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aired from: Sep 1967 to: Mar 1968 26 eps ABC 60 min mono ________________


In a scenario similar to that of the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen, Lt. Garrison gets a group of convicts released from prison so that they can work for him on covert missions behind enemy lines during World War II. Actor was a smooth con artist, Casino a safecracker, Goniff a cat burglar, and Chief a street fighter of American Indian heritage.

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    1st Season 1967

  1. "The Big Con"
    gs: Telly Savalas [ Wheeler ], Gilbert Roland [ Duchamps ], Martine Collette [ Marie ], Kurt Landen [ German Major ], Mark Bailey [ German Sergeant ], Carl Esmond [ German General ]

    The team's first mission is to substitute counterfeit printing plates for the real ones, which are being transported across Germany in a tank.

    b: 6 Sep 67 pc: _________ w: David Karp d: Joseph Sargent
  2. "Breakout"
    gs: John Van Dreelen [ Col. Mantfreeling ], Larry Thor [ Norwegian Partison ], Donald Ein [ Schuyler Erland ], Jeremie Paul Andre [ Wilheim Mantfreeling ]

    The team k id naps a German colonel's son in order to trade him for a captured resistance leader.

    b: 13 Sep 67 pc: _________ w: Paul Playdon d: Michael Caffey
  3. "The Grab"
    gs: Jeff Corey [ Insp. Gauzmann ], Berry Kroeger [ Eric Busch ], Michael Vandever [ Hans Faber ], Sandra Smith [ Frau Karen Faber ], Bill Glover [ British Sgt. Major ]

    In order to rescue the infant son of a defecting German scientist, the team is forced to kidnap three infants and transport them cross-country.

    b: 19 Sep 67 pc: _________ w: James Menzies d: Nicholas Colasanto
  4. "Banker's Hours"
    gs: Jack Klugman [ Gus Manners ], Wesley Lau [ Karl Vogel ], Anna Lisa [ Helga Nosser ], Booth Colman [ Ernst Gerloch ], Robert Cornthwaite [ Bank Manager ]

    When another con is recruited from prison to assist the team in robbing a German bank, they soon suspect that he has a plan of his own.

    b: 26 Sep 67 pc: _________ w: Tony Barrett d: Georg Fenady
  5. "48 Hours to Doomsday"
    gs: Malachi Throne [ Ludy Kemper ], Frank Marth [ Gen. Von Yaeger ], Celia Lovsky [ Dutch Lady ], Emile Genest [ Van Eyck ], Lisa Pera [ Gretel ], Noel Drayton [ Breathwaite ]

    The team has only 48 hours to recover important microfilm hidden in a painting in a Dutch museum.

    b: 3 Oct 67 pc: _________ w: Jerry Thomas & Bill Yagemann d: Gerald Mayer
  6. "The Great Theft"
    gs: John Abbott [ The Abbott ], Robin Hughes [ Jonathan Brown ], Maurice Marsac [ Marcel ], Jim Boles [ The Mortician ]

    When a mission to bring back information on a new German airplane engine goes awry, Garrison decides to steal the entire engine.

    b: 10 Oct 67 pc: _________ w: Norman Hudis d: Michael Caffey
  7. "The Deadly Masquerade"
    gs: Will Geer [ Laski ], Michael Conrad [ Samson ], Michael Pataki [ Robbie ], Lee Kolima [ Richter ], Nick Alexander [ Tommy ], Jan Davis [ Consuela ]

    It was hard enough teaching Goniff to masquerade as an international playboy whom he resembles, but then the team has to rescue him from gangsters to whom the playboy owed money.

    b: 17 Oct 67 pc: _________ w: Alan Caillou d: Nicolas Colasanto
  8. "Now I Lay Me Down to Die"
    gs: Glenn Corbett [ Charlie ], Curt Lowens [ Krueger ], Peter Brocco [ Kronman ], Karl Bruck [ German General ], Sylvia Stone [ German Nurse ], Karl Sadler [ 1st German Soldier ], John Siegfried [ Krueger's Aide ]

    When the team rescues an Allied agent who is under interrogation at a German hospital, not only is Goniff captured but they find out that the agent already spilled top secret information to the Germans.

    b: 24 Oct 67 pc: _________ w: Edward J. Lakso d: Georg Fenady
  9. "Operation Hellfire"
    gs: Barry Sullivan [ Tom Flagg ], Karl Bruck [ Prof. Steiffel ], Jacquelyn Hyde [ British Nurse ], Kurt Landen [ German Fire Captain ]

    On a mission to recover documents by setting a German building on fire, the team runs into trouble when their incendiary expert loses his eyesight.

