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aired from: Apr 1997 to: Feb 1998 28 eps, 5 unaired NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


(NBC press release)

"Taking its lead from today's business headlines, Fired Up is a comedy starring three-time Emmy nominee Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue) and Leah Remini (Saved by the Bell) as victims of a major corporate downsizing, both ousted from their jobs at a prestigious New York marketing and promotions firm on the same day. For six years, Terry Reynolds has been the long-suffering assistant to Gwen Leonard, a very creative but self-absorbed executive with big ideas and a bigger fear of hard work. Once unemployed, the two women go their separate ways, but it doesn't take long for Gwen and Terry to realize they still need each other. Only this time they agree to be equal partners as well as roommates, forced to live and work out of a SoHo loft with Terry's younger brother, Danny until they get their business off the ground. Veteran actor Jonathan Banks co-stars as Guy, owner of the neighborhood bar and nightclub, where Danny, a struggling writer, works.

Although the series will focus on Gwen and Terry's struggle to run their own business, executive producer Victor Fresco says that Fired Up will not be a traditional 'workplace comedy.' 'The emphasis of the show will be on exploring the relationship between two very different women who will have a hard time adjusting to being equal partners,' Fresco says. 'The transition will be particularly difficult for Gwen because she has not only lost her job, but her money, her home and even her station in life.'"

Production credits:
Grammnet Productions in association with Paramount Network Television
Created by Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky
Executive producers: Victor Fresco, Kelsey Grammer and Rudy Hornish
Co-executive producers: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky
Produced by Tim Berry
Co-producer: Cheryl Dolins
Association producers: Mark Petulla, Stewart Halpern
Supervising producers: Thom Bray and Michael Ross
Consulting producers: Linda Teverbaugh and Mike Teverbaugh
Producer: Barbara Dorio
Coordinating producer: Cheryl Dolins
Staff writers: Kit Boss, Aron Abrams and Greg Thompson
Art director: Wendell Johnson
Costume designer: Nanrose Buchman
Editor: Kenny Tintorri
Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

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    1st Season Spring 1997

  1. "Pilot"
    gs: Robert Costanzo [ Mr. Agular ], Carol Ann Susi [ Meat Selling Woman ]

    rc: Mrs. Francis, Ashley

    In the opener, Gwen's life changes radically. She loses her job, is booted out of her condo, and discovers that she's in the same sorry position as her former assistant Terry, a victim of downsizing. Desperate to rebuild her life, Gwen begs Terry to take her on as both a roommate and a business partner. Meanwhile, Terry has taken on temporary work designing dresses for drag queens and telemarketing meat.

    b: 10 Apr 97 pc: 101 w: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky and Victor Fresco s: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky d: James Burrows
  2. "The Next Day"
    gs: Todd Louiso [ Little H. ], Austin Pendleton [ Bobby H. ], Vic Polizos [ Customer ], Steven Hack [ Applicant ]

    rc: Mrs. Francis

    Terry and Gwen clash over Guy's suggestion for their first client: an aspiring stand-up comedian known as Little H.. The problem? He's the no-talent son of mobster Bobby H., whom no one wittingly crosses.

    b: 17 Apr 97 pc: 102 w: Victor Fresco d: James Burrows
  3. "Who's the Boss"
    gs: Judy Geeson [ Alissa Leeds ], Jack Heller [ Maitre 'd ], Lisa Passero [ Woman ], Kelsey Grammar [ Texas Millionaire ]

    A wealthy radio-station owner gets duped when Terry masquerades as Gwen to prove her point that handling practical details is tougher than coming up with promotional ideas.

    b: 24 Apr 97 pc: 103 w: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky d: Max Tash
  4. "They Sell Horses, Don't They?"
    gs: Karl Malone [ Himself ], Joseph V. Perry [ Kenny ], Lizette Carrion [ Jenna ], Roger Scott [ Man ]

    When Gwen finds the receipt for a racehorse she purchased long ago, Terry insists she sell it to buy office supplies. But Gwen thinks the old mare has a good race left in her.

