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Breakfast (BBC One)
2018x263: 20/09/2018
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.

Good Morning Britain (ITV)
2018x186: 20/09/2018


Peppa Pig (Channel 5)
5x50: Tiny Land


Lorraine (ITV)
2018x186: 20/09/2018


Pablo (CBeebies)
1x45: The Lift
Pablo is worried about the lift at the department store, but with the help of his friends in the Art World he learns what the buttons are for and how to get safely out again.


Council House Crackdown (BBC One)
4x09: Episode 9
Michelle meets an innocent young family tricked by a tenancy cheat who had unlawfully sublet his council flat while living and working in Beverly Hills, USA, and Cancun, Mexico.

Jeremy Vine (Channel 5)
1x14: Episode 14


Homes Under the Hammer (BBC One)
22x36: Episode 36
A trio of terraces are sold under the hammer in Carlisle, Forest Gate in London and Walsall in the West Midlands. Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell follow the developers' progress as they all try to make a profit on their auction buys.


This Morning (ITV)
2018x186: 20/09/2018


5 News Lunchtime (Channel 5)
2018x188: 20/09/2018
The latest national and international news, sport and weather.


Loose Women (ITV)
22x179: Thursday 20th September


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2018x189: 20/09/2018
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


ITV Lunchtime News (ITV)
2018x189: 20/09/2018
The latest headlines from around the world at lunchtime with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents, all of which are followed by a national weather forecast.


Doctors (BBC One)
19x258: Scar Tissue
When Ayesha bumps into an old school friend at the Mill, she grows increasingly concerned about her behaviour, but what is she hiding? Daniel tries to canvas opinion on his potential new venture, while Mrs Tembe spends the day firefighting as the threat from Sutton Vale grows.


Countdown (Channel 4)
78x177: 20/09/2018
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Janet Street-Porter is in with Susie Dent.


Chase the Case (BBC One)
1x04: Episode 4
Five players begin the game with a case containing a secret amount of cash. Players answer questions to win visits to a sound proof vault where they can see inside their opponents' cases. In a fast-paced endgame, players attempt to steal each other's cases via tense head-to-head challenges, but only the player who gets over the finish line first will win what is inside their case.


Tenable (ITV)
3x14: Episode 14


Garden Rescue (BBC One)
3x29: Hagley
Kate and Derek's garden in Hagley is in need of some TLC. And they have a clear brief for Harry and David Rich and Charlie - the lawn stays but the unsafe, too-small patio must go.


Tipping Point (ITV)
8x104: Episode 104


Do You Know? (CBeebies)
2x24: Barcode and Fish Cakes

Antiques Road Trip (BBC One)
17x14: Episode 14
It is the fourth day of the trip for experts Catherine Southon and Paul Laidlaw. A visit to Birmingham reveals there are more canals in there than in Venice. Paul takes a water taxi to uncover some antique goodies, including one grisly find that features gallows and a hanged man. Catherine picks up a Cartier-branded lighter at a bargain price, much to Paul's annoyance. The programme breaks from the shops to discover the story of the real Peaky Blinders and seeks out the Elizabethan carpenter who was canonised for his crafty priest hides. It's then off to Broughton Astley in Leicestershire for the auction.


Four in a Bed (Channel 4)
15x04: The Cross Keys Hotel
The final visit of the week is to The Cross Keys Hotel, Saffron Walden, Essex where former executive flight attendant Nici Van Valen is joined by close friend Ros Jeffreys. On arrival, all the guests love the luxury, but a mark on Tracy's towel leaves a stain on her stay. Later at dinner, tensions threaten to boil over as Tracy makes a revelation about her room, much to Nici's surprise. At breakfast, with Nici serving up a sumptuous selection, talk turns to payment day, with all the guests agreeing the competition is there for the taking.

So Awkward (CBBC)
4x05: Teenealogy
Snobby Ollie mocks Mr Malone's ancestry, inspiring the gang to teach him a lesson. Then when Ollie discovers he's actually related to Mr Malone, his dreams begin to unravel.

The Chase (ITV)
12x44: 20/09/2018
Gabriel, Emma, Laura and Bill join forces in the hope that their four brains can beat one, but that one brain does happen to belong to a Chaser.

5 News at 5 (Channel 5)
2018x185: 20/09/2018
The latest national and international news, sport and weather.


Apple Tree House (CBeebies)
2x29: New Glasses


Blue Peter (CBBC)
2018x39: It's Magic!
Magician and illusionist Jamie Raven marvels us with some amazing trickery. Lindsey attempts the art of bell ringing and Blue Peter Book Award-winning author Cressida Cowell tells us about her latest book release, The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic.

