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Show Details:
Start date: Jan 2001
End date: Mar 2019
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Discovery Channel (CA) / Science (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 416 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 06 Jan 01Aluminum Foil, Snowboards, Contact Lenses, Bread
2.1-2 13 Jan 01Compact Discs, Mozzarella Cheese, Pantyhose, Fluorescent Tubes
3.1-3 20 Jan 01Toothpicks, Acrylic Bathtubs, Helicopters, Beer
4.1-4 27 Jan 01Hearing Aids, 3-D Puzzles, Rubber Mats, Toilets
5.1-5 03 Feb 01Copy Paper, Jeans, Computers, Plate Glass
6.1-6 10 Feb 01Nails and Staples, Safety Glasses, Fabrics, Bicycles
7.1-7 17 Feb 01Kayaks, Safety Boots, Electronic Signs, Cereals
8.1-8 24 Feb 01Trucks, Adhesive Bandages, Computer Circuit Boards, Liquors
9.1-9 03 Mar 01Steel, Apple Juice, Aircraft Landing Gear, Cosmetics
10.1-1010 Mar 01Holograms; Package Printing; Skin Culture; Canned Corn
11.1-1117 Mar 01Plastic Bags, Solar Panels, Plastic Gasoline Containers, Hockey Sticks
12.1-1224 Mar 01Aluminum Screw Caps, Chocolate, Pills, Pasta
13.1-1331 Mar 01Bicycle Helmets, Aluminum, Car Brakes, Lithium Batteries
Season 2
14.2-1 07 Sep 02Eyeglass Lenses; Granite; Potato Chips; Microprocessors
15.2-2 14 Sep 02Honey, Fiber-Optics, Bricks, Pipe Organs
16.2-3 21 Sep 02Personal Watercraft, Wine, Office Furniture, Ice Skates
17.2-4 28 Sep 02Winter Jackets, Animation, Mushrooms, Gold Rings
18.2-5 12 Oct 02Hydroponic Lettuce, Construction Wood, Recycling, Fishing Flies
19.2-6 19 Oct 02Diamond Cuttings; Wood Doors; Paintballs; Newspapers
20.2-7 26 Oct 02Carpets, Drinking Water, Laser Eye Surgery, Acoustic Guitars
21.2-8 02 Nov 02Fiberglass Boats, Clothes Dryers, Bubble Gum, Fireworks
22.2-9 09 Nov 02Steel Safes, False Teeth, Airplanes, Maple Syrup
23.2-1016 Nov 02Gummies, Aluminum Cans, Fish Farming, Bronze Sculptures
24.2-1123 Nov 02Aluminum Pots and Pans, Artificial Limbs, Peanut Butter, High Intensity Light Bulbs
25.2-1230 Nov 02Cars, Grocery Carts, Rapid Tooling and Prototyping, Collectible Coins
26.2-1307 Dec 02Ball Bearings, Electrical Wires, Lost Wax Process Casting, Automated Machines
Season 3
27.3-1 01 Oct 03Pre-inked Stamps, Cranberries, Cotton Yarn, Road Signs
28.3-2 08 Oct 03Combination Locks, Pottery, Recreational Vehicles, Erasers
29.3-3 21 Oct 03Wheel Loaders, Vegetable Oil, Hand Tools, Cotton Swabs
30.3-4 28 Oct 03Temporary Metal Fences; Asphalt Shingles; Polystyrene Products; Hard Candies
31.3-5 04 Nov 03Horse-drawn Carriages, Artificial Eyes, Dog and Cat Food, Mirrors
32.3-6 11 Nov 03Yogurt, Candles, Neon Signs, Bookbindings
33.3-7 18 Nov 03Prepared Mustard, Violins, Nuts and Bolts, Toilet Paper
34.3-8 25 Nov 03Fresh Cut Flowers, Adhesive Tape, Tofu, Lottery Tickets
35.3-9 09 Dec 03Inflatable Watercraft; Couscous; Modelling Dough; Wicker Products
36.3-1009 Dec 03Wind Generators; PVC Gloves; Thermo-Formed Glass; Fire Trucks
37.3-1109 Dec 03Radiators; Hatchery Chicks; Filo Pastry; Cross-Country Skis
38.3-1216 Dec 03Electric Baseboard Heaters; Moulded Pulp Containers; Chicken; Video Games
39.3-1330 Dec 03Fire Fighter Boots, Garden Tools, Automated Machines, Gypsum Board
Season 4
40.4-1 04 Jan 05Plastic Bottles & Jars, Mail, Eggs, Handcrafted Wooden Pens
41.4-2 11 Jan 05Plastic Injection Moulds, Automotive Oil Filters, Filing Cabinets, Blown Glass
42.4-3 18 Jan 05High-Precision Cutting Tools, Stained Glass, Semi-Trailers, Recorders
43.4-4 25 Jan 05Conga Drums, Metal Plating, Buttons
44.4-5 01 Feb 05Grinding Wheels, Compost, Window Blinds, Milk
45.4-6 08 Feb 05Brushes & Push Brooms, Blackboards, Smoked Salmon, Zippers
46.4-7 15 Feb 053D Commercial Signs, Hardwood Floors, Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, Mattresses
47.4-8 22 Feb 05Ceramic Tiles; Nuts; Steel Forgings; Skateboards
48.4-9 01 Mar 05Car Engines, Flour, Recliners, Envelopes
49.4-1008 Mar 05Plastic Cups & Cutlery, Special Effects Makeup, Gold, Harps
50.4-1115 Mar 05Countertop Laminate, Frozen Treats, Children's Building Blocks, Detergents
51.4-1222 Mar 05Architectural Moldings; Pulleys; Industrial Rubber Hose; Sheet Vinyl Flooring
52.4-1329 Mar 05Putty Knives, Garage Doors, Electric Motors, Wool
Season 5
