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Cast Photo
aired from: Oct 2000 to: Jun 2001 13 eps FOX 60 min stereo closed captioned


  • Ethan Embry as Derek Barnes
  • Lisa Sheridan as Chloe Tanner
  • Karim Prince as Jason Tatum
  • Lizette Carrion as Lan Williams
  • Dennis Christopher as Vince Elsing

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      1st Season 2000

    1. "Subject: Fearsum"
      gs: Ali Hillis [ Crystal ], Scotch Ellis Loring [ Flr. Chief Holbein ], Phina Oruche [ Adult Virginia ], Ashley Holloway [ Child Virginia ], Jimmy Briscoe [ Gunther Mahlburg ], Luis Rodriguez [ Featherweight ], Robert Pike Daniel [ John White ], Curtis Kollar [ Redneck ], Wayne Pickens [ Young Adam ], Corey Pickens [ Young Derek ]

      Internet sleuth Derek Barnes probes the paranormal. He and his partners, Jason and Lan, stumble across some images that suggest that his supposedly deceased twin brother, Adam, is still alive. He seeks the truth with he help from his brother's fiancée, Chloe. Their search leads them to a spooky colonial escapade where they meet a lunatic and a shape-shifter.

      b: 6 Oct 00 pc: 1AEF79 w: Gregg Hale & Ricardo Festiva d: Todd Holland
    2. "Subject: Three Thirteen"
      gs: Jennifer Aspen [ Vicky ], Meredith Lieber [ Claudia ], Damon Seawell [ Max D'Angelo ], Farah Tahir [ Unknown ], Marc Goldsmith [ Deputy Sheriff ], Monique Edwards [ Nurse ]

      The Freakylinks gang is involved in the investigation of a pregnant woman who is apparently possessed.

      b: 13 Oct 00 pc: 1AEF02 w: Michael R. Perry d: Stephen Cragg

      NOTE: Thanks to the loyal viewers who constantly sent me e-mail about the synopsis for this episode.
    3. "Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die"
      gs: Patrick Fabian [ Wayne Redding ], Tushka Bergen [ Julie Marish ], Eric Szmanda [ Eli ], Travis Wester [ Bink ], Darryl Ferrer [ Ex-Sewer Worker ], Orlando Ashley [ Street Vendor ], Natasha Ivanova [ Sexy Executive ], Loren Lazerine [ Cop ], Daniel Lennox [ The Dude ]

      When Derek, Jason, Chloe and Lan go hunting for alligators in New York City's sewers, they find something even nastier and horrifying.

      b: 20 Oct 00 pc: 1AEF03 w: Juan Carlos Coto d: David Straiton
    4. "Subject: Coelacanth This!"
      gs: Ron Canada [ John Lockhart ], Bruce McCarty [ Sheriff ], Erika Christensen [ Cassie ], Boti Ann Bliss [ Unknown ], Janet Wood [ Tiffany ], Jack R. Orend [ Abner Gilerest ], Mark Ankeny [ Chuck Pierce ], Shawn Cozzens [ Brandon Dunhill ], Brandon Kessel [ Teenager ], Paul McCarthy-Bovington [ Welder ], Chelsea Parnell [ Little Girl ]

      The Freakylinks group is on a mission, which leads to mysterious deaths in a small town.

      b: 27 Oct 00 pc: 1AEF01 w: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner d: Jef Levy
    5. "Subject: Desert Squid! Myth or Legend?"
      gs: W. Earl Brown [ Falcon ], John Billingsley [ Joe ], Leslie Jordan [ Motel Manager ], Brogan Roche [ Unknown ], Richardson Morse [ Rancher ], Lisa Anne Hillman [ Teenage Girl ]

      Derek, Jason and Chloe try to find out the truth involving a desert squid that's on the loose for mutating livestock.

      b: 3 Nov 00 pc: 1AEF04 w: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner d: Scott Lautanen

