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Guardians of the Galaxy

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Mon, 8 Apr 2024 -1:00
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An adventurous band of misfits must save the universe after discovering a dangerous artifact that leads to the ultimate weapon. Based on the Marvel comic book and feature film.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2015
End date: Jun 2019
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Disney XD (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 77 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Comedy, Science Fiction
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 05 Sep 15Road to Knowhere
2.1-2 26 Sep 15Knowhere to Run
3.1-3 03 Oct 15One In A Million You
4.1-4 10 Oct 15Take the Milano and Run
5.1-5 17 Oct 15Can't Fight This Seedling
6.1-6 24 Oct 15Undercover Angle
7.1-7 07 Nov 15The Backstabbers
8.1-8 14 Nov 15Hitchin' a Ride
9.1-9 21 Nov 15We Are Family
10.1-1028 Nov 15Bad Moon Rising
11.1-1121 Feb 16Space Cowboys
12.1-1228 Feb 16Crystal Blue Persuasion
13.1-1306 Mar 16Stuck in the Metal With You
14.1-1413 Mar 16Don't Stop Believin
15.1-1520 Mar 16Accidents Will Happen
16.1-1627 Mar 16We Are the World Tree
17.1-1703 Apr 16Come and Gut Your Love
18.1-1810 Apr 16Asgard War, Part 1: Lightnin' Strikes
19.1-1917 Apr 16Asgard War, Part 2: Rescue Me
20.1-2026 Jun 16Fox on the Run
21.1-2103 Jul 16Inhuman Touch
22.1-2210 Jul 16Welcome Back
23.1-2317 Jul 16I've Been Searching So Long
24.1-2424 Jul 16I Feel the Earth Move
25.1-2502 Oct 16Won't Get Fooled Again
26.1-2617 Dec 16Jingle Bell Rock (28 min)
Season 2
27.2-1 11 Mar 17Stayin' Alive
28.2-2 11 Mar 17Evolution Rock
29.2-3 18 Mar 17Lyin' Eyes
30.2-4 25 Mar 17Free Bird
31.2-5 08 Apr 17Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
32.2-6 15 Apr 17Black Helmet Woman
33.2-7 15 Apr 17Right Place, Wrong Time
34.2-8 15 Apr 17Me and You and a Dog Named Cosmo
35.2-9 15 Apr 17Can't Get It Out Of My Head
36.2-1015 Apr 17Rock Your Baby (28 min)
37.2-1106 May 17Symbiote War, Part One: Wild World
38.2-1206 May 17Symbiote War, Part Two: I Will Survive
39.2-1306 May 17Symbiote War, Part Three: Thunder Road
40.2-1408 Jul 17Back in Black
41.2-1508 Jul 17Knights in Black Helmets
42.2-1608 Jul 17Nova Me, Nova You
43.2-1708 Jul 17Mr. Roboto
44.2-1806 Aug 17Destroyer (28 min)
45.2-1906 Aug 17You Can't Always Get What You Want
46.2-2029 Oct 17I've Seen All Good People
47.2-2129 Oct 17Another One Bites the Dust
48.2-2205 Nov 17It's Tricky
49.2-2312 Nov 17You're No Good
50.2-2412 Nov 17Behind Gold Eyes
51.2-2503 Dec 17Unfortunate Son
Season 3 Mission Breakout
52.3-1 18 Mar 18Mission: Breakout
53.3-2 18 Mar 18Back in the New York Groove
54.3-3 25 Mar 18Drive My Carnage
55.3-4 01 Apr 18I Fought the Law
56.3-5 01 Apr 18Titan Up
57.3-6 08 Apr 18Money Changes Everything
58.3-7 08 Apr 18Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves
59.3-8 15 Apr 18We Are The Champions
60.3-9 15 Apr 18Fame
61.3-1022 Apr 18Happy Together
62.3-1122 Apr 18Gotta Get Outta This Place
63.3-1229 Apr 18Long Distance Runaround
64.3-1329 Apr 18You Don't Own Me
65.3-1405 May 19Black Vortex, Part One
66.3-1505 May 19Black Vortex, Part Two
67.3-1612 May 19Black Vortex, Part Three
68.3-1712 May 19Black Vortex, Part Four
69.3-1819 May 19Blame It On The Boss Of Nova
70.3-1919 May 19The Real Me
71.3-2026 May 19Paranoid
72.3-2126 May 19Darkhawks on the Edge of Town
73.3-2202 Jun 19Holding Out for a Hero
74.3-2302 Jun 19With a Little Help From My Friends
75.3-2409 Jun 19Breaking Stuff is Hard to Do
76.3-2509 Jun 19Killer Queen
77.3-2609 Jun 19Just One Victory
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Great care should be taken when attempting to identify season 2 episodes by number alone, as some sources treat "Stayin' Alive" as the second episode of the season, with the first being a compilation of the 5 shorts starting with "Pick Up the Pieces".