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Two middle-school siblings make nearly all of their decisions, from normal to madcap, by crowdsourcing opinions from their millions of followers on social media.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 2018
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): Disney Channel (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: xx eps
Genre(s): Children, Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 11 Oct 18Would You Wrather Take Your Mom to the School Dance? (30 min)
2.1-2 12 Oct 18Would You Wrather Have a Hippo? (30 min)
3.1-3 26 Oct 18Would You Wrather Put a Sock in It? (30 min)
4.1-4 02 Nov 18Would You Wrather Have Potato Pants? (30 min)
5.1-5 09 Nov 18Would You Wrather Be the Principal's BFF? (30 min)
6.1-6 16 Nov 18Would You Wrather Get Lost? (30 min)
7.1-7 30 Nov 18Would You Wrather Build a Sled? (30 min)
8.1-8 07 Dec 18Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry? (30 min)
9.1-9 19 Jan 19Would You Wrather Be Orange? (30 min)
10.1-1026 Jan 19Would You Wrather Escape? (30 min)
11.1-1102 Feb 19Would You Wrather Be the Heart or the Hammer? (30 min)
12.1-1209 Feb 19Would You Wrather Move to Canada? (30 min)
13.1-1316 Feb 19Would You Wrather Lose a Luau? (30 min)
14.1-1423 Feb 19Would You Wrather Have a Beard? (30 min)
15.1-1502 Mar 19Would You Wrather Catch a Fish? (30 min)
16.1-1609 Mar 19Would You Wrather Take a Worm Shower? (30 min)
17.1-1716 Mar 19Would You Wrather Wreck a Record? (30 min)
18.1-1823 Mar 19Would You Wrather Back Down? (30 min)
19.1-1930 Mar 19Would You Wrather Have Dance Face? (30 min)
20.1-2006 Apr 19Would You Wrather Just Dance? (30 min)
21.1-2113 Apr 19Would You Wrather Help a Wrather? (30 min)
Season 2
22.2-1 05 Oct 19Would You Wrather Catch an Evil Bunny? (30 min)
23.2-2 12 Oct 19Would You Wrather Sing or Fly? (30 min)
24.2-3 19 Oct 19Would You Wrather Be the Weakest Link? (30 min)
25.2-4 26 Oct 19Would You Wrather Get a Selfie? (30 min)
26.2-5 02 Nov 19Would You Wrather Have a Frozen Phone? (30 min)
27.2-6 09 Nov 19Would You Wrather Get High Honors? (30 min)
28.2-7 16 Nov 19Would You Wrather Be Caught in the Middle? (30 min)
29.2-8 23 Nov 19Would You Wrather Live in an Igloo? (30 min)
30.2-9 07 Dec 19Would You Wrather Lose Your Presents? (30 min)
31.2-1023 Mar 20Would You Wrather Skate Circles Around Your Sister?
32.2-1124 Mar 20Would You Wrather Watch a Ferret?
33.2-1225 Mar 20Would You Wrather Take a Dive?
34.2-1326 Mar 20Would You Wrather Have a World Record?
35.2-1427 Mar 20Would You Wrather Turn 13?
36.2-1503 Apr 20Would You Wrather Trash a Friend?
37.2-1610 Apr 20Would You Wrather Have Mom Bust You Out?
38.2-1701 Jun 20Would You Wrather Lose Your Bestie?
39.2-1802 Jun 20Would You Wrather Have a Secret Admirer?
40.2-1903 Jun 20Would You Wrather Live with Kramsky?
41.2-2004 Jun 20Would You Wrather Go to Prom?
42.2-2105 Jun 20Would You Wrather Say Goodbye?
43.2-2212 Jun 20Would You Wrather Dress Like a Pilgrim?
44.2-2319 Jun 20Would You Wrather Crash a Wedding?
45.2-2426 Jun 20Would You Wrather Rip Your Pants?
46.2-2517 Jul 20Would You Wrather Be the Wagners?
47.2-2607 Aug 20Would You Wrather Have a Pig in a Cowboy Hat?
48.2-2714 Aug 20Would You Wrather Move?
49.2-2811 Sep 20Would You Wrather Have a Snow Day? (25 min)
S02.2-0 27 Apr 19Coop & Cami LIVE at 2019 Fan Fest (15 min)
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