    b: 1 May 97 pc: 104 w: Kit Boss d: Rod Daniel
  5. "A Concurrent Affair"
    gs: D.W. Moffett [ James Collins ], Sean G. Griffith [ Officer Mike ], Richard Steinmetz [ Customer ]

    Terry and Gwen are both taken with James Collins, a handsome, boyishly shy client, but agreed that clients are off limits in their personal lives -- then discover that he is sleeping with both of them.

    b: 8 May 97 pc: 108 w: Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh d: James Burrows
  6. "The Rules"
    gs: Leslie Bibb [ Lana ], J.D Hall [ Mr. Francis ], Peter Kim [ Mr. Kim ], Lucille Soong [ Mrs. Kim ], Kevin Spirtas [ John ], Christopher Cass [ Customer #2 ], Scott Kiban [ Customer #1 ], Christopher Michael [ Customer #3 ], Juan Garcia [ Customer #4 ]

    rc: Mrs. Francis

    It's time to set some ground rules for sharing the loft, especially when Danny's active sex life keeps Gwen awake. But when Terry limits Gwen's marathon morning bathroom sessions to 30 minutes, the disheveled prima donna begs her unemployment counselor for a soak in her tub -- setting off an escalating chain of disasters.

    b: 15 May 97 pc: 106 w: Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson d: David Lee
  7. "Are We Not Friends?"
    gs: Valerie Wildman [ Silvia ], Wendy Schaal [ Susan ], Jillie Mack [ Eleanor ], James Paradise [ Emcee ]

    rc: Ashley

    Gwen fears attending a banquet because she believes that her snooty friends will gloat over her layoff, so Terry designs a stunning gown for her, only to have Gwen accidentally rip it and end up "borrowing" one from cross-dressing Ashley's collection.

    b: 15 May 97 pc: 105 w: Michael A. Ross & Thom Bray d: Will Mackenzie
  8. "Under Pressure"
    gs: June Lockhart [ Herself ], Robert Silver [ Mr. Talofa ], Andrea Stein [ Customer ]

    rc: Mrs. Francis

    Home sick, Gwen watches infomercials, eats Terry's delicious pressure cooker soup, and has an inspiration. She locates Mr. Talofa, a dealer with a warehouse of unsold pressure cookers, gets Danny to write an infomercial and Guy to agree to appear in it, then bribes Mrs. Francis to "accidentally" identify an out-of-work celebrity who might agree to pitch the product. June Lockhart agrees; the taping goes well, despite Danny's fury at his working class rhetoric cut out of the script; and the initial broadcast is a huge success, with phone orders pouring in. But after Gwen and Terry celebrate by buying new outfits, they must face an irate star threatening legal action: it seems Mr. Talofa has reneged on the deal and is trying to sell his cookers himself at the Canal Street flea market, while fans deluge the June Lockhart web site with angry e-mail. Can Gwen dream up a way out of this dilemma?

    b: 23 Jun 97 pc: 107 w: Danny Zucker d: James Burrows

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    2nd Season Spring 1997

    Production Credits 1997-2002:
    Executive producers: Victor Fresco, Rudy Hornish & Kelsey Grammer
    Co-executive producers: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky
    Supervising producers: Michael A. Ross & Thom Bray, Linda Teverbaugh & Mike Teverbaugh, Bill Barol
    Produced by Barbara Dorio
    Co-producer: Cheryl Dolins
    Associate producer: Joey Sarcoz
    Story editors: Kit Boss, Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson

  9. "The Mother of All Gwens"
    gs: Douglas Rowe [ Handsome Man ], Terrence Richard Jackson [ Produce Man ], Evan Spencer [ Checker ]

    rc: Rita

    Gwen's coolly distant, high-living mother Rita comes to visit with an unusual problem: she's made a career out of marrying elderly wealthy gentleman, but her latest deceased spouse practically cut her out of his will, leaving her temporarily financially embarrassed. Despite Terry's pointing out that Rita has never been there for her emotionally since her childhood, Gwen makes a heroic effort to pass on to Rita all that she has learned about practicality, and embarks on the cooking of her first chicken as a special dinner treat. But then Rita meets up with a handsome gentleman who has just made a killing on the stock market and wants her to help him celebrate. Meanwhile, Danny is upset that Guy has turned the bar into a Western-motif saloon to compete with the bar across the street.