53.5-1 07 Sep 05Paving Asphalt, Marshmallow Cookies, Loudspeakers, Electronic Door Locks
54.5-2 14 Sep 05Wood Burning Stoves, Orthoses, Ballet Slippers, Buses
55.5-3 20 Sep 05Robotic Arms; Tattoos; Sanitary Napkins; Concrete Pipes
56.5-4 28 Sep 05Hockey Gloves; Snack Cakes; Remoulded Tires; Wastewater Treatment
57.5-5 05 Oct 05Ambulances; Dining Room Tables; Diatonic Accordians; Acrylic Awards
58.5-6 11 Oct 05Alkaline Batteries; Wheelchairs; Flutes; Cowboy Boots
59.5-7 18 Oct 05Golf Balls; Furniture Handles; Parking Meters; Room Dividers
60.5-8 26 Oct 05Suits of Armour; Street Light Poles; Bent Hardwood; Membrane Switches
61.5-9 02 Nov 05Sulkies, Bagpipes, Yule Logs, Fishing Lures
62.5-1009 Nov 05Goalie Pads, Lapel Pins, Cardboard Boxes, Crystal Wine Glasses
63.5-1115 Nov 05Cement; Caskets; Soft Drinks; Glider Rockers
64.5-1222 Nov 05Kitchen Knives; Mannequins; Socks; Hypodermic Needles
65.5-1329 Nov 05Electrical Panels; Kites; Eyeglass Frames; Toothbrushes
Season 6
66.6-1 04 Jan 06Three-Wheeled Vehicles; Baseball Bats; Artificial Bonsais; Trombones
67.6-2 11 Jan 06Springs, Pavers, Pianos
68.6-3 18 Jan 06Ropes, Billiard Tables, Sailboards, Cymbals
69.6-4 25 Jan 06Seatbelts, Windows, Wax Figurines, Hot Air Balloons
70.6-5 01 Feb 06Air Filters, Billiard Cues, Ice Sculptures, Suits
71.6-6 08 Feb 06Escalator Handrails, Highlighters, Guitar Strings, Wigs
72.6-7 15 Feb 06Traditional Bows, Coffee Machines, Mascots, Hammocks
73.6-8 22 Feb 06Fiberglass Insulation, Wooden Ducks, Gumball Machines, Exhaust Systems
74.6-9 01 Mar 06Chains, Bagels, Vinyl Records
75.6-1008 Mar 06Windshields, English Saddles, Butter, Post Clocks
76.6-1115 Mar 06Individual Transporters; Canoes; Electric Guitars
77.6-1222 Mar 06Residential Water Heaters, Air Bags, Jelly Beans, Ice Resurfacers
78.6-1329 Mar 06Amphibious Vehicles, Putters, Model Ships, Drumheads
Season 7
79.7-1 05 Sep 06Footballs, Electric Guitar Amplifiers, Marbles, Airplane Propellers
80.7-2 12 Sep 06Engine Blocks, Jawbreakers, Drum Shells, Drums
81.7-3 03 Oct 06Lighters; Fossils; Hockey Pucks; High-Pressure Cylinders
82.7-4 16 Oct 06Balloons; Wallpaper; Frozen French Fries; Incandescent Light Bulbs
83.7-5 17 Oct 06Matches; Carousel Horses; Fine Porcelain; Fuel Tanks
84.7-6 24 Oct 06Glass Cookware; Soap Bars; Steel Drums; Firefighter Uniforms
85.7-7 16 Mar 07Crayons; Wooden Kayaks; Lawnmowers; Gold Chains
86.7-8 23 Mar 07Inflatable Safety Devices; Braille Typewriters; Carbon-Fibre Cellos
87.7-9 30 Mar 07Carbon-Fibre Masts; Fortune Cookies; IMAX Projectors; Roller Chains
88.7-1030 Mar 07Firefighter Helmets; Nautical Compasses; Packaging Tubes; Hand Saws
89.7-1128 Nov 06Halogen Bulbs; Cellulose Insulation; Aluminum Ladders; Bamboo Fly Rods
90.7-1219 Sep 06Drill Bits; Photo Booths; Stamps
91.7-1309 Feb 07Yacht Wheels; Braided Rugs; Automobile Thermostats; Chisels
Season 8
92.8-1 02 Jan 07Photographs; Fur Tanning; Welding Electrodes; Electric Violins
93.8-2 09 Jan 07Glass Bottles; Hacksaws; Goalie Masks
94.8-3 16 Jan 07Lacrosse Sticks; Frozen Fish Products; Flashlights; Paintbrushes
95.8-4 23 Jan 07Deep Cycle Batteries; Tins; Optical Lenses
96.8-5 30 Jan 07Pistons, Paint Rollers, Parachutes, Chimneys
97.8-6 06 Feb 07Fishing Reels; Miniature Houses; Kitchen Mixers
98.8-7 20 Feb 07Horseshoes; Dishwashers; Graphite Fly Rods; Pizza
99.8-8 27 Feb 07CO2 Cartridges; Pretzels; Scissor Lifts; Skating Rinks
100.8-9 06 Mar 07Pro Hockey Sticks; Bronzed Shoes; Treadmills; Computers
101.8-1013 Mar 07Handcuffs; Caulking Compound; Propane Tanks; Forensics
102.8-1120 Mar 07Fur-Coats; Hearses; Outdoor Lighting Fixtures; Golf Tees
103.8-1227 Mar 07Manhole Covers; Range Hoods; Artificial Logs; Snowmobiles
104.8-1303 Apr 07Motorcycles; Clay Pipes; Drum Sticks; Whistles
Season 9
105.9-1 17 Jan 08Solid Tires; Cheesecake; Canoe Paddles; Globes
106.9-2 20 Jan 08Boomerangs; Barbeques; Pinball Machines; Strobe Lights
107.9-3 21 Sep 07Wooden Bowls; Chainsaws; Stackable Potato Chips; Jet Compressor Blades
108.9-4 03 Feb 08Steel Wool; Ranges; Carved Candles; Slot Machines
109.9-5 10 Feb 08CCD Semiconductors; Airline Meals; Paper Cups; Trumpets
110.9-6 17 Feb 08Padlocks; Hair Clippers; Wooden Shoes; Synthetic Leather
111.9-7 24 Feb 08Racing Shells; Stainless Steel Sinks; Leather; Pedal Steel Guitar
