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Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman

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A game show in which an animated dog issues wild real-world challenges to a group of kid contestants.
Show Details:
Start date: May 2006
End date: Nov 2010
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): PBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 100 eps
Genre(s): Children, Game/Quiz
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 29 May 063-2-1 Blast Off!
2.1-2 30 May 06Good Dancing and Bad Teeth
3.1-3 31 May 06How to Get Out Your Inner Hip Hop
4.1-4 01 Jun 06Cats? I Thought You Said Kites!
5.1-5 05 Jun 06Ye Olde Colonial Episode
6.1-6 06 Jun 06Saturday Night with a Slight Fever
7.1-7 07 Jun 06To Bee or Not to Bee
8.1-8 08 Jun 06B.L.T. for Breakfast
9.1-9 12 Jun 06The Mystery of the Missing Thing in the Haunted Castle
10.1-1013 Jun 06This Old Lemonade Stand
11.1-1114 Jun 06It's Raining Cats and Dogs
12.1-1215 Jun 06That Doesn't Float My Boat
13.1-1319 Jun 06Send in the Clowns
14.1-1420 Jun 06Grandma Ruffman's Recipe for Success
15.1-1521 Jun 06Tryin' Chef
16.1-1622 Jun 06Don't Put the Kart Before the Sea Lion
17.1-1726 Jun 06Relaxin' with Ruff
18.1-1827 Jun 06Scat Cat, Scat
19.1-1928 Jun 06Ruff Ruffman Spaces Out
20.1-2029 Jun 06The Dogcathalon Finale (Grand Finale)
Season 2
21.2-1 28 May 07Ruff Ruffman Breaks the Mold
22.2-2 29 May 07Ruff's Case of Blues on the Brain
23.2-3 30 May 07You Lucky Dog
24.2-4 31 May 07Ruff's Big Break
25.2-5 04 Jun 07The Mystery of Dogtopia and Catlantis
26.2-6 05 Jun 07Reducing the Calories and Cats in Your Life
27.2-7 06 Jun 07I'm OK, You're Okra
28.2-8 07 Jun 07The Small Fork is for Dessert (Unless You're a Dolphin)
29.2-9 11 Jun 07Roughing It with Ruff
30.2-1012 Jun 07Ruff's Bowling is Going Downhill
31.2-1113 Jun 07Mush If by Land, Mush Mush If by Sea
32.2-1214 Jun 07Still More Mush If by Land, Mush Mush If by Sea
33.2-1318 Jun 07Yippie Tie Yie Yay, Get Along Little Doggies
34.2-1419 Jun 07Tape Loops and Loop-the-Loops
35.2-1520 Jun 07A Lobster Bake? Oh Buoy!
36.2-1621 Jun 07How to Get Dogs and Doggerel in Better Shape
37.2-1725 Jun 07Scruff Ruffman at Large!
38.2-1826 Jun 07Take Me Out to the Fashion Show
39.2-1927 Jun 07CSI Ruff
40.2-2028 Jun 07The Grand Prizeless Grand Finale
Season 3
41.3-1 29 Sep 08The Debut of Smell-O-Vision
42.3-2 30 Sep 08When Home is a House of Cards
43.3-3 01 Oct 08Just Call Him Spot
44.3-4 02 Oct 08Mr. Ruffman Goes to Washington
45.3-5 07 Oct 08Mission Improbable
46.3-6 08 Oct 08How Not to Impress a Poodle's Mother
47.3-7 09 Oct 08There's Food Safety and Then There's Food Safety
48.3-8 13 Oct 08Do-Se-Dos and Do-Se-Don'ts
49.3-9 14 Oct 08The Dogvinci Code
50.3-1015 Oct 08What's Bugging Ruff
51.3-1115 Oct 08Will They Like the Show? It's a Shoe-In!
52.3-1216 Oct 08Socket to Me
53.3-1320 Oct 08Dog of the Rings
54.3-1421 Oct 08Arrgh - All Me Eggs are Cracked
55.3-1522 Oct 08Feeling Sheepish Ruff?
56.3-1623 Oct 08I'll Ruff and I'll Ruff and I'll Blow Your House Down
57.3-1727 Oct 08The People vs. Grandma Ruffman
58.3-1828 Oct 08Just Toying with Ruff
59.3-1929 Oct 08The Ol' Switcheroo
60.3-2030 Oct 08The Season 3 Finale: Ruff & Scruff - The Untold Story
Season 4
61.4-1 11 Sep 09Season Four is Canceled
62.4-2 15 Sep 09Don't Like Fencing? Try Fencing!
63.4-3 16 Sep 09The RuffMeal Needs More Roughage
64.4-4 17 Sep 09Ruff Pigs Out and Has a Whale of a Time
65.4-5 21 Sep 09Ruff's Just Fueling Around
66.4-6 22 Sep 09Finding Eight-Legged Tights Isn't Easy
67.4-7 23 Sep 09Ruff Rocks the (Environmentally Sustainable) House!
68.4-8 24 Sep 09Doggie Duties
69.4-9 28 Sep 09How Not to Impress the Press
70.4-1029 Sep 09How to Break the Ice and also Waddle on It
71.4-1130 Sep 09Blossom Bawls While Ruff Has a Ball with Balls
72.4-1201 Oct 09Ruff Bounces Back
73.4-1305 Oct 09Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? It's... Ruffmanman!
74.4-1406 Oct 09Shrimp a la Cart
75.4-1507 Oct 09Ruff Needs His Herring Checked
76.4-1608 Oct 09LePurr Strikes (Laser/Candid Camera)
77.4-1712 Oct 09Ruff's Yard Sale Makes a Racket
78.4-1813 Oct 09Gearing Up for Getting Ruff's Goat
79.4-1914 Oct 09How to Really Train Your Dog
80.4-2015 Oct 09Fetch Finale IV: The Prophecy Fulfilled!
Season 5
81.5-1 03 Oct 10Ruff Fetches the Fetchers
82.5-2 04 Oct 10Game Show Isle
83.5-3 05 Oct 10You Can't Teach an Orange Dog New Tricks
84.5-4 06 Oct 10The Ol' Shell Game
85.5-5 10 Oct 10Ruffman Manor is Haunted
86.5-6 11 Oct 10It's Ruff in the Ring
87.5-7 12 Oct 10A Whole Flock of Cheese
88.5-8 13 Oct 10How Much Frosting Can You Bear?
89.5-9 17 Oct 10The Legend of Ruffman's Gold
90.5-1018 Oct 10Who Wants to Trade for Some Old Tracks?
91.5-1119 Oct 10Eureka is Not a Brand of Dog Food
92.5-1220 Oct 10That Sculpture Isn't Yours, It's Mime
93.5-1324 Oct 10Look What the Dog Dug Up!
94.5-1425 Oct 10Ruff Follows His Dream
95.5-1526 Oct 10Birds are Handy!
96.5-1627 Oct 10Wolfing Down Some Barbeque
97.5-1730 Oct 10Go Belugas Go!
98.5-1801 Nov 10Snoop Dog
99.5-1902 Nov 10Long Glen Silver and the Pursuit of the Golden Fetchie!
100.5-2003 Nov 10The FETCH! Finale
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