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Ill Gotten Gains (BBC One)
3x02: Episode 2
A massive police operation in Liverpool leads to a series of arrests, and an asset recovery team in the south west literally take the shirts off a drugs gang's backs.


One Day That Changed My Life (BBC One)
2x02: Episode 2
Supermarket manager Calvin tries to overcome his soul-destroying stammer, and 24-year-old Ayesha pursues her dreams of becoming a police officer.


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2019x126: 25/06/2019
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


ITV Lunchtime News (ITV)
2019x126: 25/06/2019
The latest headlines from around the world at lunchtime with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents, all of which are followed by a national weather forecast.


BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2019x126: 25/06/2019
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


ITV Evening News (ITV)
2019x126: 25/06/2019
National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world, plus a focus on the stories that matter to you.


Emmerdale (ITV)
50x158: Tuesday 25th June
Victoria attempts to hide her unease, Jessie is confronted with a demand, and the villagers turn out for a football match.

The One Show (BBC One)
2019x118: 25/06/2019


EastEnders (BBC One)
35x102: Tuesday 25th June
Jack is left frustrated whilst trying to help Tiffany, Jay confides in Billy about Ruby, and Ian is on the warpath.


The Thames: Britain's Great River with Tony Robinson (Channel 5)
1x04: Episode 4

Master of Photography (Sky Arts)
4x05: Home Sweet Home
The contestants are sent back to their homes and loved ones and asked to produce a set of three photos - including at least one self-portrait - that showcases who they really are.

The Family Brain Games (BBC Two)
1x06: Episode 6
In the second semi-final, two more of last week's winning families return to the games lab and go head to head in the ultimate test of intelligence in a bid to make it through to the final.

Holby City (BBC One)
21x26: Kiss Kiss
Xavier tries to build bridges with Donna, Cameron can't quite shift his feelings of unease around Evan, and Fletch is anxious about his first official date with Ange.

Secrets of the Railways (Yesterday)
1x02: The Harz Railway Network - The Dark Side of the Mountain
An exploration of Europe's longest rail network - which still uses steam locomotives. How have these wonderful but out-dated machines remained part of one of the world's most sophisticated railway network?

It is surrounded by the stunning beauty of the German Harz Mountains, but the railway has a murky, hidden past. It was used to transport thousands of Russian and Jewish prisoners from the Mittelbau Dora concentration camp during World War Two. They were used as slaves to build the weapon that Hitler believed would win the war for Germany – the V2 Flying Bomb. The Harz Railway was also used in Operation Paperclip – the secret American programme that saw 1600 German scientists, engineers and technicians spirited away to the Allied side in 1945.

And that's not all. Today's tourists and commuters might not realise as they travel the line that only a few decades ago East German soldiers would routinely board trains to look for dissidents trying to escape the oppression of the communist regime.

Ackley Bridge (Channel 4)
3x02: Episode 2

Emmerdale (ITV)
50x159: Tuesday 25th June
Victoria confides in Amy, Billy enters a dangerous situation, and Paddy admits an act of sabotage.


Her Majesty's Cavalry (ITV)
1x04: Episode 4
Three and a half centuries after the Household Cavalry was founded, the first female trooper is about to join the regiment. We follow Trooper Nina Crocker as she gets ready to make military history by serving alongside the long serving cavalrymen.
While things are getting even tougher for the new recruits, they are entering the next level of training in which the pressure is massively turned up. With very little sleep from working 18 hour days, and under the record-breaking summer heat, they need to survive rigorous inspections to make it to the next stage.
Meanwhile, the armoured side of the regiment have travelled to Canada, to practise their fighting skills on the British Army's largest and most unpredictable training ground.


The Planets (BBC Two)
1x05: Into the Darkness: Ice Worlds
Professor Brian Cox examines the remotest part of the solar system, a place that the most mysterious planets - Uranus, Neptune and dwarf planet Pluto - call home. Barely visible to the naked eye, Uranus was once thought to be the furthest planet from the Sun, before Neptune was discovered. Thanks to a rare alignment of the planets in 1976, Voyager 2 was sent for mankind's only flyby of these ice worlds. Even at such cold temperatures, great storms whip around these frozen worlds, which are home to spectacular moons and intricate ring systems. Then in 2015, Nasa's New Horizons probe pushed the frontier even further into space with its extraordinary passage to the dwarf planet Pluto.

24 Hours in A&E (Channel 4)
18x08: Episode 8

The Nine (BBC Scotland)
1x88: 25/06/2019
All the national, UK-wide and international news that matters to you plus weather, entertainment news and sport.

Inside the Operating Theatre (W)
1x06: Episode 6

Love Island (ITV2)
5x20: Episode 20

Great British Gardens: Season by Season with Carol Klein (Channel 5)
1x04: Gresgarth Hall
The plantswoman and broadcaster visits Gresgarth Hall, the Lancashire country home of garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd. The grounds of the estate comprise the formal garden rooms nearer the house, and a wilder area where Arabella has planted 6,000 trees among cleverly designed meandering paths. Elsewhere, the garden shows off Arabella's immense knowledge and precision. In spring, splashes of early colour nestle beneath well-chosen spring-flowering shrubs, while summer witnesses an explosion of scent and floral abundance.

Murdered By... (5Star)
2x03: The Killing of Molly McLaren
Documentary examining the killing of 23-year-old Molly McLaren by her ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson, who stabbed her 75 times in broad daylight in June 2017.


Drag SOS (Channel 4) series premiere
1x01: Dover
Can Liquorice Black help student Nico to overcome her body image worries and feel good about herself again? And can Anna Phylactic help Shaun to understand his budding drag artist son?

ITV News at Ten (ITV)
2019x126: 25/06/2019
ITV News at Ten provides a fresh perspective on the major stories of the day with national and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents.

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2019x126: 25/06/2019
The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

Live at the Apollo (BBC Two)
14x"": Pride (Part 1) - Fern Brady, Desiree Burch, Alan Carr, Larry Dean, Eddie Izzard, Joe Lycett, Zoe Lyons
Celebration of LGBT+ stand up comedy at the BBC, taken from over 14 series.

This episode features sets from Fern Brady, Desiree Burch, Alan Carr, Larry Dean, Eddie Izzard, Joe Lycett and Zoe Lyons.

Big Body Squad (Channel 5)
2019x04: 35-Stone Fat Fighters
A man undergoes potentially life-altering gastric band surgery, while a 17- year-old whose weight has ballooned to 35 stone is put through his paces at a weight-loss camp.