    b: 22 Sep 97 pc: 203 w: Victor Fresco d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  10. "Truth and Consequences"
    gs: Dennis Lipscomb [ Donnie Rhymer ], Mary Page Keller [ Roberta York ], Leigh-Allyn Baker [ Janet ], Karla DeVito [ Woman ]

    rc: Ashley

    Terry and Gwen are anxious to land a promotional campaign for cosmetics tycoon Roberta York, but there's a problem. Back in her executive days, Gwen was late for an important meeting for personal reasons (a French boyfriend in town) and covered by telling a little white lie: that assistant Terry had been arresting for smash-and-grab jewelry theft. Oh, and that she was dangerously insane as well. Meanwhile, Ashley is so upset over a bad review that he decides to give up his drag act and work behind the bar; but he's so miserable doing it that Guy appeals for help to Donnie Rhymer, the drag artist who was Ashley's childhood inspiration.

    b: 29 Sep 97 pc: 201 w: Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  11. "You Don't Know Jack"
    gs: Kelsey Grammer [ Tom Whitman ], Geoffrey Blake [ Jack Goodman ], James Hampton [ Ben Franklin ], Jode Leigh Edwards [ Sherrie ]

    rc: Scott

    Angry that an old and unscrupulous rival is trying to woo their best client Tom Whitman away, Gwen and Terry scheme to outwit him by getting Terry a job at his company -- which, to her confusion and Gwen's fury, she just loves. Meanwhile, Danny's agent Scott tries to find work for one of the bar regulars who thinks he's Benjamin Franklin.

    b: 6 Oct 97 pc: 205 w: Kit Boss d: Jeff Melman

    NOTE: Continuity goof: Scott is an established character her but is introduced as a new character in next week's episode, obviously shown out of production order.
  12. "Swallow Your Bliss"
    gs: Benjamin Brown [ Customer #1 ], Andy Siegel [ Customer #2 ], Mark McPherson [ Chimp ], Ron Ostrow [ Bear #1 ], Carey Goldstein [ Bear #2 ]

    rc: Scott

    Oh, the compromises one must make in order to be employed: Mrs. Francis refuses to cook anything for Guy's bar but eggrolls; Danny gets a new agent who finds someone willing to produce his grim play about drug addiction -- but it's a children's theater company.

    b: 13 Oct 97 pc: 202 w: Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  13. "Total Recall"
    gs: Jack Scalia [ Frank Reynolds ], Benjamin Brown [ Jim ], Sean G. Griffin [ Officer Mike ], Nelson Mashita [ Waiter ]

    Trying to complain about newspaper delivery, Gwen dials a wrong number and hits it off with the unknown man she wakes; Terry ultimately persuades her to press "redial" to make a date with him, but in the meantime Danny has phoned his father Frank to make excuses for not helping him move -- so he and Terry are horrified to discover that Gwen is now dating their father. Meanwhile, Guy tries hard to persuade Terry not to throw him a birthday party, as his birthdays have always been disasters. Does she listen? Is she sorry?

    b: 20 Oct 97 pc: 206 w: Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh d: Gordon Hunt
  14. "Beat the Clock"
    gs: John de Lancie [ Mr. Lux ], Benjamin Brown [ Jim ], Jean Speegle Howard [ Mrs. Morton ], David Correia [ Leo ], Eric Bizot [ Waiter ]

    Kept awake by the random ticking of the broken clock in the tower, Gwen overrides the furious protests of Terry and Danny to face down Mr. Lux, their bizarre landlord, a recluse obsessed with predatory birds. He fixes their clock all right -- now it deafens them every hour on the hour when the big bell strikes. In desperation, they try to convince Mr. Lux that the clock is nesting ground for an endangered species of eagle.

