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There are many people to thank for their various contributions to these guides. We generally note them within the guide that they specifically contributed to; however, the following people have made significant contributions, some without realizing it!

Donna Lemaster

(Contributed many of her guides to our site.)
Sadly, Donna died in February of 1998; for her early contributions we dedicate this site to her memory.

Daniel Andersson

(Inspired the format for the Titles & Air Dates Guide.)

Jeff Hein

(Established a majority of the look for the Episode Guide.)

Steven Warren Hill

(Provided insight with some HTML tricks he knows. He also helped with the one of the earlier redesign of these pages).
Visit his shillPages; home of the Doctor Who Image Archive, The Fay Wray Pages and more.

Dave Chapman

And finally, Dave Chapman, mastermind behind the TARDIS TV Archive.
Dave fell off the face of the Earth quite some time ago, which caused us to take the course of action that created the Episode Guides Page and finally this site.

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