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Digimon Fusion

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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A boy who has gained the ability to combine different digital creatures to enhance their power enters the Digital World with his friends to save it from being taken over by an evil empire.
Show Details:
Start date: Jul 2010
End date: Mar 2012
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Asahi (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 79 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama, Science Fiction
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1 Digimon Xros Wars
1.1-1 06 Jul 10Mikey Goes to Another World
2.1-2 13 Jul 10He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar
3.1-3 20 Jul 10A Rival Appears
4.1-4 27 Jul 10Island Zone in Chaos!
5.1-5 03 Aug 10Thanks for the Digicards
6.1-6 10 Aug 10Crisis or Conquest
7.1-7 17 Aug 10Danger Erupts
8.1-8 24 Aug 10Meltdown in the Magma Zone
9.1-9 31 Aug 10Dorulumon's True Colors!
10.1-1014 Sep 10The Rival Champions!
11.1-1114 Sep 10Ice to See You, Angie!
12.1-1212 Oct 10Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My!
13.1-1319 Oct 10Mikey, Warrior of Light!
14.1-1426 Oct 10Showdown in the Sand Zone!
15.1-1502 Nov 10Trouble in Paradise
16.1-1616 Nov 10A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone!
17.1-1723 Nov 10Clash in the Clouds
18.1-1830 Nov 10Welcome in the Jungle Zone!
19.1-1907 Dec 10Rumble in the Jungle Zone!
20.1-2014 Dec 10Train of Terror!
21.1-2121 Dec 10Disaster in the Dust Zone!
22.1-2211 Jan 11Lost in Digital Space
23.1-2318 Jan 11Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown!
24.1-2425 Jan 11Monitamission Impossible
25.1-2501 Feb 11Showdown in Shaky Town!
26.1-2608 Feb 11Shoutmon - Bogus King or the Real Thing?
27.1-2715 Feb 11Sweet Zone Bake-Off!
28.1-2822 Feb 11Battle in the Digital Depths
29.1-2901 Mar 11Fall of the Final Code Crown
30.1-3008 Mar 11When Worlds Collide
Season 2 Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms
31.2-1 03 Apr 11Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland!
32.2-2 10 Apr 11Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!
33.2-3 17 Apr 11Vampire Land and the Moonlight General
34.2-4 24 Apr 11Hang On, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX
35.2-5 01 May 11The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honeyland
36.2-6 08 May 11Sweet Revenge: The Horrors of Honeyland!
37.2-7 15 May 11Ewan and the Land of Illusion
38.2-8 22 May 11Psyche-Out in Cyber Land!
39.2-9 29 May 11The Water Tiger's Slippery Trap
40.2-1005 Jun 11Gold Land and the Irate Pirate!
41.2-1112 Jun 11Ballistamon's Bad News Blast from the Past!
42.2-1226 Jun 11Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!
43.2-1303 Jul 11Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship
44.2-1417 Jul 11Regeneration Frustration!
45.2-1524 Jul 11Dark Side of the Sun
46.2-1631 Jul 11The Dark Side of Bright Land
47.2-1707 Aug 11The Battle of the Young Generals
48.2-1814 Aug 11Beezlemon's Revenge!
49.2-1921 Aug 11The Darkest Dark General of All!
50.2-2028 Aug 11Prison Land
51.2-2111 Sep 11Rotten to the Digi-Core!
52.2-2218 Sep 11D5 and the Brotherhood of Evil!
53.2-2318 Sep 11The Darkness Before the Dawn
54.2-2425 Sep 11Final Fusion! The Fight for Earth!
Season 3 Digimon Xros Wars - The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time
55.3-1 02 Oct 11We Are Digimon Hunters!
56.3-2 09 Oct 11Students Are Disappearing! The Wavering Shadow of Sagomon
57.3-3 16 Oct 11The Robot Club's Dream, Pinocchimon's Temptation
58.3-4 23 Oct 11Honor Students Are Targeted! Blossomon's Smile
59.3-5 30 Oct 11Cuteness Caution! The Cute Hunter, Airu's Trap!
60.3-6 06 Nov 11Digimon Kendo Match! The Blade of Kotemon Approaches!!
61.3-7 13 Nov 11Okonomiyaki Panic! A Town Full of Pagumon
62.3-8 20 Nov 11The Digimon Hunt is Booming! The Remarkable Shopping District Hunter!!
63.3-9 27 Nov 11The Digimon Hunt Thrives! The Remarkable Shopping District Hunter!!
64.3-1004 Dec 11Arrival in Hong Kong! Protect the Super Gorgeous Idol!!
65.3-1111 Dec 11Tagiru Goes Limp?! Gumdramon's in Trouble!!
66.3-1218 Dec 11Delicious? Disgusting? The Digimon Ramen Face-Off!
67.3-1325 Dec 11World Travel for Kids Only! The Digimon Dream Train
68.3-1408 Jan 12The Great Gathering of Hunters! A Fierce Digimon Battle on a Southern Island!
69.3-1515 Jan 12You Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise
70.3-1622 Jan 12A Thrilling Horror Experience! The Spirit Hunter's Shout!!
71.3-1729 Jan 12Resemblance or None at All? The Thief in Disguise, Betsumon
72.3-1805 Feb 12The Great Gathering of UFOs and Dinosaurs! Ekakimon of Dreams
73.3-1912 Feb 12The Great Undersea Adventure! Find the Treasure Digimon of Dreams!
74.3-2019 Feb 12The Rare Cards Have Disappeared! The Invincible RookChessmon
75.3-2126 Feb 12The Theme Park of Dreams, DigimonLand!
76.3-2204 Mar 12The Golden Insect! The Mystery of MetallifeKuwagamon
77.3-2311 Mar 12Now Revealed! The Secret of the Digimon Hunt
78.3-2418 Mar 12The Great Gathering of Legendary Heroes! The Digimon All-Stars Showdown!!
79.3-2525 Mar 12Get Fired Up, Tagiru! The Digimon Hunt for All the Glory!
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