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Deserving Design

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2007
End date: Jan 2009
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): HGTV (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 36 eps
Genre(s): Reality
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 1HDDSN-104 9 Sep 07Vern to the Rescue!
2.1- 2HDDSN-10112 Sep 07Helping Out Hurricane Katrina Victims
3.1- 3HDDSN-10316 Sep 07Help for a War Hero
4.1- 4HDDSN-10819 Sep 07Community Leader Gets Makeover Treat
5.1- 5HDDSN-10619 Sep 07A Living Room Designed for Living
6.1- 6HDDSN-111 3 Oct 07Vern Makes a Special Delivery
7.1- 7HDDSN-10710 Oct 07Dream Kitchen
8.1- 8HDDSN-10917 Oct 07Vern's Wedding Gift
9.1- 9HDDSN-11224 Oct 07Community Activist Honored
10.1-10HDDSN-10231 Oct 07Haunted House
11.1-11HDDSN-110 7 Nov 07Vern's Musical Surprise
12.1-12HDDSN-11314 Nov 07A Kidney for a Friend
13.1-13HDDSN-10521 Nov 07The Grill Man
14.1-14HDDSN-11412 Dec 07Christmas Special
Season 2
15.2- 1HDDSN-201 1 Jan 08A New Kitchen
16.2- 2HDDSN-212 1 Jan 08Rewarding Triplets
0.2- 315 Jan 08New Guest Room
17.2- 3HDDSN-202 9 Jan 08New Living Room
18.2- 4HDDSN-20816 Jan 08New Guest Room
19.2- 5HDDSN-21030 Jan 08Deserving Sorority Sisters
20.2- 6HDDSN-205 6 Feb 08Ex-WNBA Star Makeover
21.2- 7HDDSN-20913 Feb 08The Green Home
22.2- 8HDDSN-20420 Feb 08Real Life Brady Bunch
23.2- 9HDDSN-20327 Feb 08Rewarding a Hardworking Teen
24.2-10HDDSN-21119 Mar 08Tanner's Totes
25.2-11HDDSN-20619 Mar 08The Empty Nester
26.2-12HDDSN-20719 Mar 08New Rooms for the Kids
27.2-13HDDSN-21326 Mar 08Back to School Parents
Season 3
28.3- 1HDDSN-303 2 Jul 08Together for Hope
29.3- 2HDDSN-302 9 Jul 08Winning Spirit
30.3- 3HDDSN-30116 Jul 08Open Arms, Open Home
31.3- 4HDDSN-30423 Jul 08Professor of Humanity
32.3- 5HDDSN-30730 Jul 08Iraqi War Widow
0.3- 530 Aug 08War Widow: Keep Memories Alive
33.3- 6HDDSN-30630 Jul 08Home Cookin' for the Homeless
34.3- 7HDDSN-308 6 Aug 08'The Next Stop' for the Mentally Disabled
0.3- 712 Aug 08Helping Hand to the World
0.3- 723 Aug 08The Next Stop
35.3- 8HDDSN-310 6 Aug 08Teens: Building a Successful Future
36.3- 9HDDSN-30913 Aug 08Helping Hand to the World
37.3-10HDDSN-311 3 Sep 08Leading the Fight for Fitness
38.3-11HDDSN-31213 Sep 08Coach of the Year
39.3-12HDDSN-30520 Sep 08Moving In With Mother-in-Law
40.3-13HDDSN-31311 Oct 08A Safe Haven
41.3-14HDDSN-4Q0816 Nov 08French Country Christmas
Season 4
42.4- 1HDDSN-40110 Jan 09Team Spirit
0.4- 2 7 Mar 09Music to Live By
43.4- 2HDDSN-40217 Jan 09Classic Work and Living Space
44.4- 3HDDSN-40417 Jan 09Living Life Full Throttle
45.4- 4HDDSN-40624 Jan 09A Sun Porch Becomes an Artist's Studio
46.4- 5HDDSN-40531 Jan 09A Cheery Home Office for a Speech Pathologist
47.4- 6HDDSN-407 7 Feb 09Caribbean Style in a Living/Dining Room
48.4- 714 Feb 09A Contemporary Outdoor Space for a Family
49.4- 8HDDSN-40921 Feb 09A Workspace for Quadruplets and a Retreat for Their Busy Parents
0.4- 921 Feb 09Four Means More
50.4- 9HDDSN-40328 Feb 09Animal 911
51.4-10HDDSN-41114 Mar 09A Cancer Survivor Is Treated to a Master Suite Makeover
52.4-11HDDSN-41321 Mar 09A Contemporary Home Makeover for a World Traveling Wellness Warrior
53.4-12HDDSN-41028 Mar 09A Modern Master Suite for a Fundraising Dynamo
54.4-13 4 Apr 09The River Keeper
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