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aired from: Sep 1998 to: Feb 1999 15 eps, 1 unaired ABC 60 min stereo closed captioned


  • Jeremy Piven as Trevor Hale / Cupid
  • Paula Marshall as Claire
  • Jeffrey D. Sams as Champ

    recurring characters:

  • Paul Adelstein as Mike
  • Jeff Parise as Nick
  • Daniel Bryant as Laurence
  • Noelle Bou-Sliman as Tina
  • Melanie Deanne Moore as Jaclyn

    This is the story of a man (Trevor Hale) who claims to be Cupid, the God of Love, sent to Earth as a punishment. To earn his place back on Mount Olympus, he must reunite a hundred couples without the use of magic. He has been stripped of his powers and has become a normal human being for the length of his stay among us.

    Because of his claims, Trevor is thought to be delusional and placed under psychiatric study. He must attend Claire's therapy groups on a regular basis, where he usually likes to interfere and contradict her.

    Although the show is based on a fantasy premise, it is mostly an excuse. There have been no proofs so far that Trevor really is Cupid and for all we know, he really could be just another nutcase. Yet, his ability to bring couples together, his great knowledge of Greek mythology and many other elements can only make one wonder.

    The strength of the show lies in its two leads, Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall, who have created very likeable characters, with a great chemistry working between them.

    The series was created by Rob Thomas.
    Theme song: "Human" - written by Shelly Peiken & Mark McEntee, performed by The Pretenders.

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      1st Season 1998

      Production Credits:
      Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. / Columbia TriStar Television, Inc. / Mandalay
      Executive Producers : Joe Voci & Scott Sanders & Scott Winant (episode 1) Joe Voci & Scott Sanders & Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno & Scott Winant (episodes 2-8) Rob Thomas & Joe Voci & Scott Sanders & Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno & Scott Winant (episode 9+)
      Co-Executive Producer : Rob Thomas (episodes 2-8)
      Supervising Producers : Rob Thomas & Tim Iacofano (episodes 1-8) Hart Hanson (episode 9+)
      Consulting Producers : Hart Hanson & Michael Engler (episodes 2-8)
      Producers : Jeremy Piven (episode 1) Jeremy Piven & Edward Ledding (episode 2+)
      Co-Producer : Kelly McCarthy
      Associate Producers : Martin Bruestle (episode 1); Tony Palermo (episode 2+)
      Story Editor : Michael Green (episode 2+)

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Connie Britton [ Madeleine ], Laura Pallas [ Unknown ], Ellie Harvie [ Unknown ], George Newbern [ Dave ], Tony Nappa [ Hector ], Charles Siegel [ Dr. Greely ], Sarah Strange [ Pierced Nose ], Christine Willes [ Doctor ], Doug Abrahams [ Phil ], Benz Antoine [ Psychiatrist ], Tim Dixon [ Doctor ], William Goodlet [ Pretzel Man ], Cameron Kirkwood [ Horn Dog ], Ty Olsson [ Jerk ], Lara Philips [ Laurie ], Steve Soucy [ Guitar Player ], Haig Sutherland [ Timothy ], Ken Tremblett [ Charlie Ramsay ]

      rc: Mike, Nick

      When a man claims to be Cupid, he is placed in the care of a psychiatrist who takes him under her wing. Obsessed with his mission on Earth, the man now known as Trevor Hale decides to help a woman find her true love.

      b: 26 Sep 98 pc: 100 w: Rob Thomas d: Scott Winant

      NOTE: Connie Britton is better known for her regular role as Nikki on Spin City.
    2. "The Linguist"
      gs: Tim DeKay [ Jennings Crawford ], Hollis Resnik [ Unknown ], Jessica Lundy [ Kate ], Elisa Taylor [ Monique ], Tria Smith [ Sherri ], Robert Bundy [ Hunter ], Ilyssa Fradin [ Sarah ], Brian Stepanek [ Kevin ], Heather Prete [ Co-ed Hattie ], James Whiting [ Sugar Blue ], James Deuter [ Dean Wetland ], Rengin Altay [ Janet ], Mary Kay Cook [ Prostitute ]

      rc: Mike, Nick, Laurence

      Still intrigued with Trevor, wondering who he really is and where he comes from, Claire jumps on the opportunity when she meets a linguist who seems able to tell someone's origins just from his patterns of speech. She introduces him to Trevor, who - of course - cannot resist helping the man when he learns that he is still a virgin.

