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Last updated: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Feb 1996
End date: Feb 1998
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Fox (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 52 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Comedy, Fantasy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 24 Feb 96Spooking Bee / Fugedaboudit / The Flew
2.1-2 04 Mar 96Paws/The Alphabet Song/Is So Too
3.1-3 09 Mar 96Legend of Duh Bigfoot/The Ghostly Day/Invasion of the UGFO's
4.1-4 16 Mar 96Rocket Booster/A Really Scary Casper Moment/The Day of the Living Casper
5.1-5 29 Mar 96Three Boos and a Babe/The Whipstaff Inmates/Elusive Exclusive
6.1-6 20 Apr 96Paranormal Press/Another Spooky and Poil Moment/Deadstock
7.1-7 27 Apr 96Poil Jammed/The Who that I Am/A Picture Says a Thousand Words
8.1-8 05 May 96Spook, Lies and Videotapes/Ghostfather
9.1-9 11 May 96Rebel Without a Date/ Don't Bank on it
10.1-1018 May 96Casper vs. The Ultimate Fan Boy/Field of Screams
Season 2
11.2-1 07 Sep 96Grim and Bear It/Fatso of the Opera
12.2-2 14 Sep 96Dead of the Class/A Spooky and Poil Moment/Y-Files
13.2-3 21 Sep 96Losing Face/Galloping Ghost
14.2-4 28 Sep 96Aunt Misbehavin'/Split Personalities
15.2-5 05 Oct 96Something to Stink About
16.2-6 12 Oct 96Ectospasms/Stink of the Road/Doc's Depression
17.2-7 19 Oct 96Boo to the Future/All that Falderal
18.2-8 26 Oct 96Spooky and Poil meet.../You Know Your Alive.../13 Ways to.../The Trick's a Treat
19.2-9 02 Nov 96Frightening Storm/The Ghostly Trio/The Legend of Whitebeard
20.2-1009 Nov 96Three Ghosts and a Baby/I Wanna Be Rude/Leave it to Casper
21.2-1116 Nov 96Luck of the Spookish/Day Care Nightmare
22.2-1223 Nov 96Scream Card/You Know When Your Alive When/Lady Screams the Boos
23.2-1321 Dec 96A Christmas Peril/Ms. Banshee's Holiday Hits/Good Morning Dr. Harvey/ Fright....
24.2-1401 Feb 97A Midsummer's Night Scream
25.2-1515 Feb 97Gargoils/Ms. Banshee's Public Domain Hits/Boosom Buddies
26.2-1622 Feb 97What Goes Around/Scavenger Haunt
Season 3
27.3-1 06 Sep 97Columboo/All About C
28.3-2 13 Sep 97Hat Sick/Cancion De Olor/The Boo-Muda Triangle
29.3-3 20 Sep 97Itensive Scare/F-A-T-S-O/Stench!
30.3-4 27 Sep 97The Phantom of the Oprah/Stretch's Information Tidbit/The Crying Game
31.3-5 04 Oct 97Free Goldie/I'd Pick Your Nose/Birthday Boos
32.3-6 20 Oct 97Rats!/Stinkie Time Theater/Great Ghouly Governess
33.3-7 31 Oct 97Aboove the Law/Ten Little Fatsos/Haunt-A-Thon
34.3-8 03 Nov 97This Old Manor/Scareobicize
35.3-9 10 Nov 97Gingersnap out of it/Send a Good Stink Up Their Noses/Ghostly Locks and the 3...
36.3-1017 Nov 97Booparty/Do You Like Me?/MacDeath!
37.3-1127 Nov 97The Scummies/Three-Ring Whipstaff/It's Best to be the Most
38.3-1212 Dec 97The Son Also Rises/Stretching is Good for You/Ghostfinger
39.3-1319 Dec 97Mom Always likes Ghouls Best/Bury Maguire/Dare to Scare
40.3-1413 Feb 98Horrid Copy/I'm Nothing Without My Hat/Caspeer Pressure
41.3-1513 Feb 98That Thing You Boo!/A Good Walk Poiled
42.3-1620 Feb 98Jasper/It's Great to be a Ghost/The Boo-Bloods Whipstaff
43.3-1720 Feb 98Ghost Jam/Do the Spooky/Dr. Harvey and Mr. Gruesome
44.3-1827 Feb 98Politically Co-Wrecked Casper/Three Little Letters/Pen and Tell Her
45.3-1927 Feb 98Jack and the Scream Stalk/Boo Back a Bone Bag/Artistic
46.3-2006 Mar 98Four Funerals and a Wedding / I Can Be Anything / Family Reunion
Season 4
47.4-1 11 Sep 98Scaredy Boo, Where Have You Got To / Casper's New Theme Song / The Daunting Game
48.4-2 18 Sep 98At The Boovies / Sing Yourself Happy / Snowball's Chance
49.4-3 09 Oct 98NYPD Boo / Three Cool Ghouls / Working Ghouls
50.4-4 23 Oct 98Scream Test / The Doctor Is Out / Ms. Banshee's Kid Songs
51.4-5 06 Nov 98Miami Nice / If You're Unhappy And You Know It / That Advice Stinks
52.4-6 13 Nov 98Boo-kini Beach / Garlic Bread Man
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