112.9-8 02 Mar 08Swords; Pontoons; Grandfather Clocks; Fuses
113.9-9 09 Mar 08Bumpers; Lighting Gels and Camera Filters; Steam-Powered Models; Candy Canes
114.9-1016 Mar 08Umbrellas; Outboard Motors; Silver Cutlery; Tape Measures
115.9-1123 Mar 08Scalpels; Oil Paints; British Police Helmets; Ice Axes
116.9-1230 Mar 08Bacon; Snowblowers; Luxury Cars
117.9-1306 Apr 08Automatic Transmissions; Silver Miniatures; Hot Air Balloon Baskets; Darts
Season 10
118.10-120 Aug 08Magnets; Cooked Ham; Silver Teapots; Crash Test Dummies
119.10-227 Aug 08Curling Stones; Refrigerators; Aluminum Baseball Bats; Opalescent Glass
120.10-303 Sep 08Levels; Hot Dogs; Abrasive Grains; Sandpaper
121.10-411 Jun 08Ice Cream Treats; Wooden Golf Clubs; Aircraft Wings; Car Battery
122.10-518 Jun 08Automotive Fuel Pumps; Cricket Bats; Change Machines; Ductile Iron Pipe
123.10-625 Jun 08Wooden Barrels; Fire Hydrants; Automotive Seats; Cathode Ray Tubes
124.10-701 Jul 08Stainless Steel; Football Helmets; Resin Figurines; Laboratory Glassware
125.10-808 Jul 08Fire Extinguishers; Doughnuts; Shock Absorbers; Banjos
126.10-915 Jul 08Dress Forms; Boat Propellers; Duvets; Faucets
127.10-1022 Jul 08Bronze Bells; Wooden Airplane Propellers; Charcoal Briquettes; Gas Log Fireplaces
128.10-1113 Aug 08Ice Cream Cones; Tent Trailers; Shoe Polish; Pliers
129.10-1206 Aug 08Steel Shipping Drums; Police Whistles; Miniature Train Wagons; Glass Blocks
130.10-1329 Jul 08Pocket Knives; Soapstone Products; Electric Pole Transformers; Snowshoes
Season 11
131.11-110 Sep 08Binoculars; Sparklers; Rubber Boots; Circular Saw Blades
132.11-217 Sep 08Anatomical Models; Jukeboxes; Tortilla Chips; Spark Plugs
133.11-324 Sep 08Pencils; Metal Recycling; Coffee
134.11-430 Sep 08Javelins; Cuckoo Clocks; Hearts of Palm; Windshield Wipers
135.11-507 Oct 08Technical Glass; Washing Machines; Playing Cards; Crossbows
136.11-614 Oct 08Cine Cameras; Glass Christmas Ornaments; Giant Tires
137.11-721 Oct 08Microphones; Hot Tubs; Artificial Turf; Beer Steins
138.11-829 Oct 08Hot Rods; Decorative Eggs; Fire Hose Nozzles; Baseballs
139.11-905 Nov 08Accordions; Pineapples; Artificial Joints
140.11-1012 Nov 08Giant Valves; Sardines; Barographs; Disposable Diapers
141.11-1121 Nov 08Heated Skate Blades; Gliders; Hand Bells; Fire Hoses
142.11-1226 Nov 08Induction Cooktops; Truck Scales; Tetra Pak Containers; Harmonicas
143.11-1303 Dec 08Baseball Gloves; Medical Electrodes; Stetson Hats
Season 12
144.12-107 Jan 09Pneumatic Impact Wrenches; Cultured Marble Sinks; Plantain Chips; NASCAR Stock Cars
145.12-214 Jan 09Jaws of Life; Artificial Christmas Trees; Soda Crackers; Ratchets
146.12-321 Jan 09Thermometers; Produce Scales; Aircraft Painting; Luxury Chocolates
147.12-428 Jan 09Carburetors; Air Conditioners; Sugar
148.12-504 Feb 09Combination Wrenches; Deli Meats; Golf Carts; Airships
149.12-611 Feb 09Carbon Fibre Car Parts; Hand Dryers; Recycled Polyester Yarn; Fleece
150.12-718 Feb 09Police Badges; Muffins; Car Washes; Pressure Gauges
151.12-825 Feb 09Metal Detectors; Rum; Tiffany Reproductions; Aircraft Engines
152.12-904 Mar 09Riding Mowers; Popcorn; Adjustable Beds; Cultured Diamonds
153.12-1011 Mar 09Airstream Trailers; Horseradish; Industrial Steam Boilers; Deodorant
154.12-1117 Mar 09Screwdrivers; Compact Track Loaders; Physician Scales; Carbon Fibre Bats
155.12-1225 Mar 09Escalators; Kevlar Canoes; Goat Cheese; Disc Music Boxes
156.12-1331 Mar 09Motorcycle Engines; Glass Enamel Sculptures; Hand-Made Paper; Vaulting Poles
Season 13
157.13-101 May 09Hammers, Swiss Cheese, Roller Skates, Coloured Pencils
158.13-201 May 09Carbon Fiber Bicycles, Blood Products, Forged Chandeliers, Ballpoint Pens
159.13-308 May 09Swiss Army Knives, Player Piano Rolls, Oil Tankers, Racing Wheels
160.13-415 May 09Bowling Balls, Barber Poles, Felt, Radar Guns
161.13-522 May 09Pipe Fittings; Music Boxes; Pepper Mills; Hot Rod Steering Columns
162.13-629 May 09Gears, Leather Watchbands, Vitrelle Dishes, Kitchen Shears
163.13-705 Jun 09Pressure Cookers; Mechanical Singing Birds; Oceanographic Buoys; Tank Trailers
164.13-812 Jun 09Aluminum Boats; Alpine Horns; Luxury Watches
165.13-919 Jun 09ATVs; Alpine Skis; Laser Cutters; Marble Sculptures
166.13-1003 Jul 09Socket Sets; Leather Shoes; Aluminum Water Bottles; Bike Chains
