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New York Daze

previouslyToo Something

an Episode Guide
by Russell Wodell

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Cast Photo
aired from: Oct 1995 to: Jun 1996 22 eps FOX 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Eric Schaeffer as Eric McDougal
  • Donal Lardner Ward as Donny Reeves
  • Portia de Rossi as Maria Hunter
  • Lisa Gerstein as Evelyn
  • Larry Poindexter as Henry
  • Mindy Seeger as Daisy

    Dreadful grunge comedy about two slacker wannabes -- a writer who's never written anything and a photographer who refuses to show anyone his work -- sharing a New York apartment and dead-end jobs in a mailroom. The show debuted as Too Something, but a desperate FOX network "polled" viewers to decide on a new name. It returned as a spring replacement under the new title New York Daze but fared no better in the ratings.

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      1st Season 1995

      Production credits:
      FOX / Warner Bros. Television
      Executive producer: Efrem Seeger
      Created by Eric Schaeffler, Donal Lardner Ward, Efrem Seeger
      Co-executive producers: Susan Seeger, John J. Strauss, Ed Decter, Bruce Kirschbaum
      Producers: Eric Schaeffler, Donal Lardner Ward
      Co-producer: Tom Burkhard
      Produced by Jan Siegelman
      Associate producer: Stephen Putnam

    1. "Too Something (pilot)"
      gs: Charlie Schlatter [ Jeffrey ], Wayne Tippit [ Howard Miller ], Mindy Crist [ Susan ], Tyrees Allen [ Friend #1 ], Lisa Grant [ Waitress ]

      Eric has his eye on Maria, a junior exec at the investment-banking firm where he sorts mail.

      b: 1 Oct 95 pc: 457-099 w: Efram Seeger & Eric Schaffer & Donal Lardner Ward d: Andrew D. Weyman
    2. "Maria Moves In"
      gs: Paul Satterfield [ Bicoastal Man ], Linda Hoffman [ Lisa ], Bruce Kirschbaum [ Five Hundred Dollar Guy ]

      Eric invites new neighbor Maria for dinner.

      b: 8 Oct 95 pc: 457-852 w: Susan Seeger d: Steve Zuckerman
    3. "Donny's Exhibit"
      gs: Joel Brooks [ Gallery Owner ], Kimber Riddle [ Erin ], David Richards [ Unknown ], Gregg Daniel [ Unknown ]

      Donny's photography career gets a bit of a boost when his new rep -- Eric -- exhibits his work in the apartment house laundry room.

      b: 15 Oct 95 pc: 457-851 w: Donal Lardner Ward & Efram Seeger d: Andrew D. Weyman
    4. "Precipice"
      gs: Christine Harnos [ Reni ]

      Synopsis needed

      b: 22 Oct 95 pc: 457-856 w: ______________ d: John Sgueglia
    5. "Maria Cooks"
      gs: Christine Harnos [ Reni ], Larry Dorn Jr. [ Trick-or-Treater ], Dorian Gregory [ Gym Guy ]

      The guys both have Halloween dates. Eric's is only a "pre-date" with Maria, but Donny has another chance with "trainer girl" Reni and, as she puts it, "I need intimacy".

      b: 29 Oct 95 pc: 457-854 w: Tom Burkhard d: Steve Zuckerman

      NOTE: The series is put on hiatus and a poll is taken to give the series a new name. The re-titled series remains shelved until after the May sweeps.
    6. "Basketball Story"
      gs: Casey Siemaszko [ Angry Competitive Guy ]

      Show title changes to "New York Daze" with this episode. Eric has the same old problem: he can't get Maria to take him seriously. He's also mad at Donny, whose new buddy is "temporarily" dating her.

      b: 26 May 96 pc: 457-853 w: ______________ d: Steve Zuckerman
    7. "Evelyn's Blouse"
      gs: Suzanne Lanza [ Stephanie ]

      Donny is ambivalent when a supermodel takes a shine to him; Evelyn has a fit because she wants the women to model a blouse she's designed.

      b: 2 Jun 96 pc: 457-858 w: Eric Weinberg d: Steve Zuckerman
    8. "Donny's Mother"
      gs: Michelle Phillips [ Karen Reeves, Donny's Mother ], China Kanter [ Jennifer ], Joseph Whipp [ Man Buying Sculpture ]

      Donny comes to a disturbing realization when his visiting mother meets his new girlfriend Jennifer: he has a girl just like the girl who married dear old dad.

      b: 16 Jun 96 pc: 457-863 w: Efram Seeger d: John Sguegila
    9. "Eric's Book"
      gs: Brenda Strong [ Sheryl Coveny ], Franklin Cover [ Professor Skaggs ], Kevin Richardson [ Alex Carminer ], Iqbal Theba [ The Cabbie ], Steve Ireland [ Matthew Hurvill ], Jonathan Chapin [ Nick Brunzi ], Jackie Debatin [ The Waitress ]

