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Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1978
End date: Jan 1980
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 32 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Action/Adventure, Children, Crime/Mystery, Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 09 Sep 78A Heap of Trouble
2.1-2 16 Sep 78A Creep from the Deep
3.1-3 23 Sep 78The Shocking Creature Feature
4.1-4 30 Sep 78Westward Ho to the UFO
5.1-5 07 Oct 78The Great Ape Escape
6.1-6 14 Oct 78Dinosaur Daze
7.1-7 21 Oct 78Don't Abra When You Cadabra
8.1-8 28 Oct 78Space Monster Mishap
9.1-9 04 Nov 78The Invisible Menace Mix-Up
10.1-1011 Nov 78The Cuckoo Carnival Calamity
11.1-1118 Nov 78Begone, You Amazon
12.1-1225 Nov 78Snow Job Jitters
13.1-1302 Dec 78The Goofy Gargoyle Goof-Up
14.1-1409 Dec 78A Toothy Shark is No Lark
15.1-1516 Dec 78Where's the Wolf That's the Werewolf?
16.1-1623 Dec 78Don't Get Mean with the Cobra Queen
Season 2
17.2-1 22 Sep 79There is Nothing Worse Than a Stony Curse
18.2-2 29 Sep 79Evil Guider of the Giant Spider
19.2-3 06 Oct 79Dr. Lupiter and the Thing from Jupiter
20.2-4 13 Oct 79Who Do the Voodoo
21.2-5 20 Oct 79The Creepy Goon from the Spooky Lagoon
22.2-6 27 Oct 79A Scary Affair in the Skullman's Lair
23.2-7 03 Nov 79A Time-Machine Trip to the Pirate's Ship
24.2-8 10 Nov 79The Ill-Will of Dr. Chill
25.2-9 17 Nov 79The Romantic Plot of the She-Wolf Robot
26.2-1024 Nov 79The Sinister Plan of Lizard Man
27.2-1101 Dec 79Royal Trouble with the King's Double
28.2-1208 Dec 79The Stone-Cold Dragon of Gold
29.2-1315 Dec 79The Evil Design of Vulture-Man's Mind
30.2-1422 Dec 79The Defiant Casablanca Giant
31.2-1529 Dec 79The Film Fiasco of Director Disastro
32.2-1605 Jan 80A Goofy Bungle in the Filipino Jungle
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