167.13-1110 Jul 09Carved Wood Sculptures, Flatware, Cow Bells, Fountain Pens
168.13-1217 Jul 09Olive Oil, Lift Trucks, Seamless Rolled Rings, Ski Boots
169.13-1324 Jul 09Cookware; Inlaid Boxes; High-Efficiency Water Heaters; Vespa Scooters
Season 14
170.14-102 Oct 09Mini GP Motorcycles, Fig Cookies, Tool Boxes, Pipe Bends
171.14-209 Oct 09Revolver Replicas; Arc Trainers; Oil Furnaces; Vegetable Peelers, Pizza Cutters
172.14-323 Oct 09Metal Golf Clubs, Waffles, Custom Wires and Cables Train Wheels
173.14-430 Oct 09Sails, Walnuts, Wheel Immobilizers, Honeycomb Structural Panels
174.14-506 Nov 09Surfboards; Stickers; Sandwich Cookies; Concrete Roofing Tiles
175.14-618 Sep 09Ski Goggles; Tower Cranes; Porcelain Figurines; Diesel Engines
176.14-713 Nov 09Stuffed Olives; Astrolabes; Western Saddles
177.14-816 Nov 09Custom Running Shoes; Axes; Racing Karts; Animatronics
178.14-920 Nov 09Headphones; Diving Regulators; Reflector Light Bulbs
179.14-1004 Dec 09Fly Fishing Reels, House Paint, Weaving Looms, Ice Makers
180.14-1111 Dec 09Graphite Pencil Leads, Clarinets, Special Effects
181.14-1218 Dec 09Air Boats, Onions, 3D Metal Printing, Curved Cabinet Doors
182.14-1308 Jan 10Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Solar Salt, Tubas
Season 15
183.15-102 Apr 10Kelp Caviar, Luxury Sailboats, Dental Crowns, High-Performance Engines
184.15-202 Apr 10Leather Briefcases, Crop Dusters, Corn Whiskey, Drag Racing Clutches
185.15-309 Apr 10Train Rails, Desalinated Water, Racing Wheelchairs, Parquetry
186.15-416 Apr 10Flight Simulators; Bookbinding; Greenhouse Tomatoes; Hurricane-Proof Shutters
187.15-523 Apr 10Worcestershire Sauce, Lawn Bowls, Radio-Controlled Model Jets
188.15-630 Apr 10Pipes, Rock Climbing Gear, Leather Bike Saddles, Luxury Sports Cars
189.15-707 May 10Replica Foods, Traffic Cone Dispensers, Rocking Horses, London Taxis
190.15-814 May 10Miniature Furniture, Garden Steam Locomotives, Hovercraft, Folding Bicycles
191.15-921 May 10Crosscut Saws, Haggis, Collectible Firearms
192.15-1028 May 10Alligator Bags, Lockers, Bench Planes, Deployable Flight Recorders
193.15-1104 Jun 10Grapples, Flavorings, Dog Sleds, Athletic Shoes
194.15-1211 Jun 10Retractable Cords; Wood Frame Sports Cars; Sushi
195.15-1318 Jun 10Leather Wallets, French Horns, Soy Sauce, Children's Ride-On Cars
Season 16
196.16-101 Oct 10Millefiori Glass Paperweights, Road Salt, Nutcrackers, Car Doors
197.16-208 Oct 10Straight Razors, Black Pudding, Steering Wheels, Inorganic Pigments
198.16-315 Oct 10Cast Iron Cookware; Biodiesel; Clothing Hangers; Stone Wool Insulation
199.16-422 Oct 10Needles & Pins; Architectural Mouldings; Locomotives; Clothespins
200.16-529 Oct 10Filigree Glass; Fish Food; Motor Homes
201.16-605 Nov 10Surgical Instruments; Ketchup; Double-Decker Buses; Walking Sticks
202.16-712 Nov 10Audio Tubes; Light Bars; Model Aircraft; Snare Drums
203.16-819 Nov 10Kitchen Accessories; Central Vacuums; Paper-Mâché Animals; Hydraulic Cylinders
204.16-926 Nov 10Liquor Jugs; Deli Meats; NASCAR Engines
205.16-1003 Dec 10Digital Dentistry; Nail Clippers; Poster Restoration; Canola Oil
206.16-1110 Dec 10Dial Thermometers; Hummus; Spent Fuel Containers; Straw Sombreros
207.16-1217 Dec 10Tequila; Water Beds; Flip Flops; Silver
208.16-1324 Dec 10Composite Propane Cylinders; Salsa; Water-pumping Windmills; Dragsters
Season 17
209.17-108 Apr 11Decorative Sombreros, Salad Dressings, Cap Guns, Regenerative Medicine
210.17-208 Apr 11Cheese Graters; Hot Sauce; Silver Jewelery; Traditional Mexican Chairs
211.17-315 Apr 11Game calls; Mayonnaise; Traditional Razor Blades; Butterfly Safety Razors
212.17-422 Apr 11Corn Tortillas; Crankshafts & Camshafts; Bush Planes; Aluminum Bike Wheels
213.17-529 Apr 11Folding Kayaks; Piñatas; Garbage Trucks; Ceramic Composite Brake Discs
214.17-606 May 11Rolled Wafers, Wood Pellets, Class & Championship Rings
215.17-713 May 11Speed skates, synthetic rubber, cocoa beans, and bulk chocolate
216.17-820 May 11Custom Steering Wheels; Aerospace Fuel Lines; Apple Pies; Household Radiators
217.17-927 May 11Whips, automated pizza makers, incense cones, and scale turbine engines
218.17-1003 Jun 11Heather gems, instant film, beet sugar, electric roadsters
