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Breakfast (BBC One)
2017x325: 22/11/2017
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.

Good Morning Britain (ITV)
3x315: 22/11/2017


Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (CBeebies)
3x13: Raa Raa and the Bell Flowers
Raa Raa is waiting for the beautiful bell flowers to open, but can the fidgety lion sit still long enough to see one?


Lorraine (ITV)
7x301: 22/11/2017


Pablo (CBeebies)
1x23: Slippy Mouth
Pablo is struggling to understand his mum. Her voice sounds disjointed and garbled. Draff thinks it sounds like Slippy Mouth, a very naughty creature who jumbles words up.

Victoria Derbyshire (BBC Two)
2017x224: 22/11/2017
The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.


The Wright Stuff (Channel 5)
2017x232: 22/11/2017
Lively magazine show in which Matthew Wright and guests discuss the topical issues of the day.


The Jeremy Kyle Show (ITV)
15x58: 22/11/2017


Twirlywoos (CBeebies)
4x13: More About Gone


Junior Doctors (BBC Three)
4x05: Episode 5
First-year Osama faces his fear of private parts when he assists with vaginal surgery, Emeka deals with a patient who collapses on the ward with severe stomach pain, and Jo is tested on a night shift when a patient goes into peri-arrest.


Yakka Dee (CBeebies)
1x08: Bus
In this episode, Dee encourages a friend to say 'bus' and we go on a whirlwind word adventure. We see lots of different buses - red, double-decker and bendy! We see Dee waiting for the bus and driving a bus in a picture on the wall. Everyone goes 'all aboard' a bus, and we even see an elephant getting into a bus! The journey is repeated with some special surprises along the way and everyone has a boogie when Dee's friend finally succeeds in saying today's word.


This Morning (ITV)
29x307: 22/11/2017


BBC News Special (BBC News)
2017x07: The Budget 2017
Andrew Neil presents live coverage of the Budget. Includes Prime Minister's Questions at midday.


Channel 4 News Summary (Channel 4)
2017x229: 22/11/2017
Channel 4 News, includes sport and weather.


ITV News Special (ITV)
2017x08: The Chancellor's Budget 2017
Tom Bradby presents live coverage of the Chancellor's Budget, as editors including Robert Peston, Allegra Stratton, Joel Hills and Chris Choi add their expert insight.


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2017x233: 22/11/2017
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


Doctors (BBC One)
19x111: Joy
Al goes to talk to Mrs Tembe, and the result is most surprising, while Rob and Karen's shopping trip is interrupted by a call from social services. Zara attends a funeral of a patient and has to deal with the fallout.


Countdown (Channel 4)
76x222: 22/11/2017
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in with Susie Dent.


Armchair Detectives (BBC One)
1x03: The Jury's Out
In today's story, the armchair detectives realise someone is picking off the members of a jury, one by one. Is it the brother, the boyfriend or another juror?


Tenable (ITV)
2x18: Episode 18

Escape to the Country (BBC One)
18x16: North Yorkshire
Jules Hudson is helping a pair of ex-pats who are raring to return to their roots in North Yorkshire and have a  £700,000 budget to find their ideal rural home. While in the region, Jules gets into the hot seat of a First World War fighter plane when he learns about Yorkshire's vital role in aviation heritage.

BBC News Special (BBC News)
2017x08: The Budget Reaction
Jane Hill at Westminster presents live reaction and analysis of the Chancellor's Budget.


Royal Recipes (BBC One)
2x08: Pomp and Circumstance
In this programme, Michael and chef Anna Haugh sample a luxurious dish originally created for Charles II. Wine expert Joe Fattorini meets the eighth generation of vintners to the royals. And revealing the extraordinary ingredients that went into one lavish dish at a royal banquet.


The Pets Factor (CBBC)
2x03: Dottie, Tammy and Rocket
James plays midwife to Dottie, his beloved pregnant kune kune pig. Cheryl has a testing time operating on Tammy, a feline with a badly broken leg. Plus Cat uncovers a case of mistaken identity for Rocket the rabbit.

Coast vs Country (Channel 4)
2x38: Episode 38
Joanne and Ernest are looking to move from the outskirts of London to the perfect family home in Kent, with a budget of £450,000. But while Joanne thinks their family will benefit from the clean air and calming influence of the countryside, Ernest thinks they will be happier and healthier on the coast. Kerr shows them what is available on the coast while Sara shows off the best countryside properties.


