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Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Sun, 28 Apr 2024 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1966
End date: Jan 1967
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 10 min
Episodes: 54 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama, Horror
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 10 Sep 66The Bubbler [Impossibles]
2.1-2 10 Sep 66The Shocking Electrical Monster [Frankenstein Jr.]
3.1-3 10 Sep 66The Spinner [Impossibles]
4.1-4 17 Sep 66The Perilous Paper Doll [Impossibles]
5.1-5 17 Sep 66The Spyder Man [Frankenstein Jr.]
6.1-6 17 Sep 66Beamatron [Impossibles]
7.1-7 24 Sep 66The Burrower [Impossibles]
8.1-8 24 Sep 66The Menace from the Wax Museum [Frankenstein Jr.]
9.1-9 24 Sep 66Timeatron [Impossibles]
10.1-1001 Oct 66Smogula [Impossibles]
11.1-1101 Oct 66The Alien Brain from Outer Space (1) [Frankenstein Jr.]
12.1-1201 Oct 66The Sinister Speck [Impossibles]
13.1-1308 Oct 66Fero, the Fiendish Fiddler [Impossibles]
14.1-1408 Oct 66The Alien Brain from Outer Space (2) [Frankenstein Jr.]
15.1-1508 Oct 66Mother Gruesome [Impossibles]
16.1-1615 Oct 66Televisatron [Impossibles]
17.1-1715 Oct 66U.F.O. - Unidentified Fiendish Object [Frankenstein Jr.]
18.1-1815 Oct 66The Diabolical Dauber [Impossibles]
19.1-1922 Oct 66Aquator [Impossibles]
20.1-2022 Oct 66The Unearthly Plant Creatures [Frankenstein Jr.]
21.1-2122 Oct 66The Wretched Professor Stretch [Impossibles]
22.1-2229 Oct 66The Devilish Dragster [Impossibles]
23.1-2329 Oct 66The Deadly Living Images [Frankenstein Jr.]
24.1-2429 Oct 66The Return of the Spinner [Impossibles]
25.1-2505 Nov 66Satanic Surfer [Impossibles]
26.1-2605 Nov 66The Colossal Junk Monster [Frankenstein Jr.]
27.1-2705 Nov 66The Puzzler [Impossibles]
28.1-2812 Nov 66The Scheming Spraysol [Impossibles]
29.1-2912 Nov 66The Incredible Aqua-Monsters [Frankenstein Jr.]
30.1-3012 Nov 66The Scurrilous Sculptor [Impossibles]
31.1-3119 Nov 66The Artful Archer [Impossibles]
32.1-3219 Nov 66The Gigantic Ghastly Genie [Frankenstein Jr.]
33.1-3319 Nov 66The Insidious Inflator [Impossibles]
34.1-3426 Nov 66The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler [Impossibles]
35.1-3526 Nov 66The Birdman [Frankenstein Jr.]
36.1-3626 Nov 66The Return of the Perilous Paperman [Impossibles]
37.1-3703 Dec 66Cronella Critch, the Tricky Witch [Impossibles]
38.1-3803 Dec 66The Invasion of the Robot Creatures [Frankenstein Jr.]
39.1-3903 Dec 66The Terrible Twister [Impossibles]
40.1-4010 Dec 66Professor Stretch Bounces Back [Impossibles]
41.1-4110 Dec 66The Manchurian Menace [Frankenstein Jr.]
42.1-4210 Dec 66The Terrifying Tapper [Impossibles]
43.1-4317 Dec 66The Anxious Angler [Impossibles]
44.1-4417 Dec 66The Mad Monster Maker [Frankenstein Jr.]
45.1-4517 Dec 66The Rascally Ringmaster [Impossibles]
46.1-4624 Dec 66Billy the Kidder [Impossibles]
47.1-4724 Dec 66The Monstermobile [Frankenstein Jr.]
48.1-4824 Dec 66The Fiendish Dr. Futuro [Impossibles]
49.1-4931 Dec 66The Crafty Clutcher [Impossibles]
50.1-5031 Dec 66The Pilfering Putty Monster [Frankenstein Jr.]
51.1-5131 Dec 66The Infamous Mr. Instant [Impossibles]
52.1-5207 Jan 67The Bizarre Batter [Impossibles]
53.1-5307 Jan 67The Spooktaculars [Frankenstein Jr.]
54.1-5407 Jan 67The Not So Nice Mr. Ice [Impossibles]
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