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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Apr 1995
End date: Mar 1996
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Asahi (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 49 eps & movie
Genre(s): Animated, Drama, Science Fiction
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 07 Apr 95The Shooting Star She Saw
2.1-2 14 Apr 95The Gundam Deathscythe
3.1-3 21 Apr 95Five Gundams Confirmed
4.1-4 28 Apr 95The Victoria Nightmare
5.1-5 05 May 95Relena's Secret
6.1-6 12 May 95Party Night
7.1-7 19 May 95Scenario for Bloodshed
8.1-8 26 May 95The Treize Assassination
9.1-9 02 Jun 95Portrait of a Ruined Country
10.1-1009 Jun 95Heero, Distracted by Defeat
11.1-1116 Jun 95The Whereabouts of Happiness
12.1-1223 Jun 95Bewildered Warriors
13.1-1330 Jun 95Catherine's Tears
14.1-1407 Jul 95The Order to Destroy Zero One
15.1-1514 Jul 95To the Battleground Antarctica
16.1-1621 Jul 95The Sorrowful Battle
17.1-1728 Jul 95Betrayed by Home Far Away
18.1-1804 Aug 95Tallgeese Destroyed
19.1-1911 Aug 95Attack on Barge
20.1-2018 Aug 95The Lunar Base Infiltration
21.1-2125 Aug 95Grief-Stricken Quatre
22.1-2231 Aug 95The Fight for Independence
23.1-2301 Sep 95Duo, the God of Death Once Again
24.1-2408 Sep 95The Gundam They Called Zero
25.1-2522 Sep 95Quatre vs. Heero
26.1-2629 Sep 95The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Stars
27.1-2706 Oct 95The Locus of Victory and Defeat
28.1-2813 Oct 95Passing Destinies
29.1-2920 Oct 95The Heroine of the Battlefield
30.1-3027 Oct 95The Reunion with Relena
31.1-3103 Nov 95The Glass Kingdom
32.1-3217 Nov 95The God of Death Meets Zero
33.1-3324 Nov 95The Lonely Battlefield
34.1-3401 Dec 95And Its Name is Epyon
35.1-3508 Dec 95The Return of Wufei
36.1-3615 Dec 95Sanc Kingdom's Collapse
37.1-3722 Dec 95Zero vs. Epyon
38.1-3812 Jan 96The Birth of Queen Relena
39.1-3919 Jan 96Trowa's Return to the Battlefield
40.1-4026 Jan 96A New Leader
41.1-4102 Feb 96Crossfire at Barge
42.1-4209 Feb 96Battleship Libra
43.1-4316 Feb 96Target: Earth
44.1-4423 Feb 96Go Forth, Gundam Team
45.1-4501 Mar 96Signs of the Final Battle
46.1-4608 Mar 96Milliardo's Decision
47.1-4715 Mar 96Collision in Space
48.1-4822 Mar 96Takeoff Into Confusion
49.1-4929 Mar 96Final Victory
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