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Hollywood Heights

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
Show Details:
Start date: June 2012
End date: Oct 2012
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Nick (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 80 eps
Genre(s): Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 2012
1.2012-111 Jun 12Meeting a Rockstar
2.2012-219 Jun 12Loren Catches Eddie's Attention
3.2012-320 Jun 12Eddie's Songwriting Contest
4.2012-421 Jun 12Chloe's Secret
5.2012-522 Jun 12Eddie Decides to Take the Next Step
6.2012-625 Jun 12Loren Makes the Top 25
7.2012-726 Jun 12Loren Has to Make a Decision
8.2012-827 Jun 12Max Questions Chloe
9.2012-928 Jun 12Loren Doesn't Make the Cut
10.2012-1029 Jun 12Eddie Questions His Feelings
11.2012-1102 Jul 12Loren Gets Framed
12.2012-1203 Jul 12The Incriminating Photo
13.2012-1304 Jul 12Loren's Proven Innocent
14.2012-1405 Jul 12Chloe Finally Gets What She Wants
15.2012-1506 Jul 12Loren's Song
16.2012-1609 Jul 12Loren's Stage Fright
17.2012-1710 Jul 12Dinner at the Tate's
18.2012-1811 Jul 12The Announcement
19.2012-1912 Jul 12Loren Gets Lost
20.2012-2013 Jul 12The Songwriting Contest
21.2012-2116 Jul 12A Winner Is Chosen
22.2012-2217 Jul 12The Music Video Rehearsal
23.2012-2318 Jul 12Chloe's Jealousy
24.2012-2419 Jul 12Max Confronts Chloe
25.2012-2520 Jul 12Lisa Reveals a Secret
26.2012-2623 Jul 12Loren's Dilemma
27.2012-2724 Jul 12Eddie and Chloe Meet Oz
28.2012-2825 Jul 12Melissa's Birthday
29.2012-2926 Jul 12Chloe Turns Diva
30.2012-3027 Jul 12Another Incriminating Photo
31.2012-3130 Jul 12Eddie Learns the Truth
32.2012-3231 Jul 12The Video Shoot
33.2012-3301 Aug 12Chloe Tries to Reconcile
34.2012-3402 Aug 12The Collaboration
35.2012-3503 Aug 12The House Party
36.2012-3606 Aug 12The Paparazzi Photo
37.2012-3707 Aug 12Eddie's New Song
38.2012-3808 Aug 12Eddie's Birthday
39.2012-3909 Aug 12The Double Date
40.2012-4010 Aug 12Their Special Place
41.2012-4113 Aug 12Eddie Inspires Loren
42.2012-4214 Aug 12Eddie Explains Himself
43.2012-4315 Aug 12Loren's Recording Session
44.2012-4416 Aug 12Eddie Feels at Home
45.2012-4517 Aug 12Chloe and Oz
46.2012-4620 Aug 12Jake's Concern
47.2012-4721 Aug 12Loren Deals with the Ex
48.2012-4822 Aug 12Eddie Takes Off
49.2012-4923 Aug 12The Beach Bungalow
50.2012-5024 Aug 1250th Episode: Nora Visits Max
51.2012-5127 Aug 12Eddie's Inspired
52.2012-5228 Aug 12Eddie Helps Chloe
53.2012-5329 Aug 12Loren's New Look
54.2012-5430 Aug 12Loren's Debut
55.2012-5531 Aug 12Eddie's New Sound
56.2012-5603 Sep 12Tyler Collects Evidence
57.2012-5704 Sep 12If There Was No Music
58.2012-5805 Sep 12Mixed Reactions
59.2012-5906 Sep 12Tyler Blackmails Chloe
60.2012-6007 Sep 12Loren Has Doubts
61.2012-6110 Sep 12The Mystery Texter
62.2012-6211 Sep 12Loren Talks Business
63.2012-6312 Sep 12The Text Spoof
64.2012-6413 Sep 12Eddie Demands Answers
65.2012-6514 Sep 12Missing
66.2012-6617 Sep 12Bad News Travels Fast
67.2012-6718 Sep 12Max Looks for Answers
68.2012-6819 Sep 12Seeing a Ghost
69.2012-6920 Sep 12Waking Up
70.2012-7021 Sep 12A Strange Call
71.2012-7124 Sep 12Max and Nora Go to Ojai
72.2012-7225 Sep 12Loren and Kelly Clash
73.2012-7326 Sep 12A Message for Loren
74.2012-7427 Sep 12Escape
75.2012-7528 Sep 12Loren Learns the Truth
76.2012-7601 Oct 12Loren Confronts Chloe
77.2012-7702 Oct 12Jetsetter
78.2012-7803 Oct 12Fresno
79.2012-7904 Oct 12An Unexpected Guest
80.2012-8005 Oct 12The Final Concert
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