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The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1950
End date: Sep 1958
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 291 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 12 Oct 50The Kleebob Card Game
2.1-2 26 Oct 50Gracie the Artist
3.1-3 09 Nov 50The Property Tax Assessor
4.1-4 23 Nov 50Harry Morton's Private Secretary
5.1-5 07 Dec 50Gracie's Checking Account
6.1-6 21 Dec 50Gracie's Christmas
7.1-7 28 Dec 50Rhumba Lessons
8.1-8 04 Jan 51Happy Hmm-Hmm
9.1-9 18 Jan 51To Go or Not to Go
10.1-1001 Feb 51St. Bernard
11.1-1115 Feb 51Holding Out
12.1-1201 Mar 51The Income Tax Man
13.1-1315 Mar 51The Vanderlips' Dinner Party
14.1-1429 Mar 51Gracie's Car Accident
15.1-1512 Apr 51George is Sick
16.1-1626 Apr 51Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend
17.1-1710 May 51The Andersons Move In
18.1-1824 May 51The Vanderlips' Costume Party
19.1-1907 Jun 51Mamie Kelly Gets Stuck
20.1-2021 Jun 51To Fish or Not to Fish
21.1-2105 Jul 51Too Much of the Mortons
22.1-2219 Jul 51Silky Thompson Moves to Beverly Hills
23.1-2302 Aug 51Gracie's Vegetarian Plot
24.1-2416 Aug 51Space Patrol Kids Visit
25.1-2530 Aug 51Buying Wholesale
26.1-2613 Sep 51Gracie Prepares a Wedding
Season 2
27.2-1 27 Sep 51Gracie Goes to a Psychiatrist
28.2-2 11 Oct 51Beverly Hills Uplift Society is Out of Money
29.2-3 25 Oct 51The Football Game
30.2-4 08 Nov 51Surprise Birthday Party
31.2-5 22 Nov 51Thanksgiving
32.2-6 06 Dec 51New Dresses for the Concert
33.2-7 20 Dec 51Christmas with Mamie Kelly
34.2-8 03 Jan 52Gracie's Storeroom
35.2-9 17 Jan 52Blanche for President
36.2-1031 Jan 52Dinner with the Vanderlips
37.2-1114 Feb 52Gracie and the Dented Fender
38.2-1228 Feb 52Trip to Palm Springs
39.2-1313 Mar 52Gracie Loses Her Engagement Ring
40.2-1427 Mar 52Harry and the Gold Digger
41.2-1510 Apr 52The Good Old Days of Vaudeville
42.2-1624 Apr 52Jack Benny Steals George's Joke
43.2-1708 May 52Gracie's Redecoration Scheme
44.2-1822 May 52The Speech Writer
45.2-1905 Jun 52Divorce Attorney
46.2-2019 Jun 52The Musical Scam
47.2-2103 Jul 52Dual Meanings
48.2-2217 Jul 52The Great Gazatti
49.2-2331 Jul 52The $50,000 Lie
50.2-2414 Aug 52The Stolen Racehorse
51.2-2528 Aug 52The Spectacular Spectacle Debacle
52.2-2625 Sep 52Gracie and Blanche Want to Redecorate
Season 3
53.3-1 09 Oct 52Free Trip to Hawaii
54.3-2 16 Oct 52Dinner Party for Atomic Scientist
55.3-3 23 Oct 52Gracie Worrys About George's Sneezing
56.3-4 30 Oct 52Gracie Buying a Boat for George
57.3-5 06 Nov 52Gracie Has George's Portrait Painted
58.3-6 13 Nov 52Gracie and Blanche Hire Gigolos
59.3-7 20 Nov 52The Ballet Tickets
60.3-8 27 Nov 52Skating Pearsons Come to Visit
61.3-9 04 Dec 52Harry Thinks That the Swamp Has Oil
62.3-1011 Dec 52Gracie Writes About Silky Thompson
63.3-1118 Dec 52Gracie Thinks George is Going to Commit Suicide
64.3-1225 Dec 52Von Zell Dates a Married Woman
65.3-1301 Jan 53Uncle Clyde
66.3-1408 Jan 53Gracie Thinks Harry is in Love with Her
67.3-1515 Jan 53Harry Wants to Trade His House
68.3-1622 Jan 53Gracie Thinks She and George Are Not Married
69.3-1729 Jan 53Mayor Bowron Comes to Dinner
70.3-1805 Feb 53George Jessel - The Cigarette Girl
71.3-1912 Feb 53Gracie on a Train - Murder
72.3-2019 Feb 53Gracie Tries to Marry Off Von Zell
