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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1988 to: Mar 1993 65 eps ITV 30 min mono ________________


  • David Jason as the Voice of Count Duckula
  • Jack May as the Voice of Igor
  • Brian Trueman as the Voice of Nanny / Dimitri the Bat
  • Jimmy Hibbert as the Voice of Von Goosewing / Sviatoslav the Bat
  • Barry Clayton as the Voice of the Narrator

    recurring characters:

  • Ruby Wax as Additional Female Voices


  • Chris Randall, director of most episodes
  • Keith Scoble, director

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      1st Series 1988

    1. "No Sax Please - We're Egyptian"

      Igor's stories inspires Duckula to search for a mystical Egyptian saxophone that he hopes will enable him to be a smash hit in show business.

      b: 6 Sep 88
    2. "Vampire Vacation"

      The Count decides to visit Spain to see his cousin and to find some sunshine.

      b: 13 Sep 88 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    3. "One Stormy Night"

      Von Goosewing enlists the aid of a reanimated Duckula ancestor in changing a fuse so he can bring his creature to life and Duckula seeks a snack.

      b: 20 Sep 88 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    4. "Transylvanian Homesick Blues"

      The Count, Igor and Nanny join a Mr. Fexzactely on his carnival roller coaster, which takes them on a trip through time.

      b: 27 Sep 88 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    5. "Restoration Comedy"

      Duckula hires Mr Roberto to redesign and refurnish Castle Duckula, much to Igor's and Nanny's disgust.

      b: 4 Oct 88 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    6. "Mutinous Penguins"

      Duckula and company find themselves marooned on an ice flow with some defrosted Vikings by a mutinous crew of penguins as they sail the seas in search of Castle Duckula.

      b: 11 Oct 88 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    7. "Dr Von Goosewing's Invisible Ray"

      While Nanny, Igor and Duckula quarrel over yoga and conjurer's tricks, Von Goosewing tries to set up his paralyzing invisible ray.

      b: 18 Oct 88
    8. "Down Under Duckula"

      Castle Duckula makes a wrong turn on its way to Austria, where Duckula intends to get psychiatric help for Nanny, and they wind up in Australia, where he gives away the cuckoo clock, a vital part of the travel mechanism.

      b: 25 Oct 88 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    9. "All in a Fog"

      Duckula and his friends travel to London where he tries to pursue his dream of being a detective.

      b: 1 Nov 88 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    10. "Castle Duckula: Open to the Public"

      Nanny's temporary amnesia inspires Duckula to open the castle to the paying public to raise money and it gives Von Goosewing a chance to use his latest invention to catch the vampire duck.

      b: 8 Nov 88 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    11. "The Ghost of McCastle McDuckula"

      The Count packs up his mobile castle and heads for Loch Ness to find the monster and get in a few holes of golf, but he's detoured by another vampire duck and his haunted home.

      b: 15 Nov 88
    12. "Igor's Busy Day"

      A young couple whose car has broken down seeks shelter at the castle, bringing back memories of the bad old days for Mr Igor.

      b: 22 Nov 88 w: Jimmy Hibbert s: Chris Randall
    13. "Autoduck"

      The Count is determined to set the new land speed record in order to attract hordes of tourists to the castle for their new bed and breakfast business.

      b: 29 Nov 88
    14. "The Vampire Strikes Back"

      When Von Goosewing's latest blast unites with Nanny's home-bottled sarsaparilla, the Castle is launched into outer space, where they are rescued by Duckula's hero, "Tremendous Terrence," who abandons them on the deadly planet Cute.

      b: 6 Dec 88 w: Jimmy Hibbert, Peter Richard Reeves
    15. "Hardluck Hotel"

      Duckula runs into a "Basil Fawlty"-like hotel manager when he tries to take a vacation alone out of the country on a weekend when the Transylvanian currency is devalued.

      b: 13 Dec 88 w: Brian Trueman, John Broadhead, Joyce McAleer
    16. "The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame"

      Duckula stands to lose the Castle and Nanny in Paris when he buys the Eiffel Tower and gets mixed up with art thieves pursuing the Mona Lisa.

      b: 20 Dec 88 w: Jimmy Hibbert, Peter Richard Reeves
    17. "Dear Diary"

      The Count tries to publish his ancestor's memoirs.

      b: 3 Jan 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    18. "Rent a Butler"