    b: 31 Oct 67 pc: _________ w: Jerry Thomas & Bill Yagemann d: Michael Chaffey
  10. "Thieves' Holiday"
    gs: Frank Gorshin [ Destin ], Jacques Aubuchon [ Ettienne ], Olga Kaya [ Barmaid ], Britt Nilsson [ German Girl ]

    In France to get information on German defenses with the help of a double agent, the cons decide to go off on their own and rob a museum.

    b: 7 Nov 67 pc: _________ w: James Menzies d: James Peyser
  11. "20 Gallons to Kill"
    gs: John Saxon [ Janus ], Eduardo Ciannelli [ Kodash ], Arch Whiting [ Pilot ], Fabian Dean [ German Cook ], Elizabeth Knowles [ Marlanne ], Edward Schaaf [ German Admiral ], David Gross [ German General ], Arch Whiting [ Pilot ]

    When the team's plane is shot down over Yugoslavia on the way back from a mission, they decide to help a local group of resistance fighters.

    b: 14 Nov 67 pc: _________ w: Barry Trivers d: Nicholas Colasanto
  12. "Friendly Enemies"
    gs: Harold Gould [ Col. Enzio ], Curt Lowens [ Maj. Sturm ], John Lodge [ Capt. Thompkins ], Pat Renella [ Lt. Donato ], Eddie Ness [ American Sergeant ], Paul Busch [ German Sergeant ], Hagen Smith [ Pvt. Meeks ], Benito Prezia [ Italian Guard ]

    The team helps a group of Americans escape from a prison camp in Italy by sowing dissension between the Germans and Italians.

    b: 21 Nov 67 pc: _________ w: Edward J. Lakso d: Michael Caffey
  13. "Black Market"
    gs: Roger Perry [ Jason ], Fabrizio Mioni [ Nick Zappa ], Gavin MacLeod [ Guido ], John Carter [ The Man ], Jamie Farr [ Pablo ], Mike Farrell [ The Captain ], Rita Rogers [ Gina ], Aladdin [ Bartender ], Hagen Smith [ G.I. at Truck ]

    The team is assigned to infiltrate a gang of Italian black marketeers who are hijacking Allied supply trucks.

    b: 28 Nov 67 pc: _________ w: Tony Barrett d: Georg Fenady
  14. "The Great Crime Wave"
    gs: Ray Walston [ Oscar ], Henry Beckman [ Berger ], Oscar Beregi [ Police Chief ], Robert Donner [ Sgt. Winkler ], Lorna Thayer [ Sophia ], Gun Sundberg [ Hilda ], Sonny Klein [ Hermann ]

    The team stages a crime wave to keep the German authorities busy while Garrison plants explosives to destroy a cache of gold.

    b: 5 Dec 67 pc: _________ w: Norman Hudis d: Nicholas Colasanto
  15. "The Magnificent Forger"
    gs: Larry Storch [ Clarence Dorn ], Carl Schell [ Maj. Plummer ], William Campbell [ Blackie Krauss ], Bill Glover [ British Sgt. Major ], Hans Difflipp [ Gen. Falken ], Horst Ebersberg [ Schafer ], Heber Jentzsch [ German SS Lieutenant ], Normand Houle [ French Maitre D' ]

    The team is sent to replace a list of Nazi collaborators with a list of Allied agents, but they need the assistance of a forger who's too scared to complete the job.

    b: 19 Dec 67 pc: _________ w: William R. Yates d: Georg Fenady
  16. "The Expendables"
    gs: Kevin McCarthy [ Maj. Richards ], George Perina [ German Gen. Gerber ], Charles Giorgi [ Mureau ], Gerd Rein [ German Sergeant ], Norbert Meisel [ German Officer ], Chris Anders [ German Sergeant at Roadblock ]

    After a series of unsuccessful missions, the team is sent in as expendable decoys to help a defecting general get out of German territory.

    b: 26 Dec 67 pc: _________ w: Paul Playdon d: Georg Fenady
  17. "War Games"
    gs: Skip Homeier [ Sgt. O'Conner ], Jack Hogan [ Pvt. White ], Richard Bakalyan [ Pvt. Wade ], John Carter [ Pvt. Markum ], Hank Brandt [ Capt. Ward ], Steven Marlo [ The Medic ]

    While rescuing Allied prisoners behind enemy lines, Garrison finds out from an old friend how to destroy a huge German artillery piece that has been wr eaking havoc among the Allied forces.

    b: 2 Jan 68 pc: _________ w: William R. Yates d: Michael Caffey
  18. "Run From Death"
    gs: Julie Harris [ Therese ], Timothy Scott [ Maj. Degenhart ], Marcel Hillaire [ Achille ], Patrick Michenaud [ Armand ]

    A French nun convinces the team to transport four orphans and a dog back to England with them.