73.3-2126 Feb 53Swamp Party
74.3-2205 Mar 53Up All Night - Burgler
75.3-2312 Mar 53Buying a Ranch
76.3-2419 Mar 53George in the Army
77.3-2526 Mar 53Gacie Reports the Car Stolen
78.3-2630 Mar 53Gracie Pretends She's a College Boy's Mother
79.3-2706 Apr 53Buying a Mountain Cabin
80.3-2813 Apr 53The Missing Fur Stole
81.3-2920 Apr 53Spanish Lessons
82.3-3027 Apr 53The Black Eye Fraternity
83.3-3104 May 53Von Zell's Old Girlfriend Visits
84.3-3211 May 53George Lecturing at UCLA
85.3-3318 May 53Gracie and Harry Morton -- Missing Persons Bureau
86.3-3406 Jul 53Surprise Party Mix-Up
87.3-3513 Jul 53Cousins Perry and Pete
88.3-3620 Jul 53Gracie Thinks George is Going Solo
89.3-3727 Jul 53Gracie Trying to Get George to Go on Trip East
90.3-3803 Aug 53Gracie Witnesses a Holdup
91.3-3910 Aug 53Locked Out of the House
92.3-4017 Aug 53Gracie Falls in a Department Store
Season 4
93.4-1 05 Oct 53The Iron Deer
94.4-2 12 Oct 53Gracie Helps Harry Get a New Account
95.4-3 19 Oct 53Gracie Gets a Jury Summons
96.4-4 26 Oct 53Gracie Thinks Blanche is a Kleptomaniac
97.4-5 02 Nov 53George and Harry Are Mad at Each Other
98.4-6 09 Nov 53Getting a Business Manager
99.4-7 16 Nov 53The Raccoon Coats
100.4-8 23 Nov 53Gracie Thinks Von Zell is Broke
101.4-9 30 Nov 53Gracie Going to San Francisco
102.4-1007 Dec 53Gracie Trades the House
103.4-1114 Dec 53George and Gracie Go to a Movie Premier
104.4-1221 Dec 53Problem Husbands
105.4-1328 Dec 53Gracie's Anniversary Present
106.4-1404 Jan 54Uncle Harvey's Invention
107.4-1511 Jan 54George Reading Play to Be Done in London
108.4-1618 Jan 54Gracie Helps Mechanic with Girlfriend
109.4-1725 Jan 54Gracie Discovers George's Secret Weakness
110.4-1801 Feb 54Gracie Has to Sell George's Car by Five O'Clock
111.4-1908 Feb 54Gracie Wins a Television Set
112.4-2015 Feb 54No Fan Mail for George
113.4-2122 Feb 54George and Gracie Going to Opera 'Carmen'
114.4-2201 Mar 54Harry Morton is Missing
115.4-2308 Mar 54Gracie Goes to Psychiatrist for Blanche's Dream
116.4-2415 Mar 54Gracie's Old Boyfriend Comes to Town
117.4-2522 Mar 54Gracie Tries to Get George in College
118.4-2629 Mar 54Columbia Pictures Doing Burns and Allen Story
119.4-2705 Apr 54An Elephant Sits on Gracie's Fender
120.4-2812 Apr 54George Gets Black Eye from Open Door
121.4-2919 Apr 54Dolores DeMarco, George's Ex-Vaudeville Partner
122.4-3026 Apr 54Vanderlip Buys Black Negligee for His Wife
123.4-3103 May 54Gracie and George Have Mystery Anniversary
124.4-3210 May 54George Resting for Insurance Exam
125.4-3305 Jul 54One Week to Live
126.4-3412 Jul 54Gracie Buys Old Movies for Television
127.4-3519 Jul 54Emily Vanderlip's Elopement
128.4-3626 Jul 54Gracie Runs for City Council
129.4-3702 Aug 54Burnses and Mortons Choosing Movie to Attend
130.4-3809 Aug 54Gracie Buys a Toaster Wholesale
131.4-3923 Aug 54Mortons Exchange Houses with the Gibsons from New York
132.4-4016 Aug 54George Teaches Gracie Not to Spread Rumors
Season 5
133.5-1 04 Oct 54George Invites Critics to Watch First Show of Season
134.5-2 11 Oct 54Gracie Goes to the Do-It-Yourself Show
135.5-3 18 Oct 54Gracie Gives Wedding in Payment of a Favor
136.5-4 25 Oct 54Gracie Gives a Baby Shower for Virginia Beasley
137.5-5 01 Nov 54Auto License Bureau; George Writes a Book
