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aired from: Sep 1997 to: May 1998 21 eps WB 30 min stereo closed captioned


"Comedienne Carol Leifer, whose wry wit has earned her praise as a writer for both Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show, brings her slightly skewed view of reality to Alright Already. In her first lead television role, Leifer plays a savvy, single businesswoman who's just opened a Miami optometry shop with best friend Renee. Here, Carol tries to remain sane as she copes with her nearby mother and father, girl-crazy brother and younger sister who seems to be developing a strange liking for Vic Damone. Combine all of this to the many romances of Renee (who has never met a man she didn't like. a lot), and you get a pop culture comedy that finds big laughs in little moments."
(WB promo)

Production credits:
Brillstein Grey Communications / Universal Television
Executive producers: Brad Grey, Carol Leifer, Stephen Engel
Created by Carol Leifer
Produced by John Ziffren
Producer: Rob Schiller; Nancy Chadrow Haas (pilot only)
Consulting Producer: Dawn DeKeyster
Co-Producers: Bill Kunstler, Michael Rowe
Executive Story Editors: Judy Toll & Susan Sherman
Associate Producer: Nikki Kessler
Co-Associate Producer: Maureen Fitzpatrick

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    1st Season 1997

  1. "Again With the Baby"
    gs: Gina Hecht [ Nancy ], Bruce Nozick [ Brad ], James Patrick Stuart [ Kevin ], Peggy Blow [ Nurse ], Chris Coté [ Jim ], Karen Stone [ Mother ], Abby Palenker [ Ticket Seller ]

    Carol tells the neighbors she has a baby in order to get them to turn down the volume on their stereo.

    b: 7 Sep 97 pc: _________ w: Leslie Caveny d: Rob Schiller
  2. "Again With the Jury Duty"

    Carol tries everything she can think of to get herself out of jury duty so she can date the handsome district attorney working on the case, and Miriam and Al wreak havoc at the courthouse while protesting a traffic ticket.

    b: 14 Sep 97 pc: _________ w: ____________ d: ______________
  3. "Again With the Black Box"
    gs: Edita Brychta [ Lynn ], Mindy Sterling [ Maxine ], Ever Carradine [ Salesgirl ], Greg Serano [ Cesar ], Nikki Tyler [ Beth ]

    The gag gift Carol buys at a sex shop turns out to be shockingly inappropriate as a shower present for Renee's snooty friend.

    b: 21 Sep 97 pc: _________ w: Carol Leifer d: Rob Schiller
  4. "Again With the Pilot"
    gs: Bryan Cranston [ Robert ], Bob Koherr [ Velmeer ]

    rc: Sol

    Carol's romantic prospects with a guy named Robert bottom out after an embarrassing predicament involving toilet paper at a bulk-shopping center.

    b: 28 Sep 97 pc: _________ w: Carol Leifer d: Rob Schiller
  5. "Again With the Laser Surgery"
    gs: Curtis Armstrong [ Dr. Russell Conn ], Michelle Maika [ Kelsie ], Geoffrey Rivas [ Bar Manager ], Wendy Worthington [ Mrs Cooper ], Loren Freeman [ Gay Man ]

    Carol and Rene are furious when an ophthalmologist opens shop next door and begins luring their customers away by performing corrective laser surgery; Vaughn comes up with an unusual way to attract the attentions of a beautiful model: pretending to be gay.

    b: 5 Oct 97 pc: _________ w: Bill Kunstler d: Rob Schiller
  6. "Again With the Mah Johngg"
    gs: Eric Allan Kramer [ Matt ], Gil Espinoza [ Javier ], Bunny Summers [ Bunny ]

    rc: Bernie

    Carol discovers through a consumer news update that her water is unclean, and her longtime bottled-water delivery person is crushed when she cancels her service. Elsewhere, tensions heat up at a Flamingo Pines mah-jongg match pitting Miriam against Jessica.

    b: 12 Oct 97 pc: _________ w: Judy Toll & Susan Sherman d: Rob Schiller
  7. "Again With the Lobbyist"
    gs: John d'Aquino [ Ned ], Sara Lowell [ Mia ]

    Carol wants her picture on her parents' wall.

    b: 26 Oct 97 pc: _________ w: Chris Henchy & Chuck Martin d: Rob Schiller
  8. "Again With the Porno Video"
    gs: Marty Rackham [ Max ], Jay Johnston [ Overnight Parcel Guy ], Marjorie Lovett [ Petra ], Rick Hoffman [ Robber ]

    Carol rents a porno video that becomes the bane of her existence after it gets stuck in the VCR. Meanwhile, Renee thinks the video's male star looks a lot like their overnight-parcel guy.

    b: 2 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Michael Rowe d: Rob Schiller
  9. "Again With Jessica's Boyfriend"
    gs: Robert Patrick Benedict [ Jason ], Michel Halpin [ Hank ], Ralph Manza [ Superfly ]

    rc: Sol

    It's a comedy to Renee when Carol fixes Jessica up with a hip frame designer (Richard C. Hearst), but it's a tragedy for the optical shop when Jessica begins influencing his taste and style.