      NOTE: Due to low ratings and the failure to gain viewers, the series was put on hiatus after only 5 episodes.
    6. "Subject: The Harbingers"
      gs: Daniel Roebuck [ Stu Carmichael ], Amelinda Smith [ Tamra ], Angus Scrimm [ Wilson Ashcroft ], Audrey Wasilewski [ Woman ], Jorge Luis Abreu [ Deepak ], Shawn H. Smith [ Kid ], Will Gerard [ Citizen ]

      Derek and his comrades probe a Florida town inhabited by a number of psychics, whose gifts are evidently being used for sinister purposes. Derek's brother, Adam, may have discovered that just before he met his apparent fate.

      b: 5 Jan 01 pc: 1AEF05 w: Juan Carlos Coto d: Jay Tobias

      NOTE: FOX decided to bring back to series with all-new episodes.

      Amelinda Smith is Ethan Embry's real-life wife.

    7. "Subject: Still I Rise"
      gs: Reno Wilson [ Gregory "XT" Purdell ], Leonard Roberts [ Boomer Truman ], Dawn Stern [ Joy Purdell ], Fabiana Udenio [ Stasilena ], John Vargas [ Alejandro Wexler ], Hal Ozsan [ Jamie Hallowell ], Alexander Folk [ Preacher ], Darrin T. Mangler [ T.Y. ], Matthew Senko [ Cameron ], Zak Charles Knuston [ Production Asst. ], Cole [ Herself ]

      Derek investigates the mystery of a dead hip-hop singer believed to have risen from the grave as a zombie.

      b: 12 Jan 01 pc: 1AEF06 w: Adisa Iwa d: Joe Napolitano
    8. "Subject: Me and My Shadow"
      gs: Tricia O'Kelley [ Jennifer ], Nancy Lenehan [ Dr. Gibson ], Matt Weinberg [ Sam ], Art Chudabala [ Unknown ], Frank Roman [ Unknown ], Ryan Bollman [ Conrad ], Lewis Arquette [ Bod Frewer ], Bergen Williams [ Nurse ], Farinaz Farrokh [ Teen Girl ]

      Chloe is asked to consult on a boy who pathologically fears the dark after seeing a mass-murder scene where the cause of death is unknown.

      b: 19 Jan 01 pc: 1AEFO7 w: Mark Verheiden d: Thomas Wright
    9. "Subject: The Stone Room"
      gs: Wendell Wright [ Leonard Tatum ], Judith Scott [ Mrs. Flora McCormick ], Constance Zimmer [ Tori ], Steve Vinovich [ Ted Carpenter ], Darlene Kardon [ Natalie ], Scott Lincoln [ Wallace Seaton ], David Booth [ Northgate Lawyer ], Karl Bury [ Lawyer ], Eddie Hargitay [ Kenneth ], Julianne Buescher [ Nurse ]

      Derek heads for Baltimore, MD to help Jason investigate supernatural strangeness at his estranged father's law firm.

      b: 26 Jan 01 pc: 1AEF08 w: Juan Carlos Coto d: David Grossman
    10. "Subject: Live Fast, Die Young"
      gs: Ryan Bollman [ Conrad ], Eric Balfour [ Chapin ], Paige Moss [ Claudia "Sweetie" Vance ], Finn Carter [ Sheriff ], Jeffrey Combs [ Ogden ], Rosalee Mayeux [ Viviette ], Zahn McClarnon [ Shecky Warrior-Moon ]

      Derek and the gang discover a group of "adrenaline vampires," after watching footage of a man jumping off a bridge 200 feet high and landing unharmed.