Extreme Cake Makers (Channel 4)
3x15: Episode 15
In this episode, Karisha aims high with a hot air balloon cake with a suspended basket, complete with fondant teddy bears and two chocolate and red velvet sharing cakes. Meanwhile, Molly makes a staggering Hawaiian themed tropical bar, complete with a three-tiered, Tiki head cake centrepiece, in just two days. With 140 tropical themed sweet treats, including cupcakes, jelly mocktails and coconut shells filled with mousse, the cake also boasts a bar decorated with palm trees, and grass skirts to match the school leavers' party theme. Ben puts all his skills to the test to sculpt a stunning vintage Mini wedding cake from vanilla cake and modelling chocolate, set against a dramatic hand painted Portmeirion fondant backdrop.


Danger Mouse (CBBC)
2x28: Hen-Emy of the State
Danger Mouse is left gadget-less when an unappreciated Squawk leaves the Danger Agency to work for tech genius Elon Muskrat.

BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2018x189: 20/09/2018
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


Hollyoaks (Channel 4)
24x188: 20/09/2018
It's the first day back at school and Ollie makes an entrance with Imran and Brooke. Diane tells Tegan she doesn't have a say in what treatment Dee Dee will be given, so Tegan hires James as her lawyer.

ITV Evening News (ITV)
2018x189: 20/09/2018
National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world, plus a focus on the stories that matter to you.

5 News Tonight (Channel 5)
2018x187: 20/09/2018
The national and international news, including reports, live updates and interviews.


The One Show (BBC One)
2018x164: 20/09/2018

Emmerdale (ITV)
49x214: Thursday 20th September
Ross struggles to function. A life hangs in the balance. Jessie fears for the future.


All Star Driving School (E4)
2x14: Episode 14
It's the mock test day for the celebrities at the All Star Driving School. Can the ever confident Tallia cope with the stress when she comes face to face with roundabouts? And can Ruby keep cool, calm and collected, or will she crack under the strain of the mocks?

Tonight (ITV)
2018x31: Britain on Painkillers: The Silent Epidemic
Are we hooked on opioids? Millions in Britain are taking powerful prescription painkillers that many experts argue are ineffective when it comes to reducing long-term chronic pain. Tonight explores the scale of this silent epidemic in Britain, the comparisons being made with the crisis in America and the experiences of people in Britain who are struggling with addiction and dependency.

EastEnders (BBC One)
34x148: Thursday 20th September
Things get even worse for the Carters. Martin is taken aback by Kush's behaviour.

Great British Menu (BBC Two)
13x29: South West - Dessert
With just one more chance to impress their veteran judge, the chefs are all hoping to use their pastry skills to deliver technically complex desserts.


World War Weird (Yesterday) season premiere
2x01: Episode 1
More incredible war stories, including Churchill's plan to create a giant ship out of ice, ghost planes that fly themselves and a Nazi treasure hunt for the Amber Room.

Dr Christian: 12 Hours to Cure Your Street (W)
1x02: Southampton
Dr Christian gives more health advice. In Southampton, a hairdresser is helped with chronic back pain and a patient's party lifestyle is cause for concern.

Celebrity MasterChef (BBC One)
13x09: Episode 9
After four weeks of competition it is the first of the semi-finals, and the best eight cooks remain. The celebrities must now cook a feast for 90 of the staff and volunteers at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, West Midlands, in specially constructed marquee kitchens. Split into two teams, it's a race against the clock as the celebrities must design and create four mouthwatering dishes each (a meat, fish and vegetarian dish, and dessert) from a selection of ingredients, including pork belly, beef rump, mackerel and whole haddock, as well as a selection of fruit and vegetables, and herbs and spices. Next it's back to the MasterChef kitchen, where they face an invention test with a difference. Each contestant is given their favourite ingredient, ranging from steak to rabbit, as well as lobster and butternut squash. They have just 90 minutes to cook a dish that showcases that ingredient to keep them in the competition. At the end of this challenge more celebrities are sent home.

Location, Location, Location (Channel 4)
24x05: London

Back in Time for the Factory (BBC Two)
1x03: Episode 3
In 1976, the women discover whether changes in the law lead to equality.

