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Beany and Cecil (1962)

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Jan 1962
End date: Jun 1962
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 10 min
Episodes: 78 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 06 Jan 62The Spots Off a Leopard
2.1-2 06 Jan 62Invasion of Earth by Robots
3.1-3 06 Jan 62Cecil Meets the Singing Dinasor
4.1-4 13 Jan 62Little Ace from Outer Space
5.1-5 13 Jan 62Super Cecil
6.1-6 13 Jan 62Wildman of Wildsville
7.1-7 20 Jan 62Davey Crickett
8.1-8 20 Jan 62Strange Objects
9.1-9 20 Jan 62The Capture of Tear-A-Long the Dotted Lion
10.1-1027 Jan 62A Trip to the Schmoon
11.1-1127 Jan 62Grime Doesn't Pay
12.1-1227 Jan 62Beany's Buffalo Hunt
13.1-1303 Feb 62Beany Meets the Monstrous Monster
14.1-1403 Feb 62Tommy Hawk
15.1-1503 Feb 62Yo Ho Ho & Bubble of Gum
16.1-1610 Feb 62The 7th Voyage of Singood
17.1-1710 Feb 62Cecil Meets Cecilia
18.1-1810 Feb 62The Capture of Thunderbolt the Wondercolt
19.1-1917 Feb 62Rat Race for Space
20.1-2017 Feb 62Beany and the Boo Birds
21.1-2117 Feb 62Beany and Cecil Meet Ping Pong
22.1-2224 Feb 62Greatest Schmoe on Earth
23.1-2324 Feb 62Beany and Cecil Meet Billy the Squid
24.1-2424 Feb 62The Capture of the Dreaded 3-Headed Threep
25.1-2503 Mar 62Beany & the Jackstalk
26.1-2603 Mar 62Humbug
27.1-2703 Mar 62Custard's Last Stand
28.1-2810 Mar 62Hero by Trade
29.1-2910 Mar 62Illegal Eagle Egg
30.1-3010 Mar 62Cecil Gets Careless
31.1-3117 Mar 62Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
32.1-3217 Mar 62Never Eat Quackers in Bed
33.1-3317 Mar 62Dishonest John Meets Cowboy Starr
34.1-3424 Mar 62Beany's Beany-Cap Copter
35.1-3524 Mar 62The Indiscreet Squeet
36.1-3624 Mar 62The Phantom of the Horse Opera
37.1-3731 Mar 6220,000 Little Leaguers Under the Sea
38.1-3831 Mar 62Malice in Blunderland
39.1-3931 Mar 62Buffalo Billy
40.1-4007 Apr 62Dirty Birdy
41.1-4107 Apr 62Man Eater Skeeters
42.1-4207 Apr 62Davy Crickett's Leading Lady Bug
43.1-4314 Apr 62Rin Tin Can
44.1-4414 Apr 62Vild Vast Vasteland
45.1-4514 Apr 62Invisible Man Has Butterfingers
46.1-4621 Apr 62Here Comes the Schmoe Boat
47.1-4721 Apr 62T'ain't Cricket, Crickett
48.1-4821 Apr 62Cecil Always Saves the Day
49.1-4928 Apr 62Ain't I a Little Stinger
50.1-5028 Apr 62The Warring 20's
51.1-5128 Apr 62Beany and Cecil Meet the Invisible Man
52.1-5205 May 62Ain't That a Cork in the Snorkel?
53.1-5305 May 62Makes a Sea-Serpent Sore
54.1-5405 May 62So What and the Seven Whatnots
55.1-5512 May 62Cecil's Comical Strip
56.1-5612 May 62Beany's Resid-jewels
57.1-5712 May 62Wot the Heck
58.1-5819 May 62Dragon Train
59.1-5919 May 6210-Foot Tall and Wet
60.1-6019 May 62Dirty Pool
61.1-6126 May 62Thumb Fun
62.1-6226 May 62Living Doll
63.1-6326 May 62Beanyland
64.1-6402 Jun 62Beany Blows His Top
65.1-6502 Jun 62Beany Flips His Lid
66.1-6602 Jun 62Fleastone Kop Caper
67.1-6709 Jun 62Mad Isle of Madhatten
68.1-6809 Jun 62Hammy Awards
69.1-6909 Jun 62Hare-cules & the Golden Fleecing
70.1-7016 Jun 62Cheery Cheery Beany
71.1-7116 Jun 62Nya-Ha Ha!
72.1-7216 Jun 62Swingin' Singin' Sea Serpent
73.1-7323 Jun 62There Goes a Good Squid
74.1-7423 Jun 62Ben Hare
75.1-7523 Jun 62Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
76.1-7630 Jun 62Oil's Well that Ends Well
77.1-7730 Jun 62There's No Such Thing as a Sea Serpent
78.1-7830 Jun 62D.J. the D.J.
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