    b: 27 Oct 97 pc: 207 w: Aron Abrams & Gregory Thomspson d: Pamela Fryman
  15. "The Baby-Sitter's Club"
    gs: Nicole Sullivan [ Debbie ], Janelle Ginestra [ Molly ], David Dundara [ Joey ], JB Gaynor [ David ], Morina Pierce [ Beverly ], Jennifer Joslyn [ Didi ], Tracy Vilar [ Gina ], Angelo Pagan [ Bartender ], Jay Galle [ Stud ]

    To prove she's become a nicer person, Gwen blithely offers to baby-sit the children of Terry's old high school pals so the women can have a night out. Gwen and oldest child Molly wind up teaching each other a lesson about accepting changes in one's circumstances, while Terry does something with a man she's never done before -- network.

    b: 10 Nov 97 pc: 208 w: Bill Barol d: Pamela Fryman
  16. "In Your Dreams"
    gs: Don Cornelius [ Himself ], Phil Leeds [ Marty ], Lisa Thornhill [ Kelly Jenkins ]

    rc: Ashley, Scott

    Gwen becomes jealous when Guy gets a new girlfriend.

    b: 17 Nov 97 pc: 215 w: Don Rhymer d: Will MacKenzie
  17. "Honey, I Shrunk the Turkey"
    gs: John Aniston [ Gordon ], Al Ruscio [ Manny ], Bud Sabatino [ Counter Man ]

    rc: Rita, Tina

    An adventurous Gwen decides to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner but her plans go awry when Danny forgets to pick up the turkey and her mother Rita arrives unexpectedly -- unaware that Gwen has invited Gordon, who used to be Rita's lawyer and then stood her up at the altar.

    b: 24 Nov 97 pc: 209 w: Kit Boss d: Ken Levine
  18. "Ten Grand a Dance"
    gs: Andrew Hill Newman [ Brian ], Tom Wilson [ Steve ], Christine Moore [ Betsy ], Eric Scott Woods [ Ralph ]

    rc: Scott, Tina

    Complications ensue when Gwen persuades Terry and Danny to join her in allowing themselves to be sold off as part of Mrs. Francis's school charity auction. Sleazy Scott gets Terry cheap by spreading rumors that she is affiliated with the mob and has typhoid to book; Danny is bought by his mother Tina, furious that he keeps forgetting their lunch dates; and Guy arrives armed with a G-spot only to see Gwen sold for $25,000 to a mystery man who turns out to be an old high school acquaintance bent on re-creating the prom night that never was for him.

    b: 1 Dec 97 pc: 210 w: Aran Abrams & Gregory Thompson d: Will MacKenzie
  19. "Where There's Smoke"
    gs: Scott Patterson [ Mickey ], Jean Speegle Howard [ Mrs. Morton ], Tom Silardi [ Paramedic #1 ], Michael Mitz [ Man #1 ], Lee Allan [ Man #2 ], Ron Ostrow [ Man #3 ], Deborah Stile [ Waitress ]

    The heat is on for Gwen when Terry and Danny invite their old chum Mickey to dinner: he's a very hot fireman in her eyes, and he thinks she's not too bad either. Trouble is, neither will admit to being interested, and their mating dance consists of going to ridiculous lengths to avoid being seen to make the first move. Meanwhile, Danny hopes to gather snatches of overheard conversation for his new community newspaper column, but his eavesdropping in Clockworks only convinces him that the patrons are the dullest people on the planet, so he invents cocktail napkins with suggested conversational gambits -- which provoke fierce arguments.

    b: 22 Dec 97 pc: 216 w: Thom Bray & Michael A. Ross d: Will Mackenzie
  20. "You Go Boss!"
    gs: Tom Wilson [ Steve Summer ], Ron Ostrow [ Soldier ]

    Terry gets her chance to demonstrate what a "good boss" might be like when Gwen persuades her to hire Steve Summer, her old high school jock boyfriend who has just lost his job, his wife, and his car. But pity turns to fury when Terry discovers that her new underling is beyond incompetent at the simplest task. Meanwhile, Danny is trying to write a profile on Guy, but can't persuade his boss to lift the veil of secrecy on his mysterious past.

