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Milkshake! (Channel 5)
2020x147: 26/05/20

Breakfast (BBC One)
2020x147: 26/05/20

Good Morning Britain (ITV)
2020x104: 26/05/20

How's Your Head, Hun? (BBC Three) series premiere
1x01: Dr. Ranj Singh, Jade Thirlwall, Susannah Constantine
Michelle invites you into her home. She plays who is lazier in lockdown with Jade from Little Mix, checks in with Dr Ranj, and gets hair dying advice from Susannah Constantine.


Jeremy Vine (Channel 5)
2020x104: Episode 104

Newsround (CBBC)
2020x433: 26/05/20


Jay Blades' Home Fix (BBC One)
1x02: Episode 2
Jay demonstrates how to make your own headboard, and how to make your own brick barbecue for less than £60.

This Morning (ITV)
32x104: 26/05/20


At Home with Mr Tumble (CBeebies)
1x02: Singing
Join Mr Tumble at home, where today he has spent most of his time singing! The Makaton word of the day is 'song', and Dottie has sent Mr Tumble a funny joke!


Channel 4 News Summary (Channel 4)
2020x71: 26/05/20


5 News Lunchtime (Channel 5)
2020x101: 26/05/20

Newsround (CBBC)
2020x434: 26/05/20


Loose Women (ITV)
24x145: 26/05/20


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2020x105: 26/05/2020


ITV Lunchtime News (ITV)
2020x104: 26/05/2020


Doctors (BBC One)
21x130: King of the Road
Deborah drops a bombshell about Ruhma, while an offer from Ayesha and Bear leaves Shak conflicted. Emma treats an older driver who is shaken by a near-miss with a cyclist.


Judge Rinder (ITV)
8x17: 26/05/2020


A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun (Channel 4)
2020x12: Episode 12
Ben Hillman helps a woman caring for her terminally ill husband to look for a holiday home on the Costa Teguise in Lanzarote, finding five properties in their £150,000 budget.


Garden Rescue (BBC One)
5x06: Loughborough
Charlie Dimmock and Chelsea gold medal-winners Harry and David Rich come up with plans for a garden in Loughborough with unsafe paving and a cherry tree with troublesome roots.


Work on the Wild Side (Channel 4)
1x07: Episode 7
Jenna and Sean enlist the help of elephants and a meercat, using the animals remarkable sense of smell to determine if deadly puff adders have no odour.

Newsround (CBBC)
2020x435: 26/05/20


Maddie's Do You Know? (CBeebies)
4x12: Window Cleaning Cradle and Shadow
Maddie learns how a window cleaning cradle works and finds out how shadows are made.


Go Jetters (CBeebies)
3x34: Episode 34


5 News at 5 (Channel 5)
2020x100: 26/05/20


BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2020x105: 26/05/2020

Eggheads (BBC Two)
21x26: Episode 26
Jeremy Vine hosts the quiz in which the winners of famous game shows work as a team to tackle a new set of challengers hoping to win a cash prize.


5 News Tonight (Channel 5)
2020x72: 26/05/20


Hollyoaks (Channel 4)
26x79: 26/05/20

Animal Park Heroes (BBC Two)
1x07: Families - 2
The keepers battle to save the life of a newborn reindeer calf that is too weak to suckle from its mother. A nest-cam is used to monitor a pair of rainbow lorikeet eggs.

ITV Evening News (ITV)
2020x105: 26/05/2020


Channel 4 News (Channel 4)
2020x137: 26/05/20

The One Show (BBC One)
2020x97: 26/05/2020

Dogs with Incredible Jobs (Channel 5)
1x05: Episode 5
Fun and frolics with friendly dogs doing serious jobs. In Auckland, New Zealand, giant schnauzer cross Monty has been trained to drive.


EastEnders (BBC One)
36x64: Tuesday 26th May

Danceworks (BBC Four)
2x02: Sharon Eyal - A Basic Instinct
Following Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar create, rehearse and premiere a new dance, performed on the top of a multistorey car park in Peckham.


The Architecture the Railways Built (Yesterday)
1x05: Episode 5
Tim Dunn follows his family roots by exploring the architecture in Metroland to the north west of London. He also sees the ornate Great Malvern station and its secret "Worm" passage and he experiences the extraordinary Glacier Express in Switzerland.

Bake Off: The Professionals (Channel 4) season premiere
3x01: Miniature Classics and a Towering Retro Favourite
Liam Charles and Tom Allen present 12 professional duos with three challenges. For the first round, they must produce two different types of miniature classics - strawberry tarts and fruit salad. For the second challenge, they must reinvent pineapple upside-down cake and transform it into an incredible fine-dining experience, complete with towering edible showpiece sculptures.