138.5-6 08 Nov 54George Trying to Keep Doctor's Appointment
139.5-7 15 Nov 54Gracie Thinks She and George Are Moving to New York
140.5-8 22 Nov 54Shoplifter and the Missing Ruby Clip
141.5-9 29 Nov 54Gracie Saves Blanche's Marriage
142.5-1006 Dec 54Burnses & Mortons Going to Hear Antonelli Concert
143.5-1113 Dec 54George Gets Call from Unknown Victor
144.5-1220 Dec 54Harry Morton's Alumni Banquet
145.5-1327 Dec 54Gracie Thinks Bob Cummings is in Love with Her
146.5-1403 Jan 55George's Mother-in-Law Trouble
147.5-1510 Jan 55George and the Glendale Eagle Publicity Stunt
148.5-1617 Jan 55No Seats for Friar's Club Dinner
149.5-1724 Jan 55Blanche and Clara Bagley Leave Their Husbands
150.5-1831 Jan 55Gracie Gets a Valet for George
151.5-1907 Feb 55Vanderlip Leaves His Parakeet with George
152.5-2014 Feb 55Blanche's Brother, Roger the Moocher, Comes to Visit
153.5-2121 Feb 55George and the Missing Five Dollars / Baby Pictures
154.5-2228 Feb 55Gracie Becomes a Portrait Artist After Museum Visit
155.5-2307 Mar 55George and the 14-Karat Gold Trombone
156.5-2414 Mar 55The Romance of Harry Morton and Countess Braganni
157.5-2521 Mar 55The Mistaken Marriage of Emily Vanderlip and Roger
158.5-2628 Mar 55Gracie Adopts Great Dane Dog
159.5-2704 Apr 55Gracie Tries to Select George's Next Wife
160.5-2811 Apr 55Gracie Gets a Ticket Fixed by the Judge
161.5-2918 Apr 55Gracie Hires a Safecracker for Her Wall Safe
162.5-3025 Apr 55Gracie Consults Dr. Kirby's Problem Clinic
163.5-3102 May 55Gracie Wants the House Painted
164.5-3209 May 55Gracie Plays Talent Scout for Impressionist
165.5-3316 May 55George and Gracie Try for a Day at the Beach
166.5-3423 May 55The Uranium Caper
167.5-3530 May 55Blanche and Brother Roger Move in with the Burnses
168.5-3606 Jun 55Gracie Believes George Has a Criminal Record
169.5-3713 Jun 55Gracie Gets an Extension Visa for Jeanette Duval
170.5-3820 Jun 55Gracie Tries to Cure Roger of Amnesia
171.5-3927 Jun 55Lucille Vanderlip Gives a Barbeque Party
172.5-4004 Jul 55The Burnses and Mortons Going to Hawaii
Season 6
173.6-1 03 Oct 55The Burnses and Mortons Go to New York
174.6-2 10 Oct 55Ronnie Arrives
175.6-3 17 Oct 55Ronnie Meets Sabrina
176.6-4 24 Oct 55Changing Names
177.6-5 31 Oct 55Harry Morton's Cocktail Party
178.6-6 07 Nov 55The Musical Version
179.6-7 14 Nov 55Ronnie Moves to the Village
180.6-8 21 Nov 55Gracie Helps Lola
181.6-9 28 Nov 55Anniversary Party
182.6-1005 Dec 55George Becomes a Dictator
183.6-1112 Dec 55Ronnie's Elopement
184.6-1219 Dec 55Company for Christmas
185.6-1326 Dec 55Gracie Pawns Her Ring
186.6-1402 Jan 56Appearances Are Deceiving
187.6-1509 Jan 56Let's Dance
188.6-1616 Jan 56George Goes Skiing
189.6-1723 Jan 56Ronnie Gets an Agent
190.6-1830 Jan 56Politeness Never Pays
191.6-1906 Feb 56Alice Gets Married
192.6-2013 Feb 56George Needs Glasses
193.6-2120 Feb 56The Indian Potentate
194.6-2227 Feb 56The Ladies Club
195.6-2305 Mar 56Cyrano De Bergerac
196.6-2412 Mar 56The Stolen Plants
197.6-2519 Mar 56The English Playwright
198.6-2626 Mar 56A Weekend on Long Island
199.6-2702 Apr 56The Newlyweds
200.6-2809 Apr 56Night of Vaudeville
201.6-2916 Apr 56Burlesque
202.6-3023 Apr 56The Right People
203.6-3130 Apr 56The Magic Act
204.6-3207 May 56The Paris Creation
205.6-3314 May 56Back from Paris