    b: 12 Jan 98 pc: 214 w: Kit Boss d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  21. "Beauty and the Priests"
    gs: Paul Cassell [ Bob ], Eddie Bowz [ Anthony ], Hamilton Von Watts [ Rick ], Pat Crawford Brown [ Sister Mary Grace ], Adrian Sparks [ Monsignor MacNeill ], Andre Jamal Kinney [ Small Boy ]

    Terry's in heaven - but fears she's going to hell --- when she resurrects her dating life with three righteous hunks who happen to be training for the priesthood. Meanwhile, Gwen has been persuaded to help out with a rummage sale, and can't believe her eyes when she spots a bonanza of designer clothes being sold for peanuts, so she ropes a reluctant Guy into helping her buy them for herself until they are caught by Guy's worst nightmare: a vindictive nun.

    b: 19 Jan 98 pc: 211 w: Bill Barol d: Leonard Garner Jr.
  22. "Mission: and A-Hopin'"

    rc: John de Lancie [ Mr. Lux ]

    When Terry, who's down with a bad cold and half-stoned on cough medicine, mistakenly gives the landlord a check written on their business account. While Gwen panics that they will be evicted from their rent-controlled loft for running a business on the premises. Terry falls into an uneasy slumber and a dream in which they enact a wildly complicated Mission Impossible plot to recover the check before Mr. Lux can become suspicious.

    b: 26 Jan 98 pc: 212 w: Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh d: Lee Shallat Chemel

    NOTE: This was a segment in NBC's rather poorly conceived evening of tributes to '50s and '60s television programs.
  23. "Fire and Nice"
    gs: Scott Patterson [ Mickey ], Tom Wilson [ Steve Summer ], Iqbal Theba [ Driver ], Nancy Kendal [ Flower Lady ], Richard Augustine [ Punk ]

    Gwen hits a snag in her relationship with Mickey when her ironclad rule to not have sex until the fifth date collides with his preference for spontaneity -- especially when it looks like Gwen will have to cook up some special spontaneity to enable Mickey to participate at all. Meanwhile, Guy decides a literary competition might give the bar more class, but it leads to a competitive clash between Danny and Terry, who wind up writing revealingly different reminiscences of the same day in their childhood.

    b: 9 Feb 98 pc: 213 w: Dwight D. Smith d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  24. "The Pajama Game"
    gs: Mark Davis [ Ashley Mann ], Nicole Sullivan [ Debbie ], Deborah Stile [ Watiress ]

    When Gwen goes camping with her boyfriend, Terry invites her recently divroced girlfriend to sleep over. Although Terry worrys that she is vulnerable, Debbie is really happy and Danny takes advantage of the dream relationship. But when Terry finds out of the relationship, she becomes over protected and learns to stop controlling people. This saves her relationship with Debbie, but Gwen is left helpless when she comes back. Meanwhile, Guy's gay son wants to play a baseball player who is not gay and tries to learn from Guy and Danny. After extensive training, the test is put when the guys watch the game at the bar.

    b: UNAIRED pc: 217 w: Lu Abbot, Stacey Berman-Woodward d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  25. "What I Really Want to Do is Direct"
    gs: Tom Wilson [ Steve Summer ], Al Ruscio [ Scalper ], William Bogert [ Man ], Ruth Engel [ Woman ]

    Nice guy and former boyfriend of Gwen, Steve, has a crush on Terry. Since she can't break up with men, Terry ends up leading him on and asks Gwen to dump him. Gwen can't confront him and tells him that Terry likes people who dance. So dancing Steve dances until Terry finally breaks up with him, but to console, Gwen plays a game of football with him outside. Meanwhile, Guy and Danny found money at the bar and uses it to buy Knick tickets. When a watch is found again, tickets are bought, but when the watch is that of a priest, the tickets go to the priest, the scalper gives the watch to the priest for a reward, and a lady comes in asking for the her lost (first-found) money.