    b: 9 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Dawn DeKeyser d: Rob Schiller
  10. "Again With the Sponge Cake"
    gs: Pat Crawford Brown [ Lina ], Jennifer Aspen [ Debbie ], Frank Rivera [ Cop ], Hunt Carmichael [ Todd ], Heather Rattray [ Woman ]

    Carol's blind date results in a new relationship - based on deceit. Meanwhile, a driving lesson proves disastrous for Miriam; Jessica's advice sends a friend on a drug buy; and Vaughn dates a devout dieter (Aspen).

    b: 20 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Michael Rowe d: Rob Schiller
  11. "Again With the Funeral"
    gs: Shirley Prestia [ Charlotte ], Lynne Marie Stewart [ Barbara ], George D. Wallace [ Gil ], Barbara Perry [ Lillian ], Jean Sincere [ Phyllis ]

    Carol regrets her comforting words to a widow after the woman begins calling on her to perform an endless flow of menial tasks; Jessica seeks a favorable review on her sponge cake from the retirement community.

    b: 26 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Susan Sherman & Judy Toll d: Rob Schiller
  12. "Again With the Sexual Harassment"
    gs: Fred Stoller [ Gary ]

    rc: Bernie

    As a favor to her mom, Carol reluctantly hires her dimwitted cousin Gary at the optical shop. But when she fires him for incompetence, Gary retaliates with a sexual-harassment suit.

    b: 14 Dec 97 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
  13. "Again With the Billionaire"
    gs: Lane Davies [ Blake ], J. David Krassner [ Waiter ], Jake M. O'Flaherty [ Employee ]

    Renee and Carol scheme to get even when the wealthy fast-food franchise owner Carol is dating keeps leaving her to pick up the tab.

    b: 11 Jan 98 pc: _________ w: Stephen Engel & Carol Leifer d: Rob Schiller
  14. "Again With the Satellite Dish"
    gs: Scott Thompson Baker [ Unknown ], Lyle Waggoner [ Himself ], Terry Rhoads [ Jim ], Maury Sterling [ Vaughn ]

    rc: Bernie

    Thanks to a satellite dish, Carol wows her new brainiac beau (Scott Thompson Baker) with advance answers to Jeopardy. Meanwhile, Renee directs the Lerners' condo musical and passes over Al for a starring role.

    b: 18 Jan 98 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
  15. "Again With the Hockey Player (1)"
    gs: Anthony Cistaro [ Mario ], Jim Wise [ Johnny ], Roy Jenkins [ Jerry ], Mark Fite [ Tom ], Sirena Irwin [ Candy ], Jennifer Coolidge [ Rhonda ], Stephanie Miller [ Ava ]

    The new man in Carol's life is costing her a wardrobe with his penchant for tearing off her clothes during moments of passion.

    b: 1 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Chris Herchy & Chuck Martin d: Rob Schiller
  16. "Again With the Hockey Player (2)"
    gs: Anthony Cistaro [ Mario ], Robert Floyd [ Teddy ], Ken Ober [ Himself ], Stu Nathan [ Himself ], Anna Leifer [ Boisterous Fan ]

    Carol proves a good-luck charm for Mario, her hockey-player beau. But she's mortified when he reveals to millions of TV viewers the intimate details of their sex life. b: 8 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Carol Leifer & Stephen Engel s: Michael Gannon d: Leonard R. Garner Jr.

  17. "Again With the Astronaut"
    gs: Christopher Rich [ Lowell ], Amanda Carlin [ Cynthia ]

    Carol gives her astronaut boyfriend (Rich) a head cold.

    b: 15 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Chuck Martin & Chris Henchy d: Rob Schiller
  18. "Again With the Gynecologist"
    gs: Jeff Meek [ Unknown ], Joshua Boyd [ Billy ], Greg Grunberg [ Man ]

    rc: Vaughn

    Carol begins dating her gynecologist (Meek), a brilliant doctor at the office; however, much like "a tourist without a map" when he's in an intimate setting with Carol.

    b: 22 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Kell Cahoon & Tom Saunders d: Amanda Bearse
  19. "Again With the Answering Machine"
    gs: Todd Waring [ Mitch ], Cheryl Bricker [ Ludmilla ], David Schneiderman [ Ludmilla's Assistant ]

    Carol has difficulty dumping her boyfriend and tries to do it by leaving a message on his answering machine, but is continually thwarted by another communications device: call forwarding.

    b: 1 Mar 98 pc: _________ w: Tom Saunders & Kell Cahoon d: Rob Schiller
  20. "Again With the Photos"
    gs: Anthony Cistaro [ Mario ], Chase Winton [ Gail ], Lisa Meade [ Sharon ], Paul Buckley [ Piano Player ]

    Carol dates her former boyfriend (Anthony Cistaro).

    b: 27 Apr 98 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
  21. "Again With the White House"
    gs: Christopher Rich [ Lowell ], Anthony Cistaro [ Mario ], Elya Baskin [ Yuri ], Craig Barnett [ President ], Susan Reno [ First Lady ]

    Two of Carol's ex-beaus invite her to the White House.

    b: 4 May 98 pc: _________ w: Bill Kunstler & Michael Rowe s: Carol Leifer & Stephen Engel d: Gordon Hunt

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