219.17-1110 Jun 11Underwater robots, lasagne, band saws, and ski trekking poles
220.17-1217 Jun 11Laminated Wood Beams; Sport Utility Vehicles; Veggie Burgers; Wood-boring Augers
221.17-1324 Jun 11Turbochargers, enchiladas, and watches
Season 18
222.18-114 Sep 11Patterned Glass Panels; Road Cases; Stop-Frame Animation
223.18-221 Sep 11Industrial Wire Ropes; Living Walls; Large Format Cameras; Gemstones
224.18-328 Sep 11Chocolate Coins; Floor Heating System; Pedal Cars; Latex Swords
225.18-405 Oct 11Farmed Caviar; Intake Manifolds; Motorcycle Jackets; Forged Spades
226.18-512 Oct 11Wax Figures; Awnings; Sandwich Crackers; Pewter Tankards
227.18-619 Oct 11Cufflinks; Blueberry Turnovers; Dashboards; Pottery
228.18-726 Oct 11Fish Replicas; Siren Systems; Pre-Packaged Sandwiches; Candlesticks
229.18-802 Nov 11Pipe Cleaners; Blue Stilton Cheese; Smart Electric Meters; Telescopes
230.18-909 Nov 11Rally Cars; Pork Pies; Floating Fountains; Artificial Stone Ornaments
231.18-1016 Nov 11Tapioca Pudding; Snow Plows; Paddle Boats; Fibre Cement Siding
232.18-1122 Nov 11Pharmaceutical Blister Packs, Deli Slicers, Oysters, Weathervanes
233.18-1229 Nov 11Top & Bowler Hats, Solar Water Heaters, Sticky Buns, Electrostatic Speakers
234.18-1306 Dec 11Turntables; Steam Engines; Playground Equipment; Teflon Pans
Season 19
235.19-119 Apr 12Garden Forks; English Toffee; Paint Chip Cards; Bundt Pans
236.19-226 Apr 12Pewter Flasks; Potato Salad; Hydrogen Fuel Cells; Engineered Wood Siding
237.19-303 May 12Canvas Wall Tents; Peace Pipes; Shredded Wheat Cereal; Cannons
238.19-410 May 12Robotic Hunting Decoys; Canned Tomatoes; Scoreboards; Lassos
239.19-517 May 12Turf Grass; Beef Jerky; Wood Chippers; Bowling Pins
240.19-624 May 12Multi-Tools; Jojoba Oil; Marionettes
241.19-731 May 12Fish Decoys; Film Digitization; Cylinder Stoves; Concrete Light Poles
242.19-807 Jun 12Bamboo Bicycles; Chainsaw Art; Breath Mints; Manual Motorcycle Transmissions
243.19-914 Jun 12Dinnerware; Air Brake Tanks; Frosted Cereal; Fossils
244.19-1021 Jun 12Clay; Pitted Prunes; Spurs; Polyurethane Tires
245.19-1122 Jun 12Tasers; Canned Soup; Jaw Harps; Diving Boards
246.19-1223 Jun 12Space Pens; Reef Aquariums; Metal Caskets; Composite Bike Wheels
247.19-1324 Jun 12Navajo Rugs; Crude Oil; Kaleidoscopes; Titanium Dental Implants
Season 20
248.20-125 Oct 12Native Healing Drums/Raisins/Stereoscopic Viewers/Ribbon Microphones
249.20-201 Nov 12Horse Bits; Oat Cereal; Turquoise Jewelry; Electric Scooters
250.20-308 Nov 12Stagecoaches/Road Reflectors/Fire Baked Pottery/Custom Motorcycle Tanks
251.20-415 Nov 12Replica Clay Pipes/Drinking Fountains/Orange Liqueur/Compound Bows
252.20-529 Nov 12Tissues/Travel Trailers/Slippers/Motorcycle Helmets
253.20-606 Dec 12U-Locks; Tepees; Croissants; Rolling Luggage
254.20-713 Dec 12Prams/Factory-Built Homes/Wood Flutes/Bicycle Tires
255.20-820 Dec 12Thinning Shears/Wagon Wheels/Toaster Pastries/Violin Bows
256.20-930 Dec 121000th Item: Cycling Shoes/Yurts/Marine Plywood/Oil & Encaustic Paint
257.20-1030 Dec 12Nail Nippers; Jade Putters; Ice Cider; Water Skis
258.20-1103 Jan 13Paper Fans; Walnut Oil; Copper
259.20-1203 Jan 13Cast Iron Tubs; Hopi Kachina Dolls; Mine Truck Engine; Memory Cards
260.20-1310 Jan 13Gut Strings/Absinthe/Belt Buckles/Lever Locks
Season 21
261.21-104 Apr 13Rubber Gloves, Soap Carvings, Aircraft Cabinets, Motorcycle Brake Locks
262.21-211 Apr 13Powder Horns; Handcrafted Molds; Perogies; Inner Tubes
263.21-318 Apr 13Lace, Antique Frame Replicas, Orchids, Unicycle Wheel Hubs
264.21-425 Apr 13External Hard Drives, Frozen Shrimp, Thai Rice Boxes, Paper Towel
265.21-502 May 13Tea, Roof Finials, Artificial Flowers, Alloy Wheels
266.21-609 May 13Gel Caps, Playground Spring Riders, Frozen Pancakes, Natural Rubber
267.21-716 May 13Paper Umbrellas, Coal, Aircraft Seats, Urns
268.21-823 May 13Aluminum Canoes/Wood Bowls/Wheelchair Accessible Vans/Marimbas
269.21-920 Jun 13Indy Car Seats, Paper Flowers, Stand-by Generators
270.21-1009 Jul 13Knee Replacements; Leaf Springs; Lavender Oil; Rivets and Rivet Tools
271.21-1118 Jul 13Cast Iron Stoves; Ultralight Aircraft; Snow Groomers; Rubber Bands
272.21-1225 Jul 13Barber Chairs; Sewage Pumps; Bimini Boat Tops; Diesel Filters
273.21-1301 Aug 13Car Tires; Silk; Art Conservation; Scuba Tanks