The Chase (ITV)
11x77: 22/11/2017
Four people who have never met before work as a team in an attempt to outrun one of the country's finest quiz brains - but do Sarah, Jon, Becca and Steve have what it takes to beat the Chaser?

5 News at 5 (Channel 5)
2017x229: 22/11/2017
The latest national and international news, sport and weather.

Four in a Bed (Channel 4)
12x33: Sands Resort Hotel
For the third visit this week the group head to Sands Resort Hotel and Spa in Newquay, Cornwall, where father and son team Nicholas and Tom Malcolm pride themselves on the vast facilities they have on offer. On arrival John is in a lather when he can't find any bubble bath, Phil isn't awash with the low shower head and Sally and Teresa are questioning the cost. That afternoon the guests are led down the garden path and have a race around their on-site maze, but John is soon seeing red. Come breakfast after a good night's sleep, John lets Phil know what he thinks of him and causes silence around the table.


Sarah & Duck (CBeebies)
3x37: The Haber Dasher
When the zip on Sarah's hoodie breaks, Scarf Lady suggests a trip to the haberdasher to get it fixed.


Operation Ouch! (CBBC)
6x10: Sensational Sphincters
Dr Chris and Dr Xand reveal the amazing type of muscles that help you see... and go for a poo! And they find out what it's like to be the hospital hairdresser when they're faced with cutting real people's hair in Operation Takeover. Dr Chris heads into the woods in search of one of the deadliest creatures on earth, and there are more medical questions to be answered in Ouch and About On Call. Meanwhile, in Accident and Emergency one patient has a sore eye and another heads to surgery to repair a badly broken wrist.

Come Dine with Me (Channel 4)
41x03: Episode 3
In this new competition from Devon, tonight's host, 43-year-old pilot, Rhys, is hoping to take the competition to new heights. But will his guests think his locally sourced menu is first class or economy? During the main course, detective Steve is called on to solve the case of the missing stuffing. An interesting find in a wardrobe leads to our host being mistaken for a stripper, and Rob has a major foot in mouth moment during a chat about cannibalism. Later, Holly gets the hump when she is thrown out of an imaginary lifeboat and there's a palaver over a pavlova.


BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2017x233: 22/11/2017
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed (CBBC)
1x13: Screwtop Spudswap
Dennis is desperate to prevent Pieface from failing Mrs Creecher's maths test! He persuades the gang to use Professor Von Screwtop's mind-swapping device. But in a disastrous turn of events, Screwtop is on the loose with the brain of Paul the potato and Pieface is left with a potato with the brain of Screwtop to help get him through the test!

Eggheads (BBC Two)
19x54: Episode 54


Hollyoaks (Channel 4)
23x233: 2017-11-22

5 News Tonight (Channel 5)
2017x229: 22/11/2017
The latest national and international news, sport and weather.

ITV Evening News (ITV)
2017x233: 22/11/2017
Mary Nightingale presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by a national weather forecast.

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two (BBC Two)
15x43: Episode 43
Zoe Ball gives us all the news from the Strictly Ballroom. Ian Waite casts his expert eye over the couples' training footage to see how they are getting on with their new routines.


Don't Say It, Bring It (Dave)
1x15: Episode 15

The One Show (BBC One)
2017x209: 22/11/2017

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC Two)
7x08: Anna Chancellor & Holly Aird
Actors Anna Chancellor and Holly Aird are joined by experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and Margie Cooper for a trip through the Home Counties. They purchase items ranging from a military field flask to a pigeon clock.

Emmerdale (ITV)
48x270: Wednesday 22nd November
Chrissie reaches breaking point. Tom is interrogated. Megan feels conflicted.

Channel 4 News (Channel 4)
2017x324: 22/11/2017
Channel 4 News, includes sport and weather.


Don't Say It, Bring It (Dave)
1x16: Episode 16

Coronation Street (ITV)
58x238: Wednesday 22nd November
Michelle takes matters into her own hands. Uninvited guests interrupt Sally's inauguration party. Norris receives a worrying summons.


Inside The Ambulance (W)
2x08: Episode 8
A teenager has an asthma attack on the day of a GCSE exam, and a dad literally gatecrashes his son's birthday party. In the cab crew members chat about nudist patients, fear of spiders and terrible singing.

Gino's Italian Escape (ITV)
5x04: Episode 4
Tonight Gino is on the ancient island of Elba, famous for Napoleon, but also in Italy, for its honey and its iron production. Gino meets an octogenarian who is known as the ‘bee whisperer' who creates award winning honey, he visits the now disused mines to experience Italy's past and no trip to Elba is complete without a visit to Napoleon's house. Gino's experiences are the inspiration for a melt in your mouth honey chicken dish and an easy-peasy risotto cooked on a beach made of iron!