      While Maria schemes to get a glimpse of the Pope, who's visiting New York, Eric's literary career takes an unexpected turn -- thanks in part to His Holiness.

      b: 23 Jun 96 pc: 457-860 w: Tom Burkhard & Eric Weinberg d: Steve Zuckerman
    10. "Rebound Guy"
      gs: Casey Siemaszko [ Unknown ], Michelle Clunie [ Unknown ], Patrick Labyorteaux [ Stairmaster Guy ], Timothy Elwell [ Unknown ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-855 w: ______________ d: Arlene Sanford
    11. "The Jacket"
      gs: Jack Riley [ Unknown ], Julie Cobb [ Unknown ], Louis Mustillo [ Unknown ], Shaun Baker [ Unknown ], Christopher Kriesa [ Unknown ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-857 w: ______________ d: Hal Cooper
    12. "Eric's Sister Zoe"
      gs: Trudi Forristal [ Zoe ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-859 w: ______________ d: Shelley Jensen
    13. "Football Story"
      gs: Jimmy Johnson [ Unknown ], Tom McTigue [ Unknown ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-860 w: ______________ d: Gail Mancuso
    14. "The Car"
      gs: Perry Reeves [ Unknown ], Ilo Orleans [ Unknown ], David St. James [ Unknown ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-862 w: ______________ d: Steve Zuckerman
    15. "Eric and Donny Get Pink Slips"
      gs: Clare Carey [ Allison ], Kathe Mazur [ Susan ], Andy Houts [ Dog Trainer ], Vic Helford [ Shop Keeper ]

      Two storylines: photographing a dog and contestants on a game show.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-864 w: ______________ d: Steve Zuckerman
    16. "Money Grubbers"
      gs: John Henton [ The Host ], David Leisure [ Dick Dart ], Michael Landes [ Scott ], Scotch Ellis Loring [ Vincent ], Lisa Lord [ Kathy ], Larry Dorn Jr. [ Billy ], Andi Carnick [ Woman ]

      Evelyn and Donny are game show contestants on "Money Grubbers."

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-865 w: ______________ d: Steve Zuckerman
    17. "Leg, Lies and Videotape"
      gs: Michael Landes [ Scott ], Lee Arenberg [ Roy ], Jennifer Aspen [ The Nurse ], Helena Lewis [ The Girl ], Jerry Weil [ The Patient ]

      Evelyn breaks her leg so Eric and Donny help run her shop.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-866 w: ______________ d: Steve Zuckerman
    18. "The Candidate"
      gs: Michael Landes [ Scott ], Dr. Joyce Brothers [ The Moderator ], Richard Riehle [ Commissioner Abbott ], Michael Spound [ Roger Camden ], Chuck Sloan [ Reverend Clark ], Shawn Modrell [ Woman #1 ], Vene [ Woman #2 ], Ashley Border [ Evelyn's Customer ]

      Eric and Donny want to save their local baseball field from a highway. Donny winds up becoming a candidate for parks commissioner.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-867 w: ______________ d: John Sgueglia
    19. "The Popcorn Machine"
      gs: Michael Landes [ Unknown ], Steven Banks [ Unknown ], Lindsay Sloane [ Unknown ], Matthew Thomas Carey [ Unknown ], Mercedes McNab [ Unknown ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-868 w: ______________ d: Henry Winkler
    20. "Meter Feeders"
      gs: Michael Landes [ Unknown ], Catherine Silvers [ Unknown ], Michael Des Barres [ Unknown ], Karen Malina White [ Unknown ], Sarah Essex [ Unknown ]

      Synopsis needed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-869 w: ______________ d: Steve Zuckerman
    21. "Foreign Affair"
      gs: Michael Landes [ Scott ], Catherine Silvers [ Janet ], Carmen Argenziano [ Aristotle ], Sofia Milos [ Adonia ], Nancye Ferguson [ Vivaca ], Lee Faranda [ Everett ], Ed Cambridge [ Mr. Sample ], Ross Leon [ Dry Cleaner ]

      Donny falls for a Greek girl.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-870 w: Susan Seeger d: Steve Zuckerman
    22. "Pretend You Know Me"
      gs: Michael Landes [ Scott ], Kathleen McClellan [ Laura ], Tony Guma [ The Cable Guy ], Karon Kearney [ The Service Person ], Marjore Bowman [ The Customer ], David Starzyk [ Applicant #1 ], Ben Reed [ Applicant #2 ], Joe Hogan [ The Waiter ], Patrice Jones [ Female Friend ], Colin Gray [ Male Friend #1 ], Tom Jourden [ Male Friend #2 ], David Pires [ Woody Allen's Look-Alike ]

      Donny and Eric wait for the cable guy; later they go see Woody Allen perform at a club. Scott, Maria and Evelyn interview prospective roommates for their summer beach house.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 457-871 w: Perry Rein and Gigi McCreery d: Steve Zuckerman

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