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Clean Sweep

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 -1:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2003
End date: Sep 2005
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TLC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 120 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 13 Sep 03Junk Sent Packing
2.1-2 15 Sep 03The Art of Organization
3.1-3 16 Sep 03Clothes Horses
4.1-4 17 Sep 03Kitschy Clutter
5.1-5 18 Sep 03Sentimental Value
6.1-6 22 Sep 03Foster Fix-Up
7.1-7 23 Sep 03The Oh My Gosh Room
8.1-8 24 Sep 036 Kid Pile-Up
9.1-9 25 Sep 03Put the Fun Back in Functional
10.1-1026 Sep 03Finish It or Pitch It
11.1-1129 Sep 03Taking Back the House
12.1-1230 Sep 03Collectible Madness
13.1-1301 Oct 03Live for Today
14.1-1402 Oct 03Depressed Over Depression Glass
15.1-1503 Oct 03Fashion for Clutter
16.1-1606 Oct 03Barbie's Fantasy Clutter House
17.1-1707 Oct 03Teachers Learn a Lesson
18.1-1808 Oct 03Hickory Dickory Dock, the Rat's Nest in the Clock
19.1-1909 Oct 03Computer Clutter Warehouse
20.1-2010 Oct 03Micro-Brewery, Macro-Mess
21.1-2113 Oct 03Two Lovebirds, One Messy Nest
22.1-2228 Oct 03Sock It to Me
23.1-2310 Nov 03Meditation on a Mess
24.1-2411 Nov 03Aloha to a Lot of Stuff
25.1-2512 Nov 03So Many Books, So Little Storage
26.1-2613 Nov 03Thanks for the Memories
27.1-2713 Nov 03The Toy Factory
28.1-2825 Nov 03Proud Mary Keep on Purging
29.1-2903 Dec 03A Toast to Organization
30.1-3006 Dec 03Storming the Palace
31.1-3108 Dec 03Drowning in Debris
32.1-3209 Dec 03This Little Piggy Went Away
33.1-3310 Dec 03Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Leisure Suits
34.1-3411 Dec 03Everything and the Kitchen Sink
35.1-3513 Dec 03Mooooving Out the Mess
36.1-3604 Jan 04Organizational Sand Trap
37.1-3710 Jan 04All-American Mess
38.1-3807 Feb 04They Were in Stitches
39.1-3914 Feb 04Organization? Bring It On
40.1-4021 Feb 04Princess Learns to Purge
41.1-4128 Feb 04Some Bunny Loves Ya
42.1-4203 Mar 04Tune In for Tips
43.1-4310 Mar 04Hey, What's This in the Nursery?
44.1-4414 Mar 04It's a Jungle in There
45.1-4517 Mar 04Last Train from Clutter Town
46.1-4624 Mar 04Waking from a Nightmare, Living a Dream
47.1-4711 Apr 04Rush to Organization
48.1-4814 Apr 04Paper-palooza
49.1-4921 Apr 04Jonesing for Organization
50.1-5028 Apr 04Ready? Set? Purge!
51.1-5108 May 04Girls Gone Cluttered
52.1-5215 May 04Handbag Hell
53.1-5322 May 04Save the Last Receipt for Me
54.1-5429 May 04Big Daddy's Dusty Chair
55.1-5505 Jun 04Mess About the House
56.1-5612 Jun 04Relatively Messy
57.1-5719 Jun 04Six Degrees of Disorganization
58.1-5826 Jun 04Mother-Daughter Disaster
59.1-5903 Jul 04Gold Medal Mess
60.1-6010 Jul 04Disco Disaster
Season 2
61.2-1 17 Jul 04Tackling the Toys
62.2-2 24 Jul 04Everyday is Like Christmas
63.2-3 31 Jul 04Live and Let Go
64.2-4 14 Aug 04Zero to Organized in 48 Hours
65.2-5 21 Aug 04Bye-Bye Bird House
66.2-6 28 Aug 04So Many Shoes, So Little Time
67.2-7 04 Sep 04Monster Sized Mess
68.2-8 11 Sep 04The Few, The Proud, The Unorganized
69.2-9 18 Sep 04Taming the Wild Clutter-Bugs
70.2-1025 Sep 04Escape from Magazine Mountain
71.2-1101 Oct 04Lord & Lady Mess-a-Lot
72.2-1208 Oct 04You've Got a Friend in Clean Sweep
73.2-1309 Oct 04One Stormy Sort
74.2-1415 Oct 04Sports of All Sorts
75.2-1520 Oct 04Rec Room Rescue
76.2-1629 Oct 04Yours, Mine & Finally Ours
77.2-1705 Nov 04Goin' to the Chapel of Clutter
78.2-1812 Nov 04Hanging On and Letting Go
79.2-1919 Nov 04Cure for Clutter
80.2-2003 Dec 04Bringin' It All Into Focus
81.2-2117 Dec 04The Clean Sweep Awards: The Best of the Messed
82.2-2210 Dec 04Tools for Organization
83.2-2307 Jan 05Experiments Gone Wild
84.2-2414 Jan 05Sewing the Seeds of Organization
85.2-2521 Jan 05Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go!
86.2-2628 Jan 05When Family Gets Messy
87.2-2704 Feb 05The Great T-Shirt Purge
88.2-2811 Feb 05Going, Going, Gone!
89.2-2918 Feb 05The Clutter Brothers
90.2-3025 Feb 05Hello Kitty, Good-Bye Mess
91.2-3104 Mar 05Clothes Make the Mess
92.2-3209 Mar 05Mother-Daughter Chaos
93.2-3316 Mar 05Five-Alarm Mess
94.2-3423 Mar 05Living Room of Lost Toys
95.2-3530 Mar 05Dressing Room Disaster
96.2-3606 Apr 05Shipping Out the Mess
97.2-3715 Apr 05DJ Clutter in Da House!
98.2-3822 Apr 05Trash Can Crazy
99.2-3929 Apr 05Jazzer-sort!
100.2-4006 May 05Rec Room Wreckage
101.2-4113 May 05Portrait of a Clutter Bug
102.2-4220 May 05Doing It for Mom
103.2-4327 May 05Caught in the Mouse Trap
104.2-4403 Jun 05Clutter Comes Alive
105.2-4510 Jun 05Printing Press Mess
106.2-4617 Jun 05Battle for Bruce Lee
107.2-4701 Jul 05Antiques Unload-Show
108.2-4809 Jul 05Aloha Clutter
109.2-4916 Jul 05Bean Bag Blowout
110.2-5023 Jul 05Messy Baby, Messy!
111.2-5130 Jul 05Where the Toys Are
112.2-5206 Aug 05Hot Rod, Cold Clutter
113.2-5313 Aug 05Viva la Clean Sweep!
114.2-5420 Aug 05Out of Tune Rooms
115.2-5527 Aug 05Clean Sweep, Fresh Start
116.2-5603 Sep 05Clean Me Up Scotty
117.2-5710 Sep 05Clutter Under the Bridge
118.2-5817 Sep 05Clothing Explosion
119.2-5924 Sep 05Out of the Clutter
120.2-6026 Sep 05Sigma Alpha Messy
121.2-6127 Sep 05Digging Out the Man Room
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