Season 22
274.22-110 Oct 13Electric Stand-Up Vehicles; Frozen Fruit; Beer Coasters; Forged Door Handles
275.22-217 Oct 13Rock Crushers / Fabric Lampshades / Cake Sprinkles / Steam Irons
276.22-324 Oct 13Indy Steering Wheels / Mixed Salad / Wind Turbines
277.22-431 Oct 13Blast Doors; Lipstick; Artificial Palm Trees; Brass Plaques
278.22-507 Nov 13Carbon Fiber; Antique Frame Restoration; Railcar Movers; Hood Ornaments
279.22-614 Nov 13Sawhorses and Toolboxes / Sorbet Pops / School Buses
280.22-721 Nov 13Sanders / Solid Terrain Models / Stucco / High-Speed Roll-up Doors
281.22-805 Dec 13Pressed Glass / Pickup Truck Caps / Alpaca Yarn / Utility Knives
282.22-912 Dec 13Body Casting; Downdraft Stoves; Compression Garments; Electric Motorcycles
283.22-1019 Dec 13Sidecars / Frozen French Toast / Refrigerator Compressors / Superchargers
284.22-1126 Dec 13Custom Knee Braces / Air Conditioners / Window Films / Motorcycle Exhaust
285.22-1202 Jan 14Solid State Drives / Eye Shadow / Limousines / Dead Blow Hammers
286.22-1316 Jan 14Dragster Tires; Icing; Floating Docks; Spiral Pipes
Season 23
287.23-103 Apr 14Motion Sensors; Belt Loaders; Pheasant Breeding; Diving Helmets
288.23-210 Apr 14Rawhide Lampshades; Chocolate Chip Cookies; MRI Scanners
289.23-317 Apr 14Noise Barrier Walls; Front-Load Washers; Bourbon; Flexible Circuit
290.23-424 Apr 14Railway Bridge Ties; Membrane Filters; Hydraulic Post Drivers; Bi-Planes
291.23-501 May 14Hospital Laundry; Brass Instrument Restoration; Horse Replicas; Excavation Buckets
292.23-615 May 14Ceramic Fireplaces; Synthetic Corks; Parking Garage Floor Slabs
293.23-722 May 14Oil Pressure Sensors; Large Format Printing; Heavy Equipment Simulators; Head & Neck Restraints
294.23-829 May 14Mobile Concert Stages, Mascara, Continuous Miners, Wood Gift Boxes
295.23-905 Jun 14NASCAR Car Bodies; Hurley Sticks; Tube Amplifiers; Thermal Coffee Pots
296.23-1012 Jun 14Electric Vehicle Charging Stations; Grappa; Lunar Rover Replicas
297.23-1119 Jun 14Slate Tiles; Hot Dog Carts; Garage Door Openers; Bicycle Seats
298.23-1226 Jun 14Racing Leathers; Evaporative Cooling Towers; Rocking Chairs; Wire Wheels
299.23-1303 Jul 14Mountain Bikes; Rice; Lever Action Rifles
Season 24
300.24-125 Sep 14Saunas; Wheelchair Lifts; Dioramas
301.24-202 Oct 14Oil Lamps; Chocolate Mints; Underfloor Heating; Pillows
302.24-309 Oct 14Upright Pianos; Flags; Wet/Dry Vacuums; Medieval Axes
303.24-416 Oct 14Skeletal Replicas; Ice Buckets; Dining Chairs; Inground Pools
304.24-506 Nov 14Automatic Sliding Doors; Gin; Firearms Restoration
305.24-613 Nov 14Scuba Lights; Sandals; Race Car Simulators; Fibreglass Doors
306.24-720 Nov 14Wood Windows; Cashmere Fabric; Plastic Recycling; Architectural Glass
307.24-827 Nov 14Gas Barbecues; Mattress Pads; Ear Prostheses
308.24-904 Dec 14Recycled Skateboards; Braided Pastry; Construction Trailers; Vises
309.24-1011 Dec 14Plasma Gems; Special Effects Snow; Piano Restoration
310.24-1101 Jan 153-Wheel Electric Bikes; Skin Cream; Patio Heaters; Wood Wheels
311.24-1208 Jan 15Old West Holsters; Underwater Video Housings; Soy Beverages; Pet Nail Trimmers
312.24-1315 Jan 15Wood Garage Doors; Sand and Salt Spreaders; Animatronic Dinosaurs
Season 25
313.25-102 Apr 15Grammy Awards; Bicycle Lights; Above-Ground Pools; Foldable Solar Panels
314.25-209 Apr 15Led Stage Lights; Apple Cider; Chemical Tank Trailers; Ornate Stone Floor
315.25-316 Apr 15Fishing Line, Industrial Mixers, Natural Baking Soda, and Tow Trucks
316.25-423 Apr 15Storage Sheds, Industrial Fans, Parchment Paper, and Climbing Walls
317.25-530 Apr 15Precast Concrete Walls; 3D Printers; Telescopic Cranes; Kerosene Lamp Burners
318.25-607 May 15Car Headlamps, Directional Drills, Pet Combs, and Stained Glass Restoration
319.25-714 May 15Handcrafted Skis; Septic Tanks; Hydroformed Chassis Parts; Aquarium Windows
320.25-821 May 15Zip Line Brakes; Silk Fiber Lamps; Round Balers; Comfort Shoes
321.25-928 May 15Armored Vehicles, Tension Fabric Buildings, Rowers, Sculpture Enlargements
322.25-1004 Jun 15Mountain Bike Suspensions, Surgical Sutures, Grain Dryers, and Frying Pans
323.25-1111 Jun 15Downhill Ski Bindings; Immersion Washers; Mining Ventilation; Pencil Sharpeners
324.25-1218 Jun 15Gingerbread Houses, Livestock Trailers, Hangar Doors, and Toy Figurines
