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In Bed with MeDinner

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Mon, 25 May 2020 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Nov 1992
End date: 1998
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ITV (UK)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 60 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 20 Nov 92Episode 1
2.1-2 27 Nov 92Episode 2
Season 2
3.2-1 08 Apr 94Episode 1
4.2-2 15 Apr 94Episode 2
5.2-3 22 Apr 94Episode 3
6.2-4 29 Apr 94Episode 4
7.2-5 06 May 94Episode 5
8.2-6 13 May 94Episode 6
Season 3
9.3-1 11 Jan 97Paramedics and Christian Flat Sharers
10.3-2 18 Jan 97The Natwest Tower and the Health Show
11.3-3 01 Feb 97Sumo Wrestlers and the Vice Squad
12.3-4 22 Feb 97Ghost Files and the Great Missenden Riots
13.3-5 15 Mar 97Danny Baker's Heavy Metal Documentary and Knife Etiquette: Wrist Manipulation
14.3-6 22 Mar 97Pet Psychic and Police Dog
15.3-7 29 Mar 97Dowsing for the Dodo and a Few Lonely Hearts
16.3-8 05 Apr 97Essex FM with Robbie Dee and Special Force: No Cycling
17.3-9 12 Apr 97Episode 9
18.3-1002 May 97Silas the Ghost
19.3-1109 May 97The Guy Who Measures Things and 'Me Son's a Grass!'
20.3-1216 May 97Dance for Jesus and Middlesboro Cops
21.3-1323 May 97Christmas Coppers and Fell Out of a Plane
22.3-1430 May 97Ice Cream Wars and Big Cat Chasers
23.3-1506 Jun 97How to Pass a Breathalyzer and Miss TV Times
24.3-1626 Jul 97Mr W**ker the Farmer (A Room with Two Views)
25.3-1702 May 97In School and Bus Driver Magician
26.3-1808 May 97The Most Blinkyingest Person Awards and the World Disco Dancing Championship (NW)
27.3-1923 Aug 97Eyeball Disturbance and Chris Serle Investigates... Modelling Agencies
28.3-2022 May 97Vinnie Jones and Bobby Gould
29.3-2129 May 97Channel Tunnel and the Henley Regatta
30.3-2205 Jun 97Depardieu Joins the Vice Squad and the Ghosts of the Ancient Ram Inn
31.3-2312 Jun 97Taxi Touts and PJ Proby in 'Blackpool - Las Vegas'
32.3-2419 Jun 97'How To Stay Alive' When You've Got VD and Interviewing Sado-Masochists
33.3-2526 Jun 97The Clocks, Bob Greaves, and Cardiff Cops
34.3-2603 Jul 97Kerbcrawler and Scientology
Season 4
35.4-1 A Desperate Actor and John Blashford-Snell, Explorer
36.4-2 The Bear Suit
37.4-3 Jessico the Dancing Outlaw and Johnny Rubbish
38.4-4 Miss Anglia 1979
39.4-5 Aaron Russo is 'Mad as Hell!'
40.4-6 Barroom Brawling and Reduced Peripheral Vision for Handsome Men
41.4-7 Jesco Goes to Hollywood and Miss Anglia 1980
42.4-8 My Punk Son and Hundred Dollar Clothes
43.4-9 London Bridge - The Omnidirectional Rubettes and How Not to Get Arrested
44.4-10London Bridge Magicians and the Crap Psychic Hotline
45.4-11Paul Nolan: Too Handsome to Live and The Dirty Dancer
46.4-12Chakra Healer
47.4-13The Poor Man's James Bond and More Chakra Healing
48.4-14On-site Housing Problems
49.4-15Miss Yorkshire Television 1977 - Mingers and Mentalists
50.4-16Egyptian Airlines Theory and Mountain Biking Cops
51.4-17Speeding Ticket and Gypsy Camp Debate
52.4-18The Yorkshire Disco Dancing Championship
53.4-19Gordon Burns Says "Quit Smoking" and The Guy Who Collects Beautiful Things
54.4-20The Guy Who Erects Crosses and London Bridge - How Do You Say Sharon?
55.4-21The Great Storm and On Site Lancaster
56.4-22'Chris Serle - Friday NOW!' and 'Hasil Adkins - Rockabilly Hero or Alcoholic Pest?'
57.4-23Toxic Chemicals and Eric Bristow
58.4-24London Bridge Reincarnation and Grand Theft Pants
59.4-25Lisa Stansfield versus Sarah Brightman: Who is the Best Singer? There's Only One Way to Find Out... FIGHT!
60.4-26Foot Massages, Colonic Irrigation and The (Not Very) Amazing Delores
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