      b: 3 Oct 98 pc: 101 w: Rob Thomas d: Scott Winant
    3. "Heaven, He's in Heaven"
      gs: Harry Groener [ Unknown ], Joan McMurtrey [ Unknown ], David Johansen [ Unknown ], Hollis Resnik [ Unknown ], Byrne Piven [ Dr. Stroud ]

      rc: Nick, Laurence, Tina, Jaclyn

      A woman seeks Claire's help when she fears her marriage is in jeopardy because her husband feels frequent and sudden urges to sing and dance in public.

      b: 10 Oct 98 pc: 102 w: Jeff Reno & Ron Osborn d: Michael Engler

      NOTE: Actor Byrne Piven is Jeremy Piven's father in real life.
    4. "A Truly Fractured Fairy Tale"
      gs: Robert Mailhouse [ Unknown ], Kate Hodge [ Unknown ], David Johansen [ Unknown ], Tim Gregory [ Nicholas ], Oksana Fedunyszyn [ Brianna ], Nambi E. Kelley [ Joy ], Chris Erwin [ Paper Boy ]

      rc: Nick, Laurence, Mike, Tina, Jaclyn

      Claire is receiving strange gifts from a secret admirer. While she slowly begins to fall for him, Trevor helps one of her patients meet the man of her dreams - a man she sees everyday on a billboard across the street from her work! In the meantime, Champ is asked to do some modeling reluctant, he finally decides to go for it when he realizes how much this exposure can help his burgeoning career as an actor. Structured like a fairy tale ("once upon a time, there was a princess..."), this episode is a wonderful example of television at its best. Also, Trevor's feelings for Claire become quite obvious with this episode.

      b: 17 Oct 98 pc: 103 w: Elle Triedman d: Elodie Keene
    5. "First Loves"
      gs: Lisa Loeb [ Sophie ], Hollis Resnik [ Unknown ], Marc Vann [ Unknown ], Wayne Brown [ Dr. Greeley ], Olivia Miller [ Young Sophie ], Kevin Michael Doyle [ Sophie's Father ], Kathryn Jaeck [ Sophie's Mother ], Sean Bradley [ Lister ], Brett Ryback [ Paul ], Jeff DeRango [ Young Brian ], Sheila Carrosco [ Young Claire ], Ryan Marek [ Mark ], Will Malnati [ Football Kid ], Barrie Buckner [ Young Champ ], Tai'Isha Davis [ Jackie Goodley ], David Lively [ Urban Cowboy ]

      rc: Nick, Mike, Laurence, Tina

      Champ introduces Claire and Trevor to his long-time friend Sophie, a would-be singer who just signed a contract with a record company. When Sophie claims she does not believe in love, Trevor feels obliged to prove her wrong. They start discussing the past and Sophie's one-time crush, when she was a kid, comes to the surface. They decide to go back to her hometown and see what her old love interest has become, hoping that maybe something magical will happen. Claire is concerned and quite against the whole idea until her superior says that Trevor may have to be committed to a mental institute. She then feels that this little adventure may help her further her knowledge of Trevor and help decide on what to do with him... This episode contains a number of black & white flashbacks, offering scenes of Sophie's, Champ's and Claire's youth. Obviously, Trevor was left out of the loop...

      b: 24 Oct 98 pc: 104 w: Hart Hanson d: Patrick Norris

      NOTE: Director Patrick Norris began his career on My So-Called Life, a show which was also produced by Scott Winant and bears some similarity to Cupid.

      Lisa Loeb is a real-life singer ("I do", "Let's forget about it"...).

    6. "Meat Market"
      gs: Joe Flanigan [ Alex ], Kate Walsh [ Heidi ], Anna Chlumsky [ Jill ], Liza Cruzot [ Naomi ], Margaret Travolta [ Congressman's Wife ], Michael Guido [ Congressman ], Luisa Strus [ Stinky Woman ], Kirk Anderson [ Pimp ], Ian Vogt [ Payphone Guy ], Ed Bevan [ Handsome Man ]

      rc: Nick, Mike, Laurence, Tina

      Champ tells Trevor that every time he meets a girl, he ends up in a relationship. For once, he would like to experiment a one-night stand, to know how it feels. With Halloween just around the corner, Trevor feels this is the perfect opportunity to make his friend's dream come true. He also invites Claire's other patients to the party, telling them to forget their inhibitions and to just have fun. As for Claire, he challenges her, certain that she would turn down any man even if he were perfect for her. To prove his point, he searches and finds Alex, who seems a perfect match. While Claire first does seem reluctant, she finally falls under the man's charm - much to Trevor's dismay.