The Yorkshire Vet (Channel 5)
10x10: The Peter Wright Story
Peter looks back on the highs and lows of his veterinary career. He returns to his childhood home for the first time in 50 years and visiting his former teachers from primary school to sixth form, who reveal the events that inspired his medical career. He also looks back on his experiences as a work experience student for Alf Wight, also known to the world as James Herriot.

Life and Birth (BBC One)
1x06: Episode 6
Baby Elsie has been born eight weeks premature, weighs just 860 grams and was born with a hole in her heart. Her parents have spent the past two months living in hospital accommodation waiting for her to receive emergency surgery before they can take her home - but the procedure will only be possible when her weight reaches two kilograms. A couple enter the final preparations for their home delivery, and a mother who suffered severe post-natal depression after the birth of her first son gives birth to her third child.

Springwatch (BBC Two) season premiere
2020x01: Episode 1
A new format of the annual wildlife series in keeping with Covid-19 lockdown conditions, which sees the presenters broadcasting live from locations around the UK. Chris Packham is in the New Forest, Iolo William is in the heart of west Wales, and Gillian Burke is at the Beaver project near her home in Cornwall. In this first episode, they are joined by guest presenter Steve Backshall at his home on the banks of the Thames. Plus, Michaela Strachan calls live from South Africa to present some of her favourite moments from past series.

An Là (BBC Alba)
2020x147: 26/05/20


Dealbhan Fraoich/Heather's Portraits (BBC Alba)
4x03: Episode 3
Heather Dewar visits Applecross, where she draws a colour portrait of former fisherman and ferryman Ewen Mackenzie.


The A Word (BBC One)
3x04: Episode 4
Alison organises a sponsored walk to raise money for Joe's class. Volunteering brings the family back together, and also provides Alison with a chance to get to know Heather better. But on the day, Joe refuses to leave his room, the pressure of being the centre of attention proving too much for him. Rebecca comes to his aid and shows him that the walk is not a thing to be feared, and in turn gains the confidence to talk about her feelings concerning her pregnancy and the possibility that her child may also be autistic.

Rob and Romesh Vs... (Sky 1)
2x04: Rob & Romesh vs Cricket: The Test
Part two of the tour for cricket newbies Rob and Romesh as they follow England's Test series. The match comes to a dramatic finale.

A House Through Time (BBC Two) season premiere
3x01: Episode 1
David Olusoga traces the history of an 18th-century sea captain's house near Bristol's docks with links to the slave trade. Bristol was a major port in the transportation of slaves from Africa's Guinea Coast to the Caribbean, and both the man who built the house and its first full-time resident were heavily involved in the trade. David uncovers stories of piracy, abandoned babies, a household slave who made a daring escape from the property, and a protest on the doorstep as the abolitionist movement gained momentum.

A Very British Hotel Chain: Inside Best Western (Channel 4)
1x02: Episode 2
The CEO tries to instill a new set of values for the team at headquarters, while the sales team attends a hotel conference and struggles with a rival chain's range of drinks. In the east Midlands, a Best Western hotel conveniently located near an airport encounters serious competition from two other chains, and so a new attraction is planned to fend off the rivals.

Ben Fogle: Return to the Wild (Channel 5) season premiere
2x01: Episode 1
Ben Fogle reunites with people he previously met in some of the most remote locations on Earth, discovering how life has changed for his hosts.

Fights, Camera, Action (Paramount Network)
4x04: Madness in Motion
Discover why travelling with strangers and sometimes even family, can cause brawls on busses, tempers on trains, and anger on aeroplanes.

Britain's Lost Battlefields with Rob Bell (5Select)
1x06: Class War in Tudor England
Rob Bell tells the story of Kett's Rebellion in 1549.

World's Most Evil Killers (Sky Crime) season premiere
4x01: Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
A profile of the serial killer Todd Christopher Kohlhepp, who claimed the lives of at least seven innocent people between 2003 and 2016.

Plane Reclaimers (Quest) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
The team members are faced with a tight deadline as they prepare to dismantle a highly anticipated Airbus A319 coming in from Abu Dhabi.

The Nine (BBC Scotland)
2020x102: 26/05/2020


Evidence of Evil (CBS Reality)
2x23: Buried Alive
When an estate agent went missing, both police and her family feared the worst. For Stephanie Slater, it was the start of an 8 day ordeal defined by torture and terror.

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2020x105: 26/05/2020

Unprecedented (BBC Four) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
A compendium of short plays written and performed in isolation, recorded using video conference technology.

ITV News at Ten (ITV)
2020x105: 26/05/2020


Newsnight (BBC Two)
2020x98: 26/05/2020

Spotlight (BBC One Northern Ireland)
2020x08: 26/05/20
Investigations into social and political issues affecting Northern Ireland

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