      The Count rents out Igor and Nanny when he learns how much servants are paid in other homes, but then has no one to cook his meals.

      b: 10 Jan 89
    19. "Jungle Duck"

      The Count decides to search for a lost African temple and its treasures after he buys a set of encyclopedias.

      b: 24 Jan 89
    20. "Mobile Home"

      American tourists Mr and Mrs Tarquin Q. Paintbrush want to buy Castle Duckula and the crow brothers offer their services to transport it to America brick by brick.

      b: 31 Jan 89
    21. "A Fright at the Opera"

      Duckula, Nanny and Igor visit the Milan Opera House below which lurks the Phantom. His manservant was an old butler school chum of Igor's. Nanny gets kidnapped in mistake for the Diva, the Opera house is destroyed and the Phantom ends up at The Grand Ole Opray.

      b: 7 Feb 89 w: John Sayle

      NOTE: Thanks to John Sayle for the description.
    22. "Dr Goosewing and Mr Duck"

      Dr Von Goosewing's new "carpet shampoo" turns out to be a potion that reverses everyone's characters. Duckula finally turns into a vampire, Igor loves all nature and is constantly cheerful and Nanny turns into a complete genius. However it does not last...

      b: 14 Feb 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    23. "Town Hall Terrors"

      Duckula decides the castle is falling to pieces and goes to the town council to try and get a grant to do up the castle. Unfortunately, he gives away his grant money to an unworthy cause and ends up with a railway running through the castle.

      b: 21 Feb 89 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    24. "Sawdust Ring"

      Duckula and Co. join the Circus Straciatella after the ringmaster's employees have left due to not being paid. Charlie the clown and Morris the strongman then take revenge and the circus is a fiasco.

      b: 28 Feb 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert

      NOTE: DangerMouse can be seen in the audience.
    25. "Duck and the Broccoli Stalk"

      Dr Von Goosewing develops a potion for making things bigger. So he plants a ring of garlic around Castle Duckula hoping that it will grow and kill off Duckula. However, he spills some on Duckula's broccoli, which grows at an alarming rate taking Duckula, Igor and Nanny up to a castle in the clouds where they have to escape a man-eating giant.

      b: 7 Mar 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    26. "Family Reunion"

      Duckula is chosen to host the once a century family reunion, so that's got him worried. If you're not a blood-sucking vampire, the others will kill you, so Duckula has to pretend he's a real vampire by using false fangs and 'accidentally' dropping his glass of blood during a toast. He disguises himself so as to team up with Dr Von Goosewing in order to get rid of his rotten relatives.

      b: 21 Mar 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert

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      2nd Series 1989

    27. "Ghostly Gold"

      Duckula's discovers a newspaper, declaring that there is gold in the hills of some far off town. Accompanied by Nanny and Igor, he finds the town only to find that it is a ghost town and that the newspaper was dated over hundred years ago.

      b: 12 Sep 89 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    28. "Ducknapped"

      Two dithering idiots attempt to "ducknap" the count by following ten easy steps, but mistake Duckula for Dr Von Goosewing. Eventually the right breed of bird is "napped" and Nanny and Igor, spend all of Duckula's ransom money without giving him a share.

      b: 19 Sep 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    29. "The Lost Valley"

      In search of treasure, Count Duckula, Igor, and Nanny are transported into a movie.

      b: 26 Sep 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    30. "Incredible Shrinking Duck"

      Castle Duckula and its inhabitants are reduced into a cheap Transylvanian souvenir, by Dr Von Goosewing's amazing shrinking ray.

      b: 3 Oct 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    31. "Hi-Duck"

      Bound for a holiday in Nice, Duckula, Igor and Nanny board the same plane French crooks Gaston and Pierre attempt to Hi-jack. Duckula inadvertently foils their plan and has to return to Transylvania to give evidence at the crooks trial.

      b: 10 Oct 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    32. "Prime-Time Duck"

      Transylvanian Television (TVTV) is doing a documentary on Castle Duckula and the great Count. However, Igor is considered more of a Count and Duckula ends up playing servant to Count Igor and Countess Nanny.

      b: 17 Oct 89 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    33. "Bloodsucking Fruit Bats of the Lower Amazon"

      Down in the Amazonian Jungle a tribe of fierce females and batty bats have Duckula and Co. cornered. The tribe however take Nanny as their leader much to Duckula's annoyance.

      b: 24 Oct 89
    34. "The Count and the Pauper (I Don't Wanna Work on Maggots Farm No More)"