325.25-1302 Jul 15Traffic Signal Poles, Coffee Filters, and Chainsaw Mining Machines
Season 26
326.26-110 Sep 15Time-Delay Locks, Brownies, Pallet Dispensers, and Crystal Chandeliers
327.26-217 Sep 15Bead Wire, Mini Pepperoni, Irrigation Sprinklers, and Leather Gloves
328.26-324 Sep 15Mouth-Blown Window Glass, Water Pumps, Sake, Tweezers
329.26-401 Oct 15Statue Restoration, Tripods, Polish Sausages, Welding Guns
330.26-508 Oct 15Champagne, ATMs, Marine Turbochargers
331.26-615 Oct 15Sharpening Steels, Bladder Pumps, Ironing Boards, and Kayak Paddles
332.26-722 Oct 15Champagne Hoods; Pneumatic Systems; Espresso Machines; Pizza Ovens
333.26-829 Oct 15Stile & Rail Doors, Steam Cleaners, Hand-Held Pizzas, and Power Brushes
334.26-905 Nov 15Industrial Casters; Wedding Cakes; THz Spectrometers; Racing Catamarans
335.26-1012 Nov 15Ceramic Grills; Pneumatic Punchers; Water Fountains; Wooden Surfboards
336.26-1103 Dec 15Vibrating Mining Screens; Whoopie Pies; Utility Poles; Roller Conveyors
337.26-1210 Dec 15Exercise Bikes; Cornish Pasties; Pasta Makers; Slate Products
338.26-1317 Dec 15Channel Signs, Wetsuits, and Aluminum Aircraft
Season 27
339.27-119 May 16CNC Assembly Machines; Lemon Tarts; Miniature War Figures
340.27-226 May 16Chemical Tank Pressure Vents; Candy Wafers; Food Trucks; Traditional Ropes
341.27-331 May 16Graphene; Worlds Smallest Car; Force Testers; Composite Cans
342.27-406 Jun 16LED tubes; chocolate peanut butter bars; robotic medication dispensers.
343.27-513 Jun 16Commercial Drones; Aquarium Fish; Runway Cleaners; and Shuttlecocks
344.27-620 Jun 16Wooden Matches; Tillage Machines; Telescopic Gangways; and Mabe Pearls
345.27-727 Jun 16Mosquito Coils, Solar-Assist Tricycles, Palm Oil, Fiberglass Chopper Guns
346.27-804 Jul 16Wood Toys, Retro Toasters, Laboratory Furnaces, Aerogel
347.27-911 Jul 16Combination Squares, Farmed Shrimp, Ball Valves and String Trimmers
348.27-1018 Jul 16Chinese-style Furniture, Electrical Switches, Thai Fish Sauce, Cappers
349.27-1125 Jul 16Mortars and Pestles; Bowling Lane Conditioners; Crematories; Wood Playsets
350.27-1208 Aug 16Race Car Oil Tanks; Plaster Mouldings; Lemongrass Oil; Fly Tying Vises
351.27-1315 Aug 16Coconut Charcoal; Dial Indicators; Wet Downdraft Tables; Bassoon Reeds
Season 28
352.28-122 Aug 16Classic Car Gauges; Chocolate Marble Cake; Ghillie Kettles; Rubber Gloves
353.28-229 Aug 16Pasta dies; blueberries; composting toilets; surge arresters.
354.28-305 Sep 16Angle Grinders; Berry Baskets; Omnidirectional Speakers
355.28-412 Sep 16Cartridge Blades; Chocolate Banana Loaves; Vending Machines; Dive Computers
356.28-519 Sep 16Ultra-Thin Glass; Pallet Dismantlers; Cupcakes; Stainless Steel Tubes
357.28-607 Oct 16Potash; Leather Bracelets; Wild Rice; Hex Key L Wrenches
358.28-713 Oct 16Nail Files; Birch Canoes; Boat Hardtops; High Voltage Circuit Breakers
359.28-820 Oct 16Macarons; Pine Needle Baskets; Micrometers
360.28-927 Oct 16Endoscopes; Megaphones; Uranium
361.28-1003 Nov 16Hollow Disk Pumps; Palm Sugar; Yachts
362.28-1110 Nov 16Abalone Collagen; Digital-to-Analog Converters; Embosssed Wood Moldings; Plier Staplers
363.28-1228 Nov 16Thai Barbecues; Diving Masks & Fins; Bassoons
364.28-1324 Nov 16Wooden Utensils; Transport Refrigeration Units; Moccasins; Electronic Impact Drills
Season 29 American Made
365.29-113 Feb 17Skateboard Wheels; Baklava & Galaktoboureko; CO2 Scrubbers
366.29-220 Feb 17Nuno Felt; Drum Crushers; Kimchi; Parquet Floors
367.29-327 Feb 17Wood Watches; Steel Bicycles; Raw Pet Food; Replica Police Lanterns
368.29-406 Mar 17Thermoplastic Fire Helmets; Basketry Sculptures; Coffee Roasters
369.29-513 Mar 17Office Chairs; Vinobrew; Reconditioned Sander Drums; Lithographs
370.29-620 Mar 17Fireplace bellows; Calissons; Recreational Watercraft
371.29-727 Mar 17Artist Brushes; DEF Tank Heaters; Game Tables
372.29-803 Apr 17Flying Water Bikes; Paint; Cinnamon Cordial
373.29-910 Apr 17Foosball Tables; Marseille Soap; Laguiole Pocket Knives
374.29-1017 Apr 17Berets; Pastis; Stationary Bikes
375.29-1124 Apr 17Steel Bistro Furniture; Letterpress Printing; Bamboo Ceramic Lights; Asphalt Compactors
376.29-1207 Sep 17Technological corks; zinc gutters; traditional ham; chisteras.