GPs: Behind Closed Doors (Channel 5)
5x18: Episode 18
Observational documentary series filmed inside a busy health centre in Bristol. Dr Ahmed reassures an anxious teen before suggesting he may benefit from counselling, Dr Ramshaw advises a teenager who fainted and banged her head after returning from a holiday, and Dr Pelly treats a youngster on medication for ADHD who is complaining of severe headaches.

Your Face or Mine? (Comedy Central)
2x08: Episode 8
Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan host the gameshow that puts couples to the test. Luke and Jessica will be forced to judge all kinds of faces for the chance to win thousands of pounds.

Mary Berry's Country House Secrets (BBC One) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
In this programme, she visits Highclere Castle, home to the eighth Earl and Countess of Carnarvon and renowned as the setting for some of the most lavish and influential weekend house parties in history. Mary discovers what it takes to keep a home like this going in today's world, meeting everyone from the family to the house staff and the estate's gamekeepers. Inspired by what she discovers, Mary creates a delicious spread in the estate's kitchen, including raspberry tartlets, gamekeeper's stew and an elaborate menu for a grand finale dinner.

Masterchef: The Professionals (BBC Two)
10x08: Episode 8
The latest heat begins with the six chefs having to prepare and cook a pigeon crown and an accompanying sauce in just 20 minutes, in a Skills Test set by Monica Galetti. The chefs then have the chance to showcase their own cooking style with a Signature Dish, with only three of them set to progress to the quarter-finals.

The Secret Life of the Zoo (Channel 4)
4x02: Episode 2
West African mandrill JC is being challenged for his dominant position by his sons Ludo and Jareth. While JC is taken to the vet's for some health checks, Ludo gets 'over-friendly' with his dad's girlfriend. The keepers are concerned that the situation might turn nasty when JC returns. Male red panda Jung is losing weight and the keepers can't work out why. After relationship problems with his partner Nima are ruled out, Jung is put on a special diet, but with no success. So Jung undergoes a full medical examination and keepers have to make a difficult decision. Sumatran tiger Kirana and her daughter Kasarna have started to clash at mealtimes. The keepers have a plan to sort out the tension between them. Tempers start to fray among Chester Zoo's Humboldt penguin colony during the annual moult. Can young penguins Frazzle and Munch avoid being picked on by the grown-ups?

Pobol y Cwm (S4C)
2017x236: Wed, 22 Nov 2017

Landscape Artist of the Year (Sky Arts)
3x06: Episode 6
The last of the heats takes place in Worm's Head, Wales, where the artists have just four hours to capture the stunning coastal scene on canvas.


Coronation Street (ITV)
58x239: Wednesday 22nd November
Robert stubbornly refuses to accept his diagnosis. Gina feels the force of Sally's fury. Gemma meets her Prince Charming.


Peaky Blinders (BBC Two)
4x02: Heathens
As the Shelbys come to terms with the shocking events of Christmas Day, Tommy endeavours to unite his family. Until the current threat is dealt with, their only safe place is together in Small Heath. Johnny Dogs and Charlie set about arming the locals - everyone is now a Peaky bodyguard. Tommy enlists the help of tough Romany Gypsy Aberama Gold, who wants something unusual in return. Jessie Eden confronts Tommy about the workers' pay. She warns him that revolution is in the air, and when Tommy doesn't relent she calls his bluff. As the situation plays out, Tommy's factory manager tells him he has one more meeting - with a mysterious businessman from Paris. But what transpires is no ordinary meeting with no ordinary businessman...

Tamara's World (ITV Be)
1x02: Episode 2
In this second episode Jay is put under pressure to finish a gallery refurbishment in time for a big VIP opening night. And Tamara has to deal with her separation anxiety as Sophia heads back to nursery after spending the whole summer together. Tamara also has to make a tough decision on whether to leave Sophia for the evening to go to Jay's gallery opening. Tamara has never left Sophia at home without her since she was born so is torn between being there for Jay's big night and leaving Sophia in case she wakes up and needs her.

The Apprentice (BBC One)
13x08: Doggy Business
Lord Sugar tasks the candidates with proving their pedigree by running their own doggy service businesses. Based at an established pooch-pampering venue, the teams must tempt discerning dog owners to part with their cash for services aimed at their four-legged friends.

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (ITV)
17x04: Episode 4
The campmates are being kept on their toes as they learn to survive away from home, but if they want to keep hunger at bay they need success at the Bushtucker Trial.