      b: 1 Jun 01 pc: 1AEF10 w: Michael R. Perry d: David Barrett

      NOTE: FOX once again decided to air the final four episodes of the series. The series was not renewed for a second season. These final four episodes will conclude the series once and for all.
    11. "Subject: Police Siren"
      gs: Peter Onorati [ Capt. Kendall ], Marina Black [ Renee Wright ], Kirk Baily [ Scott Hanover ], Bonnie Root [ Gwen Sullivan ], Vincent Duvall [ Marcus Osborne ], Sean Thibodeau [ Earl Woodley ], Randy Flagler [ Sid Zeidel ], Valerie Long [ Shelly ], Patricia Fraser [ Nurse ], Mirron E. Willis [ Cop #1 ], Greg Collins [ Cop #2 ]

      A police video shows a woman was in the rear of a car just before it exploded, but the only body at the scene is that of the officer who tried to rescue her.

      Featured music by: Anteros Bullet; Waco Brothers; Trailer Bride

      b: 8 Jun 01 pc: 1AEF11 w: Adisa Iwa d: Randy Miller
    12. "Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Streams"
      gs: Alan Young [ Gil ], Betsy Palmer [ Betty ], Jim Pirri [ Henry ], Hillary Danner [ Debbie ], Judy Kain [ Board Member ], Allen Bloomfield [ Andrew ], Bunny Summers [ Sara ], Lisa K. Wyatt [ Mindy ], Angela Oh [ Margaret ], Jon Powell [ 911 Operator ]

      To secure money for Chloe, Derek and Jason lie and deny the potential presence of a mythical creature at a retirement community. Then, a sudden death forces them to come clean.

      Featured music by: Squirrel Nut Zippers; The Mopes; Ramona Silver

      b: 15 Jun 01 pc: 1AEF09 w: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner d: Bill Norton
    13. "Subject: The Final Word"
      gs: Tamlyn Tomita [ Emma Reed ], Fred Koehler [ Colin Wales ], Taylor Nichols [ Gloria Hubbard ], Larry Poindexter [ Seth Hubbard ], Aaron Lustig [ Ted Clayton ], Steve Valentine [ Roger Spence ], Brian Tahash [ Cameraman Bob ], Brooke Benko [ Tawny Lambert ], Sheila Shaw [ Mrs. (Janet) Wales ], Phil Rodak [ Mailman ], Tom McCleister [ Homeless Man ], Tom Pardoe [ Shop Owner ], Matt Weinberg [ Sam Lowe ], Tricia O'Kelley [ Jennifer Lowe ]

      A newsmagazine follows the gang's look into a convicted teen murderer's claim that a "flying monster" actually killed his best friend.

      Featured music by: Soulfly

      b: 22 Jun 01 pc: 1AEF12 w: Mark Verheiden d: David Straiton

      NOTE: This is the best and amusing episode of the series.

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    Thanks to all who signed the petition!

    This series is from the producers of "The Blair Witch Project".

    The series had its own website, but it's now down because of the show's cancellation.

    Ethan Embry is best known from the hit teen movie "Can't Hardly Wait".

    Karim Prince was previously a recurring character on the hit FOX sitcom Malcolm in the Middle as Malcolm's eldest brother Francis' cadet buddy and best friend during its first season.

    Dennis Christopher must have left the series during its first cancellation because he hasn't made an appearance since.

    The series was originally titled Fearsum.

    Former executive producer Tommy Thompson left the series after the cast was officially announced due to "creative differences" with FOX.

    General information:

  • Jason has a law degree which he received from Harvard and is from Baltimore, MD. Derek has a twin brother named Adam.
  • Chloe studied folklore, myth studies and social psychology.
  • Lan has a master's degree in computer science which she received from Berkeley.
    Disclaimer: We have no connection with the show. We are just providing information, which we hope other fans will find useful. Any corrections, updates or other comments about this guide may be sent to: Jerome Price jprice_jr@yahoo.com.
    The home site for this guide is http://epguides.com/.
    This guide may be distributed and copied freely, in its entirety, for personal use. All original author and copyright information must remain intact. Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author(s).
    Text Copyright © 2000-2001, Jerome Price. All rights reserved.
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