      Tired with being a vampire count, Duckula leaves the castle and runs into his doppelganger, Sid Quack, who is fed up with being a peasant. They trade places and Sid inherits a vicious streak but soon both are pleading to go back to normal.

      b: 31 Oct 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert, Jan Needle
    35. "In Arctic Circles"

      To escape a Transylvanian heat wave, the Count takes Castle Duckula to the Arctic in search of the North Pole. In the process he finds a 'stately igloo' and hires a new butler. Igor makes an unlikely alliance of sorts with Dr Von Goosewing in order to get rid of the new butler.

      b: 7 Nov 89
    36. "Transylvanian Take-Away"

      Gaston and Pierre pose as Chinese chefs in order to steal two Ming vases from Castle Duckula. They fail of course and tell Duckula the vases are a map, which leads to the hidden treasure of How Fat. Later on the isle of Moi Chow the mandarin of How Fat, his henchmen and the Mutinous Penguins try to beat the count to the treasure but end up being arrested.

      b: 14 Nov 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    37. "Who Dunnit?"

      Duckula is called to Henham Palace, Ducksfordshire, England to hear the will of the 7th Duke of Mallardborough (his Great, Great Uncle twice removed). It appears the Duke has been murdered, and after questioning various Agatha Christie-type characters Duckula is forced to confess that his vampire streak has got the better of him and that he is the murderer. After a trial the judge is about to pronounce sentence when the Duke appears and explains that the "will" was merely "scrap pages from me detective novel!"

      b: 21 Nov 89
    38. "No Yaks Please Were Tibetan"

      Duckula and Co. attempt to scale the east face of Duckapoorna as do the Crow Brothers, but they run into an abominable snowman.

      b: 28 Nov 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    39. "Beau Duckula"

      Fed up with Nanny's hugs, Igor's lectures and Goosewings hunting him down, Duckula runs off to join the French Foreign Legion, but soon he realises that his life wasn't so bad after all.

      b: 5 Dec 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    40. "Mississippi Duck"

      Duckula and Co. are sold down the river by a Mississippi Steamboat Captain, when Duckula fancies himself as the World's Greatest Jazz Trumpeter.

      b: 12 Dec 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    41. "Amnesiac Duck"

      The Count falls down a hole in his own Castle, knocking his head. To Igor's everlasting delight, he is transformed into the ideal of a Transylvanian vampire Count.

      b: 19 Dec 89 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    42. "Mysteries of the Wax Museum"

      Count Duckula visits a wax museum, where the owner of the museum makes robotic clones of Count Duckula, Igor, and Nanny, which he then sends out to rob a bank.

      b: 2 Jan 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    43. "Return of the Curse of the Secret of the Mummy's Tomb Meets Franken Duckula's Monster ..."

      Duckula tries to flee from a werewolf, a monster resurrected by Igor, a mummy accidentally brought to life by the Count, Von Goosewing, some village folk, and an alien trying to take over the world disguised as a cabbage.

      b: 9 Jan 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    44. "Lost City of Atlantis"

      Count Duckula becomes stranded on a very small island and unintentionally discovers Atlantis, where the inhabitants of the city capture him.

      b: 16 Jan 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    45. "Bad Luck Duck"

      Bad luck befalls Count Duckula in his attempts to demonstrate the foolishness of Nanny's superstitious beliefs and fear of Friday the 13th.

      b: 23 Jan 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert

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      3rd Series 1990

    46. "Private Beak"

      After running out of detective stories to read, Count Duckula himself decides to become a private investigator.

      b: 22 Oct 90
    47. "Astro Duck"

      Duckula has a new craze for computers. A lightning flash boosts its circuit and the computer has amazing powers. After several experiments it "hacks" into T.R.A.S.H. the Transylvanian Space Centre, and lets off a space probe to the moon.

      b: 29 Oct 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    48. "Unreal Estate"

      Duckula is fed up with his tumbledown heap of a Castle and transports it to sunny Hollywood to sell much to Igor's disgust. A sale is not easy to achieve with Goosewing hunting the Count and Igor showing off the dungeons.

      b: 5 Nov 90
    49. "Bombay Duck"

      A genie in a magic lamp lures Duckula, Nanny and Igor into an empty treasure cove while his master steals the magic coffin from the castle to impress the princess; however it is our Count who impresses the princess, but of course he has to go back to the castle for when it transports back to Transylvania.

