co-host deals with whatever's happening in her nether regions.