Lifers Behind Bars (Channel 4)
1x02: Episode 2
The second half of the ground-breaking two-part documentary series looking at what it's like to serve a long-term jail sentence in Britain. Filmed over a year, with unprecedented and extensive access, this episode follows men serving long sentences for crimes of violence, from the moment they are sentenced through the system as they face up to years behind bars. The programme reveals the day-to-day reality for some of the 500 men in HMP Shotts, Scotland's only prison exclusively for long-term offenders, who combined are serving well over 4000 years in custody. It explores how they live together and how the jail manages and contains so many violent men.

Wheeler Dealers (Discovery Channel)
14x08: 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII

Salvage Hunters (Quest)
11x11: Treasure Hunt
At an antiques centre in Gloucestershire, Drew finds a valuable item overlooked by the rest of the trade. Later, he digs out lost treasures on a Kent country estate.

Digging for Britain (BBC Four) season premiere
6x01: West
Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year's most exciting archaeological finds from the west of Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the trenches/site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves. We discover the camp from which Vikings invaded Britain, and find groundbreaking new evidence that the world-famous Avebury stone circle isn't just a sacred site but a place where our ancestors lived and worked - a discovery that's also changing our understanding of neighbouring Stonehenge. In Staffordshire, the oldest Iron Age gold in Britain is unearthed - a set of beautiful gold torcs, mysteriously abandoned 2,500 years ago.


Man Down (Channel 4)
4x05: Episode 5
When a health visitor suggests what mum and new baby need is a 'daddy day', Dan can't believe his luck. But when his son seems a bit cold towards him, Dan becomes increasingly desperate to establish a bond.

Detectorists (BBC Four)
3x03: Episode 3
With time running out, Andy and Lance go to great (action-packed) lengths to protect their land. Away from the fields, life is no less stressful as Andy quits his job and Lance finds an unwelcome guest in the spare room. An audacious theft leaves Lance reeling.

Bounty Hunters (Sky 1)
1x05: Episode 5
Backed into a corner by Angel, the gang have no choice but to get into the Shermans' super-secure mansion and steal the statues back by force. That way, they can cover their debts and Nina and her family can start afresh. But it's not going to be an easy op. If they're to pull it off, Nigel and Barnaby will need to work together. But Barnaby's reluctant. After all, he couldn't think less of his dad right now.

The Frankenstein Chronicles (ITV Encore)
2x04: Little Boy Lost
An unexpected encounter with the mysterious Frederick Dipple suggests that Marlott needs to protect his allies, who he realises are increasingly in danger.

The Rebel (Gold)
2x03: Health
In this episode, an unwelcome surprise birthday party for Henry inspires him to go out on the ‘lash' to prove that he's still as fit as he was in his youth. But a misjudged late-night dip in the sea seemingly leaves both him and Charles very much worse for wear. As their symptoms deteriorate, they ultimately end up in hospital, with Henry finding the modern day ‘customer'-orientated NHS too much to bear. Meanwhile, Charles' efforts to distract Margaret from the romantic advances of the suave Dr. Cranmore land him in an isolation ward, and it transpires Cath's new fascination with all things medieval could have a lot to answer for.

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2017x232: 22/11/2017
The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

Voice of a Serial Killer (CBS Reality)
1x04: Elizabeth Wetlaufer
When Nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer walked into a police station, she confessed to murdering eight patients with insulin, but explained that she had the ultimate motivator- God.

I'm a Celebrity: Extra Camp (ITV2)
2x04: Episode 4
Scarlett, Joe and Joel are live down under with more up-to-the-minute news on the celebrity campmates. Special guests joining the panel include Maya Jama.

ITV News at Ten (ITV)
2017x192: 22/11/2017
Tom Bradby presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by a national weather forecast.


Newsnight (BBC Two)
2017x226: 22/11/2017
In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis.


Scot Squad (BBC One Scotland)
4x02: Episode 2


A Question of Sport (BBC One)
47x13: Shane Williams, Stephen Hendry, Pamela Cookey, Danny Talbot
Sue Barker hosts the lighthearted sports quiz with team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell. Joining the teams are rugby great Shane Williams, snooker legend Stephen Hendry, netball star Pamela Cookey and world champion sprinter Danny Talbot.

UEFA Champions League Highlights (ITV)
2018x06: 22/11/2017
Mark Pougatch is joined by Roy Keane and Glenn Hoddle for highlights of the penultimate round of Champions League group matches.