    b: UNAIRED pc: 218 w: Arleen Sorkin, Paul Slansky d: Randy Suhr
  26. "Lustline"
    gs: Adam Carolla [ Himself ], Dr. Drew Pinsky [ Himself ], Diane Farr [ Herself ], Caroline Keenan [ Lisa ], Chris Elwood [ Bruce ], Kiva Dawson [ Wendy ], Jean Speegle Howard [ Mrs. Morton ]

    Danny starts to have uncomfortable sexual feelings toward roomate Gwen and goes to MTV's Loveline to talk about it. With Loveline looking for a location to broadcast in New York, Guy offers the bar to bring young customers. As Terry becomes a advisor on Loveline, everyone finds out Danny's feelings. While Terry's other advice to people on the show turns out to be useless, Danny and Terry try to solve the situation as the power is out. Even though the cast of Loveline enter as they end up almost undressed, Danny realizes who Gwen is and their relationship is saved.

    b: UNAIRED pc: 219 w: Michael A. Ross, Thom Bray s: Bill Barol d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  27. "Domestic Bliss"
    gs: Randee Heller [ Tina ], Kenneth Kimmins [ Mr. Kimble ], Jon Olito [ Sam Harris ], Tom WIlson [ Steve Summer ], Ron Ostrow [ Johnny ], Theresa Mulligan [ Woman ]

    Gwen needs a thryoid medication but her insurnace company won't pay for it because of a late payment, which she really paid. To try to get it on Terry's insurance, they must claim to be in a same sex relationship. With the help of Danny and indirectly Terry's mom Tina, Gwen takes advantage and they act like they are lesbians until the insurance company finds a birth conrol test and denies the coverage. At Clockworks, Guy becomes "Mr. New York" with his numerous connections and friendly advice/help until another man claims to be Mr. New York challenges him to a match. With Mrs. Francis help, the competition is set with the best dry cleaning, best tickets, and finally the fastest direction to the dry cleaning. Steve is given the task and completes it, but does not follow the last rule and Guy loses the title. In the last scene, the insurance guy's car is towed and asks for Guy's help. Guy threatens to provoke the man because of what he did to Gwen. The insurance guy agrees to giving Gwen the medication and Guy is proclaimed a hero for beating the insurance company. Finally, Gwen gives Guy a kiss and proclaims him her "Mr. New York."

    b: UNAIRED pc: 220 w: Craig Hoffman d: Lee Shallat Chemel

    NOTE: In Remini's E! celebrity profile, Lawrence was interviewed saying that this episode's kiss with Remini, just proved that the show had stooped low to get more ratings. Since this was the last episode in the USA network routine, this episode was probably the last filmed with the intention of being the season ending if it was picked up.
  28. "With Sex, You Get Eggroll"
    gs: Joni Allen [ Roxanne Crawford ], Andy Siegel [ Tony ], Tar Alexander [ Punk ], Benjamin Brown [ Customer #1 ], Kate Asner [ Customer #2 ], Yelba Osorio [ Waitress ], Carlos Lopez [ Customer #3 ], Richard Tacchino [ Customer #4 ], Carey Goldstein #5 ]

    rc: Mrs. Francis

    Just as she explains to Terry how to name Guy's new drink, Gwen losses her "creative process" of finding good ideas. Fresh from the unemployment office, Mrs. Francis is opening her egg roll store and her civil servant attitude is losing business. Gwen can't think of any good idea as she finds herself briefly giving into Guy's pickup lines. Meanwhile, Danny gets an interview with Roxanne Crawford but finds out that she's pretending to be gay for publicity. Once the secret is out, she invites everyone to go to the hip club "3rd Rail" that looks like a subway to watch her sing. At the club, Gwen finds the solution to match Mrs. Francis's personality: create the egg rolls place's atmosphere into that of an unemployment office. At that time, Roxanne's personally dedicates the new song to Danny with lyrics that humiliate him. The New York State Department of Egg Rolls restaurant becomes a success as Gwen finds herself filling out a form to Mrs. Francis, just like she did in the first episode.

    b: UNAIRED pc: 204 w: Michael A. Ross, Thom Bray d: Max Tash

    NOTE: The last scene of Gwen filing could also have been the series finale to conclude the series if it was not picked up.

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