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Fixer Upper

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Sat, 25 May 2024 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Apr 2014
End date: Apr 2018
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): HGTV (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 78 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 17 Apr 14Looking Old But Feeling New
2.1-2 24 Apr 14Young Family Embraces Revitalization Efforts Making Their Own History
3.1-3 01 May 14Nomadic Suburbanites Seek Unique Retro Residence
4.1-4 08 May 14Client Rebuilds Life with Renovated Home
5.1-5 15 May 14Can Big Budget Buy Elusive French Country in Waco
6.1-6 22 May 14The Gaines' Carpenter and Family Seek Urban Environment
7.1-7 29 May 14Family Returning to Waco Craves Cowboy Charm for Fixer Upper
8.1-8 05 Jun 14Single Mom Starts New Life with Fixer Upper
9.1-9 12 Jun 14Missionaries Enlist Kids to Find Retreat in Their Hometown of Waco, Texas
10.1-1019 Jun 14Couple Pursues Elusive Neighborhood Where Residents Never Leave
11.1-1126 Jun 14Physicians Seek Farmhouse for Growing Household
12.1-1203 Jul 14Professor and Family Crave Country Climate
13.1-1310 Jul 14Active Baby Boomers Seek Sanctuary Near Nature
Season 2
14.2-1 06 Jan 15Coffeehouse Owners Seek Home with Short Commute
15.2-2 13 Jan 15First Time Buyers Take a Chance on a Vintage Fixer Upper
16.2-3 20 Jan 15Searching for a New Homebuilder's Dream Home in an Old Neighborhood
17.2-4 27 Jan 15Almost Empty Nesters Want Waterfront Home
18.2-5 03 Feb 15Baby's Due Date Causes Rush to Renovate an Outdated Ranch
19.2-6 10 Feb 15An Old Friend Who Returns to Waco Hopes to Find a Family-Friendly Fixer Upper
20.2-7 17 Feb 15A College Chaplain Seeks Home to Keep the Peace
21.2-8 24 Feb 15A Young Family Hopes for Fixer in Older Neighborhood
22.2-9 03 Mar 15Couple with Baby on the Way Looks for a Funky Fixer Upper
23.2-1010 Mar 15Three Generations, One Fixer
24.2-1117 Mar 15Country Life Attracts Couple to Small Town Texas
25.2-1224 Mar 15Island Transplants Want a House Close to Water in Waco
26.2-1331 Mar 15Family Favors French Country Fixer
Season 3
27.3-1 01 Dec 15Finding Small Town Texas Charm for a Young Family
28.3-2 08 Dec 15School Spirit Spurs Home Search
29.3-3 15 Dec 15A Family Searches a Small Town for the Ultimate Open Space
30.3-4 22 Dec 15A Home Away from Home for the Holidays
31.3-5 01 Jan 16Chip and Jo's Favorite Houses and Never-Before-Seen Outtakes
32.3-6 05 Jan 16Convenience and Character Are on the Wish List for a House Hunting Waco Couple
33.3-7 12 Jan 16A Home for Country Living
34.3-8 19 Jan 16Making New Family Memories in Rural Texas
35.3-9 26 Jan 16A New Home for Newlyweds
36.3-1002 Feb 16Lackluster Fixer Changes to Contemporary Charm for Young Family
37.3-1109 Feb 16The Ultimate Bachelor Pad
38.3-1216 Feb 16Parents of College Students Find Fixer Close to Campus
39.3-1323 Feb 16Newlyweds Take on a Run-Down Fixer for Their Future Together
40.3-1401 Mar 16Chip and Jo Bring a Relaxing Coastal Feel to a Rural Fixer
41.3-1508 Mar 16Chip and Jo Give a Run-Down Tiny House a Total Makeover for an Adventurous, Young Couple
42.3-1615 Mar 16Single Foster Mom Finds Fixer for Future Family
43.3-1722 Mar 16Home in the Heart of Waco
44.3-1829 Mar 16A Home for Hospitality
Season 4
45.4-1 29 Nov 16A Dog-Loving Couple Searches for Their First Home
46.4-2 06 Dec 16After Recent Adoption, Family Finds Space to Thrive
47.4-3 13 Dec 16Bright, Open Design Transforms Couple's First Home Together
48.4-4 03 Jan 17Retiring to the Country
49.4-5 10 Jan 17A Veteran Home Makeover
50.4-6 17 Jan 17Traditional Goes Ultra Modern
51.4-7 24 Jan 17Son Surprises His Family with a Major Renovation
52.4-8 31 Jan 17Stately in White: From '80s to Elegant
53.4-9 07 Feb 17The Floating Fixer Upper
54.4-1014 Feb 17Sweet Surprise at the Silos
55.4-1121 Feb 17Space in the Suburbs
56.4-1228 Feb 17Tight Budgets and Big Dreams
57.4-1307 Mar 17Second Chance at a Country Home
58.4-1414 Mar 17Rustic Italian Dream Home
59.4-1521 Mar 17The Flipper Upper
60.4-1628 Mar 17The Colossal Crawford Reno
Season 5
61.5-1 21 Nov 17Austin Couple Finds Waco Charm
62.5-2 28 Nov 17Family Seeks Spacious Upgrade
63.5-3 05 Dec 17New Chapter for Family of Four
64.5-4 12 Dec 17Historic Tudor Style Home for a New Family
65.5-5 19 Dec 17Ranch House to Modern Mediterranean Retreat
66.5-6 02 Jan 18Flip House to Family Project
67.5-7 09 Jan 18New Chapter, New House
68.5-8 16 Jan 18A Classic, Traditional Beauty
69.5-9 23 Jan 18A Modern Cabin Makeover
70.5-1030 Jan 18Touchdown for a Family in Need
71.5-1106 Feb 18Big Budget for a Big House
72.5-1213 Feb 18Chip and Jo's Family Garden Project
73.5-1320 Feb 18A European Cottage-Style Dream Home with a View
74.5-1427 Feb 18All-American Farmhouse
75.5-1513 Mar 18A Downtown Loft Challenge for Chip and Jo
76.5-1620 Mar 18From City Life in Pakistan to a Farmhouse in Waco
77.5-1727 Mar 18Chip and Jo's Breakfast Joint
78.5-1803 Apr 18Rock Star Renovation
S04.4-0 27 Dec 16Bloopers, Outtakes and More
S05.5-0 03 Apr 18How We Got to Here: Looking Back on Fixer Upper
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