    b: 9 Jan 68 pc: _________ w: Shimon Wincelbert and Richard Shapiro d: Nicolas Colasanto
  19. "The Death Sentence"
    gs: Joe Maross [ Capt. Forester ], Stanley Adams [ Dorfman ], William Stevens [ Capt. Reed ], Robert Palmer [ Maj. Howard ], Fred Beir [ Pvt. Williams ], Tom Palmer [ Senior Officer ], Casey Kasem [ Provost Marshall ], Richard Peel [ Max ], Raymond Mayo [ Sgt. Holliday ], David Lampson [ Jump Sergeant ], Adele Claire [ German Woman ]

    When Garrison is charged with cowardice and desertion, the team goes into action to find out the truth.

    b: 16 Jan 68 pc: _________ w: Paul Playdon d: John Peyser
  20. "The Big Lie"
    gs: Phillip Pine [ Frazini ], Robert Cornthwaite [ Col. Brenheim ], Ivan Triesault [ Dr. Moletti ], Rudolph Anders [ Field Marshall ], Alice Reinheart [ Nurse ], George Perina [ SS Major ], Heinz Brinkmann [ Capt. Brunner ]

    The mission is to convince a German officer that a big Allied attack is already in progress, in a location other than where it will really take place.

    b: 23 Jan 68 pc: _________ w: Jerry Thomas & Bill Yagemann d: Georg Fenady
  21. "Ride of Terror"
    gs: Claude Akins [ Col. Pryor ], Patric Knowles [ Col. Winfare ], Maurice Marsac [ Maj. Dubray ], Curt Lowens [ Col. Broiler ], Athan Karras [ Pierre Racicot ], Michael Allen [ Lt. Tyler ]

    The American colonel that the team is to rescue from a prison camp in France turns out to have been the warden of a hellhole of an American prison where Chief was an inmate.

    b: 30 Jan 68 pc: _________ w: William Froug d: Alan Crosland
  22. "War and Crime (1)"
    gs: Richard Kiley [ Frank Keeler / Field Marshal Donner ], William Bryant [ Maj. Johns ], Lisa Pera [ Christina ], Alice Reinheart [ Goniff's Mum ], Peter Haskell [ Erik ], Sheila Larken [ Christine ], Oscar Beregi [ Gen. Brunner ], Steven Marlo [ Jake ], Barry Cahill [ Submarine Captain ], James Chandler [ American General ], Joseph Mell [ Uncle Joe ], Jamie Farr [ Tony ]

    Garrison's plan to substitute a convict in New York for a lookalike German field marshal goes awry when the convict escapes from prison.

    b: 13 Feb 68 pc: _________ w: William R. Yates s: John Draft d: Georg Fenady
  23. "The Plot to Kill (2)"
    gs: Richard Kiley [ Frank Keeler / Field Marshal Donner ], Faith Domergue [ Carla ], Lisa Pera [ Christina ], Pamela Curran [ Lisa ], Peter Haskell [ Erik ]

    The team accompanies Keeler to the meeting of German officers where he is to give the go-ahead on the plot to kill Hitler, but things go awry again when Keeler is killed.

    b: 20 Feb 68 pc: _________ w: William R. Yates s: John Draft d: Georg Fenady
  24. "The Frame-Up"
    gs: Gena Rowlands [ Duchess ], Jan Merlin [ Gen. Von Rauschnig ], H.M. Wynant [ Duclos ], Christopher Held [ Maj. Reinhardt ]

    A con woman is temporarily brought in to replace a wounded Chief and pull off a con at a French casino.

    b: 27 Feb 68 pc: _________ w: Henry Slesar d: John Peyser
  25. "The War Diamonds"
    gs: Hans Gudegast [ Frank Miller ], Michael Forest [ Gustav ], Ted Knight [ Werner ], Sheldon Allman [ Otto ], Maurice Marsac [ Metzer ], Henry Brandt [ Karl ], Allen Joseph [ Attendant ], Monique Montaigne [ Bank Girl ]

    The team goes to Switzerland to recover industrial diamonds that were stolen from a German train.

    b: 5 Mar 68 pc: _________ w: William R. Yates d: Michael Caffey
  26. "Time Bomb"
    gs: Peter Haskell [ Dieter ], Ron Soble [ Heinrich ], Martin Kosleck [ German General ], Ivan Triesault [ Dr. Manheim ], Aladdin [ Store Owner ], Horst Ebersberg [ Gestapo Agent ], Ernst Winters [ German Sergeant ], Kurt Landen [ German Officer ]

    The team must enter a room with an unexploded bomb in order to crack a safe containing a vital sample of heavy water.

    b: 12 Mar 68 pc: _________ w: Paul Playdon d: Georg Fenady

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