377.29-1314 Sep 17Pentanque ball; biologic medicines; asphalt pavers; basques espadrilles.
Season 30
378.30-108 Oct 17Leather Basketballs; Flood Gates; Wood Panel Canvases; Shoelaces
379.30-208 Oct 17Power Steering Pumps; Asian Bowl Meals; Walking Canes
380.30-315 Oct 17Lab Extractors; Custom-made Chandeliers; Power Trainers; Coffee Pods
381.30-415 Oct 17Witness Samples ; Pressure Washers; Beehives; Cast Iron Cookers
382.30-522 Oct 17Leather Sculptures; Travel Hot Plates; Ochre; Hurdy Gurdies
383.30-622 Oct 17Recycled skateboard guitars; Solar street lights; Dolls
384.30-729 Oct 17Spiral stairs; Pita bread; Exhaust headers; Molded limestone artwork
385.30-829 Oct 17Glass sculptures; Racing pulley systems; Inductors; Medicine balls
386.30-905 Nov 17Fish rubbings; Clay shooting machines; Almonds; High-end motorcycles
387.30-1005 Nov 17Throttle bodies; Limestone fireplace mantels; Candied fruit; Linen ukuleles
388.30-1112 Nov 17Rubber balls; Motion chairs; Montreal smoked meat; Motorized scooters
389.30-1212 Nov 17Aerospace fasteners; Cactus pear puree; Lab reactors
390.30-1319 Nov 17Wall beds; Sundae cups; Digital paintings; Badminton rackets
Season 31
391.31-105 May 18Basque Pelota Balls; Pallet Trucks; Dumplings; Brass Faucets
392.31-205 May 18Laptops; Panettone; Saxophones
393.31-312 May 18Spinning Reels; Plasma Protein Therapies; 3D Cups; Stainless Steel Beer Kegs
394.31-412 May 18Steamer Baskets; Three-Wheel Scooters; Prefabricated Conservatories; Copper Cookware
395.31-519 May 18Mountain Bike Tires; Leaf and Debris Vacuums; Canned Meat; Fillet Knives
396.31-619 May 18Rice Cookers; Concealment Furniture; Promotional Origami; Hedge Shears
397.31-726 May 18Glass Faucets; Fire Truck Ladders; Antique Clock Restoration; Barbecue Utensils
398.31-826 May 18Educational Robots; Boxing Belts; Boat Radar Mounts; European-Style Radiators
399.31-902 Jun 18Cotton; Rodeo Roping Chutes; Asian Noodles; Rotary Engines
400.31-1002 Jun 18Sleeper Rigs; Pecans; Steel Pulleys; Acetate Eyewear
401.31-1103 Nov 18Wood Slat Baskets; Bells; Gyroscopic Stabilizers (Part 1); Gyroscopic Stabilizers (Part 2)
402.31-1203 Nov 18DeLorean Restoration; Bison Fibre; Shuffleboard Tables; Friction Forged Knives
403.31-1303 Nov 18Leather Bags; Horse Exercisers; Air Hockey Tables; Copper Sculptures
Season 32
404.32-110 Feb 19Electrophoretic Displays; Dry Erase Boards; Air Rifles; Quartz Countertops
405.32-217 Feb 19Custom Shoe Trees; Clay Targets; Squeeze Chutes; Composite Boat Propellers
406.32-317 Feb 19Orthodontic Retainers; Orange Juice; Retractable Saunas; Sawmill Knives
407.32-424 Feb 19Table Tennis Tables, Plastic Model Kits, and Light Microscopes
408.32-524 Feb 19Hand Forged Hammers, Gummy Vitamins, Boat Trailers, Tea Lights & Jar Candles
409.32-603 Mar 19Guitar Pickups; Heated Furniture; Water Well Cylinders; Non-conductive Tools
410.32-703 Mar 19Innerspring Mattresses; Stand-Up Paddle Boards; Vacuum Cleaners
411.32-810 Mar 19Belts; 3D Metal Printers; Detectable Warning Panels; Model Stirling Engines
412.32-910 Mar 19Compression & Extension Springs; Micro Drill Bits; Skiffs; Backsplashes
413.32-1017 Mar 19Fencing Masks, Books, Ocean Drone Transformers, and 3D Puzzles
414.32-1117 Mar 19Tin Whistles, Horn Products, and Formula F Race Cars
415.32-1224 Mar 19Motorcycle Goggles; Handbuilt Jukeboxes; Vacuum Excavators; Shaving Sets
416.32-1324 Mar 19Peaked Caps; Custom Water Heaters; Electric Boats; Fencing Foils
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