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El Rey Nation

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 0:00
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Four fans of popular culture discuss and dissect their favorite movies, comics, games, etc.
Show Details:
Start date: May 2019
End date: Aug 2020
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): El Rey (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 62 eps
Genre(s): Talk
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 02 May 19Dragons, Debates, and Reboots, Oh My!
2.1-2 09 May 19Long Day's Journey into FIGHT BOARD!
3.1-3 16 May 19That IS a Tasty Burger!
4.1-4 23 May 19The Talk of Atonement!
5.1-5 30 May 19Nerds 'n' Knuckles
6.1-6 06 Jun 19Comedy, Comics & Cocktails
7.1-7 13 Jun 19Restrictions and Progression
8.1-8 20 Jun 19Weird Love & Normal Comics
9.1-9 27 Jun 19Young Adults & Children's Games
10.1-1011 Jul 19Bats, Both Vampire and Otherwise
11.1-1118 Jul 19Off to the Racists & Looking to the Super Future
12.1-1225 Jul 19Tears For Jeers
13.1-1301 Aug 19Chip 'n' Quip
14.1-1408 Aug 19The Unwatchables
15.1-1515 Aug 19How to Make Friends and Influence Nerds
16.1-1622 Aug 19Welcome to Fad Camp!
17.1-1729 Aug 19Corporate Puppets & Effect Affection
18.1-1805 Sep 19Kaiju 101 with Professor Vanessa
19.1-1912 Sep 19Random Connections & Subsequent Superkids
20.1-2019 Sep 19Mistakes Were Made, Endings Were Fixed
21.1-2126 Sep 19Fight Board with a Vengeance!
22.1-2203 Oct 19Love in the Time of Gymkata
23.1-2310 Oct 19Look and See, It's on TV, It's El Rey Nation
24.1-2417 Oct 19Fun and Games and Anime
25.1-2524 Oct 19Kids in the Halloween
26.1-2631 Oct 19Annie Halloween
27.1-2707 Nov 19Block-buster Party Summer!
28.1-2814 Nov 19Dungeons and Dragons and Democracy
29.1-2921 Nov 19The El Rey Nation Affair
30.1-3005 Dec 19El Rey Assassi-Nation!
31.1-3112 Dec 19Random Reimaginings & Conscious Connections
32.1-3219 Dec 19Wolverine and the X-Mas
33.1-3302 Jan 20It's all Art & Games
34.1-3409 Jan 20A Slaying Song Tonight
35.1-3516 Jan 20A Shot at the Title... of the Episode
36.1-3623 Jan 20El Rey Noir
37.1-3730 Jan 20The Last Five Films You'll Ever See
38.1-3806 Feb 20Our Entrance into the Hall of Game
39.1-3913 Feb 20Rolling with the E.T.s
40.1-4020 Feb 20Zombie's Symposium
41.1-4127 Feb 20The Presidential Cheat Codes
42.1-4205 Mar 20Run For Covers!
43.1-4312 Mar 20The Devils and the Duplicates
44.1-4419 Mar 20The Best of 2019!
45.1-4526 Mar 20Bend It like Bendis
46.1-4617 Jun 20Pretty Floral Bonnet
47.1-4724 Jun 20Good Job, Sport!
48.1-4824 Jun 20Like Father, Like John Romita Jr.
49.1-4901 Jul 20The Simpsons Synposium
50.1-5001 Jul 20Sexism and Other Realities
51.1-5108 Jul 20Separation of Art and Artist
52.1-5208 Jul 20Child's Play and Hero's Pay
53.1-5315 Jul 20Time, and Trinkets Made Treasure
54.1-5415 Jul 20Not All Journos Wear Capes
55.1-5522 Jul 20Theories: Both String, and Conspiracy
56.1-5622 Jul 20Talk & Addiction
57.1-5729 Jul 20The Pages of the Sages and the Comics of the King
58.1-5829 Jul 20Surviving the Movies and Remembering the Cartoons
59.1-5905 Aug 20Heavy Duties
60.1-6005 Aug 20Settling the Score
61.1-6112 Aug 20Huge Number 2's
62.1-6212 Aug 20Are You Sirius?
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