      b: 12 Nov 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    50. "There are Werewolves at the Bottom of My Garden"

      It is a dark night and Tauser, the Castle's werewolf, has escaped into the Really Creepy Forest. To make matters worse, a witch is abroad and Von Goosewing is hunting for vampires with a mechanical werewolf.

      b: 19 Nov 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert, Peter Richard Reeves
    51. _"Duck Ahoy"

      Duckula enters a yacht race.

      b: 26 Nov 90
    52. "The Great Ducktective"

      An "interview" with Detective Soames and Potson doesn't lead Duckula to fame and fortune. However, Dr Von Goosewing finds a favorite Aunty (a.k.a. Igor!) that he never had in the first place.

      b: 3 Dec 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    53. "Dead Eye Duck"

      To escape a freezing cold wind, Duckula flies the castle to Colorado, where he has a Wild West adventure.

      b: 10 Dec 90 w: Peter Richard Reeves
    54. "The Show Must Go On"

      With the "help" of the crow brothers, Duckula and Co. stage a pantomime.

      b: 17 Dec 90
    55. "A Christmas Quacker"

      Christmas arrives even in Castle Duckula, but is not the usual happy affair. Santa is lost in the extensive chimneys while Von Goosewing is prowling around with a special surprise for the vampire. Meanwhile the Count, having been hit by one of Nanny's lethal Christmas puddings, dreams that he is with Tremendous Terrence saving Santa from the Igulon.

      b: 26 Dec 90 w: Jimmy Hibbert, Peter Richard Reeves
    56. "The Rest is History"

      Count Duckula travels back in time to stop the first Count Duckula, the only other vegetarian, from becoming a bloodsucking vampire, so he won't have a long line of vampire ancestors.

      b: 7 Jan 91
    57. "O.O. Duck"

      The notorious master criminal The Egg tales over Castle Duckula to mastermind his world domination plan. He sends a seductive super spy to the castle to lead Count Duckula on a phony mission. When Duckula returns to the castle, he, Nanny and Igor are locked in the torture chamber.

      b: 14 Jan 91 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    58. "Mystery Cruise"

      Nanny wins a cruise for three on a luxury liner. After many catastrophic accidents - on Nanny's part, the crew and other passengers go into hiding until Duckula and Co. abandons ship.

      b: 21 Jan 91 w: Jimmy Hibbert

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      4th Series 1993

    59. "Around the World in a Total Daze"

      Sibelious Smogg, world famous explorer is tricked by Dr Von Goosewing into challenging Count Duckula to a round-the-world race. Von Goosewing's balloon against Duckula's castle. Goosewing cheats and for once Duckula wins, only to have the prize snatched from his grasp at the last moment.

      b: 5 Jan 93 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    60. "Manhattan Duck"

      The castle lands by mistake in midtown Manhattan. New York's fashion set become madly keen this week on Transylvania-mania. Duckula sells the contents of the castle - including Igor, and he and Nanny go and wreak havoc in the city. But they have great problems getting back to Transylvania - they've sold the clock.

      b: 12 Jan 93
    61. "Alps-A-Daisy"

      Duckula tries to win all the winter sport events being held at a competition.

      b: 19 Jan 93
    62. "Prince Duckula"

      Duckula, having appeared on TVTV (Transylvanian Television) is selected to impersonate a prince for a group of revolutionaries.

      b: 26 Jan 93 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    63. "Venice a Duck Not a Duck"

      The Egg returns to exact vengeance on the Count, aided by Maurice the Strongman and Charlie the Clown, the Crow brothers, the Phantom of the Opera and Cruel, the Mutinous Penguins and Gaston and Pierre.

      b: 2 Feb 93 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    64. "A Mountie Always Gets His Duck"

      When Geoffrey the Mountie catches up with the evil Marcel in Transylvania, Count Duckula offers to transport them back to Canada on one condition - he too wants to be a Mountie. There follows a rollicking romp in the Rockies as trooper Duckula saves the lovely Ann Marie.

      b: 9 Feb 93 w: Jimmy Hibbert
    65. "The Zombie Awakes"

      Doctor Quackbrain, the crazy psychiatrist, lures Duckula into his dream machine for his greatest experiment. Unfortunately, Nanny and Igor get into the dream and destroy Quackbrains's evil plans.

      b: 16 Feb 93 w: Jan Needle

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