206.6-3421 May 56The Twenty-Four Dresses
207.6-3528 May 56Ronnie is Lovesick
208.6-3604 Jun 56The Night Out
209.6-3711 Jun 56Questions and Answers
210.6-3818 Jun 56The Triple Surprise Party
211.6-3917 Sep 56Mrs. Sohmers Needs a Psychiatrist
212.6-4024 Sep 56The Switchboard Operators
Season 7
213.7-1 01 Oct 56Return to California
214.7-2 08 Oct 56The Shakespearean Paper
215.7-3 15 Oct 56The Woman in the Car
216.7-4 22 Oct 56The Interview
217.7-5 29 Oct 56The Initiation
218.7-6 05 Nov 56Ronnie's Bashful
219.7-7 12 Nov 56The Big Stamp Robbery
220.7-8 19 Nov 56George's Gray Suit
221.7-9 26 Nov 56Von Zell's Raises
222.7-1003 Dec 56The Refrigerator Salesman
223.7-1110 Dec 56The Girl Behind the Perfume Counter
224.7-1217 Dec 56Ronnie Quits College Because His Father Goes Broke
225.7-1324 Dec 56Christmas in Jail
226.7-1431 Dec 56The Costume Party
227.7-1507 Jan 57Gracie and the Bullfighter
228.7-1614 Jan 57The Ugly Duckling
229.7-1721 Jan 57The Aptitude Test
230.7-1828 Jan 57Going to Palm Springs
231.7-1904 Feb 57The Matrimonial Bureau
232.7-2011 Feb 57The Fortune Teller
233.7-2118 Feb 57Fighting for Happiness
234.7-2225 Feb 57The Termites
235.7-2304 Mar 57The $15,000 Error
236.7-2411 Mar 57The Ring
237.7-2518 Mar 57The Plumber's Friend
238.7-2625 Mar 57Going to Houston
239.7-2701 Apr 57The Stray Dog
240.7-2808 Apr 57Ronnie Gets a Movie Role
241.7-2915 Apr 57The Plumber's Union
242.7-3022 Apr 57Harry's Homecoming
243.7-3129 Apr 57The Publicity Romance
244.7-3206 May 57The Texan Lady Macbeth
245.7-3313 May 57Ronnie's Boat
246.7-3420 May 57A Trip to Tahiti
247.7-3527 May 57The Home Graduation
248.7-3603 Jun 57Blanche's Mother Arrives
249.7-3710 Jun 57The Wading Pool at Acapulco
250.7-3817 Jun 57The Marital Mix-Up
251.7-3924 Jun 57A Pain in the Back
252.7-4001 Jul 57Ronnie's Twenty-One
Season 8
253.8-1 30 Sep 57The General
254.8-2 07 Oct 57Too Much Pot Roast
255.8-3 14 Oct 57The Texan Italian
256.8-4 21 Oct 57An English Tea
257.8-5 28 Oct 57September and May
258.8-6 04 Nov 57The Star Maker
259.8-7 11 Nov 57The African Hunter
260.8-8 18 Nov 57One Little Fight
261.8-9 25 Nov 57With or Without Glasses
262.8-1002 Dec 57A Box of Cigars
263.8-1109 Dec 57Misery Loves Company
264.8-1216 Dec 57A Hole in the Carpet
265.8-1323 Dec 57How to Wrap a Mink
266.8-1430 Dec 57Invitation to the Party
267.8-1506 Jan 58The Stolen Car
268.8-1613 Jan 58Ronnie Finds a Friend an Apartment
269.8-1720 Jan 58McAfee and the Manicurist
270.8-1827 Jan 58Too Many Fathers
271.8-1910 Feb 58The Accident
272.8-2017 Feb 58The Japanese Texan
273.8-2124 Feb 58Hypnotizing Gracie
274.8-2203 Mar 58Gracie is Brilliant
275.8-2310 Mar 58Ronnie's Fan Club
276.8-2417 Mar 58Frozen Passion
277.8-2524 Mar 58High Blood Pressure
278.8-2607 Apr 58Softening the Professor
279.8-2714 Apr 58The Publicity Marriage
280.8-2821 Apr 58Blanche Gets a Jury Notice
281.8-2928 Apr 58Gracie and the Jury
282.8-3005 May 58Ronnie Makes a Record
283.8-3112 May 58Ronnie's Royalty Check
284.8-3219 May 58A Visit from Charles Vidor
285.8-3326 May 58Ronnie Goes Into the Army
286.8-3402 Jun 58Locked Out
287.8-3509 Jun 58The Week in New York
288.8-3616 Jun 58The June Wedding
289.8-3723 Jun 58Summer School
290.8-3808 Sep 58The Grammar School Dance
291.8-3915 Sep 58The Exchange Student
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