      b: 31 Oct 98 pc: 105 w: Rob Thomas d: Michael Fields
    7. "Pick-Up Schticks"
      gs: Todd Field [ Sam ], Joe Flanigan [ Alex ], Sherilyn Fenn [ Helen Davis ], Pat Caldwell [ Alice ], Geryll Robinson [ Chris ], Christian Stolte [ Elvis ], Ed Kross [ Kirk ], Daniel Ruben [ Ignatius ], Bob Rusch [ Male Jogger ]

      rc: Nick, Mike, Laurence, Tina

      Trevor is growing desperate. Caught between his desire to return home and his jealousy at seeing Claire having a serious relationship with Alex, he makes his first mistakes as a love counselor. On one side, he encourages a man to use a "sure score" pick-up technique that gets him the woman he wants but leaves him distressed and disgusted with himself for he feels he cannot be with a woman that would fall for such a trick. On the other end of the tunnel, his friend and roommate Champ is starting a new relationship and Trevor can't help but intervene - and in ways that pushes the woman away rather than bring her closer. And somewhere in the middle, Trevor himself is caught up in a strange relationship with Helen Davis, a woman he met at the bar. They're both attracted to each other, but Trevor tells Champ he can't have a relationship with a mortal, or he'll lose his immortality. And yet, he might just be desperate enough to not want it anymore...

      b: 7 Nov 98 pc: 106 w: Michael Conathan & Rob Thomas d: Tucker Gates
    8. "Heart of the Matter"
      gs: Joe Flanigan [ Alex ], Katy Selverstone [ Susan ], Matt Roth [ Dan ], Guy Barile [ Doctor ], Darren Bochat [ Video Employee ], Tobiasz Daszkiewicz [ Jack ], Linda Perlin [ First Woman ]

      rc: Jaclyn

      While looking for good romance videos to rent, Trevor meets Dan, the coach of a local hockey team. He invites him to a party at the bar, deciding that he should help him find his true love - namely, his neighbor Susan, a woman who seems to keep to herself, avoiding conversation and all contact with other people. Meanwhile, Claire is wondering why Alex seems to be avoiding her and fears that he may want to dump her. But the truth is that he is falling in love with her and afraid of his own feelings for her. Trevor finally manages to draw Susan to the party and have her meet Dan. But when she realizes that the man is trying to set her up, she flees. She later explains to Trevor that she cannot start a relationship because she only has six months left to live... This is the saddest episode to date, and also the one with the most incredible ending. Expect the unexpected.

      b: 21 Nov 98 pc: 107 w: Karen Hall d: Michael Engler
    9. "The End of an Eros"
      gs: Joe Flanigan [ Alex ], Garrison Hershberger [ Gabe ], Jennifer Crystal [ Dr. Darcy Wyatt ], Deborah Puette [ Cutie Bowler ], Wendy Whiteside [ Robin ], Heidi Kettenring [ Chatty Cathy ], Turk Muller [ Sean ], Amy Farrington [ Stroller ], Eric Johnson [ Group Member ]

      rc: Nick, Mike, Laurence, Tina

      Claire is delighted when her old professor, Dr. Wyatt, shows up at her office. She announces that she has just published a book and Claire invites her to attend her next singles group. But when her mentor speaks up at the meeting, she is startled to hear her claim that love is a myth. Needless to say, Trevor is just as baffled and, for once, the two of them are in agreement. Then Alex tells Claire that he was offered an important job - but in another city. Claire starts to doubt and lose her faith in the power of love...

      b: 12 Dec 98 pc: 108 w: Michael Green d: Peter O'Fallon
    10. "Hung Jury"
      gs: Kim Fields [ Theresa ], Shawn Michael Howard [ Unknown ], Brian Baker [ Unknown ], Mike Nussbaum [ Unknown ], Matt DeCaro [ Bailiff ], B. J. Jones [ Cal ], Joey Hansa [ Shelly ], Julio Godinez [ Lou ], Steven Fristoe [ Frederav Naja ], Geryll Robinson [ Chris ]