Emmerdale (ITV)
49x215: Thursday 20th September
Moses is placed in danger. Jessie and Ellis are divided. Matty's suspicions are aroused.


Emmerdale 1918 (ITV) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
This week, Mark Charnock, who plays much loved Emmerdale chef Marlon Dingle, looks back on the story of a real First World War chef who lived in the original Emmerdale village. Mark, who has little real life experience of cooking, suddenly finds himself behind the lines and preparing meals for hungry troops, as he uncovers the twists and turns of a cheeky chef who left behind a remarkable legacy. Mark starts to feel the heat as he prepares a special pudding for the finale event in First World War cooking conditions. Can he keep it together and honour this Yorkshire hero?


A League of Their Own (Sky 1)
13x04: Roisin Conaty, Rob Beckett, Patrice Evra
Footballer Patrice Evra and comedians Rob Beckett and Roisin Conaty join the boys. Look out for a performance James says is the best he's ever seen on the show.

Fifth Gear (Quest)
27x03: Episode 3
The team try out a range of new tests, new races and new motors from around the world. As well as meeting motoring legends, they put top supercars through their paces!

Press (BBC One)
1x03: Don't Take My Heart, Don't Break My Heart

Paranormal Lockdown (Quest Red)
4x04: The Abandoned Park Hotel
To help the new owner of the Abandoned Park Hotel, Nick and Katrina explore the claims of ghostly activity and echoes of the once-luxurious property's past.

No Offence (Channel 4)
3x02: Episode 2

Extreme Hair Wars (5Star) season premiere
2x01: Episode 1
The first challenge is to get three rubber ducks to stay put in a spectacular do, while the second round brings a Scary Hairy theme. Which teams will survive?

Michael Palin In North Korea (Channel 5) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
Michael arrives in the capital Pyongyang, where he meets the guides who will follow his every move, visits the statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, watches propaganda art being created, and asks a local student what they know about the outside world.


Sex, Knives & Liposuction (W) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
In this episode Cherry Healey confronts her own body issues and hang ups in a naked yoga class and a trip to Harley Street to get surveyed by a professional. She then meets the British women under thirty who are going to remarkable lengths to get the bodies they want. She joins 28-year-old Keisha who is going on an all-inclusive surgery package deal to Turkey to have a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). It's the big trend where fat is suctioned out of various parts of the body and then around two litres are injected into the bottom to get a bigger, fuller behind. But after several hours of gruelling surgery, will Keisha be pleased with the results? Then there's 20-year-old Shannon who along with a BBL, is also having a labiaplastry. It's the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world where the vaginal lips are trimmed to create a neater, more ‘perfect' vagina.

Celebrity Juice (ITV2)
20x02: Eamonn Holmes, Rak-Su, Catherine Tyldesley, Joel Dommett
Joining the panel this week is TV legend Eamonn Holmes, The X Factor Winners Rak-Su, Corrie's Cath Tyldesley and comedian Joel Dommett.

The Circle (Channel 4)
1x03: Episode 3
There's more drama, fun and games in the latest episode from the reality show where the players live in isolation in the same building - never meeting face to face as they play against each other. In this game of popularity, they chat, flirt, play games and rate each other through a specially-designed social media platform called The Circle. When the name of the game is being popular, and with a huge cash prize up for grabs, who would you be in The Circle?

The Premier League Football Show (BBC Two)
2019x02: 20/09/2018
Gabby Logan presents the weekly magazine show that features in-depth interviews with some of the biggest stars from the Premier League.

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2018x189: 20/09/2018
The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

ITV News at Ten (ITV)
2018x189: 20/09/2018
ITV News at Ten provides a fresh perspective on the major stories of the day with national and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents.

Big Brother (Channel 5)
19x06: Day 5 Highlights

How I Caught the Killer (Sky Witness)
1x02: Teenage Runaway
After going missing for a year and a half, many believed 14-year-old Chyenne had run away from home. However, closer analysis revealed the tragic truth.


Newsnight (BBC Two)
2018x183: 20/09/2018
In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines, with Kirsty Wark.


Question Time (BBC One)
2018x27: 20th September 2018 - Dewsbury
David Dimbleby chairs the debate from Dewsbury, with a panel of politicians and other guests facing topical questions from the audience.


Big Brother's Bit on the Side (Channel 5)
8x05: Episode 5
Rylan Clark-Neal is joined by a variety of celebrity panelists and an audience of BB fans to debate hot topics, reveal exclusives and go behind the scenes of the main show.