      While Christmas shopping, Claire and Trevor get caught up in jury duty. Claire has plans to spend the holidays with Alex and so - like most of the other jurors - would like to get this over with as quickly as possible. But Trevor, who was going to spend Christmas alone anyway, spots two possible matches and voluntarily votes differently then the others. He then desperately tries to convince everyone that the man who is being judged actually is innocent...

      b: 19 Dec 98 pc: 110 w: Michael Green & Michael Conathan s: Hart Hanson & Rob Thomas d: David Petraraca
    11. "A Great Personality"
      gs: Christine Taylor [ Yvonne ], Marc Vann [ Unknown ], Grant Heslov [ Ken ], Geryll Robinson [ Chris ], Tim Decker [ Gene ], Joe Petcka [ Lance ], Laurie Fortier [ Model ], Hanna Dworkin [ Annette ], Jodi Wright [ Older Woman ], Owen Smith [ Waiter ]

      rc: Nick, Mike, Laurence, Tina, Jaclyn

      Trevor tries to help a new member of the singles group, a woman who wants to be loved for her personality rather than her looks, while Claire revisits an old nemesis in hopes of discovering clues to Trevor's true identity.

      b: 7 Jan 99 pc: 112 w: ______________ d: ______________
    12. "Grand Delusions"
      gs: Barry Newman [ Bill Allen (Claire's Father) ], Patrick Fabian [ Don Quixote ], Daphne Ashbrook [ Mona Lovesong / Mary-Jean Rowlands ], Tony Fitzpatrick [ Mona's Boss ], Sephus Booker [ Mr. Clef ], Tom Lowell [ Jerk ], Mike Vieau [ Nurse ]

      rc: Jaclyn

      Trevor tries to arrange a match between a man who thinks he's Don Quixote and an exotic dancer, while Claire has a reunion with her jazz-musician father.

      b: 14 Jan 99 pc: 111 w: Sy Dukane & Denise Moss d: Nick Marck
    13. "Bachelorette Party"
      gs: Jessica Tuck [ Joanne ], Kelly Miller [ Heather ], Scott Atkinson [ Ben ], Karin Anglin [ Unknown ], Mindy Hester [ Unknown ], Wendy Carter [ Geena ], Denise Odom [ Heidi ], Julie Greenberg [ Suzanne ]

      Trevor ruins a bachelorette party Claire is giving for her best friend when he reveals that her fiancé has been having a long-term affair with a promiscuous former classmate.

      b: 28 Jan 99 pc: 109 w: Dahlia Borthwick d: Stephen Cragg
    14. "The Children's Hour"
      gs: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen [ Stephanie MacGregor ], Ben Bodé [ Luther Calder ], Jaime Renee Smith [ Maddy MacGregor ], Joey Zimmermann [ Mack MacGregor ], Stephnie Weir [ Priscilla ], Mary Ann Thebus [ Ellen Calder ], Lucina Paquet [ Little Old Lady ], Joe Foust [ Goateed Clerk ], Aaron Himelstein [ Andy Tucker ], Jacob Miller [ Jesse ], Joe Forbrich [ Tina's Guy ]

      rc: Nick, Mike, Laurence, Tina, Jaclyn

      Precocious twins ask Trevor to find a match for their single, down-on-men mom, triggering Champ's memories of a former relationship.

      b: 11 Feb 99 pc: 113 w: Hart Hanson d: Michael Katleman
    15. "Botched Makeover"
      gs: Laura Leighton [ Kristy Holbrook ], Lance Baker [ Unknown ], Billie Worley [ Unknown ], Dan Gauthier [ Tom ], Stephnie Weir [ Priscilla ], Rebekah Louise Smith [ Veronica ], Tami Sagher [ Velma ], Gillain Vigman [ Daphne ], Sam Derence [ Sunset ], Tab Baker [ Vaughn ], Jill Kraft [ Kim ], Doug James [ Roger ]

      rc: Mike, Laurence

      When Trevor visits the set of Champ's TV-show he meets an intelligent, modest assistant who never got much respect from her colleagues. When he hears she sends herself flowers to spice up her boring life, he invites her for one of Claire's sessions. During the first session she already gets in contact with Tom Caighne, a first class womanizer.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 114 w: Vanessa Taylor & Rob Thomas d: James Whitmore Jr.

      NOTE: This episode features the song "Human", which was written by Shelly Peiken & Mark McEntee and performed by The Pretenders.

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